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SUNDAY SPECIAL With Donald Trump Jr., Mark Levin, and Scott Presler

In this talk show, host Dan Bongino emphasizes the importance of online privacy and recommends ExpressVPN. He introduces guest Mark Levin, who discusses his new book, “The Democrat Party Hates America,” exposing the party’s historical racial bias and alleged voter fraud. They debate the Democrats’ intention to monopolize society and violate constitutional rights. The conversation also touches on real estate …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Inside Media Corruption w/ Dan Schneider

“On Watch: Uncovering Media Biases and Manipulation in the Digital Age

Join us on the On Watch podcast as we delve into the hidden truths behind mainstream media headlines and explore forgotten chapters of history. In this episode, we shine a light on the perceived biases in the media, exposing favoritism towards the left and the underreporting of negative stories related to Joe Learn More, Click The Button Below…

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What Are They Trying To Distract Us From? (Ep. 2089)

Posted in: Dan Bongino, MPN, News, Updates

In his latest podcast episode, Dan Bongino criticizes the Democrats for disadvantaging minorities and accuses the media of covering it up. He specifically calls out Randy Weingarten, a prominent figure in the teacher’s union, for promoting policies that keep minority students in inferior schools. Bongino also shares about his sponsorship with ExpressVPN and his new book, ‘The…

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Truth vs. NEW$ Inc Part 2 (11 September 2023) with Don Grahn Scott Bennett and Brian Davidson

Posted in: Jim Fetzer, News, Patriots

In this thought-provoking blog post, the potential dominance of American monopolies in the property market is examined, with BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard predicted to own 60% of U.S. homes by 2030. The post also criticizes Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico for enforcing a 30-day ban on firearms, contradict…

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Biden Impeachment Inquiry.. Good Or Bad For Democrats? You Decide!

In Nino’s Corner video, the potential impeachment inquiries into President Biden are explored. The host argues that it is more advantageous for Democrats to take responsibility for Biden’s issues rather than pursuing impeachment. Additionally, Noble Gold Investments is recommended as a solution for financial concerns. The video also raises concerns about various political figures, including Kevin McCarthy. Read more for a comprehensive analysis….

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The migrant crisis gets worse as Democrats point fingers.

Migrant Crisis Puts Biden Admin on the Hot Seat: Tensions Rise as Shelters Overflow in Major Cities

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Local Democrats and Business Leaders Demand Action Amidst Growing Migrant Crisis In recent weeks, tensions have been brewing between the Biden administration…

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Get Prepared The Police State Is Here (Ep. 2080)

Posted in: Dan Bongino, News, Patriots

In this blog post, the author delves into various topics, including the Democrats’ treatment of the black community, concerns about the Biden administration’s firearm regulations, erosion of constitutional rights, and the importance of factual knowledge in political discourse. They urge readers to engage in meaningful political discussions and support candidates advocating for liberty and freedom. Read more to gain valuable insights….

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The Republic Is Dead (Ep. 2067)

Posted in: News, Patriots

– We are officially in Banana Republic territory right now. The evidence is everywhere. We are now living in a police state. It’s time for the anti Trump people to get a freaking clue about what’s going on now….

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Bidenomics in full effect

Democrats Struggle to Sell “Bidenomics”: Will They Make the Economy Great (Again)?

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Navigating the Economic Nightmare Becomes Even More Confusing with “Bidenomics” As the summer heat fries more than just our patience, Congressional Democrats…

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