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➡ The Tucker Carlson Network expresses distrust in the current state of democracy, feeling that it’s being manipulated for personal gain rather than serving the public. They also criticize the lack of action from Republicans, accusing them of not truly fighting for their base. The speaker believes that the Democrats are willing to do anything to maintain power, while Republicans only offer empty words. They also express concern about the current economic and geopolitical state, and question the priorities of the Republican leadership.
➡ The speaker discusses two contrasting dining experiences, one at a high-end restaurant and another at McDonald’s, both of which were surprisingly expensive. They then delve into a complex legal case involving their father, alleging political bias and unfair treatment. They suggest that this experience has only strengthened their father’s resolve, hinting at a potential return to politics.
➡ The speaker believes that there is a lack of fairness in politics, with the Democrats allegedly using their power to manipulate situations to their advantage. They feel that Republicans need to fight back more aggressively. They also express concern about the influence of mainstream media and big tech on public opinion, and the challenges faced by those who try to present alternative viewpoints. The speaker also discusses the difficulties of running a presidential campaign while dealing with legal issues.
➡ The speaker discusses perceived censorship and bias in social media, politics, and the media. They believe their posts are being suppressed and that there’s a double standard in how different political groups are treated. They also express concern about perceived threats and unfair treatment towards certain political figures. They feel there’s a lack of accountability for these issues and worry about the impact on future events.
➡ The speaker expresses concern about the perceived unfair treatment of powerful figures, including the former U.S. president, and warns about potential consequences. They argue that everyone needs to get involved in politics at all levels to counteract what they see as a takeover by the left. They also express concern about the state of education, the potential for war, and the future of the military. The speaker encourages people to question the current state of affairs and to take action to protect their interests and values.
➡ The text discusses how some individuals, despite their military background and close friendships, would be upset if their children joined the military today. This sentiment is described as sad and frightening.


I used to think if you asked me, like, even a year ago, I’d be like, well, come on, they’re gonna roll this guy over in a gurney, get him over the finish line. And I was like, that’s. No one would believe that. The whole premise of their democracy relies on people actually still buying it. And I don’t know that they care anymore. Cause when they talk about democracy, it’s a soundbite, right? It’s not democracy. It’s not the republic. They’re preserving the opposite of what’s happening once they. It’s almost like you get kidnapped and the kidnapper has a mask on, but once he shows you his face, he’s got to kill you.

Correct. And they’ve shown their face. Yeah. You know, again, I don’t think there’s anything they wouldn’t do. I mean, you put out something. I think it was. I think it was on Twitter yesterday, which was, you know, sort of that extreme. Like, well, if they can’t get trump this way, what’s the next level? And I think we’ve. They’ve proven that they’ll do that in the past. I think we’re now figuring that out. We understand it. I think the systems probably have been broken for much longer than any of us would care to admit. And for me, I saw it firsthand.

At least 61 years it’s been broken since they killed the president in an election year. Exactly. And for me, even when we started this process, I’d say it’s safe to say I was probably the number two target of Russia. Russia. Russia. I was like, well, there must be something to it. I know I didn’t obviously, collude with Russia, but maybe, you know, maybe I took a selfie with an agent once. Cause I took 10,000 selfies a day, right? So. So, you know, there. But even, like, knowing that I was a target, I was like. I still believed, I guess, because I wanted to, right? I wanted to.

America is the greatest place in the world, and you can do it. And I’m like, you know, it’s the FBI. You know, again, there’s some door kickers that I’m still like, hey, they’re home team. I get it. They’re doing. Eventually those guys are gonna have to speak up, though, right? I gave. We’re long pass. I gave the door kickers a pass for far too long, which is like, hey, they can’t go against the leadership. But, like, when you’re watching this kind of bastardization of justice, when you’re watching this sort of lopsided level. When they’re, you know, they spend more time kicking down the doors of an amish farmer, selling unpasteurized milk than actually going after people committing terror because they’re trans or whatever it is that they are, you really lose that ability to get that pass that I really wanted them to give, but I wanted to believe that everything I grew up believing was accurate.

And it’s all bullshit. It’s just all bullshit. So we have to fix that. That’s why we fight now to actually make it so. But you saw this on January 6, too. I mean, I know that Joe Scarborough and the rest of the liars presented those people as, like, insurrectionist and dangerous. They were actually the most pure hearted and the most naive about the. I mean, they were. They were literally walking with pocket constitution saying, no, you can’t do this. They believed in the system much more than the people who put them in prison, who don’t believe in it at all, without question.

