9.4.23: FINAL BATTLE WISH coming true FANI Obama exposed Victories. PRAY!

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➡ The speaker offers commentary on various political issues, including criticism of government efforts against COVID-19, Democratic leaders and mainstream media. They applaud court ruling against FDA for anti-Ivermectin messaging, President Trump’s support for homeschooling, and point out allegations against Obama’s administration. The speaker anticipates exposure of media’s government propaganda and highlights concern within George Soros’s family regarding Trump’s potential return.
➡ The text discusses the potential effects of a “MAGA style Republican victory” in the coming U.S. Presidential elections from the perspective of the EU. It shares views about the potential upsides and downsides of Trump’s potential candidacy, implications for European unity, and reactions towards DeSantis and news coverage. It also includes an endorsement for a product called Field of Greens and advertises a promo code.
➡ The text discusses allegations of election fraud, referencing specific incidents and individuals allegedly involved, including named party members from Hines, Mississippi. Furthermore, it discusses various trials and indictments against both current and former presidents, expressing concern for their safety, and citing differences in security detail sizes as potential indications of political climate and intent.
➡ The speaker fiercely criticizes left-wing politics, supports Trump, and is against what they perceive as the erosion of traditional values, government overreach, and questionable activities at events like Burning Man. They also touched on suspicious occurrences surrounding wildfires in Maui, suggesting potential negligence, and questionable, speedy federal response to circumstances at Burning Man.
➡ The text criticizes the portrayal of men and women in Barbie movies, accuses Hollywood and military bases of promoting these skewed representations, and expresses concern over the influence it may have on children. It then transitions into skepticism towards the effectiveness of masks against COVID-19, citing statements made by various respectable sources. The writer suggests a cover-up regarding vaccines and links to dangerous side effects, particularly myocarditis and sudden deaths in young people post-vaccination. They also mention the issues of mandatory vaccines, needless mask usage, perceived manipulation of public opinion regarding health dangers, the controversial role of significant figures in race politics, and the trans rights debate, focusing on a Texas law limiting trans children’s access to certain medical treatments.
➡ The speaker discusses two main topics – media portrayal of protests versus family events, and the growing U.S. national debt (now at $33 trillion). He also highlights a lack of wide shot usage to depict actual numbers present at events, which suggests selective coverage and manipulation of data. He closes by speaking about the importance of self-reliance for retirement preparation, given uncertain government subsidies.


Here, folks. We’re going to uncover the desperation from the enemy doing all he can to keep the Democrats community in check. You’ll be surprised by Al Sharpton put out. You’ll also see how the laws are being passed to protect children. I believe that’s in Texas watch the government actually admit masks don’t work. Going to see mud. Nevada homeschool. Support from President Trump. And he also gets support from new places, actually those that used to support DeSantis boy, we got a show for you today.

Hang in there. Let’s go. So I wanted to start here, kind of an awkward start, but wanted to show you right away off the bat, huge victory. Federal judge rules against FDA for anti Ivermectin messaging. Ivermectin awaken Outlaw said, I trust everyone’s paying attention to how many things those conspiracy theorists were absolutely right about. Our government in its current form is not on your side. Many lost family members who wouldn’t have died had they ignored the lies being told to them by authorities.

Shilling for Big Pharma quote in the story. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who promoted Ivermectin was considered a conspiracy theorist and was condemned by the FDA. But now a federal court has ruled the FDA overstepped its authority when it told Americans to not use Ivomectin to fight against COVID-19. Oh, yeah. So now don willett the judge, us. Circuit Judge, says FDA can inform, but it has identified no authority allowing it to recommend consumers to stop taking medicine.

Oh, yeah. So I wanted to throw out that know always want to know on a positive side. Another thing positive would be President Trump’s message to homeschooling community. And also this came up too. I saw this in regards to what I’m about to play for you. Nearly 350K through twelve, kindergarten through 12th grade educators arrested on child sex crimes in 2022. 75% of the arrest involved alleged crimes against students.

And that’s just what they’re reporting. Yes. Just want to make sure we got that out before we play this clip. As president, it was my honor to support America’s home school families and to protect the God given right of every parent to be the steward of their children’s education. Since the China virus, america has seen an estimated 30% increase in home school enrollment. When I am reelected, I will do everything I can to support parents who make the courageous choice of home school.

Under the Trump tax cuts, we allowed families to use 529 education savings accounts to spend up to $10,000 a year tax free on tuition for grades K through twelve. This was a tremendous win for school choice, very important school choice. Remember that term? And yet that benefit did not apply to homeschoolers. So to support the growing homeschool movement in my next term, I will immediately fight to allow homeschool parents the same incredible benefit.

$10,000 a year per child, completely tax free to spend on costs associated with homeschool education. I will also work to ensure that every homeschool family is entitled to full access to the benefits available to non homeschool students, including participating in athletic programs, clubs, after school activities, educational trips, and more. To every homeschool family, I will be your champion. Do not vote Democrat. They are looking to destroy you.

If you don’t mind my saying that. Joe Biden can’t put two sentences together and yet he’s looking to destroy you. Do not vote Democrat. Do not vote for Crooked Joe. Vote for Honest Donald. Thank you very much. I like his little humor at the end, honest Donald with a little chuckle. And so yeah, it’s kind of good to throw that in there too. Another positive message for those that choose to school at home.

