RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (15 September 2023)

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RBN Authentic News With Jim Fetzer (15 September 2023)


➡ The text covers multiple topics; Jim Fetzer discusses the use of holograms in the 9/11 attacks, stating that physics laws make the plane-building interaction impossible and suggesting a hologram could explain inconsistencies. Additionally, the situation in Ukraine is addressed, highlighting significant strikes on Russian fleets, increased Russian production of ammunition despite sanctions, and North Korea’s deployment of troops to aid Russia. Further, Putin’s praises for Elon Musk and Musk’s purchasing of Twitter are noted, amidst allegations the Ukrainian leadership is corrupt and concerns about censorship and ‘hate speech’ by the Anti Defamation League (ADL).
➡ The text discusses various issues including Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter and the criticisms he faces, a critique of Democrat gun control measures with references to statistics, critiques on the reporting of gun violence, and an assertion that the right to keep and bear arms is integral for a free society. It also condemns alleged fraudulent events supposedly staged by the government, promotes an adaptogenic superfood called shilaji, argues in favor of pasture-raised meats, and mentions a defamation lawsuit against former President Trump by E Jean Carroll.
➡ The text discusses alleged corruption involving Hunter Biden, citing suspicions of criminal activity and potential manipulation of U.S. foreign policy for personal financial gain within the Biden family. It also references legal cases concerning former President Donald Trump, including a fraud lawsuit and even a rare victory in a Georgia election case. Other topics covered include people’s perspectives on COVID-19 vaccination, remarks on U.S. elections and politics, and references to radio shows and personal anecdotes.
➡ The text discusses concerns raised over allegations against President Joe Biden, including questionable business activities with his son, Hunter. It also emphasizes that the White House has asked media outlets for scrutinizing House Republicans following their initiation of an impeachment inquiry against Biden, which is based on alleged corruption. The author mentions odd fire situations that seem to be a result of directed energy weapons, and a growing list of Capitol raiders facing jail time. It also touches on a live TV breakdown over an ESPN host on the injury of Aaron Rogers and the U.S. Pacific airforce’s jungle clearance for new airfields as part of prep for a potential war with China. Lastly, the author indicates the G-20’s plan to impose digital currencies and IDs worldwide.
➡ The G20 leaders have consented to a plan to introduce digital currencies and digital IDs, triggering concerns over potential governmental misuse. Natural medicine is not typically endorsed by doctors, but products like Extendivite Heart Tonic claim effectiveness in managing health issues like chest pain and irregular heartbeat. Kettle Moraine Ltd offers Swiss minted detachable gram sheets of pure 24 karat gold as a more reliable investment. The G20’s approach to digital currencies sparks widespread worry of intrusive governmental control. A 3D printed underground bunker is now a feasible protection option against potential hazards like nuclear wars and civil unrest. The extreme spiciness of tortilla chips known as the ‘One Chip Challenge’ resulted in a teenage boy’s death and the recall of the product. Vaccinating against COVID-19 continues despite numerous reports of adverse effects and deaths, and allegedly compromises the immune system.
➡ The text discusses varied themes like unverified theories regarding government control, the effects of technology, threats to freedom, environment-related concerns, and eugenics. The conversation also takes skeptical views towards vaccinations, electric vehicles, lifestyle choices promoted by the ‘elite’ and the monitoring capabilities of digital technology.
➡ This text covers various topics; from personal anecdotes and opinions about data privacy in the digital age, the author’s discussions on human cognition, consciousness, and intelligence in his published books, to conspiracy theories regarding media events. The author also touches upon CBD oil versus pharmaceutical drugs, gold investment advices, and debates about political figures like Biden.
➡ The text includes a discussion on a person differing from a previous version of himself, debate on the authenticity of the Challenger explosion and 9/11, and features of few products such as a meat processing tool called Ease Off, TLB Talk – a free social media platform, Natural Earth Medicine’s skincare products, and also involves a caller discussing his experiences and views related to Vietnam War and few personalities like Bill Gates and George Soros.
➡ The conversation centers around listeners voicing their concerns regarding technology, particularly cell phone usage due to concerns about surveillance and a changing cultural dynamic. There’s a skepticism towards mainstream narratives, a discussion on current political events, and a dialogue debating the Russo-Ukrainian War, with a preference for Russia’s stance expressed by some callers.
➡ The speaker discusses distrust in international politics and deception, referencing “Satan’s global authority” in Washington, DC and a lack of belief in truth from it. A conversation follows about the supposed misuse of funds towards Ukraine and dissatisfaction with Biden’s presidency, followed by conspiracies surrounding Kevin McCarthy’s actions and possible connections to the Bohemian Club, leading to concerns about world leadership partaking in occult rituals.


Satan easy way out. Got a good reason for taking the easy way out now she was a dead trip up one way ticket. Yes. It took me so long to find out. I found out you. This is Jim Fetzer, your host here on RBM authentic news. This 15 September 2023. Last several programs I’ve been talking about the use of holograms in New York City. We know that the physical interaction between the purported plane and the building was an impossibility.

There were no collision effects. It passed the entire length through the building in the same number of frames. It passed its entire length through air, which is simply preposterous from the point of view of laws of physics. Unless a massive 500,000 ton steel and concrete building provides no more resistance to the trajectory of an aircraft in flight than air, the question thus becomes how was it done? There are three hypotheses CGI video compositing or holograms on either the CGI or the video compositing hypothesis.

However, no one would have seen what they took to be a real plane in real time approaching the building. It would only have been visible in the broadcast footage. So I showed, while we have a video from a helicopter showing no plane as the south tower explodes, another from a different location on the ground, again seemingly showing no plane from that location. It appears to be a function of the visibility of the hologram that was being projected by a plane 1200ft to the side, which we confirmed when we saw yet another video that had been suppressed for 22 years, set on private.

And whether it’s a group of 50 or 60, while reacting in real time to the plane as it passed over, or what they took to be a plane reacting to it, you could hear the sound. Many of said it must have been a real plane because of the sound, but the real plane was the one projecting the image. Well, today I have further confirmation for those who may have never seen the frames.

We have a plane approaching where it’s missing its left wing, its tail is disappearing. A dear friend of mine named Michael J sent these three images here. At the beginning of the approach, a hologram is visible, but the left, main wing and tail wings are beginning to fade away. Here’s another the main wing holograms disappearing, the left and the right, both in a small wing for a split second.

Then we have another, but the right wing suddenly reappears, but the left is still missing. Mark my words, this is only possible if it were a hologram and further confirms a point I’ve been making, that what you would actually see in the sky would be a function of where you were in relation to the hologram. Turning to Ukraine, kiev hits Russian shipyard in Crimea with cruise missiles ukraine launched a barrage of cruise missiles at a Russian shipyard in Sevastopol.

Crimea on Wednesday, damaging at least two warships and injuring 21 24. The incident believed to be Ukraine’s most significant strike on Russian Black Sea fleet of the war. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, ten cruise missiles were launched at the shipyard. Seven were intercepted. Three unmanned boats targeted a detachment of Russian ships in the Black Sea, but the drones were destroyed. Ukraine used British provided Storm Shadow missiles in the attack, which have a range of about 155 miles and can be fired by Ukraine’s Soviet main fighter jets.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be too happy with the UK. But then many NATO nations are participating. More from antiwar. com Russia double tank in ammunition production despite sanctions the New York Times reported Wednesday russia has been able to significantly ram up its production of ammunition and other armaments, despite Western sanctions meant to degrade the country’s military industry. This is like the sanctions on their finance, which have led to a reconstruction of the world’s economy.

With the emergence of BRICS, where Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates have just joined BRICS, the vetro dollar is in its waning stages. The ruble is strong. The dollar is weak. This whole thing has been a catastrophe, militarily, economically, politically, every possible way. But remember, it’s driven by the Israeli agenda. They want Ukraine to be the new Israel, and they’re not going to take no for an answer.

