Migrant Crisis Puts Biden Admin on the Hot Seat: Tensions Rise as Shelters Overflow in Major Cities

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Local Democrats and Business Leaders Demand Action Amidst Growing Migrant Crisis

In recent weeks, tensions have been brewing between the Biden administration and local Democrats as shelters across the United States grapple with overflowing numbers of migrants seeking refuge in major cities.

This mounting crisis has not only put political pressure on President Biden but has also raised questions about the administration’s approach to the issue and the legal constraints they face.

The Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago have found themselves in the midst of a burgeoning humanitarian crisis as thousands of immigrants arrive in search of new lives in the United States.

Overcrowded shelters, overwhelmed resources, and desperate living conditions have become the stark reality for many hopeful migrants.

Business leaders and lawmakers from various levels of government are demanding more decisive action from the administration to help accommodate these migrants.

Their frustration is palpable as they feel that President Biden has not been responsive enough to the escalating situation.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) expressed his concerns, saying, “I wrote to him in May, so it’s been like four months, but I hope to find out.”

Unprecedented Crossings and the Snowball Effect

Republican governors, in response to unprecedented crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border, have launched massive efforts to transport migrants to destinations beyond their states.

This approach has inadvertently created a snowball effect, with more migrants following those who were placed on state-backed buses to major cities.

Slow Work Permit Process Adds to Woes

City officials and advocacy groups have identified the slow work permit process as a significant bottleneck causing migrants to languish in shelters.

While Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials claim that migrants arriving through new parole programs or scheduling appointments at the border via a new app face an average six-week wait, state officials and immigration attorneys estimate that some migrants in shelters are waiting for months.

In Chicago, over 2,000 migrants find themselves sleeping on police station and airport floors.

The Blame Game Among Democrats

Criticism of the federal government’s handling of the situation has led to a wider blame game among Democrats, including city leaders who initially welcomed migrants.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul engaged in a public feud, with Adams demanding that other parts of the state receive more migrants.

Hochul, in turn, has placed blame squarely on President Biden, while Adams has called for a federal emergency declaration.

However, an administration official pushed back against the idea of declaring a state of emergency, pointing to the hundreds of millions of federal dollars already provided to New York to address the issue.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy rejected the Biden administration’s reported proposal to relocate migrants to the Atlantic City International Airport.

Realistic Solutions vs. Political Posturing

Federal officials rightly view many of the demands from cities and states as political posturing rather than realistic solutions.

Most of the requests related to work permits face legal or practical challenges, according to experts.

Federal law mandates that asylum seekers wait at least 180 days before receiving a permit, a change that would require Congressional action, not a presidential decree.

Pressure on local officials is mounting, particularly in Chicago, where public meetings about converting buildings into shelters have turned accusatory.

Black residents, in particular, are asking why millions are being spent on new arrivals while their neighborhoods continue to suffer from decades of disinvestment.

Massachusetts’ Democratic Governor Maura Healey declared a state of emergency in August due to the crisis and met with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last month.

The Administration’s Response

Homeland Security officials were dispatched to assess the situation in New York. The Biden administration has been pointing to new parole programs that encourage migrants to cross the border at legal ports of entry, thus allowing for a faster work permit process.

In a recent move, the agency sent tens of thousands of English and Spanish text and email alerts to parolees to ensure they are aware of their eligibility to apply for work permits.

In Conclusion

As the crisis deepens, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has taken some actions, like activating the Massachusetts National Guard to support the state’s hotels-turned-shelters.

“We need all hands on deck to meet this moment,” Healey emphasized.

The pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to address this growing humanitarian crisis, as local leaders and advocates demand immediate and effective solutions.

Chances of this administration ACTUALLY doing anything seem very slim indeed.

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