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looming Financial Darkness

Navigating the Labyrinth of Debt: A Free Market Critique | Silver Savior

Adhering to principles of Austrian Economics, we recognize that perpetuating debt-based fiat currencies under the aegis of central banking orthodoxy is a recipe for economic malaise and eventual catastrophe. In a milieu where debt balloons and central planners manipulate interest rates, we are witnessing a distortion of market signals that is ultimately unsustainable. Click The Button Below For More Information….

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finance via manipulation

Navigating the Precarious Path Ahead: The Inevitable Collapse of the Debt-Based Economy and the Rise of Precious Metals | Silver Savior

Our current marketplace is characterized by deep-rooted manipulation, where factors such as the ten-year bond yield, currently sitting at 4.448%, epitomize the distortions rampant within our financial architecture. This yield, while reflective of investor sentiment and economic forecasts, is also a byproduct of the Federal Reserve’s heavy hand in the markets – a hand that is seemingly tightening its grip as the velocity of the money ratio continues its rise, indicating a quickening with regards to the circulation of money within the economy. For More Click The Button Below….

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precious metals, legal developments, the cryptocurrency market

Last Week’s Market Review, Gold, Silver and Commodities | Silver Savior

Precious metals like gold and silver faced corrections after their recent gains, while industrially significant metals like platinum and palladium saw legal developments potentially affecting their prices. The cryptocurrency market continued to suffer outflows. Goldman Sachs reached a settlement over a metals-related lawsuit, suggesting possible impacts on the firm’s financial performances ahead. For More Information Click the Button Below….

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politicians and banksters printing money instead of creating wealth

The Shifting Sands of Wealth: Navigating the Eroding US Economy | Silver Savior

Recent political trends, under the guise of emergency stimulus and ad hoc economic salvos, have further decoupled our economic outcomes from reality. Real economic value is created by production and innovation, not minting currency. And yet, we’ve witnessed the latter in spades. For More Information Click The Button Below….

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War Driven Economy

Weekly Market Report: Financial Forecast and Market Conditions For Week Ending 4/20/24 | Silver Savior

This week’s financial analysis reveals critical trends in key market sectors that impact the dollar’s value. The report pays particular attention to the performance of various commodities, precious metals, and the consumer debt landscape, all of which have significant implications for investor strategies and the broader economic outlook. Eruptions in violence in the Middle East will continue to be the driving factor in energy prices. War is often the symptom of collapsing economies. The US Debt situation is critical, and we must at least entertain the idea that US leadership might see war as a way to continue to inject currency into a dying debt-based fiat monetary system.  Click the Button Below for More Information….

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Order From Chaos

Navigating through Uncertainty: The Case for Precious Metals and Preparedness | Silver Savior

Remembrance of historical lessons propels us towards a survivalist approach. The impending liquidity crisis, sparked by a collapse in the US debt markets, is not a question of possibility but when. When the time comes, only those who have diversified their holdings into solid assets will weather the ensuing chaos. Read More Click The Button Below….

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Economy on the Brink: Preparing for an Inevitable Collapse | Silver Savior

While paper currencies teeter on the brink of devaluation, gold and silver offer a means to withstand the storm. Consider this not just advice but a clarion call to action, for when the economy falters, it will not wait for the unprepared. Let us then commit to a strategy that values preservation over profit, substance over speculation — for the era of the intangible asset may well be ending, and the age of the tangible is upon us. Click the Button Below for More Informaiton. …

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Glimpsing the financial landscape

A Glimpse at Silver Linings and Golden Opportunities: The Current Macroeconomic Landscape | Silver Savior

The financial markets, as ever, are chained to the pendulum of fiscal tranquility and torment. Growth metrics that come in ‘hot’ threaten to stoke inflationary pressures anew, challenging equities and heightening bond yields. A close examination of the various political events on the horizon portends further unrest; known unknowns indeed. Click The Button Below for More…

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Unmasking the Mirage of Prosperity: The Precious Path Ahead

In these troubled waters, gold and silver stand as lighthouses guiding the wayward ships home. The premium prices for physical metals reveal an unwavering demand and an innate wisdom that transcends market turbulence. Pre-1964 coins, often called ‘junk coins,’ are anything but rubbish; they represent a vestige of value, a currency whose worth is inscribed in its substance, not just belief. Click The Button Below For More…

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Market street, dealers, buyers, sellers and The Silver Savior

Metal Market Weekly: Shining Insights on Gold & Silver | Silver Savior

Hi folks, and welcome to the first issue of our Metal Market Weekly report spotlighting silver and gold trends, sentiment, and buying/selling ideas for local coin and metals retailers, and more from the Silver Savior . Here is our street-level analysis of monetary metal sales and buyers’ updates at the moment….

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The Silver Savior talks about banker men committing fraud

Safeguarding Wealth in Precarious Times: The Case for Precious Metals | Silver Savior

The Silver Savior talks about how In a financial world where the U.S. government’s ballooning debt has become a leviathan, threatening to engulf the nation in default, understanding the telltale signs of economic decay is paramount. The ten-year Treasury yield, currently seated at 4.33%, signifies the growing skepticism investors harbor about the U.S. debt’s sustainability. When debt service becomes a game of musical chairs with exponentially increasing borrowing, the music nears its inevitable stop. Click Below For Morning Information…

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BE READY… ANOTHER FF IS COMING AND SOON. Important Updates. Gregory Mannarino

In his recent analysis, Gregory Mannarino warns of the global economic crisis fueled by debt oversaturation. Highlighting the paradox of rising debt and insufficient funding, he emphasizes the role of central banks, wars, and crude oil in these challenges. Mannarino urges awareness and unity to resist manipulation, advocating for vigilance, understanding, and community solidarity. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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GOLD TO HIT 10K!!? XRP To Save The Economy? WHAT??

In a recent discussion, Nino and Jim Willie explored the potential rise of the dollar amidst global rejection. They also discussed the future effects of rejecting Treasury bonds and the possibility of inflation from shortages. Willie predicts that the global rejection of the dollar could paradoxically lead to its strengthening rather than decline. This shift in the global economy, marked by a decline in the usage of US … Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Their Money – Their World Part 5 : Markets Report

This segment explains why you already have all the information you need to analyze the markets. Each day, the economic news will get worse while the mainstream media will continue to gaslight. When you understand that we are experiencing a deliberate destruction of the American economic system for long-standing political agendas, you will realize this process will wipe out the middle class and will not be stopped. – Read More Now…

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Their Money – Their World : The Final Warning Has Been Issued – Part 3

This is part 3 of the video series Their Money -Their World: The Final Warning Has Been Given. In this segment, we…

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