As a result of the increase in production, russia can make more ammunition than the US and Europe combined. The US and its NATO allies are working to bolster their production, but results aren’t expected to be seen for years. Mike Adams was making this point about a year ago. About a year ago, namely that the US had depleted its munitions, that it didn’t have one. Five. Five howitzer shells.

To send that in order to ramp up production would take a year to two years. That means Ukraine was going to lose. They couldn’t even stay in the fight. It’s like a boxer. It couldn’t throw any more punches. Well, get this. There’s been a meeting between Putin and our leader of North Korea. I actually like the guy. This is the one Trump met with in the Demilitarized zone.

North Korea has sent 300 to 500,000 troops to assist Russia. Thinks about it. Think about it. Hal Turner reporting a news flash. North Korea has agreed to send 300,000 to 500,000 troops to Russia to assist with its military operation. Special military operation in Ukraine against NATO. Of course, it was only supposed to be against Ukraine. The first deployment will be about 20,000 soldiers to assist with logistics. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Anyone who’s betting on NATO as opposed to Russia, has made a colossal mistake. Meanwhile, I find this damn interesting. Putin praises Musk as outstanding person. Days after report, Tesla bus stopped Ukraine attack listen to this billionaire refused Ukraine’s support for their surprise attack on Russian naval vessels in Crimea. That must be the very attack I’ve just been reporting upon. In an earlier incarnation, Vladimir Putin hit Greece on Elon Musk, as he called a billionaire.

An outstanding person and businessman. The Russian dictator complimented Tesla’s CEO and ex owner. That, of course, was Twitter. Just days after Musk said he refused to yet let Ukraine use Starlink Internet to launch a surprise attack on Russian forces in Crimea. The revelation was made in excerpts of a new biography on the South African born entourpreneur that he refused Ukraine support. This is back on a September 2022 attack on Russian naval vessels at the vastapol so what we’ve had now is a renewed effort of the very kind.

Musk reportedly refused that he did not want to be complicit in a major act of war and been heavily criticized by Ukraine’s leadership. Who gives a rat’s ass? Ukraine leadership is as corrupt as it gets. They’re spending all the money that Biden is sending them on palatial homes in Switzerland and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Musk himself says ADL the Anti Defamation League that’s like the intellectual arm of the most sought instrumental in Trump’s Twitter ban, tech billionaire Elon Musk says the Anti Defamation League, which has called for censorship of conservatives on a variety of social media platforms, including Banning, one of my books about the moon landing.

Not because it debunked the moon landing, but because it had passages disputing the official narrative of the Holocaust in World War II, which they cannot allow to happen. Even though the International Committee of the Red Cross reported, based on very detailed statistical records it had maintained on the sex, the age, the ethnicity, the religion and the cause of death of inmates at all the camps where in 1993, they recalibrated and found the grand total of deaths in all the camps combined to be 296,081, none of whom died from being put to death in a gas chamber using cyclone B.

Because Jewish Israeli political influence is rooted in a Western sense of guilt over the Holocaust, if they discover it was a hoax, what’s to become of it? They fight fiercely to protect the fraud, just as the Obama admin Eric Holder fight fiercely to protect the fraud of Sandy Hook. The US government, which is profoundly complicit, fight fiercely to protect the fraud of 911. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla purchased the social media platform.

This, of course, is Twitter in October 2022 for 44 billions. After months of waffling verbal mugsling in lawsuits, trump was permanently banned from the platform in January of 2021. The ADL Surprise, surprise was instrumentally gained donald Trump deep platform. I think, by the way, this count very strongly against the idea that Trump is any kind of Israeli stooge, Bus said in the Olive podcast. And then when we restored the account, they made it super clear that they regarded simply restoring his account that that was supposed to be hate speech.

Remember, hate speech is any truth you don’t want to hear any truth you hate. Meanwhile, Mike Whitney did an interview with Rong Unes on the wonderful website unz. com about Elon Musk and the true history of the ADL. Here’s the abstract elon Musk controls one of the world’s more powerful media megaphones. If he chose to do so, he could easily ensure that tens of millions of Americans learn the true origins and history of the ADL, an organization that today controls much of what our citizens are allowed to read and see.

Think how stupid that is to put that on Musk. NBC could do it. ABC, CBS, PBS, the American government. How stupid to suggest Musk could do something all of them could have done forever, especially when Musk only came into ownership of Twitter so recently. I mean, this is just an absurd. Such a bold stroke might completely break the power of the ADL the ADL possesses over him and the rest of our society, says Ron Hoods.

Well, I like Ron Hoods. I think he’s a super good guy. He’s not always right. And in this case, yes, Musk could do it, but so could all the other major networks. Meanwhile, a Trump appointed judge has suspended the New Mexico order banning concealed an open carry of firearms. United States District Court Judge David Urias said plaintiffs demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits that their Second and 14th Amendment rights to publicly carry a firearm for self defense would be violated under the order.

Let me just comment on the stupidity of the Democrat gun control moves. Americans use guns to defend themselves from assailants millions of times every year, saving an estimated 200,000 lives per annum. 200,000. Compare that with a gun violence death, about 75,000 a year, over half of which are suicides. So call it 33,000 per year from gun violence. They’re saving six times 33,000 through the defensive use of guns, which you never hear.

That means the weight of the evidence for having the right to keep and bear arms for defensive purposes is overwhelming. And as I reported earlier this week, new studies show that if you were simply to take away the statistics from five Democrat controlled cities philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, among them that the United States would rank fourth from the bottom in gun violence worldwide, fourth from the bottom out of 193, we’d be 189.

If you just took out the Democrat controlled cities, where they allow a free for all by taking guns away from law abiding citizens so perps know they can do any damn thing they want, shoot up the place, kill anyone, and not run the risk of being intervened by a Good Samaritan with a gun. It had been said before with great wisdom that the solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Think about it. Mao Zae Tong observed that they had to take guns away from the people. The party had to take guns away from the people, lest the people use guns to command the party. In other words, if you want a free society, you want an armed society. And it’s an ironic consequence of many of the false flags that have been conducted by the government, where they’re paying big bucks to these communities to stage these phony events, whether it’s Sandy Hook or Orlando or Parkland or Uvalde or Buffalo or Nashville, I mean, you name it, there are so damn many, and they’re all fraudulent.

Even Las Vegas was a total scam. Three of my Facebook friends called the three closest hospitals to the site where the concert was held and asked if they’d had any gun admittees all three said no. And the last added thoughtfully, you’re calling about that drill I keep hearing about? Well, no one was shot. Go call the local police. Paul craig Roberts would besiege he had wonderful letters from experts on gunshot wounds saying that the victims of purported victims who were being videoed in reports such as when Trump went to visit, weren’t real.

They were fake victims. They weren’t, in most cases, even connected to the monitoring for the blood pressure was totally staged and fake. Mona Alexis Presley did brilliant work on the alleged victims, tracked down as many as she could over half, and found in every case, when they weren’t merely photoshop variations of one another, they were based on persons who died in different states or on different dates or from different causes of death.

She also turned up a crime map for that 24 hours surrounding the concert from 08:00 p. m. . That evening to 08:00 p. m. The following day, and found not a single violent act. There were only about 20 incidents that merited reporting. Assault in battery, disorderly conduct, recovered stolen property, not a single incident of violence. They used a pre recorded soundtrack with the sound of a machine gun firing, interspersed with military weapons, which firing three shots burst, which they played from the amplifying equipment at the stage.

It could be heard all over Las Vegas, supplemented with visual effects from the Mandalay Bay on the fourth floor, flashing lights to simulate a machine gun higher up, occasional intermittent three shot light bursts to fake military weapon being fired. This is all captured on video, yet the sheriff said he’s never seen any evidence of shots being fired from anywhere but the 32nd floor. Well, the windows of the 32nd floor weren’t even blown out.

