Judicial Watch to Congress: Stop Funding Biden Corruption and Abuse!

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➡ Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, urges Congress to cease government corruption and abuse in the current budget discussions. He emphasizes the need to stop several issues including political targeting, mass censorship, border invasion, illicit use of tax money for abortions, promotion of transgender extremism, lack of probe into Biden’s corruption, among other abuses, thus suggesting those supporting these aspects are siding with corruption while those opposing are on the side of justice.


I’m Tom Fitton. I’m president of Judicial Watch, america’s leading government watchdog organization. We have a simple request for Congress do your job. It’s not enough to do investigations and reports. We need to stop the government corruption and abuse that is so concerning to the American people in this new budget fight, or basically the old budget fight that we’re being asked to pretend is new. There’s an inflection point.

Are we going to continue to fund Republicans in the House? The wild abuse by the Biden administration of its political opponents, the mass censorship of tens of millions of Americans, the border invasion we’ve heard so much about, and the other wild abuses of power that are right now fully funded with Congress, and I don’t know what we’re talking about with a clean cr. I see a dirty cr, a cr that will fund the worst of dirty politics and corruption in our federal government.

And there’s a positive moral obligation right now, not next year, but right now, to stop the abuses, the effort to jail Trump on protectual unprecedented charges in a way never seen before in American history. An obligation to stop right now the Biden administration censorship of tens of millions of Americans. The obligation to stop right now the illicit use of tax monies to fund abortions in our military and elsewhere.

We need to stop right now the attack on children through the promotion of transgender extremism. We need to stop right now, the lack of serious investigation into the Biden administration corruption, specifically Biden corruption. We need a Justice Department or special counsel that has confidence of the American people. All of these issues can be addressed in this continuing resolution. And if they don’t want to address it, that suggests to me those who vote for it are on the side of corruption, and those who oppose it are on the side of justice.

Thank you very much. .


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