RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (20 September 2023)

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RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (20 September 2023)


➡ Jim Fetzer discusses various events, including President Zelensky’s claims at the UN against Russia and his attempts for it to be ousted from the international committee. He also considers Putin’s reasons for moving into Ukraine, Biden’s less-than-remarkable speech at the UN and his minor focus on Ukraine, and the restricting nature of EU’s Digital Service Act. Briefly, Fetzer also mentions potential warfare in Azerbaijan and the discovery of a missing F-35 aircraft in South Carolina.
➡ The text discusses a range of topics: an aircraft mishap in South Carolina under investigation, political commentary on Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell, potential impeachment hearings for Biden surrounding allegations of corruption, advice on buying gold, promotion of hemp paste as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, Hunter Biden’s indictment on firearm charges, and a conflict between Senator John Fetterman and Representative Marjorie Taylor Green regarding Senate dress code.
➡ The text covers multiple topics such as evidence of Hunter’s involved in illicit activities, suspicion around John Fetterman’s appearance being altered, John’s start-up Blackout Coffee promising fresh bean roast, the importance of independent voices against corrupted government, advertisement of a new meat processing tool, speculation over Democrats using body doubles, calls for a civilian climate core by leftists, critique of the Green New Deal and electric vehicles, gender constructs according to WHO, and 3000% inflation in America since the establishment of the Federal Reserve.
➡ The US Government Accountability Office report indicates that Biden’s immigration blueprint and policy of investing billions into Mexico to curb crime and improve conditions, thereby decreasing immigration pressure, has not been effective. Additionally, concerns are ramping up regarding the Cloward-Piven strategy, a Marxist originated plan theorized to overload and collapse the social welfare system, leading to the creation of a fully socialist state. Controversial events involving SpaceX and Elon Musk, allegations of faked research on systemic racism by a Florida State professor and Biden’s previous comments about the strengths of diverse immigration also come to light.
➡ The narrative discusses a mysterious case of Tafari Campbell’s death, possibly covered up by Secret Service. It highlights multiple inconsistencies related to his death while paddleboarding. Furthermore, it includes allegations against a prominent Democrat for eliminating threats, an incident involving a federal witness killed before testifying against Hilary Clinton, and a review of Blackout Coffee. The latter part of the conversation raises concerns about illegal immigration and its impact on America’s economy and political scenario, including the misuse of federal support and its possible link to voting registration. It ends with a caller suggesting the host, Director Fetzer, would make an excellent FBI director.
➡ The discussion covered a range of topics, such as the suggestion for James Fetzer to be appointed as FBI Director, complexities of foreign politics like the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the support of different powers, and the role of Zionists in exacerbating the conflict. Other topics included issues within the Republic Broadcasting hierarchy, the concept of term limits in politics, and the controversial punishment of elderly anti-abortion activists.
➡ The text discusses a 3D printed underground bunker service, the Liberty Lighthouse Classroom which offers online courses on the US Constitution, a service called avoidincometax.com that provides information on avoiding income tax, caller feedback on a radio show, and issues of homelessness in Sacramento, California.
➡ The text discusses the offerings of the Republic Broadcasting Network, including the best talk show hosts, an online store with practical products, and products for emergencies. It then talks about the benefits of hemp paste over CBD oil in terms of health effectiveness. The conversation shifts to growing homelessness issues in California, New York and Chicago, the increasing cost of basic goods, AG Garland’s dual citizenship and its implications, and the faulty voting process in the US. It suggests limiting high government office to non-dual citizens and posits a potential ‘void the vote’ solution to the mucked-up state of elections.
➡ This text predominantly includes conversations involving various individuals discussing their discontent with government actions, election rigging, allegations on some entities for deception and hypocrisy, and freedom of speech issues. A separate section also promotes a tea product that claims to boost the immune system and combat diseases. There are references to an alleged wrongful foreclosure scenario and the offering of legal research services.
➡ This text covers multiple topics, including a legal business with free consultations and twelve years of successful operation, a promotional segment for meat processing equipment, and a radio show discussion featuring multiple callers discussing past host behaviours, disagreements, and appreciation for the program. Towards the end, the topic of homelessness and a potential solution involving train cars is proposed.


Satan out got a good reason. But taking the easy way out now it was a day trip up, one way ticket. It took me so long to find out. I found out the this is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN for 20 September 2023. We begin with more about what happened at the UN. Zelensky sought to cancel Russia, asking why Russian terrorists have a place at the table of the UN.

Frankly, rather absurd, given that Russia one of the founding members of the United Nations and a member of the National Security Council. Zero Hedge writes Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is trying to use his visit to the UN in New York to get Russia canceled from the International Assembly. He questioned how it is that Russian terrorists have a seat at the UN. The question I would say is, how can you have a slime ball like Zelensky addressing the General Assembly? He’s many kinds of herbert and as corrupt as they come up.

He also warmed Russia is poised to expand the war beyond Ukraine in assertion with no evidence, absolutely none whatsoever. Putin made it very clear in his Magisterial statement on the 24 February last year why Russia was conducting a special military operation into Ukraine. There was a threat of a massive onslaught on the Dunbass, where, since the coup that took place in 2014 to the tune of $5 billion your Dollars, my Dollars, orchestrated by Victoria Newland, the Nazi neo Nazi government had been shelling the people of the Donbass regularly with artillery and now prepared to launch an all out assault.

Putin intervened to prevent it. Also, of course, we had the ongoing threats of Ukraine becoming a part of NATO, which would have been as unacceptable as, say, Russia having bases at our southern border. I gotta say, what’s going on at our southern border is perhaps even worse, because we have an actual ongoing invasion. If in the United Nations there’s a place for Russian terrorists, zelensky said, it’s a question to all the members of the United Nations.

Except that, of course, Russia doesn’t owe just any UN seat, but it’s a permanent member of the UN Security Council and exercises veto power in that capacity over the UN Security Council’s most important resolutions and major decisions. He was going all out to take advantage of the propagandistic occasion afforded here. Zelensky made a comment on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly when he visited a hospital in Staten Island, trained some 18 wounded Ukrainian soldiers, he’s law and wore the UN is hostage to Russian policy.

As for his General Assembly speech, given before 140 nations and after Biden spoke earlier, he went on to verbally attack Russia, giving comments in English. The goal of the present war against Ukraine is to turn our land, our people, our lives, our resources into a weapon against you, against the international rules based order. He laid out Russia’s weaponizing essentials for survival like food and energy. Well, it’s a war.

I think the case can be made that the reason why this hasn’t been terminated in a more direct fashion, when Russia most certainly had the capacity to do it as they wanted to minimize civilian casualties. And contrary to the argument I mentioned before of a colleague of mine who thinks that Putin may be beholden to Zionist interests, I say you do a pretty damn good job at denying them access to Ukraine as the new Israel.

I do not see how the Zionists can be happy with Vladimir Putin, whom I continue to regard as the only true statesman astride the world stage today. Zero hedge another piece zelensky disappointed Biden’s lackluster UN speech only briefly focused on Ukraine, at times mumbling and stumbling through the words on the teleprompter, as has become the norm. President Joe Biden tuesday addressed the UN General Assembly speaking for a little over 25 minutes.

He is vowed to stay the course in terms of support for Ukraine for as long as it takes. But interestingly, he spent a mere 1 minute on the Ukraine war at a moment when the counter offensive is widely viewed as having failed. I would say failed badly, failed miserably. If we abandon the core principles of the UN to appease an aggressor, can any member state in this body feel confident that are protected? If you allow Ukraine to be carved up, is the independence of any nation secure? He asked rhetorically.