And when you look at the body, he’s lying at a pool of blood, and there’s shell casings on top of the blood. Now, mind you, when you’re dead, you stop shooting. Think about it. We’ll be right back. Hello. Hello from beautiful Colorado. My name is Samuel Jungke, and I am currently the lead shilaji hunter and master herbalist for Colorado Shilaji Company. In this video series, I will be discussing what we believe is the greatest of all adaptogenic, superfoods, and the single greatest natural healing remedy gifted to us by mother Earth.

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And I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my feet. Lots to report on the lawfare front. Some good, some not. So former president was effectively found guilty before trial in New York by a biased Clinton appointed judge in a second defamation lawsuit brought against him by E Jean Carroll. You’ll remember e jean Carroll is a woman who accused Donald Trump of raping her in Bergdoff Goodman.

This is a high end retail store, very exclusive. But she couldn’t even remember the year. Whether it was 2005 or 2006, the statute of limitations had already run out. So that the New York state government, the legislature, passed a special narrow exception to allow her file a case after the statute just to get Trump. This is a quality of law in New York City. Absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is talking about the corruption cover up in the case of Hunter Biden.

Last week, an announcement was made hunter will be facing indictment on gun charges, just like previous sweetheart plea deal that fell apart. This has developed racist suspicions. Senator Ted GRU is always willing to call out the shady dealings of the Biden family. Shared thoughts? On a recent podcast, he highlighted the fact that not only was Vice President Joe Biden in contact with under his questionable business partners, but he also used aliases for no legitimate reason.

That’s right. The reason were illegitimate because they were criminal activities. They were not legitimate. These revelations shed light on the corruption within the Biden family, something that must not be ignored. Meanwhile, we have an update. Don’t fall for it. Hunter Biden indictment raises serious concerns, especially about what is missing. So far, Hunter Biden has been indicted on three felony gun charges. This development, a fall cry from the prior sweetheart plea deal, drew scrutiny and raised more questions than answers.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, for instance, called the indictment a fig leaf and urged Americans not to fall for it. Don’t fall for it, Ramaswamy said. This is a fig leaf designed to deflect attention away from the real problem. The Biden family is selling out U. S. Foreign policy for their own family’s private financial gain. That’s really what’s wrong. And we must hold politicians in both major political parties when they use our foreign policy to enrich their family members.

I like so much of what this guy is saying, but of course, I think there are good reason to question whether he’s a bona fide candidate or not. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ledger, a New York appeals court judge has halted the scheduled October 2 trial in New York. Attorney General leticia James fraud lawsuit catch this. A New York appeals court judge halted the scheduled October 2 trial in New York.

Attorney General. Leticia j. Fraud lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. State Justice David Friedman, with the First Department of New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, granted an interim stay of the trial stated to start October 2, and referred the matter to a five judge panel which expected to rule in the last week of September. He also ordered the full appeals court to consider a reported lawsuit that President Trump has filed against the trial judge, Arthur Ergonon, on an expedited basis.

President Trump’s lawyers had raised issue with Judge Erganon’s refusal to grant a request for a three week trial delay, which he said was completely without merit. He also asked the judge to pause the trial until he issues a ruling on the statute of limitations regarding certain claims in Ms. James lawsuit. This is a nasty case. Meanwhile, on the positive side, trump secures a rare victory in Georgia election case.

Kenneth Cheeseborough and Sidney Powell will have a trial on October 23, but Trump and 16 others will be tried later. The whole thing was totally unwieldy with 19 alleged co conslarissers, a judge ruled Thursday. Former President Trump’s Georgia election case won’t start in October. The ruling from Judge Scott McAfee of Olden County Superior Court stated the former president will be tried separately from and after the trials of two of his former attorneys, kenneth Cheeseborough and Sidney Powell.

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I want to shout out to Rattlebone and Nurse Hazel for contributing $150 to RBN and appreciation for my being here. I think that’s terrific, you two. I really express the appreciation of RBN. The station needs more to stay on the air. Let me make it very clear to one and all, I’ve never got a nickel from any of the radio shows. I’ve done up to nine. All of them have been voluntary in one case.

And the public doesn’t generally know rent. In order to have a show on Rent, you have to pay rents to be on his show. I did not realize that when I initially signed on, but I learned it not here, not elsewhere, not on Revolution Radio, not here on RBN, not on any of the other networks where I’ve appeared. So I just want you to know, I believe in RBN.

I believe in what we’re doing. We have to get the truth out, but we can’t do it without your support. So think about it. If you have a few extra bucks you can throw into the pot, that would be terrific. Meanwhile, CNN’s Jack Jake Tabar, who’s very left, admits Biden has been letting family members profit off of him. This is on Americangreatness. com, which appears to me, so far as I can concern, may even be a website created by Tucker Carlson.

Certainly his image and his shows are promoted here. It’s very good, it’s high quality, it’s a lot like the epic Times, which I also highly recommend. On Wednesday, CNN host Jake Tapper admitted that evidence increasingly points to the likelihood that Joe Biden had been letting his family members profit off their connection to him while he was vice president. Breitbart reports Tapper made his remarks during an interview with Congressman Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat of Florida, on his show, the lead Moskowitz attempted to dismiss.

The numerous examples have since come out indicating that Joe was directly involved with son Hunter’s business deals, saying, quote we know that he was on the phone one time or he had dinner one time. And what Republicans have done is say, hey, there’s the evidence. He was in the room, he was at dinner, he was on the phone, he spoke to his son, but there’s been no evidence at all.

Zero. In response, Tamar said let me posit that for the sake of argument that you are correct in what you’re saying. Does Joe Biden not bear responsibility for the fact that his brothers and his son have been making millions of dollars profiting other relationship to him being lobbyists and advisors of this and that because of him? Needless to say, this is just one more democrat shill is trying to cover up the facts of the matter.

Meanwhile, if you want a contradictory report, we get it from Jonathan Turley. Five facts pushing the impeachment inquiry. Listen to this, Bob professor Jonathan Turley, whom I admire beyond words, saying he does not believe a case for impeachment has yet been made against Biden, nevertheless maintains there’s clearly a need for a probe into a growing array of allegations facing the President and he enumerates. Five first, there appears to be evidence that Joe Biden lied to the public for years in denying knowledge of his son’s business dealings.

Hunter Biden’s ex business associate Tony Bobalinsky has said repeatedly that he discussed some dealings directly with Joe Biden. Second, we know that more than 29 million was paid to the Biden by foreign sources, including figures in China, Ukraine, Russia and Romania. There is no apparent reason for the multi layers of accounts and companies other than to hide these transfers. Third, specific demands were made on Hunter, including dealing with the threat of a Ukrainian prosecutor to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where Hunter was given a lucrative board position.

Five days later, Joe Biden forced the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor. Fourth, Hunter repeatedly state in emails that he paid his father as much as half of what he earned. Fifth, there is evidence of alleged criminal conduct by Hunter that could be linked to covering up these payments from the failure to pay taxes to the failure to register as a foreign lobbyist. What is not established is the assumption by May that Joe Biden was fully aware about the business dealings and any efforts to conceal them.

Well, we now know more because it turns out that Joe was using these email handles phony emails to conceal a mass of correspondence. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of emails and correspondence with Hunter where Joe was discussing business deals with Is. This is so cut and dry. This is so open and shot. To have a Democrat shill out there claiming there’s no evidence is beyond belief. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden said Wednesday he was not focused on an impeachment inquiry announced a day earlier by Republican lawmakers as his White House blasted faceless allegations of wrongdoing.

I don’t know quite why, but they just knew they wanted to impeach me, Biden said of the Republican. Have hurt. I get up every day not focused on impeachment. I got a job to do. I’ve got to deal with the issues that affect the American people every single solitary day. And of course, you know what a great job he’s doing of it. Allowing millions of illegals to pour across our border, sending billions upon billions of money to Ukraine where there’s no national security interest whatsoever in relation to United States national security.