And you saw that. I mean, the narrative was pushed so much, the clips that they used were designed to create something that didn’t actually happen. I mean, it’s so sick. I always say it was the first unarmed insurrection in the history of insurrections. I mean, it’s never happened before by arguably, I’d say, probably the most heavily armed populace if they wanted to have been right, of course. But of course it wasn’t an insurrection. It didn’t matter. And they just wanted to run out the clock. They could hardly believe this was happening. And I think you’re describing the same thing.

Like, you really believed it in our institutions and our norms and democracy. I did. And it took, again, I mean, literally, threats of, you’re going to jail for treason, a crime punishable by death. That’s, like, not a great swing thought when you’re going through it. You know what I mean? I’m like, wait a minute. If you’re the father of five kids. Yeah. And yet I still, at the beginning of it, I was like. And then it just. Your eyes start to open, and you see the games and you see the people that are on your side, and you see the, you know, the Lindsey Graham’s of the world, right? They get on tv and they’re on, you know, fox or something like that, and they’re like, well, we must subpoena these people, and we must get to the bottom of this.

I’m like, well, you’re like, the chairman of the Judiciary committee. Like, you have the authority to do that. Like. Like, but you’re talking about doing the thing that you have the authority to do, but you’re unwilling to actually exercise that power. So that was what disgusted me most about the Republicans. Right. You’re telling your base, the people who are watching, like you’re fighting, but you know damn well that you’re not actually fighting. Right. And we see that so much. That’s the difference between, that’s the difference between the Democrats. I mean, they’ve shown, hey, they’ll put their opposition in jail.

They’ll smother them. They’ll silence them. There’s nothing they won’t do to preserve power. We’ll write a strongly worded memo and do nothing to follow up. And I think as long as you have that sort of imbalance in the response, nothing changes. Because the Democrats, they’ll take their win. They’ll run to the bank, they’ll laugh their ass off along the way, and nothing changes until we actually start fighting back. I think a lot of people yesterday when that verdict came down, I’m among them. My first reaction was, wow, they’ll actually hurt us. Like they would execute us.

Me, I’ll just say, speak for myself. And there would be an MSNBC panel of former federal prosecutors telling their audience that I deserved it, and they’d be laughing. The Lincoln project would send out a congratulatory tweet, and I was like, wow, there’s sort of a lack of humanity. There’s a coldness. There’s an evil under all of this that I think I underestimate. I think we all did. And by the way, I think many still do. Again, it’s hard to believe that you could live through these last eight years or whatever, ten years and not think that.

Look at that. This is even within ten points in terms of an election. I can’t name literally a single metric, a single one, geopolitical, economic or otherwise. We’re better off now. And yet they’ll outraise us. They’ll do this. The media still pushes it as though biodynamics is doing wonderfully for you. I get it. I’m the son of a million. I’m pissed off at the grocery store. Like, I’m not like one of these woke guys on one of these channels where it’s like, my three month old baby was talking about nuclear proliferation on the karelian peninsula, Tucker, and she was crying, she was scared.

It’s like, I get it. I understand where I’m come from. I’m totally comfortable with that. I’ve been blessed. But if I’m sitting there with sticker shock. What’s the country feeling? If I see what’s going on in my interest rates on my mortgage, man, how much longer can we do this? Then you talk about wars and trillions of dollars of spending, and then the Republicans are telling us that the Ukraine is the number one most important issue for Republicans across our country. I’ve heard that from Mitch McConnell dozens of times. It’s just not, I’ve spoken in front of more Republicans in the last year than Mitch McConnell has in his entire lifetime.

And I think I’ve surveyed probably I do it live like just at a speech. Thousand people here, 500 people here, 5000 people there. It’s been a top ten issue in about 60, 65,000 people for three people. One of them was a DC sort of beltway guy. He felt very strongly about it. Probably he was profiteering off of it. One of them misunderstood the question, so he thought it was a double negative. So it was not, in fact, a top ten issue for him. Because I do. Is it top three or top ten? And one of them, it was top ten but not top three.

And I said, sir, and I’ll ask him. I don’t care. I want to hear it out. Why is, well, I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. I was like, I’m going to give you a pass. So I’m going to effectively say out of about 65,000 people surveyed in the last, let’s call it two years, 18 months, whatever it is, since the war started, a little more, I guess. Exactly. Basically zero people have been in favor of this. But the leader of the Senate will tell us it’s the number one issue for republicans across the country. It’s just not. So how can that be? I was in DC last night.