Carved up, of course, means that Russia may only want the Dunbas, Crimea and access to the ports along the Black Sea. That may be the extent of their acquisitive ambitions. So I think that when Zelensky come in and argues that Russia is going to expand, that if we don’t stop Russia now, or Americans who know absurd things like we fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here, that’s really nonsense as no word or justification whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Robert Malone, MD, who’s very clear thinker, has on his website a report the EU imposes their censorship on all of us. Who in the EU gets to decide what can and cannot be said online? In a well written article in Euro News, Dr. Norman Lewis writes the EU needs to let the court of public opinion decide what is truth, information or disinformation. For that, we need more free speech, more freedom.

Certainly not the Censorous Digital Services Act. A specter is haunting Europe, not of communism, but of state censorship in the name of fighting disinformation. The European Commission, through its Digital Service Act, is about to fundamentally alter what can be said or shared on the Internet, the public square of the 21st century. The DSA passed last year. This major provision will come into force next month. As a law ostensibly aimed at regulating big text control over online content.

Many people have embraced it. Investigative journalist Julia Anguin expressed this well in a piece in the New York Times, where she welcomed this bold experiment as the most extensive effort toward checking the power of big tech. For the first time, tech platforms will have to be responsive to the public in myriad ways, she claimed. However, the DSA has little to do with public responsiveness or accountability. No European citizen has voted for it, indeed, even had the opportunity to debate it.

The DSA had been designed to be solely responsive to the needs of the unelected European Commission and those to whom they are responsible. As Sir Carl Popper, the great British philosopher, observed, open debate and free discussion is our most successful method to discovering the truth, which challenge positions, not passively accept them. And he’s 100% right. One of the problems I anticipated when the Department of Homeland Security was created and consolidated some 35 different governmental agencies into a single behemoth, that it was now going to mean there was only one voice on matters of intelligence out of the DHS heretofore, there’d been any number of separate and independent voices.

And it’s well known to experts in the field that when you have small groups that are competing with one another to discover the truth, the probability of IPS discovery is greatly increased. Really, we’ve taken measures that are counterproductive if we’re interested in discovering the truth, but highly productive if it’s to impose a monolithic point of view upon the entire population, where the EU now seems to be coming aboard with its own agenda to further that goal.

Meanwhile, fears of a full scale war increase as Azerbaijan launches military action to disarm Armenians. This is a very, very complicated situation here involving Turkey, Armenian, Azerbaijan. Here’s this report. Azerbaijan has launched what it called an anti terrorist operation targeting Armenian military positions in the Nagorno Karabak region, sparking fears of a full scale war. The Azerbaijan Defense Ministry announced that started the operation towers after four soldiers and two civilians died in landmine explosions in the region, which is disputed by Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Officials in the capital this morning reported heavy artillery fire on the outskirts of the city. Well, late reports coming in suggest Russia has been able to defuse a situation. I shall have more to report tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Daily Wire as to me as a former military officer, a fascinating report about a missing F 35. I mean, this is like the most expensive fighter aircraft ever developed by the United States.

120,000,000 apiece, perhaps even more. They’ve now located debris from the fighter that crashed over South Carolina. When they claimed it was missing and asked for the public’s report, I thought it was absurd. It turns out is an F 15, not 30. Well, it’s a 35. I think this is absolutely incredible. Here we have the report. F 35s often will have the radar cross section modified when they’re flying during public or semi public flights.

So for an adversary like communist are unable to watch and see how the plane appears on radar. The cross section of the F 35 is so small it appears on radar as an object roughly the size of a bumblebee. I thought it was just ridiculous that the air Force would not know where the plane was located. The US military said Monday it’s located the wreckage of the F 35 that crashed over the weekend in South Carolina.

Joint Base Charleston, located in South Carolina, said Sunday on social media efforts were underway to locate the aircraft with Alba marine Corps Air Station Beaufort following a mishap in the afternoon and asked for the public’s help in finding the stealth fighter. Personnel from Joint Base Charleston and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in close coordination with local authorities have located at a brief field in Williamsburg County. Joint Base Charleston said in a statement that debris was discovered 2 hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston.

I got to say this is rather extraordinary. My initial thought was this is a plane that had actually been deployed in Ukraine and had been shot down or crashed and now the government had to figure out a way to explain what happened to it and therefore they went about faking to find the debris in South Carolina. An alternative has been suggested to me to it that it might have been shot down with a 50 caliber rifle that could perform semi miraculous acts, in which case it would be a very difficult situation for the military to sort out what to do about this.

The weapon, I understand it is very accurate at great distance. We have this very OD situation by the way, where Joe Biden this was like back in actually 2021, was reporting that the US military has, you know, F nuclear weapons. I mean F nuclear weapons are supposed to be telling militias not to mess with the government. Just think about it. This is just insulting beyond words. The government is supposed to be there to support the people, not to threaten the people with attacks by sophisticated fighter aircraft and nuclear weapons.

And yet Biden was saying that he was echoing remarks of this Eric Swalwell from California who had made similar remarks in 2017. Swalwell of course notable for his bang bang with Fang fang he had a Chinese spy was working for him with whom he was engaged in sex. Swalwell, in my opinion, has no qualifications whatsoever. He forfeited them to be a member of the United States Congress. But the way the Democrats operate, they just don’t give a damn.

You can do anything you want, you can even run a crime family and they’ll respond by elevating you to the highest office in the land. Absolutely unbelievable. Absolutely unreal. So there are many in militias and the like who don’t like this attitude and of course I couldn’t agree more. I’ll follow up on this as well. Meanwhile, speaking of that crime family head, house Republicans have set the date for the first Biden impeachment hearing this month.

The US. House of Representative will hold its first impeachment inquiry hearing this month, the Health Oversight Committee confirmed on September 19. The first hearing will take place on September 20, eigth just eight days from now. The hearing will focus on constitutional and legal questions surrounding residents involvement in corruption and abuse of public office. The committee also invents a subpoena Hunter and James Biden Jane being the brother of Joe personal and business bank records as early as this week.

The Oversight Committee will continue to follow the evidence and money trail to provide the transparency and accountability that Americans demand from their government. I’d say it’s about time. We’ve known Biden was corrupt seemingly forever, but most certainly since a discovery of the Hunter Biden laptop, known as a laptop from hell. So we oughta been about our business long before. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has been delivered a ruling that is strong for Donald Trump in a case involving tariffs.

The Trump admin decision to enact the tariffs was improper, according to USP Holdings, a company that claimed in an appeal turned down by lower court people. Look at all the lovely people. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen, a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door. Who is it for? Consider this dead people see only what they want to see.

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org and visit Hempaste. com RBN to do here Comes the sun. I say it’s all right, darling, it be the window. Well, we have a situation where Hunter has finally been indicted on three gun charges. Donald Jr. Is concerned that it may presage or problems for his father. Special Counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Thursday on three felony firearm charges. Hunter was charged with one count of a false statement in the purchase of a firearm.

One count of a false statement related information dealers are required to collect and keep in one count of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance. If found guilty, the crimes carry heavy penalties, including prison. Former President Trump pointed out how they only charged Hunter with a one and only crime his father was not involved in. How perceptive this? The gun charge is the only crime that Hunter committed that does not implicate Crooked Joe Biden.