It’s just absurd. But having open borders, that’s a major national security threat. Meanwhile, the White House, what do they do? They engage in more and more propaganda. That’s where they are. Strong White House demands media outlets target Republicans with more scrutiny over the Biden impeachment probe. Well, I’ll tell you, they’re zeroing in. They’ve got so much evidence. They’ve got as much evidence against Biden virtually as the Democrats had phony votes for him during the 2020 election.

The White House has asked media outlets to subject House Republicans to greater scrutiny after they launched an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden focusing on allegations of corruption, which, as I say, are manifest in a memo to media outlets obtained by the Epic Times. White House spokesman Ian Sam said it’s time for the media wrap up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.

Except they aren’t. They aren’t lies. They aren’t fake news. They’re real news, Mr. Sam’s said in the memo. Congressional Republicans, after years tried to muddy the waters. He’s using that same phrase that Democrats shielded. They’ve obviously got the memo by making supposedly spurious allegations against President Biden and attracting media coverage that only served to generate confusion, put false premises in people’s feeds, and obscure the truth. Wow. I mean, talk about dissembling.

Here we have more from Lahaina. Get this Edward Hendry has a newsletter. He’s a brilliant guy. Here’s what he’s most recently published fire Captain says Lahania was emulated by directed energy violence Matt Dawkin, a retired fire captain with 33 years of experience, is convinced that Lahena was emulated by directed energy weapons. He sees the same evidence of directed energy that he saw in the October 2017 Tubbs Immolation and the November 2018 Paradise Immolation.

He was able to personally examine those scenes, and he knows the same anomalies in Lahanna that he witnessed at Tubs in paradise. He stated the following fires that I’ve been to in the past you could always tell where the kitchen had been or the bathrooms because there was a shell of the oven. The stove was still there. The toilets. But after the Tubs fire in October 2017, it was down to nothing.

But the same time, most of the trees were still up. So that was unbelievable. At that point, it was not natural. We started studying directed energy weapons and we realized that they could explain what we were seeing, like a microwave, the way a microwave heats things up, if you stick metal in the microwave, it’s going to have a much greater or more explosive effect than a pile of twigs.

And that’s what this looked like. That’s what we were seeing. One thing we noticed was they may have overplayed their hand with the October 2017 Tubs fire. So I think they scaled it back to make it look more natural for the November 2018 Paradise Fire, because you could tell in paradise where the kitchen was and where the bathrooms were, and there were still toilets there. And it looked more natural.

Though in one sense, it did look more natural. There wasn’t total down to powder like it was in Tubs, but it was totally unnatural in the sense that there wasn’t. You’d have these neighborhoods that would be separated by forest and then another neighborhood, and that neighborhood would be devastated. To the point where there were trailer parks where they were on eye beams. I mean, the eye beams were melted, so they’re resting on eye beams, which are heavy metal.

But under the bottom of these trailers, they were completely melted. Heat goes up under the trailers where you’re going to get the least amount of heat. That’s usually the safest place. But they were completely melted. And then the forest would be okay. It would still be standing there. And then the next community is completely devastated. Again, not down to powder, but gone. Everything gone. And of course, in Lahaina, they took it all out.

Meanwhile, I just mentioned this because the list is staggering. Newsweek. Newsweek has published a full list of Capitol riders jailed so far in the sentences they are serving. You study this list and you are going to be shocked. Meanwhile, kill the music. ESPN host loses it on live TV over Aaron Rogers season ending injury. ESPN host Mike Greenberg struggled to keep his emotions in check during Tuesday morning broadcast of Get Up.

Responding to the season injuring injury met the quarterback Aaron Rodgers out of his Monday night debut game with the New York Jets. Greenberg got a few beats into his opening monologue before calling everything to a halt, saying he could not pretend this is a normal morning. He would just get through it. Well, I wonder if Matt has seen the tweet predicting that Aaron was going to have an Achilles injury right off the bat, but two and a half hours before it happened.

Two and a half hours before it happened. Meanwhile, here’s another antiwar. com report about what we can expect in the near future. Air Force clearing out jungles in Pacific for new airfields yes, for a new war of the Pacific with China. The head of the US. Pacific air Force said the air force was clearing out jungles in the Pacific to build new airfields and restore old ones. As part of the branch’s preparation for war with China in the region, the air Force is working to expand its bases as part of a plan to become more mobile in the Pacific, a concept known as agile combat employment ace.

Pacific Air Force commander General Kenneth Wisbach said the air force is looking for more money to facilitate the military buildup. We’re going to be clearing out the jungle. We’re going to be resurfacing some of the ground there. So we’ll have fairly large and very functional agile combat employment base and additional base to be able to operate from, and we have several projects like that around the region we’re getting after.

He said at the air and space force Association’s airspace and cyber conference are going to defense, one that takes resources to be able to accomplish. So those are some of the resources that I argue for when I go back to the headquarters. This is not good. But preparing for wars, they’re telling us they anticipate we’re going to be in war with China. Is it going to be any more successful than our war with Russia over Ukraine? Very troubling.

Meanwhile, and this is a biggie, even though it’s among the last of my stories for today g 20 announces plan to impose digital currencies and IDs worldwide. You got it. G 20 leaders have agreed to a plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations. The Epic Times has the story. The leaders of the group of 20 have agreed to a plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations amid concern that governments might use them to monitor there are people spending and crush the sand.

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The G 20, which is made up of the world’s leading rich and developing nation and is currently under India’s presidency, adopted a final declaration on the subject over the weekend in New Delhi. The group announced last week that they had agreed to build the necessary infrastructure to implement digital currencies in IDs. While the group said that discussions are already underway to create international regulations for cryptocurrencies, it claimed there was no talk of banning cryptocurrency at the summit.

Many critics are concerned that governments and central banks will eventually regulate cryptocurrencies and then immediately replace them with central bank digital currencies, which lack similar privacy and security. Critics say these proposals might allow government authorities to impose a social credit score system and decide how their citizens can spend their money. Count on it. That’s the agenda to control everything we do by having access to the only ways in which we can make purchases.

If they don’t want us to fill up a gas tank because they want us to drive electric, they’ll just shut it off at the pump. If they don’t want us to buy a weapon, then you know for sure they’re not going to want us to buy a weapon because, as Maze Tung observed, the party must command the guns lest the people use guns to command the party. He understood that what takes place when people have guns is they remain free.

It has been said when the government fears the people, you have democracy or freedom. But when the people fear the government, tyranny and worse. And that’s what we’re confronting here. Meanwhile, think of the contrast. Company pulls product off shelves after 14 year old dies usnewsbreak. com. Television shows like Man Burst Food have sparked a wave of food challenges over the past decade plus, some even go viral. Pickway has been hosting its own One Chip Challenge for the past seven years.

But now it’s pulling the product from store shelves for a very sad reason. The One Chip Challenge has been around for many years, but recently became the subject of a viral competition to see who can’t eat it without consuming anything else, food or drink. The product contains two of the hottest peppers on earth the Niagara Viper and Carolina Reaper pepper varieties. They range from 1. 3 million to 2.

2 million on the Scoville scale, respectively. We had a young man who ate one of these. On September 1, Lois Wolban received a call to pick up her 14 year old son, Harris. He’d painted after eating the chip. After one person died, they pulled the product from the shelves. But we have millions dying from the vaccine. It’s still out there. They’re still pushing it. I want somebody to love oh, I get by help from my friend gonna drive a little help from my friend I get by a little help from my friend with a little help from my friend here’s some interesting news.

