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Tucker Carlson and donalt trump react to the verdict

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. React to the Trump Verdict | Tucker Carlson Network

This Tucker Carlson post discusses the speaker’s concerns about current politics, perceived bias in media, and the state of democracy. They express worry about the treatment of political figures and encourage people to get involved. The speaker also shares personal experiences, including a complex legal case and their views on military service. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Pascal Najadi – Sovereign Radio, United States – Special Edition – Pre Broadcast

MAINSTREAM: Pascal Najadi – Sovereign Radio, United States – Special Edition – Pre Broadcast – Love & Light, Yours JFK 23.5.2024

Posted in: News, Patriots

Now even more than before we have to be vigilant and protect our divine earth. The paradise that God has given to us and respect that we are not alone. There is the enemy waiting and lurking outside to take it away from us, to disturb us, to infiltrate us. And this is why all patriots, veterans unite all men and women we need to preserve what we have been given. It’s a paradise that we will never lose again. And for that I wish you wonderful Sunday. God bless you all….. To Read More Click the Button Below….

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In a riveting discussion, Gerald Salenti and Judge Andrew Napolitano dissect the erosion of privacy rights and Fourth Amendment protections by the US Government. They critique the media’s biased portrayal of the Israel-Palestine conflict and predict escalating tensions in Ukraine and Israel. Amidst this global turmoil, they endorse Massey as a promising presidential candidate. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Inside Media Corruption w/ Dan Schneider

“On Watch: Uncovering Media Biases and Manipulation in the Digital Age

Join us on the On Watch podcast as we delve into the hidden truths behind mainstream media headlines and explore forgotten chapters of history. In this episode, we shine a light on the perceived biases in the media, exposing favoritism towards the left and the underreporting of negative stories related to Joe Learn More, Click The Button Below…

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In Gregory Manorino’s market report, the focus is on the appointment of Philip Jefferson as the new Federal Reserve Vice Chair. Manorino highlights Jefferson’s wealth and predicts his significant impact on government spending. This appointment is part of a larger strategy by central banks worldwide to inflate economies through debt. The mainstream media’s portrayal of fighting inflation and positive GDPs is misleading, considering the…

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9.4.23: FINAL BATTLE WISH coming true FANI Obama exposed Victories. PRAY!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

In this thought-provoking blog post, the speaker delves into a range of political issues, from government responses to COVID-19 to allegations against past administrations. They shed light on potential media propaganda and express concern over Trump’s potential return. The post also explores the impact of a “MAGA style Republican victory” on European unity and discusses election fraud allegations. Additionally…

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X22 REPORT #3154B :NEVER SAW IT COMING DOWN SHE GOES Update Last News Todays 09.04.2023

Posted in: News, Patriots, X22 Reports

In this blog post, the X 22 report delves into the deep state, impending trials, and the need for increased awareness of government corruption. It highlights the manipulation by mainstream media and the potential public shaming of prominent figures. The report praises Trump for exposing this corruption and discusses the truth about Obama’s administration. Read more to understand the growing skepticism about COVID-19…

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Economy In Collapse… Personal Bankruptcies Skyrocket! Banks Will Get Another Bailout

– The speaker, Gregory Manorino, speaks about various societal and economic issues including the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns, media manipulation, increasing personal debt, and the growing threat of bankruptcy. He also addresses the dominance and control of central banks and expresses suspicion that another economic crisis is imminent, which he believes will lead to increased power concentration in fewer institutions. He also briefly discusses the stock market, where the risk remains crucially high, and presents a bleak outlook for cryptocurrencies and crude oil. He urges a revolution against the central banks and requests the public to share his message widely. ‘…

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