Trump said, one down, eleven to go. But Donald Jr. Is less concerned by the Hunter indictment. Donald Senior, of course, has already been indicted four times. But the timing is what is bothering Donald Jr. The four previous indictments all follow the pattern of coming a day of or directly after a bad legal news emerged about the Biden family. Donald Jr. Thus is wondering whether his father is going to face a fifth indictment to cover for Hunter’s bad legal news.

Now that Hunter has been indicted, how many minutes until Biden’s corrupt DOJ drops another Trump indictment to change the narrative? Donald Jr. Tweeted, it’s nice to see something happen, though this is likely the excuse DOJ will use to pretend they’re fair when they give him a slap on the wrist. I think he’s got it right. I think he’s got it exactly right. Even though the situation is so completely ridiculous with so many charges that I think it’s just beyond the pale to drop more on the Donald.

Meanwhile, we have an interview with brain damage Senator John Fetterman, who spoke complete gibberish during appearance on MSNBC as he recounted his social media fight with Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green. But I guarantee you, this guy, MSNBC Chris Hayes no less, was interviewing isn’t the real John Fetterman. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. Chris Hayes asked Federman about a spat he had with MTG over the Senate’s decision to ditch its dress code to accommodate manchild Fetterman, who dresses like a homeless drug addict.

Federman shows up to work looking like a slob in a hoodie, and now the Senate is lowering the bar to appease him. Just insulting. I’ll tell you. The Senate is a very august body, and it takes its dress code and propriety into corn very seriously. This is accommodating betterman because they’re desperate not to lose a vote. This is Chuck Shermer taking an action that ordinarily would never occur.

The Senate no longer enforcing a dress code for senators who obese fetterman is disgraceful. Dress code is one society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institution. Stop lowering the box, MTG said on Twitter. Now x pederman responded, agreeing, thankfully, the nation’s lower chamber lives by a higher code of conduct. Displaying ding a ling pics. In public hearings in July, MDG held up explicit photos of Hunter’s sex acts during a House oversight and accountability hearing.

She brought the receipts disclosing Hunter’s criminal behavior with prostitutes, possibly involving him in human trafficking violations. But what’s more important is they have a whole series of photographs of the different federmans. And I got to tell you, there are six different photographs, and not more than two of them are the same guy. If you look, you can just see that. Just look at the ears alone. Vetter. Hebmon has prominent ears that stick out a bit.

Then we got another veteran, but ears are closer and tighter. The face is different. Then we got a third veteran with a mustache, the one interviewed on MSNBC whose ears are virtually pinned back to his head. Then we got as many as three others. I mean, this is disgusting. Here’s a tweet. Now there’s a community of people online who regularly share images of John Fetterman to figure out whether his wheel has been replaced by a body topple.

Well, have no doubt about it. You know, I need someone. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way. Now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured now I find a change of mind I’ll open up the door help me you are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting network. Visit our website by going to RepublicBroadcasting. org. My name is John.

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Even used to debate Bernie Sanders and then Donald Trump on the national stage. That was not Hillary. Younger, thinner, healthier, far more attractive. They’ve developed a voice box. So the voice is indistinguishable from Hillary, but the body is not. You got to see it. And then the New York Times ran a story about Hillary being in the house of her attending four different plays on Broadway. And I wrote with photographs and I wrote to the reporter know that was a very interesting story, but none of those were Hillary.

Well, if you want to see the documentation approved, you want to go to my blog@jameshfencer. org and under events right up at the top on the menu bar under events, you’ll open it and see it has false flags and conspiracies. 2022, 2021 and 2020. We’ll go to 2020 and go to the archive for deception, galore, hate crimes and more. And you’ll not only see proof about Hillary using these multiple body doubles, but also, of course, substantiation of the fact that the guy in the whiteout today is not Joe Biden and that Michelle is a man.

It’s all there. This is one I think you don’t want to miss deception, galore, hate crimes and more. Meanwhile, AOC and other leftists are calling for Biden to use an executive order to create a climate core. President Biden is being called upon to create a civilian crime at Core through the use of an executive order resurrecting one of the components of the original Green New Deal. With two of the most radical Democrat lawmakers leading the charge on Monday.

Representative Alexandria Ocasia Cortez and Senator Anne Markey from among left wing lawmakers has sent a letter to Biden urging him to establish what could end up being a standing army of committed climate zealots rife for the potential of mischief and to do outside of the Democrat process with no debate and no vote. The letter, which is signed by over four dozen other Democrats, coincides with another letter from more than 50 left wing activist groups calling for the President to grate the CCC with a stroke of his pen.

This is a terrible idea if you actually do research. It turns out that creating electric cars, for example, requires forms of mining and devastation to earth that far exceed the pollution that comes from the use of gasoline powered engines. In other words, the Green New Deal is actually more environmentally destructive than anything we have today. In the products, it turns out, are ridiculous. The electric trucks have no traction.

They can’t pull a load. It takes forever to charge them. You got to sit around on your thumb for 2 hours instead of spending a couple of minutes filling your tank with gas. If they’re exposed to water, salt water, for example, they can mean this electric vehicle thing is just a catastrophe in every possible way and it constitutes a form of a cult. Here’s Robert Brown talking about promoting a cult for the good of society.

The Netflix documentary how to become a cult leader is a must. Watch. If, like me, you’re still mystified as to how our society, which became so hysterical over COVID that made to pivot 180 degrees to become just as hysterical about climate change in the science of gender ideology. You know that new scientific definition of gender as defined by the World Health Organization because we all know the who is the global arbiter of health truthiness.

Get this from the who gender reverse the characteristic of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed. What you didn’t know your penis or your vagina was a social construct. This includes norm, behavior and rules associated with being a woman, man, girl, a boy, as well as relationship with each other. As a social construct, gender varies from society to society and can change over time. Well, properties that can change over time or differ from person to person are subjective.

Subjective, objective properties are ones that do not change across time and do not vary from person to person. So that definition really is a form of contradiction if it’s being used as a basis for making policies that are supposed to be predicated on biological facts. Meanwhile, here’s a very disturbing fact america has officially accumulated 3000% inflation since the creation of the Fed in 1913. Absolutely stunning. Lots of graphs here showing what’s going on, none of which is good, and inflation is only increasing.

It’s going to get very bad and with the loss of the metro dollar, it’s going to become catastrophic. Meanwhile, biden’s immigration blueprint. A report by the US. Government Accountability Office indicates it’s a waste of money. The US administration has bundled over 3 billion into Mexico since 2008, aiming to curb drug trafficking and international crime. However, a recent US Government Accountability Office at Gao, by the way, which is the one objective source of information you can have about the government, suggests these efforts are not yielding.

The desired results of funds were intended to combat organized crime in Mexico, bolster the nation legal system and reduce drug smuggling into the United States. While the report is not about immigration per se, it is of considerable note as a Biden administration has insisted, that the best path to resolving the border crisis is to pour taxpayer dollars into troubled countries to address the key drivers of immigration. This report highlights that the situation has only worsened despite years of giving money to Mexico.

Governor Abbot has consistently stated that the cartels smuggled drugs, guns and humans across the border and that the Biden admin needs to step up. The Biden admin, however, say they’re addressing the issue by funneling money to these countries to alleviate why people are fleeing violence, political prosecuting, crime, really, maybe economic conditions that are bad. But look how terrible they’re becoming right here in the United States. His immigration policies, any way you cut it, or a complete disaster.