So here we go. Devin Nunez. All roads lead to Obama. So that is also being exposed. He needs to be subpoenaed and hauled in and you’re going to be shocked when I show you next after this clip. In 2016, after Donald Trump wins the presidency, after the House Intelligence Committee gets briefed, there was no shenanigans at all in the election after Thanksgiving. It’s Barack Obama and his whole administration that launched the Russia hoax.

So yes, the Hillary Clinton campaign, they started the hoax. But Obama was briefed in August before the election that it was in fact a hoax and a campaign ploy. It’s Obama and his team that did this, that started the whole Russia hoax. So this is not some Newt Gingrich conspiracy, it’s the truth. All roads lead to Obama and he’s got all these corrupt people around him. James Comer but James Comer came on and picked up on Newt Gingrich’s theme last night on my show and he said, you know what, we have to find out what Barack Obama knew and when he knew it.

Either the US government kept the President in the dark about two of his top underlings shaking foreign interests down for money or he knew and he covered it up. That is really the only two options. Here a remarkable twist. I think you’re going to hear Barack Obama a lot more in the next few months. Yeah, I mean look, he needs to be subpoenaed and brought and hauled. Mean this guy could have stopped all of this after the election.

We could have had a smooth transition. It was the Democrats who never let President Trump be president. They started all kinds of hoaxes, all kinds of investigations and it’s a slippery slope now that we’re in a banana republic. I think the seriousness of all of this is becoming frightening for the future of our country. And all roads lead back to Obama. Biden is a corrupt joke. Most corrupt president in US history in my opinion, should be impeached.

But I think all of you out know ought to be careful. Don’t let Obama and all of these corrupt deep staters get away with this because that’s what’s going to happen if you just go and impeach Biden without looking at all the criminals below? Mm hmm. The criminals below. It the Obama criminal. Well, let’s see what else is coming out on that. Oh, it looks like Malik Obama is going to be in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, September 19.

You got it. Tucker Carlson. My man. He says, Tuesday 19th. Happy question mark. Oh, Thomas birth certificate. Remember that? Yeah. Barry sorotero he’s from Kenya and he’s married old Mike. There he is on his screen. Both of those guys are in huge trouble. And I believe I remember a lot of information coming out in the intel board. One of them is he will claim Kenyan citizenship by the time they’re done exposing this character, this puppet.

Here we go. What’s your take on a Wolf Blitzer type? Because whenever I take a close look at his history, actually, I’m always like, why would he do this? Why would he say a bunch of stuff he doesn’t believe or he must know is untrue? Like what? He sat there as this sort of elder statesman of news and just sort of lied right through COVID and many other subjects.

Why would he do that? Why would he do it to his know? I worked with Wolf for years, never had a problem with he was always know. No one wants to hear it. I’m sure most people won’t believe it, but I can tell you, having lived it for many years, it’s true. The intel agencies have a big effect on what is broadcast on television and what you see on Facebook and Google as mean they’re all up and down Facebook and Google, as I’m sure you you know, there are a lot of anchors who including people I know well and have worked with at different networks.

I’m thinking of one in particular, national security reporter who is just a mouthpiece for the Pentagon and the CIA and is knowingly telling lies on their behalf. That’s very, very common. Very common. And I can think of a number of people at CNN who I know for a fact are doing that exact mean. They’re reading government propaganda from the intel agencies knowingly. And I’m sure they’ve got some internal rationale that allows them to get up in the morning and face themselves despite having done something that dishonest.

But I’m just telling you, bottom line, I know that is true. Oh, yeah. So grab your popcorn, get ready for some exposure. Yep. Going back to that character. And then we’ll find out how these mouthpieces, these news anchors, all hired and working for the government, were working behind the scenes to make sure that nobody really knew about him, even though there were plenty of interviews and folks out there stating that this guy was not who he says he is, that the birth certificate is not real, and if they would have done their job, we would have had all that information.

Of course, they were all paid off, and they had to continue to keep those lies running. So we got it. We got it. We understand part of those would be this one here. The Soros family’s panicking about Trump coming back from this news article. Storm has arrived. 17 got this clip from there. As someone who spends up to half their time working on the continent and thinks former United States President Donald Trump, or at least someone with his isolationist and anti European policies will be the Republican nominee, I believe a MAGA style Republican victory in next year’s U.

S. Presidential election could in the end be worse for the EU. Than for the United States. Such an outcome will imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on many fronts in response to the war in uh huh. So soros family’s panicking. They’re wondering what in the world’s going on. Especially when they go over to this side of the Earth and we talk about news anchors and how they have to report and how they’re paid to make sure that the enemy of the human beings on this Earth are attacked nonstop.

Especially when we want our freedom and we realize we’re growing in numbers. Let’s see what happens when you go to the news and somebody spills the beans on what’s really going on. Enough to say this. I’ve seen two movements outside of the social justice movements in my life on the political side. One was the Reagan movement. Reagan had a hold on his base, the country at large. They saw him as someone who was willing to stand up for American values, whatever that might have meant.

