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Hillary Wants in on Ukraine!

The Clinton Global Initiative is stepping in to assist Ukraine, but questions linger about their previous actions. Accusations of influence peddling and potential political motives have raised concerns about their involvement. Despite these doubts, the initiative aims to provide aid to Ukraine in their time of need. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (20 September 2023)

In this blog post, Jim Fetzer covers a wide range of topics, from political events like President Zelensky’s claims against Russia and Biden’s speech at the UN, to the EU’s Digital Service Act. He also mentions potential warfare in Azerbaijan and the discovery of a missing F-35 aircraft. The post touches on various subjects, including corruption allegations against Biden, Learn More, Click The Button Below…

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Update #729 – Tuesday, September 20th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

Unearth the mysteries behind hedge fund bets, delve into Trump’s secret peace plan, and get enlightened on the billions missing from the Pentagon’s budget. From politics to the paranormal, our latest blog entries hold the keys to today’s most pressing narratives. 🗝️ Intrigued? Dive deeper now! đź“šđź‘€…

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RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (15 September 2023)

In this blog post, the author covers a wide range of topics, including discussions on controversial events such as the 9/11 attacks and the Russo-Ukrainian War. They also touch on issues related to politics, corruption, and concerns about government control. If you want to delve deeper into these thought-provoking subjects, read more on our website….

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2023-09-05 Global Great Awakenings. Scott Bennett Dr. Jim Fetzer.

The political situation in America is heating up, with concerns over Republicans’ lack of action against Trump. NATO’s support for Ukraine could lead to its downfall if American politicians withdraw while Europe continues. This could dramatically impact international relations, potentially causing a civil war within NATO by 2025. Read more about this alarming situation and its potential consequences….

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RBN Authentic News

Posted in: Jim Fetzer, News, Patriots

Hawaiian Electric disputes government claims that Maui wildfires were caused by active power lines, stating that the electricity had been turned off before the fires started. The company criticizes Maui County’s rushed lawsuits and may expose the county’s responsibility in legal proceedings. Read more for the full story….

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Ep 3136b – Blackmail And Bribes We Have The Source Manchurian Candidate Coverup Start A War

Posted in: News, Patriots

– This episode is 3136 BN. Today’s date is August 10, 2023. The title of the episode is Blackmail and Bribes. We have the source. Manchurian Candidate cover up. Start a war….

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Biden investigation may lead to subpoenas

Investigation Escalates: Biden Family’s Foreign Business Dealings to Lead to Subpoenas

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

House Committee Chair Announces Intent to Subpoena Biden Family Members in Foreign Business Dealings Probe Washington, D.C. — In a recent announcement…

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An Engineered Food and Poverty Crisis to Secure Continued U.S. Dominance

Posted in: MPN, News, Patriots, Updates

In March 2022, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of a “hurricane of hunger and a meltdown of the global food system” in the wake of the…

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Reservists Set to Deploy for Europe NATO Mission Following New Biden Order

Posted in: News

In a stunning display of strategic brilliance, President Joe Biden has graciously allowed the Pentagon to tap into the vast reservoir of Reservists to tackle the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Taking a break from their intensive work schedules as retail clerks, insurance adjusters, and bartenders, the brave reservists are now set to embark on an all-expenses-paid European mission courtesy of Uncle Sam….

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Update #679: Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates

Dive into key global headlines: California’s homelessness crisis, Biden’s commitment to Ukraine, Disney’s attendance drop and Sheriff Mack vs Clintons….

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NATO Summit: President Biden Commits to Helping Ukraine Build Defense Against Russia

Posted in: Andy Oxide, News, Updates

President Biden has recently pledged support to Ukraine at a NATO summit. He emphasized the importance of securing regional stability and impeding threats….

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Silver & Gold REport

War – The Ultimate Scape Goat | No Silver At Any Price

The US will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way we are sending our sons and daughters to…

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MyPatriotsNetwork-Point Of No Return

Point Of No Return

Today I found a message floating in the sea from you to me  You wrote that when you could see it You…

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