Meanwhile, we have SpaceX undertaking a lawsuit against the Department of justice claims of anti immigration hiring practices as unconstitutional. Now, Elon Musk has got in the targets of the government because he would not let Ukraine use his Starlink satellite system to provide targeting information on Russian troops in Ukraine. I think elon musk. Did the right thing. He didn’t intend for his network of satellites to be adapted for military purposes, and he’s declining to allow them to be used for that role.

But needless to say, that’s pissing off the bi dad men. And so now they’re targeting him and he’s having to respond. Bear in mind what we’re going on. What we’re witnessing here is the cloud. PIV and Chaos Plan the Democrats believe in flooding the system, creating chaos, grabbing power, and accusing your opponent of misbehavior. This is the ideology of two Marxist professors, Clowered and Pivot. As Brandon Smith detailed previously, in the mid sixty s, at the height of the social revolution, the line between Democratic benevolence and outright communism became rather blurry.

The Democrat Party, which controlled the presidency in both houses of Congress, was used as a swingboard for social engineers to introduce a new era of welfare initiatives enacted in the name of defending the poor. Also known as the Great Society programs, these initiatives, however, were driven by far more subversive and extreme motivation and have been expanded, alas, by every president since, Republican and Democrat alike. At Columbia University, sociology professors Richard Clowert and Francis Fox Piven introduced a political strategy in the 1966 article entitled The Weight of the Poor a Strategy to End Poverty.

This article outlined a plan they believed would eventually lead to the total transmission of America into a full fledged, centralized welfare state. In other words, a collectivist enclave. This is basically a communist egalitarian society. The spearpoint of the Clower Wibbin strategy involved nothing less than economic sabotage against the United States. Theoretically, according to the doctrine, a condition of overwhelming tension and strain would be engineered through the overloading of American welfare roles, thereby smothering the entitlement program structure at the state and local level.

The implosion of welfare benefits would facilitate a massive spike in poverty and desperation, creating a financial crisis that would eventually lead to an even greater cycle of demand for a fully socialized system. The desperation would then force a federal government to concentrate all welfare programs under one roof, nationalize and enforce a socialist ideology, and ultimately compact an immense level of power into the hands of a select few.

That’s what’s going on here basically overwhelm the ability of our social safety network to provide and sustain for those in need, bring about its collapse and out of the chaos that results. Introduce a new society where the government controls everything. This is a radically anti capitalist, anti entrepreneur. This is to give everybody everything and have it controlled by the central government agenda very close to what’s classically been views as an ideal communist society.

That is the plan. Meanwhile, an anti white academics whose research proved systemic racism is fired for faking data. How about this and a permittive action academic whose research on systemic racism was widely used to fuel animus against white people had been fired from Florida State University for falsifying data. Eric Stewart, who happens to be black. I add we have a photograph here. Was fired as a criminology professor at Florida State last month because of the extreme negligence found in his studies.

His work had been cited by other research an astounding 8500 times. According to Google Scholar, stewart also served as a web. Du Bois, fellow at the National Institute of justice, before being disgraced. Stewart was excoriated by FSU Provost James Clark in a termination letter dated July 13 for the damage his shoddy and irresponsible work has caused to the university and the field in general. The details of problematic data management, false results, the numerous publication retractions have negatively affected the discipline on a national level, not to mention the propaganda he has supported.

I mean, it’s outrageous. Meanwhile, and get this biden in 2015 this is on an end. Wokeness Tweet in 2015, Joe Biden said, an unrelenting stream of immigration will make white people a minority in the United States. That’s a source of our strength. Sitting beside him is the man currently in charge of the border, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. And if I could, I would play it for oh, here we go.

I got it. Stand by. Listen up. I that’s a that’s a source of our strength of immigration. Nonstop. Nonstop. Folks like me, who are Caucasian, of European descent for the first time in 2017, will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing.

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Terahertz technology is changing the course of what we were taught about how to maintain our health and well being. To learn more about this amazing breakthrough, go to naturalearthmedicine. com. That’s naturalearthmedicine. com. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listened waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door. Who is it for? All of the people where do they all come from? All of the people where do they all belong? While the Department of justice and the FBI have discredited themselves, judicial Watch, headed by Tom Fitton, continue to be a ray of light, illuminating what’s really going on in this country and continue to carry the ball on the death of Tafari Campbell.

Where Tom Pittman is reporting that the situation had become even more mysterious because of a Secret Service role in covering up what really happened here. He is talking about it on Twitter. Lifos vest was worn. They’ve recovered the Palo board and clothing. Still no contact with missing party. Still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area. So those are the sorts of documents we show. Let me show you the other big Launder report written.

These documents honor about 11:00 p. m. . The documents were, et cetera. The next morning they continued and a deceased Mr. Campbell was located using Sonar. So the reason I show these documents because some lunatics online always get upset when we talk about these documents. Where are the documents? Well, they know the documents. I’m holding them, looking at them. Of course. They’re always available. But here my colleague suggested I just show you up front.

Now, what he’s reporting is that in this document, they found a clothing separate from the body. Was he paddleboarding nude? Reporting he wasn’t wearing a life vest? Well, I don’t think he was actually in the water. He wasn’t paddleboarding when he died. I think that’s easy to explain. And they needed sonar to find a body in 3ft of water? Give me a break. This is all such bullshit.

Meanwhile, this is not the only case where a prominent democrat has taken out someone who posed some kind of threat, as appears to be in that case, here’s a doozy. US. Federal witness due to testify against Hillary Clinton for drug crimes killed in massive explosion. I mean, the destruction of this home. I mean, it looks like it was hit with a 500 pound bomb. US. Federal witness Carol Palladino and her husband John Palladino violently killed when a massive explosion obliterated their New Jersey home on 7 July 2018.

We’ll be back and take your calls. You need anybody? I just need someone to love I want somebody to love oh, I can find help from my friend gonna try the help from my friend I get high with help from my friend I get five a little help from my friend with a little help from my friend you my name is John, the founder of Blackout Coffee. And I started blackout because I really love coffee.

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com and use the coupon code repub that’s repub 10. You’re listening to Republic broadcasting network. Because you can handle the truth. You it sleeping. What my guitar gently sweeping. Feel my guitar jacket weed. Well, welcome to hour two of authentic news this 20th day of September, 2023. Taking your calls, dan in Washington. Join the conversation. Dan? Yeah. Thanks for taking the call. Yeah, I used to listen know a lot of libertarian at Alex Jones.

They’d bring up this Clowered and pivot strategy. But I looked into it, and it’s not as diabolical as it sounds, because as far as I know, he wasn’t talking about immigrants or illegal immigrants. He was talking about American citizens where basically you had the federal government giving people benefits and then you had certain states that weren’t allowing their people to get those basically money from the government. So he was saying everybody should go in there and demand the benefits that the feds are given to everybody.

That’s what I saw when I researched it. And I’m like, well, that’s not that bad of an idea. Alex Jones used to say, oh, it’s the cloud and Pivot strategy. But as far as I know, it had nothing to do with illegal immigrants. It was more Americans. Well, Dan, check out the variation known as the Collergy plan, which is a flood Europe with immigrants from Africa being adapted here in North America to flood America.

You put them together and you got all the ingredients for the collapse of the American economy. Would you not agree? Yeah, no, I totally agree with you there on the Kalergy plan. And I’m not for immigration at. I just when I researched the Clowered and Pivot thing, it just wasn’t what Alex Jones always said it was. And you saw that happen with COVID You had the federal government giving states money, like for food stamps and stuff, and then you had certain governors who basically screwed their own people out of benefits that they should have been getting.

