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CORRUPTION SHUTDOWN: Will House Stop Funding Biden Corruption?

In a concerning turn of events, the Congress is allocating funds for legal proceedings targeting Trump, while accusations of power abuse surround the Biden administration. Democratic politicians in New York and Fulton County, Georgia are benefiting from Justice Department funds, raising questions about political motivations. Simultaneously, concerns grow over the administration’s alleged censorship of American citizens amidst the escalating border crisis. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Is The CIA The Biggest Sponsor Of Terrorism?

In his show, Ron Partain delves into George H.W. Bush’s controversial role in the CIA, speculates on the current presidential situation, and investigates the “Clowns in America”. The text reveals Bush’s influence in including the CIA in high-level meetings and daily briefings, with negative consequences for the American people. It also exposes Tanya Ugaretz’s Learn More, Click The Button Below…

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Congress can DEFUND NOW the corrupt Biden DOJs effort to jail Trump and interfere in our elections!

In a recent statement, Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, reminds us that Congress holds the key to stopping the prosecutions of Donald Trump. He warns against being misled by Congress or House leaders and emphasizes the importance of defunding these efforts. To learn more about this crucial issue, click the link below….

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X22 Report – Ep. 3161F – The Election Fraud Case Will Allow Trump To Present Classified Evidence

Posted in: X22 Reports

In this thought-provoking blog post, the author delves into the ongoing economic collapse and the public’s growing awareness of corruption within the system. With a critical eye on the Biden administration, the Fed, and the treasury, the public is experiencing an economic disaster that could have significant repercussions for future elections and the country’s economic direction. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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BEST OF: Will Hunter Go to Jail? DEFUND Trump Prosecutions? MORE!

Posted in: Judicial Watch, MPN, News, Updates

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, criticizes Congress for not taking solid actions to halt government corruption and the misdemeanours of the Biden administration. He discusses controversial attempts to prosecute former President Trump and expresses the need for an unbiased judiciary. Fitton also criticizes the long vacation of Congress, stating they should be back at work. Read more about these concerns and skepticism in…

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Judicial Watch to Congress: Stop Funding Biden Corruption and Abuse!

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, calls on Congress to address government corruption and abuse during budget discussions. He highlights the urgency to tackle issues such as political targeting, mass censorship, border invasion, and the misuse of tax money for abortions. Fitton also emphasizes the need to investigate Biden’s corruption. Read more to understand how these abuses impact justice. …

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NEW Hunter Secret Gun Documents

In a recent update, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton sheds light on ongoing legal matters involving President Trump. He criticizes the Justice system and Congress for their handling of alleged political prosecutions and battles for document releases. Fitton expresses concern over politicization in the judiciary and questions the seriousness of Congress in addressing these issues. Read more for the full details….

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Ep. 3135a – Electric Vehicle Companies Going Bankrupt [WEF] Agenda Falling Apart

Posted in: News, Patriots

– Dave: Electric Vehicle Companies going Bankrupt. World Economic Forum agenda falling apart. Invest in gold with Noble Gold Investments. Let’s get right into the economic collapse….

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Texas fights to keep floating barrier.

Texas Governor Abbott Stands Firm: ‘Texas will see you in court, Mr. President’

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

In a bold stand against the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Texas Governor Greg Abbott has refused to order the removal of…

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