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9.10.23: LT w/ Dr. Elliott: Over time Precious Metals is BEST MODEL EVER. PRAY!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

In his thought-provoking analysis, Dr. Kirk Elliott challenges the reliability of official economic figures and questions the sustainability of debt-driven growth. He highlights the alarming job cuts in the tech industry, raising concerns about the future of human employment. Dr. Elliott advocates for a shift towards real growth driven by actual spending on tangible goods. Read more to gain valuable insights into the true…

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AI Chatbots are hallucinating

AI Hallucinations: When Bots Start Making Things Up

As AI-powered tools become more common in our lives, they often produce inaccurate information, leading to concerns about their reliability AI-powered tools…

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The US military is embracing robotic soldiers.

Pentagon’s Robot Army to Counter China in New Era of Machine Warfare

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

In a game-changing move, the U.S. is preparing to deploy thousands of autonomous military systems (Robot Army) Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks heralds this as a counter to China’s increasing global influence. A new era in warfare is upon us, and it’s automated. Curious about what this means for the future of global conflict? Read more! 🤖…

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The Air Force is now using AI instead of human pilots

Terminator AI: Air Force’s Flight Raises Alarms on Autonomous Warfare

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

The Air Force’s recent test flight of an AI-controlled XQ-58A Valkyrie raises both admiration and alarm. Celebrated as a technological leap, the move towards autonomous weaponry also sparks ethical concerns. With AI’s role in future combat growing, where do we draw the line between innovation and oversight? ➡️ Explore the full story and its implications here!…

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AI is revolutionizing the idea of the billable hour

AI Revolution: Redefining the Billable Hour

From Billable Hours to Tangible Value: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of PR, Consulting, and More In an era…

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The Battle against God-like AI

A Startup Maverick Takes on the Rise of ‘God-Like’ AI

Charting a Course: The Battle Against Unchecked AI Advancement Imagine a world where artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so advanced that it attains…

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AI Regulations Voluntary for Big Tech

AI Unchecked: Companies Commit to ‘Voluntary’ External Testing, Lack of Regulation Disturbing

Not too long ago, the notion of superhuman AI appeared far-fetched. However, recent breakthroughs in the AI field have researchers now speculating…

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