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AZ Sheriff’s Assoc Joins Other Law-Abiding Citizens and Public Officials to Rebuke NM Governor’s Order

Today, the Arizona Sheriff’s Association joins an ever-expanding chorus of law-abiding citizens and public officials to publicly rebuke the order of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that suspended the second amendment in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Governor Grisham, citing the need for greater public safety and extraordinarily high crime rates, decided unilaterally that severing… Click Button Below to Learn More….

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The Pentagon needs an AI just to figure out it's own budget and policies.

GAMECHANGER: Breaking Down the Pentagon’s Bloated, Broken Budget with AI

In a world wary of AI’s potential, the Pentagon harnesses it to decipher its intricate $816.7 billion budget. As AI enters the bureaucratic labyrinth of U.S. defense, it raises questions about policy creation and management. Can technology untangle such complexities, or does it merely spotlight them? Dive into this compelling narrative. 📖👀 Read more!

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Global Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett Dr. Jim Fetzer 2023-09-19

In a riveting interview, retired professor Dr. James Fetzer discusses the 9/11 attacks, labeling them as false flag operations. He challenges the government’s narrative, suggesting a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers. Despite facing criticism, Fetzer defends his theories with years of critical thinking and scientific reasoning. The conversation delves into the alleged involvement of the Bush administration, …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Peru and Mexico argue over the alleged alien corpses authenticity.

Peru Launches Inquiry into Alien Corpses: Extraterrestrial Claims or Earthly Hoax?

Controversy Surrounds Origin and Authenticity of Alien Specimens, Drawing Skepticism from Scientists Peru has initiated a criminal investigation into the perplexing case…

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Zelensky says Trump should present his peace plan to the world.

Art of the Deal: Zelensky’s Plea for Trump’s Secret Ukraine Peace Plan

Ukrainian President Zelensky implores former U.S. President to share elusive strategy to swiftly resolve the Ukraine conflict, as Trump remains tight-lipped. Ukraine’s…

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NM Sheriff Tells Governor He Will Not Enforce Her Unconstitutional Gun Ban

NM Sheriff Tells Governor He Will Not Enforce Her Unconstitutional Gun Ban. Sam Bushman joins Jack Mullen on this week’s CSPOA Posse Intel Webinar and discuss various topics including New Mexico’s governor’s decision to ban carrying guns. However, Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen has made it clear his department will not enforce Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional gun ban. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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Military Intel Contractor Sends WARNING.. Beast System ACTIVATED

In this eye-opening interview, Nino’s Corner TV host Nino brings in Ryan Velli, a technology teacher and former U.S. Military contractor, to shed light on the alarming digital ID control grid. Ryan’s warning about the military’s susceptibility to AI is a wake-up call, as he reveals its ability to autonomously wage wars. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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The Lies Come Flying Out With Dan Bongino (Ep. 2091)

Host Dan Bongino covers a range of topics, including sales at Omaha Steaks, Mark Levin’s new book, media bias, and allegations against Russell Brand. He criticizes YouTube’s treatment of diverse content creators and endorses Blackout Coffee for their quality and conservative values. Bongino also discusses President Trump’s recent interview and media bias. Learn More – click the button below….

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Global Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett and Mike Harris 08-21-23

Scott Bennet and Mike Harris discuss global issues, including rumors of India reconsidering launching a BRICS currency due to alleged interference from the Western banking syndicate. They speculate on the potential economic collapse in the US and its impact on political stability. The text also explores the shift towards commodity-backed currencies and the need for caution in taking violent actions. Learn More – click the link…

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The EVIL is Exposed

Unpacking the multifaceted challenges of U.S. immigration to probing the depths of political decisions, this text offers a comprehensive look into America’s current socio-political climate. Dive into debates from abortion rights to the power struggles within the nation. Learn more 📖….

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Florida’s Forced Quarantine and Forced Vaccination Law

Posted in: MPN, MPN News, News, Updates

The Governor and Attorney General of the state of New York are fighting hard for quarantine camps, and have officially appealed a court’s decision blocking them from carrying out such gross human rights violations. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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IMF arms scandal erupts with Pakistan and Ukraine in the center.

Behind Closed Doors: The Covert Arms Deal that Rescued Pakistan’s IMF Bailout by Toppling a Prime Minister

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Leaked Documents Uncover Covert Weapons Sales and Their Impact on Pakistan’s Political Landscape Leaked documents have unveiled a complex web of covert…

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Sheriff Mack With Kari Lake at Constitution Day in Lake Havasu, AZ

Posted in: CSPOA, MPN, News, Patriots, Updates

This week (Sept. 17-23) is the 2nd Annual U.S. Constitution Rally in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Sheriff Mack was seen with Kari Lake, former television news anchor and former candidate for Governor of Arizona. Click Button Below to Find Out More….

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RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (15 September 2023)

In this blog post, the author covers a wide range of topics, including discussions on controversial events such as the 9/11 attacks and the Russo-Ukrainian War. They also touch on issues related to politics, corruption, and concerns about government control. If you want to delve deeper into these thought-provoking subjects, read more on our website….

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New Russell Brand Allegations!! Do You Agree??

In this thought-provoking blog post, the speaker delves into the accusations surrounding Russell Brand, questioning if they are part of a larger agenda. They explore the possibility of the MeToo movement being weaponized to silence dissenting voices. With skepticism towards the timing and specifics of the allegations, the speaker warns of the dangers of character assassination. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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