Dan, the latest reports I have is these illegal immigrants are being given $2,200 a month. They’re being given food, they’re being given transportation. They can pick the city they want to be transported to. I mean, it’s outrageous. I’ve mentioned before that if we were to simply adopt the two principles or two of the principles that govern immigration of Mexico, we’d be overwhelmingly better off. Because those two principles are number one, you have to be able to show you have something to contribute to the good of Mexico a lawyer, doctor, carpenter, plumber.

Number two, you have to be able to show you have the financial resources to support yourself and the members of your family coming with you so you do not become a burden on the state. Dan, don’t you agree if we were simply to adopt those two principles, the problem would be largely resolved? Oh, yeah, 100%. And when those Haitian refugees started coming over the border, I instantly saw these people working at Walmart, certain corporations, they’re being human trafficked by the biggest corporations in America.

They come up here, they got an apartment like you said, they’re getting the welfare already and they get a job and then no, it’s a tragedy. My Orcas should be impeached, should be in jail. It’s his clergy plan all over. I agree 100%. Howard and Pivot didn’t that’s not what their point was. Well, their point was to overwhelm the system so it would be reduced to a form of socialism at all levels, state and local.

But you know, it’s even worse, Dan, because california years ago. It was under Jerry Brown when they introduced a motor voter bill so that when you obtained your driver’s license, you were automatically registered to vote. Which sounds great until you realize that in California, illegals are allowed to get driver’s licenses and therefore are being registered to vote. I think this has a lot to do with what the Democrats had in mind.

Trump was winning by such massive margins. If I’m right, he got over 100 million to biden 37 in 2020. They want to bring in millions of voters and they think are going to vote Democrat. One good thing, and a lot of these red states don’t have it either. It’s e verify. Or at least they should have mandatory E Verify across the country. That’s a step one to me.

And I can’t believe how many states don’t even have that. Like Texas. They’re all making money off it’s. Ruined America. I mean, I don’t think there is a future in this country at this point. I’m just waiting for it to break up or whatever is going to mean. I don’t know. Yeah, Dan, I share those anxieties about what is to mean. This endless flood over the border all by itself is an impeachable offense.

He has not enforced the laws of the United States, even though that’s his task as President of the United States. Good. Good call, Dan. You made a lot of very nice points. Thanks for calling. Thank you. Thank you, Dan. David in Massachusetts, join the ears. Perked up, Director Fetzer when you mentioned Azerbaijan. And I’ll comment on that Nagorno Karabak conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. But before I comment on that, I’m not trying to flatter you, Director Fetzer, but the reason I’m calling you’ve got a promotion.

You’re not just merely Inspector Fetzer. You’re Director Fetzer. And if President Trump ever occupies the White House again, and he’s got to get a cabinet together and appoint people, you would make an excellent FBI director. And that’s why I call you Director Fetzer. America would really get back on track if Trump would appoint you as Director of the and you can throw that out to the RBN audience.

And I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of amens from the RBN. I can’t think of a better FBI director than the Honorable James Fetzer. I’m serious. I’m not trying to flatter you or anything. I really mean it. That’s very dear, David. I’ll take that under advisement. Wonderful. Go ahead. And I hope Trump takes it under advisement. But it’s amazing that saying politics makes strange bedfellows. And another person I want to cite is George Washington with his sage advice to avoid foreign entanglements.

But that Negrono Karabak conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a classic example of how complex things can get these foreign entanglements. Now, ironically enough, Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran supported and you can confirm this for me, if I’mistaken correct me, Director Fetzer, but iran supported the Orthodox Armenian Christians, and then you had guys rabid Zionists. Like, if you’re probably familiar with John Bachelor, the late John Bachelor, he passed away earlier this year.

He had a talk show, he was a rabid Zionist, and he used to have Russia expert Stephen Cohen on as a guest a lot, interviewing him, but Bachelor, actually, he’s a rabbit Zionist, but he was over in Azerbaijan supporting the Azerbaijan Muslim state. Now, I realize it’s one of the more liberal secular Muslim states, but nevertheless, here you have this rabid Zionist in Israel, too. Israel? The Zionists in Israel were supporting the Muslim Azerbaijanis over the Orthodox Christian Armenians.

But anyways, I’ll hand the mic over to you, Director Felzer, and I’m sure you can shed some further light on the situation. Well, wouldn’t you think, David, it would have to be to provoke more conflict in the region. In other words, the Zionists felt the greater the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Turkey, the better. From their point of that, that resonates. Hey, a question I have for you, Director, is I’m not quite clear where President Vladimir Putin came down on this.

It seems to me like maybe he was trying to because Azerbaijan, of course, is a former Soviet state, but nevertheless, President Putin is an Orthodox Christian, and wasn’t he trying to maintain a position of neutrality in that Nagorno Kalabak border conflict? Or am I missing something? Well, David, there are late reports today I’ll be discussing tomorrow that Russians seem to have negotiated a peace agreement and avoided an armed conflict in the region.

So I’ll be reporting in detail about that. I’ll be I’ll be yeah, maybe the last thing. Hate waste. I hate negativity, Director Fetzer, but there’s a terrible problem going on within Republic Broadcasting, and I’ll talk about it at length, but I’ll just tell you in the RBN audience what’s going on. I don’t think they’re aware of this, but I can’t call into Janice Barcelo’s show anymore. I’m friends with Chris Switzer.

I wanted to call Mike Gaddy and talk about Article Six, section one about that passes. All deaths and engagements entered into will be as valid against this constitution as against the Articles of Confederate. I can’t call into any of the weekend shows because this guy Sam, I have no idea who he is, but he won’t put my call through when there’s a new guy, Frank, on and under the orders of this guy, Sam board operator, who I have no idea who he is, they refuse to put my calls through.

And I’ve been touched down through the years. Nobody supported Republic broadcasting more than me. I passed out thousands of the business cards out of my cab every time they asked for money, when I used to make a lot of money, like up in Alaska and everything, made lots of money. Whenever they asked that they needed money, I was the first one to shoot them off a was even in the army with John Statmiller back at Fort Knox and everything.

And who the heck is this guy, Sam? And then that Steve Elkins jumped in on the bandwagon, too. When I exposed I’m very familiar with John Kelly because he was senator from Massachusetts up here for years. He tried to palm himself off as an Irishman even though he has a Jewish background. And then Elkins is saying he’s banning me because I revealed that Kerry’s not his real name.

Harry Cohen, and it’s spelled K-O-H-N but it’s pronounced Cohen harry Cohen. They were Austro Hungarian Jews. And then Elkins abandoned me and even Merck called in a couple of calls after me and directed Elkins to Hararette’s newspaper. But anyways, I’ll shut up if anybody can find out what’s david, I cannot speak for other hosts, but you are always welcome on this show. I want you to know that.

I really like your thanks. Thanks. Director my calls are put through during the weekday and I really like Chris Switzerland, and we’re developing kind of like a private friendship. We talk privately on the phone. And Chris, this last Saturday asked this new guy Frank, pleaded with him to put my call through and Frank didn’t do it. He says he’s under strict orders from Sam not to put my call through.

Well, maybe people will respond to your laying it out as clearly as you have here, David. Listen, I look forward to your next call, my friend. Thank you again for calling today. Okay, thanks. My pleasure, David. Thank you. Andy in Texas. Andy, join the conversation. Well, hey, thanks for taking my call. Hey, I just want to mean we got to look at these politicians and past politicians or whatnot? Look at their score.