I never go back. I’m from there. And I took three people to dinner, four people at the table. Nobody drank for all three. I am a teetotaler, so the other three, and it’s a good restaurant, but not like a famous restaurant, restaurant I’ve eaten at for many years. The bill was $800 for $800. Not drinking? Not drinking. And no, nothing crazy like salad, steak, dessert, $800. And I thought, you know, I’m pretty insulated from cost, but I thought, I can’t. I can’t. How do people live here? My experience was opposite of that. Took two of my boys on a fishing trip and we were coming back, traveling through an airport, and we went to a McDonald’s, and it was my eleven year old boy, my 14 year old boy and me at the time was the last, and it was like $47 and change for like an eleven year old child, a 14 year old child.

And me, I’m like, again, it’s not going to change my spending habits. I’m not pretending I drive it. My truck has 700 hp. Like, you know, I’m not happy at the pump, but, like. But if they’re telling you the war against Russia is the most important thing to. Yeah, no, it’s not. They’re lying. So both of us have sort of skipped ahead past an analysis of the case and sort of taking it as a given that what we saw yesterday was grotesque and really sort of the end of a fair justice system. But for people who’ve just heard that and not gotten some of the details that prove it to be true, can you just run through what the case was? I mean, it’s literally, you know, too much.

I know, but to the extent you can. How much time we got? But l’Oreal, it’s a books and records thing, right? I mean, it’s literally a filing. It’s like a misfiling. And yet it’s something that was never before tried as a felony. Like many of the other cases, like one of the cases in New York where they literally, they changed New York state law to be able to. For one year, they changed the law for one year to be able to go back and change a statute of limitations so that you could go after my father.

And then after that year, after that is filed and they go after my father. That was the Gene Carroll case. It reverts back to the normal statute of limitations because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to do it. This was very similar. This was a case that was, at best, misdemeanor type stuff. Remember, Hillary Clinton started with a similar thing. She got fined $8,000, I believe it was, for starting what was the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax with the Steele dossier leaks and all of this. That was an $8,000 fine. They want to put my father in jail for upwards of 100 years, depending on how you look at it.

That’s never been done before in these things because basically someone in an accounting department put legal expenses for, you know, paying a lawyer. It’s unheard of. But you have experts when they say, well, it’s a federal election crime, they wouldn’t let the person who wrote the rules, like wrote them, is the foremost expert in all of that actually testify for us. The jury didn’t have to be unanimous on the things that they charged. They just all had to sort of come to a general if four guys agreed on this and four people agreed on that and four.

That’s unanimous. The bastardization of all of this thing and just having been in the courtroom candidly was watching when the prosecution objected to something that we said, it was always sustained. They let them just, we couldn’t ask anything when it was us asking the questions, the uncomfortable questions of their witnesses. All of a sudden we were overruled every time the list goes on. So you’ve made the case and others who followed it carefully have made the case that this was a direct hit from the Biden administration and point to a man called Matthew Colangelo. Can you tell us who he is? Yes.

Matthew Colangelo was the number three guy in Joe Biden’s Justice Department. So from Washington, DC. The other big part of this case, you know, as it relates to that, was that they’re trying to say it’s a federal election commission case. Well, name another case that’s ever been tried, that’s a federal crime tried in a state court. So Matthew is number three at DOJ. So that’s about as high as a prosecutor can. Ascendental. Correct. And he was moved to New York. Don’t forget Alvin Bragg, the district attorney that actually tried this case, turned it down years ago.

They could have done this seven, eight years ago whenever it happened, but they didn’t. The Federal Election Commission, the FEC, that would have, you know, would have been one of the things that surround it. They could have tried the IR’s, could have done these things because if it was a tax thing, all of them chose to pass, including, again, Alvin Bragg, the guy who’s trying it and just tried it right now, passed on this a couple years ago. Biden’s number three at his DOJ comes up and all of a sudden now they’re filing the charges, conveniently right before an election.

Dumb question. So the number three guy at DOJ who’s ascended this ladder, okay, what is he doing in New York? I mean, that’s a massive step. What is he doing? He’s prosecuting his political enemies, Tucker. There’s literally no other explanation for it. When you look at the bastardization of this, you have a judge who’s a Biden donor. His daughter is one of the number one Democrats. He’s literally a Biden donor. He’s a Biden donor, like literally has written checks himself. His daughter is one of the most prolific fundraisers for the radical Democrats. Adam Schiff. And like, she’s made millions off of that, this judge allowed his daughter’s clients, Democrat mega donors, to sit in the courtroom.

It’s like having front row seats like you own the New York Rangers, right? It’s. Think of how insane that is. Right? But can I ask a dumb question? First of all, why would the number three guy at DOJ wind up in a case, in a state case that seems like he must have been sent one, two. If the judge was literally a Biden donor and donating to, among other things, like the stop Trump effort, which I think was one of them, how could he remain the judge? How could he, because it’s New York. What do you appeal it to? You appeal it to another panel of radicals, right? I mean, it was like the New York Ag case, right? We got fined almost a half a billion dollars for paying back a bank on time with interest.