Due to all the recent claims about possible nuclear wars, viruses, solar flares and civil unrest, people are scrambling to prepare and stockpile food. But the one thing out of reach for many is an underground bunker. Until now. Because you can now have a 3D printed underground bunker in just one day. An excavator digs a hole in your backyard and shows up in a small truck and sets up their 3D printer under a tent.

Completely undetected, they can print as many rooms as you want at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional metal. Bunkers uses polymer concrete, which is five times stronger than regular cement. YouTube Three D Bunkers dot com and watch the video the creators of looking for a business partner that can help bring this technology to the world. And we need to protect our way of life without living in fear.

Contact Brad At for more details or visit three D bunkers. Com. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth, truth, truth, truth, truth, truth. Dad sleeping with it. Why my guitar gently sweeping still my guitar. Can we? Well, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News. To some, I am Inspector Fetzer and Dave, I’d be glad to hear from you from Massachusetts, by the way.

Miss the sound of your voice right here. RBN live, second hour on this 15th day of September. Just drive home the point I was making with that final story. NBC News Tweeted, the maker of extremely spicy tortilla chips marketed as the One Chip Challenge is pulling the product from shelves after a mother said her teenage son died of complications from consuming a single chip. So he got one death and this completely responsible tortilla chip manufacturer pulls his products.

Well, think of it. They’d only done that when they began getting reports of death from the jab, from the mRNA jab. It would have been pulled years ago. Years ago. People are still dying day and night from the effects of the vax because it was cleverly designed and contrived in order to suppress our immune system. That meant that we no longer were able to self regulate and contain threats to our bodies because the immune system that was performing that function was weakened.

And as a consequence, people could die from any wide range of variety of different maladies simply because they no longer had the capability to fight it off. Their immune system had been compromised. It should have been the case when a small number of deaths were initially reported to the CDC and the FDA. They should have immediately pulled back the vax for an evaluation. Had it been objective, it would have been pulled immediately because it’s a death jab.

It’s a death jab. It was designed to kill on a humongous scale, actually mind boggling the ambition involved. Here where the best estimates I’ve been able to piece together have it that over 1 billion over a billion have died from the death vaccine. A billion. That’s a drop in the bucket. Because they’re going for around 7 billion. They want a whole lot of death out there worldwide. We got Bob calling in from Florida.

Bob, join the conversation. Glad to have you here. Jim. It’s Bob Tusken. How you been, man? Terrific. Pleasure. How are you? Good. Long time no speak. We loved having you at the Free of Mind conference. I remember at one point you were a regular guest on my squad on RBN many years ago. Excellent. Those were the old days. Indeed. And now it’s still the same old story, but we need to take an easy stance protecting our sovereignty, protecting our liberties.

This past 911, Jim, I was thinking a lot about what we’ve done over the years in regards to our 911 activism, which really set the tone. For the last 20 plus years, we had just blatant acts of aggression from a shadow government that continued to put our liberties in jeopardy and created a world in which surveillance is never questioned, the Hegelian dialectic is assumed, and folks will literally line up for a death jab.

It seems to me that at this point we need to focus on repopulating with those out there that have that unvaccinated sperm. And at this point we’re a little too far gone, perhaps, to have any real hopes of changing things. But who knows? Maybe I’m being a bit of a pessimist on this. I don’t know. I think the demented Bill Gates and this has to be one of the true monsters of our era, wants to put the vax in all kinds of food.

He wants to put it in mean. So you have a salad, you’re thinking you’re eating healthy, but you’re actually getting a dose of the vax. They want to, of course, get rid of actual healthy beef. For example. They want us to eat fake beef, turns out, made out of bugs for the like analysis of the fake beef has known it’s terribly damaging to the human body. It’s just like these electric vehicles, the Green movement touts them as though they were a miracle.

But it’s more destructive to the environment, it causes more pollution and damage to Earth to produce an electric vehicle than any gasoline powered automobile on the face of Earth. So they got it all backwards. They have false beliefs and they’re taking wrong actions, which are promoting a worse life for everyone on this planet. Bob yes. More next week is Climate Change Week in New York, and a lot like many of these cult meetings, whether it’s Bilderberg, Davos, whatever, the Who’s Who of social engineering and Agenda 21 will be getting together to continue the dialectic in place.

We should eat bugs. We should drive electric vehicles and just sit back and shut up. And don’t forget eugenics. That’s not a real agenda, eugenics. That’s just something the Nazis did, I thought. Jim and Bob, you know, I mean, I get a Chicago station here, and when I’m going to cardio rehab, I have it on. And they were announcing a new bill requirements in Chicago. They want to go have electric chargers in all new homes that are constructed in Chicago, beginning, I don’t know, first of the year.

But it’s just think, where do they think electricity comes from? It has to be produced by power plants, whether nuclear gas or coal fired. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. And it’s just insane what’s going on here, especially when even in California now, where they’re trying to go all electric, they’re having brownouts, they’re having people having to shut down their use of electricity because they’re in fear the whole grid is going to collapse.

It’s easily going to happen again and again and again. It’s going to be a catastrophe, not a salvation for this nation in any way, shape or form. Bob more. Absolutely. While everybody’s buying their new fancy Rivians and Teslas and whatnot, if any of the listeners out there have a lead on a 1978 four wheel drive diesel truck, give me a call because I’m in the market to buy one.

I’ve been saving my Federal Reserve notes, even though the translation has been obviously taking a dent at it. But nonetheless, I’m definitely in the market. I tell you, we had a guy by the name of what’s his name? He spoke at the Freer Mind Conference, Jim. He wrote a book called When Technology Fails. Matthew Stein. That’s who it is, matthew Stein. We had him on years and years ago showing probably about 20 different points of vulnerability, not just with our grid, with our economic system.

You just about name it. And that was the influence behind the documentary film that I’ve been working on for many years now, growing Freedom, where we literally were attempting to show people that not a matter of if, matter of when, it’s not a matter of what. It’s a matter of how there will be an event, whether it’s contrived or not, that will definitely cause people to run to the FEMA camps.

For the longest time I’ve been saying, these FEMA camps that everybody’s mongered about, they’re not for the people out there that got prepared. They’re not for the people out there that have been paying attention to this. They’re not for the listeners to this show. They’re for those out there that want to remain in the matrix that are dependent on doing so. And if you really want to see what it looks like to be dependent on bankers and to be dependent on our system, you should take a look at what’s happening in Lebanon right now.

People in Lebanon, the bankers there, are literally preventing people from taking out their own pieces of central bank currency. And you have folks that are absolutely desperate. When people are desperate for food, you will then see a true revolution. When people are desperate to get their loved ones health care where they’re dying and on their deathbed, they have no ability to provide them with the actual help that they need, you will then see a revolution.

And what’s happening in Lebanon is people are actually going into banks armed Molotov cocktails, not to rob the bank, but to take out their deposits they put in the bank. And if you think that we’re too far from that sort of nightmare, then you are not paying any semblance of attention. You think I should start doing a show again, Jim? You think now is the I do think you ought to, Bob.

I’ll tell you, in those Free the Mind conferences you organized were sensational. I heard Kathy O’Brien speak at one where I was also featured, and of course, she was fascinating talking about the monarch program. And her book on the transformation of America is just breathtaking in its revelations. And how many of our leading political figures have been engaging in child sex abuse, including George H. W. Bush, Robert Bird, and Dick Cheney, where everyone, the girls all feared Cheney because he was so well endowed that it was very painful, just disgusting.

Bob, are you continuing those conferences? I’ve thought not. Well, we’ve put a hold on them for now. Obviously, the last several years have been disruptive for live events, but I’m starting to get to that point again where I need an outlet, whether it’s doing a show again or doing the conferences, putting together my documentary, probably getting it out there. Well, Bob, I would certainly recommend you let me just say, on the 16th and the 17 December, I’m going to have my own virtual conference, meaning it’s all going to be done by zoom.