Now, I thought it was reactionary. The other movement I thought was Barack Obama hope and change that galvanized the American people. I’ve never seen anything like this with Donald Trump. I mean, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. I mean, being convicted, I mean, being indicted, that’s making him stronger. Raising $10 million, using an ugly mug shot to raise money. This is a movement. And anyone who thinks that you can apply the old political rules to trying to defeat this candidate based on he’s scary, he’s ugly, whatever you might want to call him, this is a movement.

And let’s have to respect the fact that it’s a movement. It’s a movement. Oh, man, those are some strong words. Great support for President Trump. She wouldn’t even say Trump’s name. Did you catch that? General Mike Flyn says, of course it’s a movement. And it’s a positive movement for the good of America, every single citizen of this beautiful country. Donna. Remember Donna Brazil? Even you, despite what you did, sharing questions with your buddy Hillary.

Remember when they did the little debate and she was sharing all the questions with Hillary? Oh, yeah. And you also know, being a Democrat now hmm. Bowing to the power and whims of the globalists a movement that will never, never take hold in America. Have a nice day, Donna. Have a nice day. Yeah, good stuff. I’m absolutely loving this show. I mean, it’s just playing out day after day in so many ways.

And Donna brings up a good point. It’s a movement. And somebody went out there and had to wake everybody up and stop this movement. So they came up with a way using Al Sharpton, calling out the black men and rappers who back Donald Trump. I’ll show you that clip later on in this video when we get there. But in the meantime, I want to make sure that you understand battles heating up in this election cycle.

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com. It’s in the description box below this video and use promo code lt simple. Lt. That’s Fieldofgreens. com promo code lt. And so I, along with a lot of grassroots supporters and major donors, said, okay, let’s draft DeSantis, encourage him to run for president because we think he’s got the stuff. Except there was one problem, Adrian. It’s that when Governor DeSantis did end up launching. He had a failure to launch, and he’s never recovered.

And while he may be a great governor, he’s not ready for the national stage. Are you talking about DeSantis? Oh, yeah. It’s amazing. This guy who founded the DeSantis Super Pac destroys Ron and explains why he is now backing Trump. This is on Morning in America, folks. News Nation. Here we go. Continue. And we don’t think that he’s ready to beat Joe Biden. And on the flip side, Adrian, we think that Donald Trump, in spite of all of his legal challenges, has honestly run nearly a flawless effort with strategic ad spends against his opponent, DeSantis, good messaging choices that really I hadn’t seen in 2016 or 2020.

So for all of those reasons, we all reverse course to get behind Donald Trump, not just because we think he’s going to be the nominee, but honestly, we think he’s the best person to beat Joe Biden in the general. I have a question that we oh, boy. How about that? Folks are starting to jump off the other ships, and they’re coming over to President Trump knowing he’s the only one, he’s the only one that can win.

We know it, we’ve seen it. Folks are finally admitting it, and they don’t want to be on the losing side. Now the questions pop up. Check this one out. In watching all of this evolve, to me, there were red know, again, who am I? But I think for a lot of Americans, they thought, Ron DeSantis, he’s never run for national office. He’s doing a great job in Florida.

According to the GOP, there other people can’t stand his policies. But why do you think that you and other donors maybe didn’t see those red flags coming? Was it that the legal troubles for President Trump seemed so insurmountable? Was it that you drank the Kool Aid of having somebody other than Trump? Anyone other than I mean, it’s a great question, Adrian. And kind of looking back, it seems quite clear, right, that DeSantis might not be ready for prime time.

Was it was a risk? Certainly. And it was a miscalculation on our behalf, thinking that sometimes, and we’ve seen this in other cases, what makes somebody good for one office? The skills don’t directly translate to another. For instance, when you’re running for governor or Congress, oftentimes the main skills you need are ability to raise money and roll television ads. When you run for president, yes, of course, that’s important.

But retail politicking, charisma, charm, discipline, being able to conduct yourself in a likable manner on television interviews, those are all equal, if not more important than your ability to roll the TV ads. And DeSantis just hasn’t had that. And then the last thing I would say, Adrian, is like, there are some basic failure launch mechanics, for instance, choosing to launch on Twitter spaces. Of course, I don’t fault the governor.

Nobody could have known that system was broken, but the governor blew it in the sense of he didn’t even have a simulcast video stream for new television stations to cover it. Optics is the most important thing. And the last thing is I haven’t seen really an articulated message of why DeSantis is different than Trump. I mean, I really haven’t seen that. Nobody has significant so the question is, if you really like Donald Trump, and now Donald Trump, by the way, I think is running a good campaign.

Why would you go for the cheap knockoff when you can have the OG version right? It just doesn’t but it’s the cheap knockoff. It’s a hard case in a Republican primary to make, I believe. Oh, that was a slam right there. Slam dunk. Gotta love that President Trump came out. The Crooked Joe Biden campaign has thrown so many indictments and lawsuits against me that Republicans are already thinking about what we’re going to do to Biden and the Communists when it’s our turn.

They have started a whole new banana republic way of thinking about political campaigns so cheap and dirty. But that’s where America is right now. Be careful what you wish for. That was September 3 posted. Sound familiar? Because if you go over to the Intel Board, we’re familiar with that line. Be careful what you wish for. This is only the beginning. As the World Turns. What happens to the FBI, the DOJ special Counsel? What happens in general? Every FBI DOJ previous case could be challenged.

