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Zimbabwe Goes Gold!

The Zimbabwe government has recently encouraged their citizens to purchase gold coins. (Not the US Dollar, bitcoin or other currencies) - Forbes

In today’s economy with the value of the Federal Reserve Note falling everyday (reported to the public as increasing prices and inflation) it’s more important than ever to consider converting paper currency (substitute money) into physical real money. And, as the value of the US Dollar paper currency falls, gold and silver will continue to hold their value – even increasing in value as more and more people try to exchange their paper currency for assets with stable and intrinsic value.

Silver & Gold

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Gold and Silver are important components of a dollar diversification plan.
Buying and holding your own gold and silver is the safest way to preserve your assets. People have historically depended on gold and silver as a store of value and a medium of exchange, while historically all paper currencies have collapsed to zero purchasing power. Where will your assets be after the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note – in paper or precious metals? Monetary metals are called precious for a reason.

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