It’s going to be free and open to the public. I’ve got about 20 speakers. This is on false flags and conspiracy. It’ll be my fourth annual conference. Anyone who wants to learn more about my past conferences, go to my blog@jameshfetzer. org and check out events and under events. You’ll find the speakers and the presentations for the past three. I think you’ll really like it. Bob. I’m very glad you called, and I think you ought to get back on the air.

I think you got a lot to say, my friend, and I’m delighted you called in to say a part of it here today. It’s good to hear your voice, Jim. Take care. Thanks. Bob Allen in Texas. Alan in Texas. Join the jim? Yeah. Your last caller. Sound like a very good man, but do you not understand everything you do digital, it’s all tracked, record and traced and recorded.

And five or ten years down the road, what you talked about, what you texted, what you typed, what you emailed about, every website you visited will come back to haunt you. Do people not understand this digital nightmare that we’re living in? Ellen, I agree, but you got to live your life. You got to accept that that’s the way it know. I mean, my God, I wouldn’t make any phone calls or send any emails if I were excessively concerned about that.

They know where to find me, by the way, Alan, in my case, I mean, I’ve been on their radar for quite a while. I can tell you this, Jim. See, I don’t have a smartphone. I don’t have an internet connection. And I can tell you that they have watched me from whether you want to call it high altitude balloon platforms, satellite platforms, or whatever. I can tell you that I have been watched because I do not have any of the tracking technology.

And me being out of my ranch here in central Texas, I can tell you things that would make the freaking your toenails curl up that I’ve had happen to me. Because what I’ve talked about, what they don’t want me talking about, I can tell you for a fact, my friend, at this point in time, every time you use a computer, every time you use a smartphone, every time you text, every time you email, it is data.

And data is the new money. Because that allows predictability and controllability. Well, Alan, that presumes, of course, knowing the laws of human behavior. I have a whole book about that. It’s entitled the evolution of intelligence. Are humans the only animals with minds. Where I explain the nature of how about the consciousness and cognition and how human mentality evolved from its prior ancestors in the animal kingdom, and how there are types of minds and how there’s a correlation between the more primitive forms of life and the simpler forms of mentality, where humans are by far the most sophisticated intellectually.

But I explain it in detail how you’ll understand that mentality consciousness and cognition are causal properties of human beings as physical entities. It’s really a great subject. I was thinking recently how it corresponded to my original I did an undergraduate thesis for a very famous philosopher’s, science by the name of Carl G. Hample, where I was talking about the logical structure of explanation to human behavior, in other words, what it would take to provide an adequate explanation for a human action.

And in this book I carried that project to a completion because my undergraduate thesis, I think, was about 80 pages. But this book is like 320. This one, by the way, has not been banned. You can find the evolutionofintelligence on Amazon. com. And if you’re seriously interested, you could look at what’s, in effect an introductory level book, philosophy and Cognitive Science, second edition. Philosophy and Cognitive Science, second edition.

If you want to get a basic understanding of AI cognitive science, mentality, what it’s all about. Many have said this is the best introduction of which they are aware ever published. You’ll only be able to find it in used versions, almost certainly, but see if you can find it plausing cognitive Science alan add a few more. Jim you know, I’ve actually got a hardbound copy of your book, no One Died at Sandy Hook.

Right after you wrote that book and it became available. There was still a phone number I could call and order that book without having the Internet. I do have a harm back. And it wasn’t just you. It was a lot of people putting out information on the fallacy of what happened. A lot of people. And there’s information in there. The handicapped parking spaces that weren’t there, that any school system at that point in time would have had to have these handicapped parking spaces, handicapped ramps into the school.

All this ellen Get as it turns out, it wasn’t even an elementary school. It was a special needs school. It doesn’t even have a know. But my is this is the thing, this digital you know, Joe Walsh wrote a song. It’s called analog, man in a digital world that is me, some ten year old smart ass has to tell me what to do on the Internet. And now a baby comes out of its mother.

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com. Be glad to help you out. Be glad to answer your questions. That’s what we’re here for. No pressure. Just good, hard common sense. The decision then becomes up to you’re. David. New York join. Welcome back. Hey, it was love, love again. Introducing this one. I love it. Good day in guten talk, but I watched some videos that you sent me. Very interesting and revealing. Haven’t reviewed all this information recently.

What came to my mind was can you deal with all the lies we have been told? It’s as simple as that. Can we accept reality as it is? Not a virtual imprint? Truth will set us free. So it’s very difficult if what happens know we’re hearing from different people. And I discounted this idea long back when they kept setting dates and it never happened. It’s the idea that Trump and the military are in control and they’re going to come back here now, jim, you’re very dogmatic, actually.

I’m lying. You’re not dogmatic about anything. You’re showing the evidence. You’re saying it supports this. The only thing as a chemist I can be dogmatic about is a structure of a molecule. We’re dealing with things much more complex than a simple molecule that can be discerned with almost certainty. So I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on that scenario, and I think it ties in with a lot of your doubles video especially.

What is going on there? Well, Dave, I think it’s one mind at a time. It’s one event or issue at a time. I think those who want to get a handle on what’s going on want to check out how to Spot a False flag, part one, and how to Spot a False fight, part two. Because there I give you an introduction to what did and did not happen at sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Orlando Parkland, Las Vegas, Charlotesville.

I mean, once you begin to get a sense of it, you’re no longer going to be so easily mean. I could do a whole what about the false faces here, Jim? Your video on the clones and mean, what are they doing? And that does play into the narrative that Trump and the military are behind this and they’re sneakily eliminating all these people. I mean, it doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening, but it’s consistent with it.

It’s not inconsistent, is it? And what do you see could be actually happening here? Well, Dave, I wish I could endorse the q view of things. I have a dear colleague, I’ve done hundreds of shows with him who believes the white hats are in charge behind the scene. Honest to God, if that were the case, they failed miserably, because since Biden got into office, the country is being destroyed systematically at the borders.

Economically. This is not biden in office. Jim. I mean, you got to be consistent yourself. Well, Dave, look, you can speak colloquially or you can be very precise. Yeah. How many times have you heard the guy who calls himself Biden? My God, I probably explained this a thousand times on the air, dave, I’m speaking colloquially about the person we take to be Biden, just like people speak colloquially about the planes in New York right now.

I have published so much about the phony, the fake in the White House, and even his granddaughter admits that he died years ago, as best I could tell, in 2017. But I have a dear friend who thinks it was actually 2020. Either way, the guy’s dead and gone. And one of the shows I have, I picked out a video from Biden, like, in 2007. This was a real Joe Now from Delaware, and he was making a presentation to a small group.

He was very articulate, highly intelligent, very animated, uses hands when he speaks, lots of gestures, just as do I, compared with this guy who’s, like, atrophied mummified version of him. He has no affect. The real Joe had loads of affect. Meaning, emotion and expression. This guy has no affect, no articulation. He’s incoherent. He doesn’t use his arms at all. He’s got a different shape and size ahead. He’s got a different handwriting and a different signature.

The evidence? Brilliant observations. I don’t contest that. I want to ask you one other thing about the Challenger explosion. This spaceship, whatever the thing was, what is your belief happened there? Because this came up today with me, with someone, and I didn’t know what you say about that. Well, listen, I haven’t done all my homework on the Challenger. At the time, I thought it was legit. But I’ve seen photographs of what appeared to be the dead astronauts who were alive and well.

So I’m totally open minded about Challenger. I mean, for me, it’s an open case, but I certainly have every reason to. I have no doubt the government would be glad to fake these things if there was something they needed to distract us. Remember, an awful lot of these criminal charge against Trump are because there are real criminal operation taking place. And the Biden is a real crime family.

They have us believe they were an analogous Trump crime family, but there’s no such thing. It’s just a ploy. Dave, you make a lot of great points here. I think we’re about to hit another. Thank you. One more thought. Squeeze in listening to Republic broadcast. Nothing more to say, really. I appreciate your brilliance. Okay, thanks for calling. What would you say if I told you we have a new tool that will increase production and lower maintenance costs for your meat processing company and it would pay for itself in just six weeks when Pigs fly.