Lawless think logically. Those good who know can’t sleep. Those good who know cannot find peace, and they will not rest until those responsible are held accountable. If your religious pray, 60% must remain private, at least for humanity. These people should be hanging all kinds of shenanigans going on in the election world. As a matter of fact, if you head over to Hines, Mississippi breaking Democrat County Supervisor is challenging his party’s primary election results after discovering massive election fraud.

He said, we have videotapes of someone going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into the machines. The person he’s talking about is the Hines County Democrat Party Chair. If you watch this presentation, it sounds exactly like what happened in the 2020 election and 2022 election in Arizona. If Democrats are rigging their own primaries, imagine what they’re doing in general elections. Here’s a little clip from that chairperson by the name of Jackie Amos.

We believe, and we have evidence, that Jackie Amos is tampering with the Hines County elections. I provided each of you with a copy of the information in her conspiracy and correspondence to someone concerning my election on August Eigth. I cannot read all and everything that she said on this paper because some of it the words are not fit to use. She correspond with an individual. That individual called the chairperson Jackie Amos, or text the chairperson, Jackie Amos and stated, hey, don’t let them cheat Depra Dixon out of her election.

She won fair and square. Jackie Amos’response to that text was that she won, but I’m going to f David Archie on the site. This matter came from the chairperson of the Hines County Democratic Party and so on. Today we asking that the Hines County Democratic Party take immediate action. We asking that she step down from her position as Hines County Chairperson of the Democratic Party, along with Sandra McCall, who is the secretary, who is her running buddy in and around this election.

We have videotape of Jackie Amos going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into machines. Oh boy. So here we go. It’s getting better and better every day. The reactionary shows that DA district Attorney Fanny Willis, member out of Georgia, violates the law. Her remarkably dishonest attempt to violate civil liberties and deceive the Georgia court spygate down showed put this together. When you’ve spent decades building a global corporate crime network that takes in trillions of dollars annually, you’ll do anything to keep it going.

You have to. Crime syndicates of this size own nations. They own the nations. Indirect violation of the Constitutions and laws of those nations. Getting caught means death. It’s not too hard to keep it going when you have trillions at your disposals. Simply buy up every single media outlet. Use them to keep the people ignorant of your nefarious dealings. Keep the people at viewing distance from the grand facade.

But what happens when someone comes along and begins to dismantle your pretty facade? Public ignorance is replaced with public awareness. And that’s a fatal threat. Without the secrecy, you lose your syndicate, you lose your trillions, you lose your life. The more exposed you become, the more desperate you become. Desperation is an awful thing. Whereas before you could employ intelligent, well respected leaders of nations, CEOs, columnists and reporters to keep people away from the facade.

Now you are fighting to keep individual nails and sticks of lumber in place. That requires low level construction workers. You are now one step above inanimate tools like hammers and saws. I don’t mean to disparage construction workers. They are important in a functioning society. Even I did some time in construction way back. But when your trillion dollar syndicate relies on a construction worker, you’re in trouble. It’s even worse when your construction worker is Fanny Willis.

She embodies the stereotypical. Low IQ, barely graduated high school, can’t do much more than pound nails. Construction worker. In short, stay comfy. We have Trump. Pretty important words there and then. Tucker, in his interview that I showed you recently, here’s a clip from that talking about they’ll do anything to stop Trump from being president again. What do you think? The future it? I don’t mean are they going to let Trump be president? Of course.

I mean, look, they protested him. They called him names. He won anyway, they impeached him twice on ridiculous pretenses. They fabricated a lot about what happened on January 6 in order to impeach him. Again. It didn’t work. He came back, then they indicted him. It didn’t work. He became more popular, then they indicted him three more times, and every single time, his popularity rose. So if you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment.

Now you go to indictment, and none of them work. What’s next? Graph it out, man. We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously, and no one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion. You know what I mean? Like, they have decided permanent washington, both parties have decided that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have him. They’re putting him on trial in March of next year in the J Six case, which basically consists of trying to send him to prison for the rest of his life for complaining about the last election.

That’s literally what it is. Again, if this were happening in Moldova, the State Department would issue an all hands on deck order to let the world know this is not a legitimate government. And yet our government is doing really it’s hard to overstate how bad this is, and I don’t know where it’s going, but there’s a collision that’s clearly imminent. And by the way, the president is senile in a way that’s impossible to deny.

Biden’s not running the like I don’t know. I’ve never been this worried about anything as I am about where this is going. Very strange words come from tucker Carlson. As he sees the horizon and what he feels and seems to see play out would be something bad happening to President Trump. You guys remember the mug shot, August 24, that was put out? We talked about that at length.

We remember. It was an important moment in time. The picture will be the signifier. We knew that that was comms for all of us as that picture was released four years, ten months, and 20 days after October 5, 2018, when we received those words, that the picture will be the signifier. Yeah. That picture then leads us to Donald J. Trump 410 20. That’s his initials, DJT. And then we know if you go over to the 35 2nd video that he put out, the final Battle, that would equal 35 seconds.

