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The Pentagon needs an AI just to figure out it's own budget and policies.

GAMECHANGER: Breaking Down the Pentagon’s Bloated, Broken Budget with AI

In a world wary of AI’s potential, the Pentagon harnesses it to decipher its intricate $816.7 billion budget. As AI enters the bureaucratic labyrinth of U.S. defense, it raises questions about policy creation and management. Can technology untangle such complexities, or does it merely spotlight them? Dive into this compelling narrative. 📖👀 Read more!

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AI Chatbots are hallucinating

AI Hallucinations: When Bots Start Making Things Up

As AI-powered tools become more common in our lives, they often produce inaccurate information, leading to concerns about their reliability AI-powered tools…

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Artists fight back against AI companies stealing their ideas

Landmark Lawsuit Seeks to Defend Human Artists in the Age of AI

Visual artists like Kelly McKernan are taking legal action against AI companies for allegedly violating copyrights. The case questions if AI-generated art, uncannily resembling existing human-created styles, constitutes infringement or innovation. In a rapidly evolving field, artists face an uncertain future and an urgent need for legal clarity. Dive deeper into this landmark case and its implications for the art world 🎨. Read more!…

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AI is revolutionizing the idea of the billable hour

AI Revolution: Redefining the Billable Hour

From Billable Hours to Tangible Value: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of PR, Consulting, and More In an era…

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The Battle against God-like AI

A Startup Maverick Takes on the Rise of ‘God-Like’ AI

Charting a Course: The Battle Against Unchecked AI Advancement Imagine a world where artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so advanced that it attains…

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The New York Times takes a stand against data scraping

Guarding the Digital Gates: The New York Times’ Bold Move Against AI’s Content Cravings

New York Times Takes a Stand Against AI Training on Its Content In a groundbreaking move that has caught the attention of…

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AI Regulations Voluntary for Big Tech

AI Unchecked: Companies Commit to ‘Voluntary’ External Testing, Lack of Regulation Disturbing

Not too long ago, the notion of superhuman AI appeared far-fetched. However, recent breakthroughs in the AI field have researchers now speculating…

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Video Thumbnail: The Most Insane Week of AI News In Months!

AI News and Developments

Discover the latest developments in the AI world in this action-packed transcript. From the release of Code Interpreter and Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 to the legal battle over copyright infringement, get the scoop on exciting advancements. Explore the introduction of Cloud 2, AI features in Beehive, and Shutterstock’s expanded partnership. Elon Musk’s enigmatic project, X.AI, and Microsoft’s research on ChatGPT++ also make appearances. Stay informed about the fast-paced world of AI with this comprehensive summary….

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The Rise of Digital Disengagement

The Rise of Digital Disengagement

A new report from Europol that’s predicting a major shift in the digital landscape. Up to 90% of all online content could be generated by AI within the next two and a half years. Only a small fraction of content will be created by actual humans. The prospect of a sea of artificially-generated content is something else entirely, with very few original pieces to be found.

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