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The Silver Savior talks about banker men committing fraud

Safeguarding Wealth in Precarious Times: The Case for Precious Metals | Silver Savior

The Silver Savior talks about how In a financial world where the U.S. government’s ballooning debt has become a leviathan, threatening to engulf the nation in default, understanding the telltale signs of economic decay is paramount. The ten-year Treasury yield, currently seated at 4.33%, signifies the growing skepticism investors harbor about the U.S. debt’s sustainability. When debt service becomes a game of musical chairs with exponentially increasing borrowing, the music nears its inevitable stop. Click Below For Morning Information…

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BE READY… ANOTHER FF IS COMING AND SOON. Important Updates. Gregory Mannarino

In his recent analysis, Gregory Mannarino warns of the global economic crisis fueled by debt oversaturation. Highlighting the paradox of rising debt and insufficient funding, he emphasizes the role of central banks, wars, and crude oil in these challenges. Mannarino urges awareness and unity to resist manipulation, advocating for vigilance, understanding, and community solidarity. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Global Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett and Mike Harris 08-21-23

Scott Bennet and Mike Harris discuss global issues, including rumors of India reconsidering launching a BRICS currency due to alleged interference from the Western banking syndicate. They speculate on the potential economic collapse in the US and its impact on political stability. The text also explores the shift towards commodity-backed currencies and the need for caution in taking violent actions. Learn More – click the link…

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Their Money – Their World Part 5 : Markets Report

This segment explains why you already have all the information you need to analyze the markets. Each day, the economic news will get worse while the mainstream media will continue to gaslight. When you understand that we are experiencing a deliberate destruction of the American economic system for long-standing political agendas, you will realize this process will wipe out the middle class and will not be stopped. – Read More Now…

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Update #714 – Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

From explosive revelations about vaccine mandates to shocking studies on 5G’s impact on bee pollination, our latest blog post covers the controversial topics you won’t want to miss. Whether it’s economy upheaval or Biden’s latest missteps, we’ve got the stories that matter. 👀 Don’t get left in the dark—read more now! 📖…

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People Are Now Realizing That They Are Now Slaves To The [CB] System Change Is Coming

Posted in: News, Patriots, X22 Reports

The Deep State, corrupt politicians, the private West Central Bank, and the World Economic Forum are reportedly pushing a “Green New Deal” and climate agenda. However, people are beginning to question this, particularly in relation to global fires reportedly caused by bad infrastructure and arson. The economic implications of such policies are also concerning, with data indicating retail sales are declining, credit card delinquencies increasing, and housing markets…

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Yellow Freight Collapses: Collects $700M in COVID Relief Now Filing Bankruptcy

Posted in: MPN, News

YELLOW FREIGHT COLLAPSES – SHUTS DOWN! Yellow Freight Collapses: Collects $700M in COVID Relief Now Filing Bankruptcy. Trucking giant Yellow collapsed on…

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Coming Collapse Part 3: The Quickening and The Silver Shield | Jack Mullen

The Coming Catastrophic Collapse of the American Middle Class was not prophecy, nor was it a self-fulfilling prophecy being consummated now to the…

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