And that was posted at 11:33 p. m. At 1133. We know all of this is connected to an intel board. They say, Remember, we heard from Tucker saying that he feels like they’re going to want to take him out. POTUS will be well insulated, protected on Air Force One, and specific locations classified while these operations are conducted. Due to the nature of the entrenchment, it’s time to take back our country and make America great again.

Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform. Okay. And so I show you that. And then I bring over this from posted by Liz croakin. President Trump’s security detail compared to Bill Clinton’s. Look at President Trump’s detail, Will. As he pulls in, you can see just so many SUVs. We talked about this at length. He had an ambulance, a comms truck. I mean, you name it, he had it there.

And then you have how you doing, son? How you doing, son? Supposedly, the President Clinton, he walks up with one guy. Good to see you. Just walking up to the store to see what the store has sell. And I think it was interesting, if I can zoom this in, you might be able to see it. I’m not sure if you can, but right there on that girl shirt right here on the left, and you can’t see it very well, but bottom line is, it has the end on the back of that green shirt.

The end. It’s almost like they set this whole thing up so that we could see this play out. As he stares at a store and walks in all alone, do you see security details surrounding him? Do you see all kinds of like an ambulance and vehicles lined up forever? No, it’s not the kind of security detail that he renders. He can’t have that. So here’s a message for everyone.

When the left is like, you worship good to see you. Sorry, that was a pause there. Here’s dear Biden voters, okay, these are the left, and they think that we worship Trump and that you’re in a Trump cult. If you support him again, here we go. When the left is like, you worship Trump, you’re in a Trump cult. Actually, our support of Trump has more to do with you.

We don’t like seeing what you are doing to our country and what you are doing to our kids. We like Trump because he actually stood up to you and also exposed you. You want socialism. We don’t. You want to teach our children about multiple genders in kindergarten. You want to fund abortions with our taxpayer money. We don’t want to do that. You want everything to be hyper race focused, the police defunded, drag queen story hours, higher taxes, et cetera, et cetera.

We don’t worship Trump. We just can’t stand you. So all of that goes into another part of what I talk about all the time is if you have the ability to put out videos and clips and let people know what’s going on, you have the ability to get that out, then go for it. You can also go visit our website and share it with folks. And we know that’s where we’re at folks were available there.

Reach out to us. You can also join our newsletter. Just go there and sign up for a newsletter. It’s there. And you can find all of our great gear. This Labor Day weekend sale is going on 20% off site wide. Use code. Labor Day 20 and you get 20% off site wide. Yeah, you can use code free tote with any purchase of $100 or more. You get a free tote if you do that.

So pretty cool. I encourage you to check that out. We’ve got our books available and our new shirts, new hats, all kinds of really amazing goodies that have been put out for all of us to see and I just encourage you to go check that out. And here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. Last week I appointed Bob Fenton one of the nation’s leading emergency managers and I mean that that’s not hyperbole.

Who’s been on the ground in Hawaii since before the fires erupted as our chief federal response coordinator to lead our long term recovery on Maui who’s been on the ground in Hawaii since before the fires erupted. He was there since before the fires erupted. Something nefarious going on in Maui. We continue to cover this, continue to put out information on this and they are demanding accountability. Here’s another clip of the people fighting back against what’s going on.

Police officer that was over there, he should be investigated. I was told by people who escaped there on foot that the officer had blocked the road. People could not get out. My brother literally had to go cut the chain off of the old sugar mill camp area to let people out of the top of Kellawale Malcolm because the roads were all blocked because the police were blocking it.

We want accountability. It needs to be investigated by a third party that is not associated with the government. I was blocked out several days. I could not come in. It was chaos. People was rioting. What’s on those documents for FEMA? I’m an attorney myself. There’s so many things that are questionable that has happened here. Right after that the governor says oh, I’m going to take the land he’s talking about.

The state wants to purchase all this land that he should get this land. This land belonged to the people already. Okay? The government is wait, the government is liable for this grossly negligent. At least if not criminally negligent. They should clean up all that land, restore that land to the people who own that because they failed police officers. Good stuff. Continuing to put that information out and folks continue to share it and go after and try to find the truth.

Other fighters on this earth would be the blade runners. They’re going around London taking down the government ULEZ cameras. These cameras we do not consent. These cameras are known. We are free. Spirits can’t be locked down. We will not comply or get boss Bout. Do you want to see the masses get crossed out? Can’t coerce us. Do you accept the great reset? We don’t want of movement for those that are least able to afford it.

But don’t you wish we saw more of this type of resistance to government overreach. Look at this. They’re cutting them down. They’re saying, Nope, you’re not on my watch. This is an invasion of our privacy. And they’re fighting back. There’s all kinds of different things that are going on in that realm. Another thing that’s interesting, I don’t know if you guys caught it, but there’s this event called Burning Man.

Burning man is in Black Rock City, Nevada. It’s basically like an occult ritual. Druids who would burn criminals and also sometimes innocent people if supply was low for this occult ritual. Founders of Burning Man are Larry Harvey and John Law. Burning man has some of the highest suicide rates for staff and volunteers. Attendees are sacrificed spiritually by unknowingly consenting to energy harvesting of demons and void magic. You can go into detail about these things and how they play these things out.

Most folks would say it’s just an innocent hangout. They’re out there just having fun. But there is so much debauchery that goes on. They have things that I can’t show you pictures of trucks where adults get into the back of the truck and has a sign on it basically stating, you adults can just come in here and do whatever you want with whoever you meet, if you guys catch my drift.