The bank, who’s the alleged victim, is on the stand being like, no, we love Trump. We want to do more business with Trump, not less. Having their portfolio was a feather in our cap that we used to generate other business. Doesn’t matter. You’re a victim. It’s pure and simple political persecution they’re going after. There’s nothing that they won’t do to stop Trump. And they understand now, with years of experience in the White House, I think going in as a novice was great in many ways. But you also don’t know who the snakes are. You don’t know who the people who are going to actually help you and be sort of loyal to the cause.

And that causes being the duly elected president of the United States doing the things you said you would do versus doing what the swamp wants. Slow rolling what the president wants, all those unelected officials. And so I think the notion of Trump coming back now actually scares them so much more because he has that knowledge, he has that understanding, and I think that will make him so much more effective in a second term. Well, and also, if you’re going to kill the king, you better kill the king. Yeah, but you best not miss, as the saying goes.

That’s exactly right. So are you worried? Well, a couple questions. Will this stop the campaign? Like, what effect is going to have? Listen, I spoke to my father right after the verdict that, you know, today, I mean, you know, obviously, it’s a somber moment. I mean, you know, you know me well enough. I, you know, I can pretty much know, fight through anything and we keep going, and he will, too. But, you know, it is a sombra moment, more so for our country. But if anything, I would say it’s actually strengthened his resolve. I think he listen, in 16, it was the elevator ride right before the escalator ride.

You know, now we find out who our real friends are. You know, he knew what was going to happen. He knew the celebrities would go, but he knew that and he did it anyway. I think after 2020, he understood that if he just went home, he could go play golf and go back to building buildings and making millions and getting paid to give speeches and stuff like that. There’s just too much at stake. And so he’s just unwilling to stop. I got to think a lot of people are looking back to four years ago and reaching the conclusion, well, if they’ll rig a trial, they’ll probably rig an election.

I think without question. I think the reality is what I see on the ground, the amount of people from the demographics that probably have never voted Republican before that are just grabbing me at airports or even walking down the streets in New York the other day, it’s amazing. I was one of the most out there people in terms of rallies and campaigns, doing my own thing in 16 and 20. I think, for example, October of 2020, I think I did 104 rallies in that month. So four a day for a month straight. I’m on the ground.

The energy in 2020 was better than even 16, amazingly enough. But they had that ability to weaponize Covid and all of that stuff. We saw the nonsense. It’s so much stronger right now and we’re still six months out. That doesn’t mean they won’t do again. I don’t even pretend to think that, hey, it’s going to be fair and they’re not going to cheat. I used to probably think that, hey, there’s only so far they can go. They’re going to roll this guy over the line in a gurney and pretend he’s. Because I used to think they actually had maybe a little bit of shame, but that’s not actually at all true.

I don’t think they care anymore. They’re laughing when they use democracy. It’s a soundbite. But they’re never laugh about at their cocktails. They’re never punished. They weren’t punished for the Iraq war or the Afghanistan withdrawal or the lies around Covid, the vaccine mandates. They weren’t punished for the 2020 election. Russia, Russia, Russia. Not only are they not punished, Tucker, they’re given better jobs. They either keep their job and then they get a CNN contributorship to talk about preserving democracy. But maybe, I mean, if you treated your kids this way, they’d be sociopaths. I think you will.

I’m sure they had boomer parents who indulged them, of course, but I mean someone needs to be punished at some point, right? So it stops, I think without question. I don’t think, you know, we have not done that well. Republicans, right. The Democrats don’t fear us because they know we’d never play the same game because we actually believe what they think is that, you know, hahaha, a sound bite. We actually believe those things and it’s actually hard, it’s hard for me to say those things because I’d love not to have to play that game. But I don’t believe there’s another answer other than like we have to fight fire with fire.

As long as we’re playing t ball while they’re playing fast pitch hardball, they’re going to win, they’re going to take their power, they’re going to run to the bank, they’re going to and laugh every step of the way. There’s just not enough actual fighters there. I mean when you look at, even honestly look at the republican bench, it’s not very deep. No. You know, in terms of the guys that you’d actually hate, who’s the guy I want on a foxhole? Who’s the guy that’ll actually fight? Who’s the guy that’s not going to succumb to the pressures of Washington DC? Who are they? I mean, right now, I mean, I love a guy like a JD Vance, you know, there are a couple, but man, that list is who’s next? Mike Lee is kind of becoming that guy.