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com. That’s naturalearthmedicine. Don’t listen. A dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door who is it for? All of the people where do they all come from? All of the people where do they all belong? I’m simply delighted to have a caller from South America, mike in Brazil. Join the conversation. Thanks, Jim. I’m very honored to talk to you.

I was always very strong fan of you. I have a question for you. You’re saying that 911 was basically a hologram, and depending from the angle you’re looking at the hologram, you see different things. Now I can tell you something. I’m a New Yorker. I am from New York. Long island, actually. I can tell you from where I am. I’m from Hempstead, Long Island, and I was there that morning and I saw the planes hitting the tower.

The problem is I didn’t have a camera to take pictures of it. There was a French film crew on the premises. They took the pictures. Then my second point is you’re saying that there was no plane hitting the Pentagon. There was. And you can see the remains of the plane, including the fan blades, the turbo fan blades. You can see them threw in all over the place. Okay? Luggage and bodies.

I’ve seen them. I’ve seen them, Jim. I’ve seen them. Nobody can tell me that they did not exist. I’ve seen them. They were there. There was luggage, fan blades, parts of the engine. And what happened was this plane that hit the Pentagon went around the Pentagon and hit the accounting offices where Donald Rumsfeld a day before, declared that $2. 3 trillion just disappeared. People were working to find out where the money went.

And this plane hit exactly in that area of the Pentagon where the accounting offices were. And it left a lot of debris, bodies, suitcases, you name it, Jim. It was all there. I’ve seen it, okay? I’ve seen it. Anybody telling me that it is not true is insulting me, because I’ve seen it, okay? Mike Rivera has pictures of it as well, if you want to go check out his website and I’m sure you’re going to find it.

And another thing is, what I want to say I’d love to hear from Florida. Tom is one of my favorite callers, okay? What I’m trying to say is this, that Bill Gates and your sorrows, they have the crosshairs on their backs. Trust me. I was in Doctor in 66. If you know what doctor is, it’s a province in Vietnam, okay? I was in Doctor in 66 and we killed a lot of gooks in that area and most of my platoon went dead, okay? So what I’m telling you is this.

Bill Gates and George Soros. Forget about Rockefeller. I’m not going to involve Rockefeller, because I don’t think he’s got anything to do with this. What I’m saying is that Bill Gates is the primary culprit in this whole scenario with eating worms and Klaus Schwab, this son of a bitch. I want to make sure that he’s eating the bugs that he wants us to eat, okay? I want to force feeding bugs and maggots and I want to see his face.

Mike. Mike, you have the computer, right? You have access to the Internet, right? Absolutely, sir. All right. Go to my blog@jameshfetzer. org and you look at my most recent post. It’s called germ warfare. James Fetzer on the 911 cover up. You watch that in the video I’ve attached there and you call back because I guarantee 100% no plane hit the Pentagon. Though one flew toward it and flew over it.

It was hit by a missile fired into the West Wing to kill all the people on the staff who were looking for the money. You’re absolutely right about that. It was a hologram in New York. I’m telling you, mike, I have proven this again and again. Don’t want us to extend our discussion, so just do that, please, at my invitation, and call back at your earliest opportunity. But I’ve been showing any number of videos here that you’re not able to see over radio, but they’re on my BitChute channel, jim Fetzer for my RBN shows, proving it was a hologram.

I’m looking at a frame now. Now, but a plane with no wings, because looking at it from this angle, it’s supposed to be Flight 175, but it’s a hologram and the wings aren’t even showing. And as far as the no Day Brothers are concerned, that was a scam. Even the name no Day Brothers was an anagram. They were on Dwayne Street. You take the letters Dwayne and St and you rearrange them, you get no Day Brothers.

Leslie Raphael, a Scotsman, observed they had to satisfy 100 improbable circumstances to swing the camera up to catch what they all a it was a sham, Mike. Listen, I want to continue the conversation. So go to my blog, check it out, and call back. Mike. I want us to talk some more. Okay, I have you bookmarked. I regularly visit your site. Okay, excellent. You’re absolutely correct. 99% of the time.

You’re absolutely correct. Was a hoax. Was a hoax. Las Vegas was a hoax. I agree with you 100%, Mike. I get it. I get it. I want to talk to you more about 911. Please do that and call back. I look forward to it. Excellent. Glad you called, Mike. Francis in North Carolina. Welcome back. Hello? Yeah. Do we not have Francis? Do we not have Francis in north okay.

Chance in West Virginia. Chance, go ahead. But you can hear me, I take it, right? A little louder would be good. Chance, if you can make yourself louder, I’ll do the best I can with this landline. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Okay. Jimbo, first, I got to say, I really appreciate your investigative work. I always have, and you’re a fine gentleman, but I also have to we’re losing your sound.

Yeah, go ahead. You like my investigative work, but I can tell there’s a butt coming. Go ahead. Criticizing. Don’t get me wrong. No. Okay. Right. Just because of the fact that they know chance, the quality of the call is so bad. Please call Monday again with the Internet. Maybe call on Skype or whatnot. We need a better connection. That may have just been me typing to you. Try again.

Okay, go ahead. Go ahead, Chance. Okay, the point I’m making, if you can hear me barely. Alan from Texas is right. Just because of the fact that they already know and are spying on us doesn’t mean that we should continue to allow them to. There are steps we can take to diminish this. Tell us, what do we do about it, Chance? Well, here’s the thing. I got rid of the cell phone.

I don’t have the Internet. These are steps I’ve taken. Now, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be spied upon, but I’m taking steps because listen, Jimbo, their mission is to kill us all. Do you realize that? Yeah. Okay. Therefore and number two, all those people January 6 that were arrested, do you realize they were caught because they were cell phone tracked? Who are we talking about? The January 6 protesters who were jailed.

They were tracked by their cell phone GPS. Yeah, the Feds were running the whole thing. It was a total scam. Nancy Pelosi. Who orchestrated it? Go ahead. Realize that, Jimbo. But the victims had cell phones on them at the site. That made it easier. That point I’m making is that made it easier to arrest those people. See. Now I’m seeing. Like Alan from Texas says, I live in a rural countryside here, and I am seeing strange things here.

Believe it or not, we are seeing drones. Drones practically every night. I couldn’t believe it myself until one neighbor pulled me aside. See, these people are playing for keeps. Now, it doesn’t mean that people could say, well, they could track me and watch me anyway. Yes, this is true, but why make it easy for them? I’m with you, Chance. Yes, why make it easy for you? I’ll tell you, Chance, cell phones have made such a change in American culture, but their time is gone now, considering how they could be used against you, Jimbo, I think their time has passed.

Chance I’ll tell you one thing, kids are never going to give up their cell phones as the way they communicate. It’s had an effect of atomizing our lives because they’re interacting only with this very small group using our cell phone. They’re not interacting with people when they go out. They’re mostly on their phone, they’re texting and everything. It’s transformed interactions in America. It’s changed our culture, and it’s going to be a permanent change.

I see no way around it. Chance look, I understand what you’re saying. I like it and appreciate it. Cell phones, I guarantee, are here to stay. I hear you, unfortunately, but me personally, I’m weaning myself off a lot of, oh, doing good. Yeah. Individuals can do it and find a form of emancipation that way. Chance I got several others today, but I’m really glad and we were able to get a clear connection.

Excellent. Francis. Francis from North Carolina. I’m glad we got you back, Francis. Again, join first of all, have a fun weekend, for that matter. Coming up, several quick points. I applaud Alan as far as the technology goes, because quite frankly, it’s been designed to be like a noose around people’s throat to start off with, hang themselves with. It’s been made trendy, sexy, sophisticated. Go figure. But anyway, as far as the technology aspect goes, and as far as the 5G goes, as far as the biotech laundering of people and so forth, they’re fellow human beings.