Well, while they were at it, they had rain and they had mud. They were stuck in the desert. And so as they were walking through the mud, they were basically rained out. So there are many things and thoughts that were going on. This they’re telling them, conserve food and water. No access in or out of Burning Man. A lot of folks were stating that it flooded and that they were trying to say that people were testing positive for Ebola.

But then if you go around and wait for a day or two, you can find out that they declared that an Ebola outbreak from that place. But then they deleted their tweet. Forbes also denied the outbreak. They just can’t get their act together, can they? And then you go over to folks posting things. Know, the trending thing is Ebola. It’s almost like it’s a Psyop. But then look at this video from that area.

Look at the looks like tornado. Won’t you sing me to let’s go? What’s going on there, folks? I call them water spouts or I’m not sure if you guys see anything like this in the desert over the water. Looks just like small tornadoes. And it just makes you made me think of it just made me think of all kinds of things on the biblical side and more. But could these guys be facing judgment for their activities out there? Who knows? Who would have thought a flood would hit Nevada during the Burning Man Festival? 77,000 people stranded right now because of a flood.

National Guard and FEMA are already there in BlackRock City. There’s no way that’s a real city, BlackRock City. No way that’s where the festival is. BlackRock city. Hey, it’s pretty cool, right? Maybe FEMA learned their lesson on how slow they were with Maui. They’re right there already. Why are they there already? Why are they there already? That’s the question. So FEMA and the National Guard are keeping people held in one place because of a flood, keeping them all together, not letting anyone in or out.

Well, thank God it’s 2023 and people have cell phones. They haven’t taken those yet because text messages circulating the web, Twitter, it’s kind of wild out there right now. Reported that one person tested positive for ebola. So that’s the kind of stuff that’s flying around the Internet. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Just letting you know, folks, that, man, they got everybody’s mind off of Maui quickly by spreading this stuff throughout the Internet.

And all of a sudden it’s like squirrel and they forget about all the other things going on on this earth. One of the things I’d want to point out, too, if you’re looking at your screen, is you notice that they have a couple for this wood statue they built holding each other as they burn. I think that I don’t know what the theme of this is. I’m sure a lot of folks are writing if they pay attention to Burning Man or some might out there, out there might think it’s a great thing.

I don’t know. I just know that it’s, to me, just sick some of the activity that I’ve seen out there. So I don’t see anything positive about it. But when I see a burning couple, I see them burning anybody that has relationships, anybody that has love. And that seems to be the theme this year as you go into the Hollywood world with Barbie folks. They even have military bases promoting Barbie saying, come on out.

We’ve got some free food, free drinks for our unit, for our military unit. Come on, we’re going to go see Barbie. We’re paying for it. It’s going to be a great time. Everybody wear your pink. Well, if you guys haven’t paid attention. Barbie basically makes men look like they’re dumb, they’re idiots, and they have no idea how to lead or be strong at all. They’re just weak. And they flip the whole script of what the Bible actually shows us about the relationship between men and women in love.

So you can’t be in love. They make fun of pregnant women in the movie, and they have little girls basically exploding their babies or throwing their babies and making them, in my opinion, mentally making all of the children watching that movie believe that it’s okay to kill your children. If I could just be explicit on that area. Shouldn’t be spending your money on that movie at all. So let’s see.

Other things that they throw at us are this CDC accidentally admits masks are totally useless. How they said cloth masks that are used to slow the spread of COVID-19 offer little protection against wildfire smoke. They do not catch small particles found in wildfire smoke that can harm your health, limit your time outside when it’s smoky. Well, that’s interesting, because if you look at the size of smoke compared to the size of the coronavirus, look at the difference.

Wow. That’s how stupid they really are. And then Daily Health. Daily Mail put this out in their health section. Mass studies published by NIH suggests N 95 COVID mask may expose wearers to dangerous levels of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer. And the who now admits that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is very rare. The claims of asymptomatic transmission was a major justification for social distancing. The lockdowns, the masks, everything about COVID-19 hysteria has been an absolute lie.

Epic Times even told us exclusive whistleblower who disclosed myocarditis spike in military after COVID vaccine rollout goes public. So they lied to everybody about the COVID scared everyone to death so they would run down and get these shots. And we share all the time what happens. What happens when you get these jabs? What seems to be the common denominator? Well, you’ve got us. Olympian dying at 32. Is there a connection? Died suddenly.

COVID vaccination COVID vaccinevictims. com. WLT report says fitness instructor dead at 33 following double cardiac arrest. 33 years old, healthy. Current state of the world. It’s important to recognize how many young, healthy people continue to die suddenly from heart attacks. Well, this whistleblower from the military who disclosed myocarditis spike in military a service member earlier this year blew the whistle and disclosed data from a Pentagon medical database showing a spike in the rate of myocarditis in 2021.

Lieutenant Ted Macy lieutenant Macy and his wife traveled to Washington with a report of the data he collected from DMed. It showed that diagnosis of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, jumped 130. 5% in 2021 when compared to the average from the years 2016 to 2020. Myocarditis is a serious condition that can lead to death. And then you have this interview on Newsmax. Dr. Burks, I believe, happens to say something about all of these masking and possible lockdowns.