I mean, these guys go to the CFR and they brag about how many people they had to kill to keep themselves in power. I mean, let’s look at the Clinton. They got over 100 and some OD people probably even more. I think it’s close to 200, actually. I think it’s close to 200, Andy, on Clinton death list. Yeah. So think of the other people. So we’ve only seen Clinton’s crime family there.

What about the John Kerry’s? What about John McCain’s? What about the Mitch McConnell’s, all these different idiots that we consider our leaders? Yeah, well, I think a pretty dim few of those on, your know, John McCain, john Kerry mediocrity’s in the extreme. Mitch McConnell, I don’t know what to say. He’s had this brain freeze now several times. I think his time has come and gone. Mitch McConnell would never agree to change in attire in the decorum, to allow Federman that real or fake to run around in shorts.

I mean, that’s just insulting, embarrassing. I can’t believe the Senate has done it, but their control of the Senate is so tenuous, Andy. I think they’re just accommodating as much as they can to keep the vote, keep control of the Senate. It’s ridiculous. Well, what’s insane is that we look at all these people with Mitch McConnell freezing up and you got Joe Biden just shaking hands with a ghost and all these people in Congress and stuff.

I mean, if that’s not a perfect example of why we need term limits, I don’t know what is. Yeah, therein probably lies. The problem with our country is the fact that we’re allowing these people to stay in power as long as people keep voting for them. And we’re guessing there’s quotations right there. We’re guessing that these people are actually voting for these Diane Feinstein. Yeah. Andy, remember we got a whole lot of figures in office only because of the electronic voting machines.

And then Obama put the election system under DHS with his first net that enables them to monitor and change the vote down to the precinct level. Until we go back to paper ballots and hand counts and voter ID to vote, I think we’re in deep, deep trouble and it’s not obvious to me how we get out of it. So do you see any kind of paper ballot coming back up? Because I don’t see it.

Everybody’s talking about the Republicans aren’t doing enough to complain about it. I just find it shocking. I mean, this is costing them election after election, really good people like Kerry Lake in Arizona, nobody gave a damn about this woman who wound up winning the race. Nobody gave a damn about her. Federman Fetterman cannot have been a legitimate winner in Pennsylvania either. So we’re in dire straits, Andy, until we can get this squared away.

And I don’t see any effort to do what sad to lies my point. Thank you. Thank you for the call, Andy. Laura in Michigan. Laura. Hello, Mr. Fetzer. First of all, I want to thank Frank and Sam for not letting David on in the weekend. Goes on and on and on. Doesn’t really say anything. Well, anyway, I like the guy, but go ahead. A bunch of people terrorists were arrested and they probably get eleven years in prison.

Who are these terrorists? Bunch of old ladies, age 70, praying in front of a Planned Parenthood. Oh, these were anti abortion activists. Elderly women who have been now severely punished by many years. This is just ridiculous. It’s like the January 6 fiasco. Do you know the FBI and so many informants in the crowd they don’t even know the total number. I mean, it’s just outrageous. Came to me with another caller, but they just hand out licenses to illegal aliens.

Have you ever had a 60 year old? I know. Laura, thanks for calling. We’ll be right back. Here’s some interesting news. Due to all the recent claims about possible nuclear wars, viruses, solar flares and civil unrest, people are scrambling to prepare and stockpile food. But the one thing out of reach for many is an underground bunker until now because you can now have a 3D printed underground bunker in just one day.

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Miles in Maine. Join the conversation. Miles. Yeah. Hello, James. Yeah, I always love Laura’s calls, and she’s been great. I remember her husband Bob he was a great guy know I look at this fetterman guy and. I’m not kidding you. I go to restaurants, they wouldn’t let that guy in. They don’t care who he was. If he comes up dressed like that, the guy at the front door is going to tell him that you go home and put on a suit, shirt and tie or you can’t come.

Remember, I also remember seeing videos of the Kennedys playing football. They’re playing football and dressed up better than this guy. Yes, you’re 100% correct. Yes. And as far as Hunter Biden, see what happens when you don’t take your father’s advice? You see what happens to him. The father’s advice in this case. What was a father’s advice, Miles? All you need is a sawed off shotgun. And with that, I’ll let you get a big chuckle.

Have a great show, James. Thank you. Okay. Thank you, Miles. Tom in Florida. Tom, join the conversation. Yeah, Miles is absolutely right, Jim. He said saw it off, double barrel shotgun. You don’t need an AR 15. You just got a double saw, the double barrel shotgun. I was out of Biden bumbling mouth anyway. I got to tell you this, Jim, I don’t think Laura made the right call there talking about Dave from Boston.

Dave should have a right to call, would he? Wouldn’t like him to call in, say she should bar it on the weekend. I don’t think that’s fair. I have to go along with Dave on that. He rambles on a little. Hey, everybody has I might not agree what he has to say, but I’ll fight for his right to say yeah, and I agree, but fight for the right for him to say what he’s got to say.

And he said he contributes financially, as you know. I mean, I happen to like Dave a lot. He’s very distinctive and I like what he has to say. And I do not generally go along know, censorship at all. I think we should all have the opportunity and it’s part of why I’m so strongly opposed to any censorship, whether it’s on YouTube or Twitter or Google or Facebook, you name it, I don’t like it.

And of course, I’ve had six of my books banned by Amazon, and that is just repulsive. Americans are entitled to read what? Think things through for themselves without some company, which, in this case, I’m certain was acting as an agent for the state to censor them so they wouldn’t learn what really happened at Sandy. Hook or Boston bombing or Orlando in Dallas or Charlotesville or Parkland, much less a moon landing, which was banned because the ADL didn’t like that.

There’s a section, Essays About the Holocaust that raised serious doubts about whether it was anything remotely like what it’s been presented as being. And by the way, those interested in this subject, I’ve just republished a piece of mine about it on my blog@jameshfencer. org. You can also access it through my Twitter at jim fencer. Continue, Tom. Yeah, well, exactly jim, you know, Dave does give some pertinent information that’s very important to RBN, so he should have a right to his opinion.

And Lawrence needs to understand that. She’s said that about other people, and that’s not right. But anyway, I’m not going to go there. I wanted to say a thing about what Dave said, though. They said about something about John Kerry. His name was Jonah Khan. The father was a shoe salesman and the father ended up committed suicide. Jonah Khan, Senator Kerry father, committed suicide back, I believe it was in 19 I think it was 1960 or I can’t remember the year.

But Jonah Khan. That was his name. Khan, I think it was. K-A-H-N Khan. Jonah Khan’s father did kill himself. He committed suicide. Terry just happened to get lucky. You know, remember the debacle with Vietnam when he said he was on a river rat on the Delta, Congo, whatever, which is a lie. He was a liar. Just like a typical Democrat, like Blumenthal, like Bernie Sanders, all these communists.

They’re all bunch of communists. But here’s, Jim, here’s the real reason I called your show. Not to spew on their other callers. I want to call your show about this. Have you heard what’s going on in Sacramento, California, sir? Tell me. Okay, I want everybody to research this. There’s homelessness like they’d never see. They had a Democratic congressman named Ho. H O Ko or Ho. And this guy’s going nuts.

He said he’s never seen anything like it. They said Sacramento looks like a third world banana Republic. Homelessness everywhere. They’ve only been able to house 900 homelessness. And the state of California, the federal government’s already kicked in $145,000,000 to house 900. And I’m saying to myself, in the meantime, you got 13, 14 million illegal aliens in the state of California. And I don’t know if these guys are veterans, Vietnam veterans or what.

