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The Illusion of Prosperity: Unmasking the Reality of an Unsustainable Economy | Silver Savior

In the midst of such uncertainty, the November U.S. elections approach, ready to stir the volatile market concoction even further. It is not hard to envision the market reacting with edginess to the political spectacle, infusing even greater volatility into the already turbulent investment landscape. But when the show is over it will have only been hype that was exploding, the markets are empty husks sailing on winds of vapor. Click the Button Below for More Information.

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Arcadia economics talks about how BRICS announced resolution payment settlement activities

BRICS Announce Resolution For New Payment Settlement Activities | Arcadia Economics

Arcadia Economics talks about how BRICS countries are meeting to talk about improving business and trade. They want to make payments and settlements easier. Vince Lancey will discuss the dollar, gold, silver, and digital money markets. He’ll also explain the “Bend and Snap” trend, where prices drop quickly then rise fast. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Arcadia Economics with cris marcus talks to lynette zang

Lynette Zang: Silver Rallies Even As Banks Remain Short | Arcadia Economics

This blog post provided by Arcadia Economics explores the rising value of silver and gold, with insights from business owner Lynette Zhang. It discusses the impact of debt on these metals’ value and the importance of owning income-generating assets. The post also highlights the trend of younger generations and BRICS nations investing in gold, hinting at a shift in the global economy. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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vince lanci, on morning markets & metals, brought to us by Arcadia Economics, discusses what michael olivers said

Michael Olivers Important Message To Precious Metals Bulls | Arcadia Economics

Vince Lanci talks on Morning Markets & Metals with Arcadia Economics says the rise in gold prices isn’t just here to stay, it’s about to get even bigger! This time, it’s more important than before because of what’s happening in our economy and society. So, while it’s good to be careful, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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MPN Update 848

Update #848 – Friday March 8, 2024

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

Patriots, stay ahead of the curve with today’s crucial updates! Dive into pressing political changes, financial insights, and pivotal events shaking our nation. Keeping you informed and prepared is our mission. Don’t miss out on today’s essential stories crafted for our vigilant community. Click the Button Below to Read More….

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MPN Update 846

Update #846 – Wednesday March 6th, 2024

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

Hello Patriots! In today’s flurry of news, it’s key to discern the vital stories. We bring you truthful headlines to keep you informed and proactive. It’s about privacy, liberty, and global events, guided by honesty and courageous expression….

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The Economic Ninja talks about how central banks are buying gold

Central Banks Are Buying Gold… | The Economic Ninja

“The Economic Ninja discovers why big banks in places like China and Germany are buying lots of gold! They think gold’s value will rise in the future. These banks are clever about when and how they buy, often when prices are low. Once they have enough, they might even promote gold to show how smart they’ve been!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Rafi Farber talks about a historic low in gold as something very weird is happening

Historic Low in Gold Open Interest Something Very Weird is Happening | Rafi Farber

Posted in: News, Patriots, Rafi Farber

Today, Rafi Farber is talking about ‘open interest’ in gold. It’s like a count of how many gold deals are happening. Right now, it’s almost less than 400,000 – a low we haven’t seen since 2008’s money troubles. This might mean people aren’t into gold anymore, or it could hint at another money crisis. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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