Let’s play this clip. It’s surprising that people are saying, you know what? This ain’t going to happen again. We will not comply. We will not comply to mandates and lockdowns, she says. Now listen to this burks. That MJ truth says, doesn’t she look a little different to you? Is it just me? You know what is amazing to me is we work so hard to bring innovation, the American spirit of innovation and science and data and creating these great new vaccines which were made on an mRNA platform so you could switch them out and make them quickly.

And instead of doing that, we’re basing vaccines on old variants rather than the new variants. And we know today exactly who needs to be immunized. And so four years in, we don’t need to mandate. We need to actually empower people with the information that they need for themselves and their families, because every family is different. And by the way, outside is safe and playgrounds are safe. Absolutely. I remember the cop telling me, well, your daughter could catch COVID and then give it to other people.

And I said, Science tells us that no type of virus can survive living. I mean, it’s just so ridiculous how brainwashed people were. Paul, I want to go to you now. People were people are wondering how this would all play out. I still see folks wearing masks, and I still see them in their cars with air condition on, with mask on. Unbelievable. Also, you had the cardiac screening of Bronnie James several months ago was normal, says source familiar with the matter.

Oh, yeah. Communist News network sports la Times. Bronnie James cardiac arrest likely caused by congenital heart defect. They’ve convinced the public, through propaganda, to believe that a sore throat, achy joints and fatigue are completely unacceptable. With the same propaganda, they’ve convinced the public to believe that heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and died suddenly are perfectly acceptable. This is the power of mind control, brainwashing and propaganda. And they continue to try to brainwash people through let’s see, Al Sharpton calling out black men and rappers who back Donald Trump.

And I saw this guy put his talent together to put this clip out. And watch how he does this. He walks into the camera and starts sharing. Man, what is this right here? What do you say? Al Sharpton calls out black men and rappers who back Donald Trump. Is that what they say? Look at this, man. Joe Biden calling out the big guns. Joe Biden calling out the big guns.

Hey, Big Al. Well, not big, little Al. He lost like 800 pounds. Little Al, hey, I need your help there. I need to help my man. Listen, dude, those little negroes out there, they’re acting a fool, especially to the men they are there. You know what he’s saying, man. They got support. Donald Trump, you need to go out there. Hey, you need to ring them little negroes back in a fool.

Go out there, do some of your race baiting stuff, talk about what trump is such a racist. White supremacy back in New York and wherever that park was, he did this to the five guys. Just spread a lot of racist stuff, trying to make the black man get back on my side wherever it takes. Call him the racist white supremacist, he don’t like us, all that kind of stuff.

Yes. So they’re getting out there and they’re trying to do the best they can to reverse course, get as much help as they can out there to convince the public to go against all of the things that are happening, because obviously they’re in panic mode. They are in panic mode. I mean, I think I saw them actually doing another BLM march, if I remember right. Do I have something like that? Oh, yeah, there it is.

Kyle Baker shared this. BLM is back. Black Lives Matter protesters march tonight in Ohio over another race hoax. It must be election time. There they go. Let’s see. Al Sharpton gives a speech. They start sending out the money. The money reaches the people. They get it put into their account, and then they all get out there and they hand them their signs and all of this other stuff.

And next thing you know, they’re letting people know that we’re back. All right, let’s see. What else do we have? Oh, yeah. Texas Supreme Court approves banning of child sexual mutilation and goes into effect today. Well, tomorrow a new Texas law banning gender affirming medical care for transgender children will be allowed to take effect. Advocates for transgender children sued the state challenging the law today. The Texas Supreme Court cited against them.

Starting Friday, transgender minors in Texas will not be able to access hormone, therapies puberty blockers, and transition surgeries under senable 14 children who are already on medications included in the ban will have to be weaned off of them in a, quote, medically appropriate way. The policy director for the conservative group Texas Values, who supports the law, said, quote, texas kids are safer today because of the Supreme Court ruling, end quote.

Now, since the bill was introduced, LGBTQ advocates have rallied against it. Legal advocates with the ACLU are calling today’s ruling cruel and saying it puts transgender youth, families, and medical professionals in harm’s way. They also say this is not the end of their fight over this law. Isn’t that something? If you look at your screen, you’ll see that they zoom in nice tight to make it look like there’s the stairs, and it looks like 56, 10, 20.

There’s probably 30, 40 people there on the stairs. And then they do another shot. Close up, close up. And then they do another kind of a close up shot where you have people standing there. So it’s about 50, but probably about 80 to 100 people in total when I’m counting. And then they have them supposedly marching, but they don’t do a wide shot. Now, when we do broadcasting, when I was in the Marine Corps and I was running AFN, you always have to run a wide shot so you can see how many people actually showed up.

Instead, every shot seems to be really close, basically giving you this illusion that there’s so many people protesting against this when there’s not. You guys follow me. You head over to family day in Belgrade? Well, that’s true pride, and that’s well done. Let’s see if I can bring this over. You guys can see this video clip. Look at that. Supportive families. Now, see, there’s what we call a wide shot showing you how many people showed up for that.