They are veterans. I don’t know what award they were in. Doesn’t really say. Tom, hang on. Hang on. I’ll keep you on here after the break. We’ll be right back with you, Tom. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting Network. Real news, real talk, real people, because you can handle the truth. Do you or someone you know suffer from chest pain, blood pressure, cholesterol or irregular heartbeat? Are you looking for a more natural solution to overcome these health challenges? You hear the ads all the time.

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org and visit hempaste. com RBN. Up slowly. Got juice, you eyeball he wants holy roller he got hair down to his knee got to be a joker he just do what he please, Tom. Continue with your thoughts, my friend. Yeah, Jim, I just want to say what’s going on in Sacramento and all over California with this homelessness and these illegal aliens all up to New York and Chicago, this is utter disaster.

I don’t know how this is going to end up turning out. It’s going to be horrific. I do believe well, it was so predictable, Tom. It was so obvious. You’re bringing millions of people. You got nowhere to put them. New York City is going crazy. The mayor there pulling what Harry may have left on his head out. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. But then this is a deliberate plan to destroy America, tom, if you understand it had no constructive goal, but only destructive, you begin to understand what’s going on.

Well, the price of toilet paper in a paper towel, they said, in California, in New York is off the charts. I don’t know how those people are paying. They’re paying, what, $15 for rolls of six pack of toilet paper and paper towels. It’s insane. In New Jersey. Same thing. Wow. Here I want to talk about AG Garland. You know what AG. Stands for, Jim? Attorney General. Another goon.

Okay. He was being grilled by Jim Jordan today, by the way. Well, that guy should be putting a sing singer, so I don’t know what he was being grilled by Jim Jordan today in the House doing quite an effective job. I’ll be reporting on it tomorrow. I believe this guy’s working for the State of Israel. I believe he’s taking orders. Him and Schumer and all these Schmucks Israel, these guys are all dual US israeli citizens.

I think you’re right, Tom. I don’t think there’d be a lot of room for doubt. No, there’s no question. These are dual citizens, and they got more loyalty to Israel than they do to the United States. That should not be allowed in this government. We should not have a guy like Mayorkas who’s born in Cuba, havana, Cuba, giving he’s going to run our immigration. Are you serious? This guy should be put in chains.

This guy’s a criminal, my orcas he looks this guy’s an immortal. Tom, the very first political speech I ever gave was on 15 April 2008 on the grass outside of the Capitol. It was income tax day. It was a Ron Paul Freedom Rally and I gave a talk that would subsequently be published under title 911 and the Neocon Agenda where I explained that dual citizens should never be placed in policy shaping or decision making position because you cannot know that their loyalty to the United States isn’t outweighed by their loyalty to the other state.

They should never be in office. We should not allow any dual citizen to be any high office in the United States. Yes, I agree, Jim. I believe Barry Goldwater, when he was running for President, said that he was Jewish, and he said there’s no way he should have dual citizenship with Israel and the United States. And that was Barry Goldwater. And they shot him up. They said he was crazy.

Remember how they made Barry Goldwater look like a crazy? Goldwater had a lot of great points, Tom. In retrospect, I think you’re right. I think there’ll be a growing appreciation of Barry Goldwater over time. Tom, great call. Great call. Lots of good points. Thanks very much, Tom. Jerry in Chicago. Jerry, join the conversation. Well, thank you, Inspector, professor, Ambassador, whatever Dave wants to call you, I have the highest regards for you, and I compliment him on that.

But he doesn’t have to repeat it. He doesn’t have to throw the word um in. So many want to. I want to straighten something out, Sam. I don’t know why Sam cut him off on the weekends from calling in the network and everything else like that, but Sam, if you’re out there, the next donation I make is to you. And the other thing, too, is Steve Elkins. I was listening to the show when Steve Elkins told him straight up, because Dave made a comment, and Steve says, well, what do you have to back it up? What proof do you have? And he asked him two, three times, and Dave says the proof doesn’t matter.

And Steve banned him from the network or calling his show from there on in. And thank you, Steve Elkins. Do you remember what the issue was, jerry, do you remember what it was? No, I cannot remember it, but it was a certain point that he was bringing up. Steve is questioning, and I’m questioning it. Finally, when you asked him for the proof, where did you get this info? It doesn’t matter.

Yes, it does matter, okay. I mean, you investigate. It depends on the issue. Some things are just a matter of point of view, but of course, in general, yes, you want to be able to support an argument with good reasons that are founded in evidence and logic. So we get it. Jerry, what more you got on your mind today than just, he had to dial in the board up.

And even Mike got a kick out of it when I said I’ve got to straighten this out about Dave. So that’s all I wanted to do, Dr. Fetzer, and thank you very much for taking my call, and I appreciate you being on this. Thanks, Jerry. I like RBN a lot. I’m real happy. Very comfortable here. Francis in North Carolina. Francis, join the conversation once again. Oh, boy. Hey, young in to the show today, but what the heck? When someone made a commentary about the election process and so forth.

As far as the politicians go, and let me preface my comment first by saying this. Yes, it would be fantastic if we had a legitimate voting process where it was paper ballots, they were actually counted, regardless of how many people they can get to do that process, which is no big deal. It would make it more legitimate than what is now with the computerization and the hacking and all that kind of garbage.

Who knows where outside of the US border doing the accounting and all that stuff. Now, that’s never going to happen. Unfortunately, because of the continuation of this process as we currently have it now for the last few decades, dare I say. However meanwhile, depending on, obviously, the candidates that are presented already picked out. It’s already been decided who the so called elitist or spoiled children want to have an office in the big house, for that matter, let alone their subsidiaries, their siblings, their cabinets, their staff, and ad nauseam.

That’s all been picked out and selected, regardless of what people think, whom they have voted for, which is a farce to start with. The only thing I can think of, and I know a lot of you are going to think, oh, you’re just throwing spitballs against a brick wall. You’re right. Except for one thing. Until you try it, don’t knock it. Because so far, the last few decades that I have been alive.

The voting process has been so mucked up, dare I say that it’s beyond recoil. Now, there’s only one way I can think of to correct it, and that is void the vote. Why? I say that because when people stop voting and they end up putting in someone depending on who the choices are that’s already been pre selected, if they put Joy Boy back in there again, you know full well that the bloody thing is an implosion act altogether.

I think we can already see francis, the whole thing is mucked mean. There’s no question that it’s not working the way it’s supposed to mean. The beauty of the Constitution has to do with periodic elections, recalls, referendum, impeachment, that there are ways we can change the course of the country if we don’t like it. But when you can rig the election, we can’t change the course of the country even when we don’t like it.

Even when most of us don’t like it. Even when most of us are overwhelmingly opposed, which is a fashion, a form of tyranny. And it was JFK who observed that those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Hence the reason why he got taken out, not to mention the CIA that he was trying to disband, as well as the Federal Reserve, along with the other alphabet groups that he was trying to expand and all that they couldn’t have.

You’re right. Francis. There were eight different sponsors. CIA, Joint Chiefs, anti Castro, Cubans, the Mob, the Texas oilmen, the Eastern establishment surrounding the Fed, Israel and LBJ, who wanted to be president of all the people. It was sickening and with that had their own hitman. Each had their own shooter in Dallas that day. That’s a good point, too. Meanwhile, I have a Green album with my mongodrina there.