I’m reminded of the one animated little film. It’s a little over an hour, I think, and if people can spend an hour on the computer looking at a film or whatever have you for tillation then, they can certainly watch this. It’s simply called beyond the reset. And the scariness is the final flyer that someone sees on the pavement and what it says about a certain virus. And I’m not talking about a viral bug.

Actually, I am. I’m not talking about a computer virus. Go get figure. The dyslexia in that analogy. But anyway, aside from that, I have to applaud the aspect that Hunter has been indicted. Go figure. Question is, how long is it going to be before how many clones are going to have of Joy Boy out there doing the rounds and so forth to make people think that he’s actually still around, or coherent, for that matter, so forth? Ad nauseam, especially in light of the one film back in the 90s called the 6th Day with all of Schwarzenegger and so forth? As far as cloning goes and denial, as much as they try to make out that it’s impossible to clone human being, well, guess what? If they can spend billions, if not trillions of dollars in the military industrial complex, what makes people think that they cannot clone a human being to replicate somebody else history? Laura they can do it genetically, but you get a baby.

I mean, it’s got to grow up. You don’t get a replica of an 80 year old guy. You get a DNA replica of what he was when he was a baby. So he’s got to go through all the process. There’s a wonderful film with Gregory Pet called The Boys in Brazil where they’re trying to replicate Hitler and they had his sperm and they had a bunch of Hitler clones, except they were little kids and they had to replicate the events that were instrumental in Hitler’s life in developing his personality and character.

Check it out. You’ll like it? The boys from Brazil. Indeed. Meanwhile, I have a green olive, not rainbow with my margarita, dear. Have fun. I’m glad you called. Hey, let’s see, we got David en masse. David, speak to me. May I speak with Special Agent Inspector Fetter? You got it. David. I’m delighted. I’ve been missing you. I’ve been missing you. Is this Special Agent Inspector Fetter? You got him? Okay.

Inspector Fetter, listen, a little change of subject about with the Russo Ukrainian War. You know, I almost think that maybe it’s Carl Sagan that’s financing Zelensky with his billions and billions and billions. Is it Joe Biden or Carl Sagan with the billions and billions and billions? This is what’s on my mind, Dr. Fetzer. I conceive of this war. Russo Ukrainian War is the war between the sexes. We’ve all heard of the war between the sexes.

Of a battle between the sexes. The war between the sexes. And what I mean by that is it’s a war between the sexes. After a sort. I think it’s Mother Russia. Mother Russia versus the father of wives. Mother versus father. Mother Russia versus the father of wives. And I believe the father of wise is the great global super Satan. And you’ve gone through the whole litany of all the crimes that the great Satan has lied to us about.

I think most the abbian audience will agree with me. The great global super Satan has never told me the truth about anything. Nothing. You name it. Whether it’s Waco or Oklahoma City or 911. A Kennedy. This great global super Satan has never told me the truth about anything because it’s the father. The great Satan is the father of lies. So I trust Mother russia in this battle between the sectors.

I trust Mother Russia. Yeah, so do I. David, this is a just war being fought for right reasons by Vladimir Putin and Russia, and they are in the right. I have a friend, Nick Kohlerstrom, who published a whole book about it called Just War. Check it out. It’s online. You’re making impeccable points, David. I’m just delighted you called in. Yeah, the devil always interrupts my call. Some bitch was just out here telling me there’s nobody even in Williams and she interrupted my call.

But anyways, to finish up the call, what TexMas used to call Catholic crud, that Catholic crud, jesuit creep William Casey, when he said that his mission will be accomplished when everything people believe is not true. Well, I believe. And I don’t believe the father of Lies, that great global super Satan. And down there in Washington, DC, the great global super Satan’s global authority is down there in Washington, DC.

And I believe Mother Russia. The last thing I’ll say, Inspector Fetter, if I can say it holy Ayatollah wuhora Komeini, the late Holy Ayatolla wuhora Komeini, one of his favorite sayings he has favorite sayings. My favorite saying of his is he said, even if the great Satan, even just once, accidentally spoke the truth if the great Satan spoke the truth by accident, even just once, we would still not believe.

If the great Satan spoke the truth just once by accident, we would believe. Well, David, the classic formula for disinformation is 80% truth and 20% falsehood. That’s a payload. I have an acquaintance who was there when William Casey gave that speech at the CIA. And he did say, our mission will be complete when everything the American people believe is false. David, I look forward to future calls. Thank you so much, my friend.

We got Laura in Michigan. Laura, join the conversation. Hello, Mr. Setzer. First of all, I want to ask you, do you know about the Pandora papers? The Pandora papers? Yeah, have you heard of them? They’re about the virus, I take it? No, it’s about all the shell companies that the $200 billion fed into Ukraine has gone to. Yeah, papers. We’ve just been giving money. Mean, it’s just staggering.

Yeah. Biden, the guy we call Biden, cares more about the borders of Ukraine than he does of the United States. It’s disgusting. In fact, Glenn Beck had a clip of when Zelensky opened up the stock exchange. He ran the bell. Do you remember? He said he said, I’ll be making lots of money for all of you. Yeah, fat chance. He’s run the economy into the toilet. He’s doing more to destroy the nation than any other president in history.

In fact, he’s done more damage than all the other presidents combined. Laura. I know. Terrible. We’re in the pretend series. We got to pretend that he’s the president. Pretend that boys are girls and all that kind of thing. Everything is look forward I look forward to many more from you. Reese in New York. Reese, give it to us. Hey. Good afternoon, Jim. Yeah. Let me make sure we can hear each other.

We can. I’m on. Can you lay it off? We only got a couple of minutes. Go ahead. All right. I’m going to give you some bullet points in rapid succession. You and your listeners to ponder. I would like to hear your response. Kevin McCarthy showed up in Maui conspicuously wearing a polo shirt with the Bohemian Grove emblem embroidered on. He was the keynote speaker at this year’s Bohemian Club in July on the 24th.

Bad. Paul Pelosi. Paul Pelosi. Remember, with the big dildo. He’s a senior ranking member of the Bohemian Club board. Yes. Now, we also know Kevin McCarthy, at the outbreak of the Ukraine war, was flown down to Israel. Within about 48 hours of that invasion. I wonder, Jim, why did they fly him to Israel? What about that conversation was so sensitive that they couldn’t even discuss it by phone.

Reese, you’re making very telling points that implicate McCarthy in a very damaging, very bad way. I am very distraught by what you’re telling me, Jim. Being that your other callers had a little extra time, can I go on for another minute with a question I’d like to ask you? Yeah, but we’re just going to run out of time. You’re the last caller, Reese. Keep going. All right, here it is.

Here’s the point. The Bohemian Club has been meeting since 1879. They’re carrying on an elaborate occult ritual, complete with black robed priests carrying on a human sacrifice. Supposedly mock ritual. Jim, here’s my question to you. If you don’t believe in these occult powers, in powers that are guiding these new world order, these players behind it, then I want you an answer as to why the movers and shakers of this world would do something.

So risky as to carry out this elaborate orgy and occult ritual before a 40 foot stone owl with a ritual that invokes that god and asks for its powers and then asks for it. Jim, to cremate care. What do you think cremation of care means? Jim, I want you to what’s your opinion on that? Well, to act without any concern whatsoever, to be ruthless, to be willing to take other people’s lives with impunity.

This is a form of arrogance and belief in their own superiority. It’s totally corrupt, Reese. Totally corrupt. I would agree. Hey, I’m glad you called. Reese, I’m glad you called. Everyone? Spend the weekend with the people you love and care about? Don’t miss a precious moment you could spend with those you love? I just need someone to love? If you love? Oh, I get fire from my friend? Gonna try help from my friend? Yes, I get.


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