And there are families pushing baby strollers in support of family and babies, marriage and all kinds of stuff. You see that? So that’s the stuff that we don’t see too much on mainstream media, if at all. Pretty interesting. Another thing that they try to keep from us is how we’re doing with our monetary side. I mean, they tell us, let’s see, Charlie Bello put out that us. National debt has now increased by 1.

45 trillion since the debt ceiling was suspended three months ago, and it’s fast approaching $33 trillion. In the past five years, the national debt has increased by 53%. It’s almost like something nefarious is going on. We talked about that. If you missed it yesterday, we had a great interview with Dr. Kirk Elliott, and we talked about all kinds of great things in that particular interview, especially the federal debt held by the public.

Here we go. Blah, blah, blah. But this time they’re not going to be able to pay it back. So I think here’s the warning to young people is when you prepare for retirement, pretend like there is no Social Security. What would you do differently now if you knew that there was no government subsidies coming in for your retirement? No Social Security, no Medicare, all of that? We would start saving up quite a bit.

Yep. So we had a great discussion. Check it out, folks. You can actually reach out to him, too. Amw. com Gold. And they’ll help you out with your finances and more when all this stuff is playing out. But he talks about the young people, what we need to do to protect our young children and more for their future. I thought, besides all the money and stuff that we talked about, I saw this clip and I thought it was important for everyone to see.

Great nations right here are built by great fathers. Citizen Free Press put this clip out, and this right here is something I love to do. I wish I did it more with my sons when they were younger, but, man, this has just warned my heart as we get close to the end of this video. If you’re listening in, there’s a young boy fishing. Stay on him, son. Come on.

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. Let me tighten this up. Oh, gosh, that’s a good one. Come on, come on. Stay on him. Stay on him, son. Come on, lay on him. Come on. Get him up. Get him up. Really? Come on, come on. Come on. Crank back. Don’t let him pull you in. Come on, come on, come on. Come on, real son. That’s a biggin.

Come on. Stay on him. Don’t let him jump. Don’t let him jump. Come on, son. Yeah, let’s freaking go, boy. Let’s go. Come on, boy. Yeah. Let’s go, kid. Let’s go, buddy. Look at that. Let’s get him in the middle of the floor. Oh, my gosh. What a freaking giant. Hey, let’s go, baby. Give me five. See what happens when attitude changes and you just fish. See what happens when attitude changes and you just fish.

Ultra peppy Lives Matter showed us the conspiracy theorists tried to tell compliant sheep that masks don’t work and never will. And now it’s all coming out that we were right this entire time. Wait until the world admits that we were correct about Trump Q, the Ukraine war child mutilation pedo elite in Hollywood, vaccines, the Rothschilds, the fact that Schiff’s head does look like a watermelon. It’s going to be bittersweet, vindication.

Thinking for yourself outside societal norms does absolute wonders. And the world will know the truth soon enough. And then we have this to close. With all the things going on, I wanted to share a Bible verse with you again. A reminder. The FDA in trouble. They’re anti Ivermectin messaging gone. President Trump supporting homeschool. With all the stuff going on in schools, obama is going to start unrolling all the truth about him.

Fannie Willis is in trouble. The final battles here. We’ve been showing all of this and more in every video. Folks are fighting back. The truth about Maui is happening. The truth about these pagan rituals in the desert are coming out. The thought is the rain was sent by maybe possibly by God to wake these people up as they walk through the mud. Who is admitting they’ve lied to everyone? Many people are still suffering and we have to pray for them with this vax rollout.

They are calling out last ditch effort for politicians, for the voting, and they’re not going to mutilate your kids in certain states and the promotion of families happening everywhere it is. And then we have this verse from John 1510 through 14. If you keep my commandments, you shall abide in my love, as I also have kept my Father’s commandments, and do abide in his love. These things I’ve spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be filled.

This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love hath greater love than this. No man hath that a man laid down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do the things that I command you. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thank you for allowing us to spend time with family, to again learn and grow about all of the evil ones as we’re supposed to expose evil. And we know that from Your word. We also have reminder of many great things that are happening across this earth. Hundreds of millions are paying attention and listening to music that sustains them and helps them get the truth out. Hundreds of millions are paying attention to those things that are happening across the Earth.

And folks are hurting in distant lands like Maui fires around the earth more those people that are continuing to run after evil. We are commanded by you to love those that are hard to love, to love our enemies. And we are commanded over and over again to love those constantly to forgive 70 times seven forever. Just keep forgiving over and over again. What a battle that we’re in.

You know it. You know what we’re going through. And you also provide us comfort and rest in this. And we ask for those that are hurting, those that are praying now, that are looking for just a hint of experiencing your love that they would know to open up your word, to read it and know each second of every day you truly love us more than we could ever imagine.

And we thank you for that. We ask for continued protection over those that are hurting, those that are under attack, especially those that on the front lines fighting for our nation and for this earth. To the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. We pray Amen. Folks, thank you for tuning in. Once again, thank you for your support, the views, the share and just the encouragement to keep going.

It’s absolutely amazing as we continue to move on this journey of revealing information that call it the Cliff Notes of news trying to get the information. Remember, you can go in the description box below and get all almost every clip that I show you so you can share it with others. We ask for a subscription. Just subscribe and share this channel if you would really appreciate that. For now, this Lt.

St separate with him. We know signing out. .


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