You have a great week. Thanks, Francis. Great call. Nancy in California. Nancy, join the conversation. Hi, Jim. So, I was listening to a program actually, there’s been more than one, that Dave from I think he’s from yeah. Has called into, and he didn’t want the host he was yelling at and threatening to have his free speech because that particular host was talking too strongly against the Jews. And Dave didn’t like today, at least here on my show, I’m not sensing that, but go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Nancy, you would need to listen to it yourself. Aren’t these people deceptive? Aren’t they taught to lie? Especially to Goyam, just go yeah, yeah. But you got to make judgment. I don’t see any duplicity in Dave myself. I do not see it. Do you listen to RBN? Besides, when you’re on principally only do you have any idea how many shows I’m doing a week? I’m doing 22 hours of radio every week.

I’m not judging you. I’m just saying that you haven’t listened and you haven’t heard what I’ve heard. Yeah. Also, I think as long as he’s on his good behavior. I think that hosts may be more willing. I do oppose censorship generally, but I get your point, Nancy, is that Dave is being a hypocrite because Dave wants to have his free speech. And by the way, he should keep this private.

He shouldn’t bring this out. It’s unprofessional number one. One talk show host shouldn’t be talking about another. And he should keep this between himself and the station instead of making it public. But that’s not the only reason I called in. I have two other things to say really fast because I want to give other people a moon landing. You’re fine, and you’re welcome to call anytime. Dan. Wait, I’m not done.

Yeah, good go. So your book on the moon landing, I believe now, I do not have any question in my mind. I believe absolutely it was faked. And I believe it was a way that these villains, these traitors, these domestic enemies, were able to siphon off millions upon millions of dollars from the American people. Yeah, and then as far as earlier, you were talking about the border and just general welfare is them protecting our border specific welfare is them providing health care and giving them $2,000 dip ends.

It’s absurd the way they have twisted things around so badly in our country. We have domestic enemies. They stole the election and we need to get them out. Yes, Nancy, true of words that were never spoken. You’re 100% correct. And back to Dave, I know you’re busy. I know you have a lot of other things going on, but try to listen once in a while. Dave is not it’s okay.

I’m not telling anyone else how to manage their show. Nancy, I respect every host has a right to do however they believe with their guests. I like Dave and I’m glad to have him here. That’s all. You know, and I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’m not going to poke my nose into it. I’m glad you called, though, know, sharing your opinion about matters over and beyond Dave.

Well, it’s not just that he was on with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock as a guest, and at the very end of his spiel with Andrew Carrington hitchcock made a cryptic comment about these Jews buried under the Georgia guidestones. It was like honoring and venerating these Jews that apparently supposedly were buried under the but this whole program also was centering around the passing of Rick Adams, who Dave happened to cozy up to before.

I liked Rick a lot. I was on his show a fair number of times. I liked him a lot. Yes. So if anybody can get a copy of that program and listen to it and listen to some of the archives on RBN and you’re going to see a different picture. A different. Okay, Nancy. I mean, honest, I’ve got a lot of issues to deal with that are going on here, including nuclear.

I mean, you like dave have the opportunity to say your piece here on this show and I appreciate it. Okay, thank you. Bye bye. Thank you, Nancy, for calling. Dan Washingtonight. Taking your back here for a second bite at the apple. Dan, well, I just called on this topic. I think you’re a strong host and it just takes a strong personality to you can determine if you want to hang up on someone or not.

I think this banning stuff is childish. I think Rivera got mad at Tom and banned Tom from Florida for a while. It just makes me sick when these and I never heard that last caller even call in before. And then she’s whining about Dave like, oh, I’m going to try to get him. I’ve never heard Dave being philosophic or whatever she’s mean. I’ve told you I like Dave, so he’s welcome to anytime.

Further thoughts of yours, Dan, about any of these subjects we’ve been addressing today? I mean, quite a range of things going on out there. No, it makes me irritated when I hear, like, babies out there, we should ban this person or ban that person. Yeah. Look, I’m not beyond actually giving someone the boot, but it’s been quite a while and it may happen again. But I’ve just been very happy with the audience here and all the call ins.

I think they’ve been terrific, one and all. I’ve been happy very, and I’m impressed. There’s a lot of intelligence out, a lot of knowledge, background information in the RBN audience. So to me, I think I’m real happy about it. Thanks for taking the call. You’re a strong host. You can handle it. Thanks, Dan. Glad you called back. Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the Dome Tea Club’s original Pure Pouty Arco super tea helps build red core puzzles in the blood which carry oxygen to our organs and cells.

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Two easop. LLC 4179-3264 119. Well, we got miles back from Maine. Go ahead, Miles, join the conversation. Yeah, Jim, you know, I think it’s because you’re new on this show again, now, being a host here, that you’re not aware of some of these things. Nancy’s been around a while. I think she’s even a contributor. So I don’t know what Dan meant by that. But what Dave used to do is and I like Dave, don’t get me wrong, he makes some good points.

He’s got a know presence about him, and he’s knowledgeable. But Dave would pit callers against callers sometimes. And so John Stadmiller didn’t like it and banned them. And then Sam banned them, and other people banned them. And that’s why, because he wouldn’t stop doing it. And they warned him many times. And I like Dave. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dave. Here’s the other thing. Like I heard the other day, you had Tuscan on another one banned by Stat Miller for his mistruths, miscommunications, and whatever you want to call it.

Stat Miller threw him off the air. And then you who is that? Miles. That’s your friend Bob Tuscan. Oh, really? Yeah, so you need to catch up on some of this. A guy you might want to catch up to is yeah, but, Miles, there’s a place for a fresh start with me as a new host, it’s a fresh start for us all. Miles, let me make this point.

The only reason I’ve ever given anyone to Buddha is because they were talking over other guests. I mean, this is on another show where we didn’t have just one guest at a time, which is good. But on my Revolution radio show, sometimes I’ll have two or three guests, and when I’m trying to moderate, go back and forth, I have had a guest who just wanted to dominate, and that was what caused me to give him the Buddha.

It’s actually happened more than once, and that’s because I like the guy. He’s got a lot to say. It’s just a matter of propriety and manners. Don’t think by any way that I’m blaming you. Not at all. Jim. You’re my favorite. You’re one of my favorite guys all time. But listen, you need to talk to one of your rev radio guys, dennis Fetchko. The Fetch and ask him about Tuscan.

Or look up the tuscan. Tussle with fetch. And Fetch just lays him. Okay. Miles, I have good relation with you know that he has bad relation with others. It just doesn’t bother me. But thank you for calling with those additions. We got one more caller on the line. Lisa in Salt Lake City. Lisa, join the conversation. Yeah, I’ve just learned about you in the last couple of months through the radio station.

The Republic Broadcasting has all kinds of people call in, and they have all kinds of different opinions and whatnot. The history lessons, as you learn, are fabulous. And I really like your program a lot because you tell us a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t catch otherwise. So I appreciate you. Wonderful. Yeah, you’re welcome. Anyway, the reason I called is they need to do something about the homeless problem.

Yeah. My suggestion is that they need to buy some property that has buildings that are not suitable to live in and knock them all down and then just have a whole bunch of train cars that are not in use and fix them so they have these heating units and cooling units in them. Lisa, that’s a damned interesting suggestion. Let’s talk about it some more. Maybe even tomorrow. Thank you.

Thank you so much for calling in and everyone for calling, all of you. I love being here. I get by. A little help from my friends. With a little help from my friend. .



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