Yeah, Mike Lee’s a fighter. I like Mike. And, you know, and it’s interesting, it’s one of those, you know, in 2016, Mike Lee and I almost got a fist bite on the convention floor. Like, you know, we were very different. But like, he’s a guy that I text with probably daily. And so it’s interesting that, you know, once you actually have that relationship, you can actually, people come around, it’s like, okay, you were actually right. Well, people change on the basis of evidence and what they see. My views are totally different from what they were ten years ago.

I think the problem with DC is for conservatives, it’s actually an easy existence. You could be a Republican in DC as long as you’re a republican light. Of course, if you’re like, hey, say whatever you want. When you’re speaking to a group of ten people in your little hometown, you know, you come to DC, you can vote with the Republicans like 80, 80% of the time when it actually matters. As long as you vote with us. Washington Post isn’t gonna come after you. They’re not gonna be protesting in front of your home. It’s an easy existence.

You’ll get invited to the cool person Christmas party and, you know, sorry, holiday party. I don’t wanna, you know, they don’t celebrate Christmas because. No, well, because they don’t believe in God. Right? The Democrats, their gods are evolving, right? Greta Thunberg is the high priestess of climate change. Fauci is the lord of science. Yeah, science and Covid. And these days, it’s Vladimir Zelenskyy, the high priest of Ukraine, which is apparently the number one issue for Republicans across the country. But I’ve not yet seen that anywhere. But those are the people they choose to be their deities, and everything follows that path until they burn out, flame out, or get exposed for what they really are.

How can you run a presidential campaign when you’re fighting multiple legal battles? Criminal. Well, I mean, that’s by design, right? I mean, of course, you look at all of these things. They understand. Listen, Joe Biden in a basement is good for Joe Biden’s campaign because if you put him on a stage, it’s a negative. Right. He’s incapable of getting through a teleprompter. He would get lost at this table. Yes. And I, you know, I don’t say that glibly. It’s just. No, it’s sad. It’s sad. I feel bad. He can’t get through basic things, and yet he’s the leader of the free world or whoever’s pulling the marionette strings.

Trump locked in a courtroom for five weeks while he should be campaigning. That’s really good for them because he can bring that message to people. People understand what he’s saying. It resonates with them. He’s able to bring people over who would not have otherwise been able to or would have ever voted Republican. He’s one of the few guys that can do that sort of expose the left for what it is, expose what we’re talking about, break through the noise put out there by the mainstream media, break through the noise and sort of the manipulation of big tech.

And those are trillion dollar industries that are functioning as the marketing department for today’s Democrat party. And to be able to single handedly sort of break some of those walls down, you know, I mean, if I felt like if I was in charge of that, if I was in charge of the Democrats, I would be winning elections 99.9 to 0.01, you know, like. And yet they’re still close. You know, I think our messaging is there, and I think it’s really important. Perhaps, honestly, the stuff that they’ve done to my father, our family, perhaps it’s the most important thing to happen to America in recent history in that it’s exposed just how bad it is.

I think it’s, you can’t hide from it anymore. It’s not like I get it. Like, you come home from a long day of work, you’re trying to feed your family. You’re listening to five minutes of Brian Stelter on tv. Well, there’s got to be something to it. During the early campaign stuff, if I watch tv to hear about myself, I’d be like, man, I hate me too. It’s so bad. People feel it every day. They’re not going for it anymore. And I think it’s why they’re watching you here or me on rumble or whatever it may be.

They’re going to other places to hear an alternate viewpoint because, you know, the machine just isn’t delivering anymore and it’s so unreal. But the machine knows that, and the machine exists to perpetuate itself. That’s the only point, is to maintain power. These are incompetent people with no other prospects in life other than running the machine. So not all of them are incompetent. You know, when I see what they’re good at doing, machine running. Yeah. When I see what tech is doing, though, you even see it now. Cause I see, you know, just the algorithm, it’s like it’ll show me just enough of what I want to see, but never promote anything else, you know, and my meta platforms, I haven’t grown in three years, and yet everyone that comes up to me, hey, you got the greatest instagram I’ve ever seen.

So the people who are already following me will see my stuff. So it appears. It’s almost like it’s AI designed to let you think you’re not being censored or that you’re able to see the stuff that you want, but they’re preventing that growth. You’re well aware of that. So the evolution of that is making it harder. In 16, 1718, when I was starting to get censored by, let’s call it Twitter 1.0, you know, they’re like, well, how do you know you’re being set? I was like, well. Cause yesterday I got 7500 retweets on a post, today I got three.

And it’s, you know, like, I do my own social. When I hit that button, I know what it’s going to do. I know when it’s. Okay, that’s a decent post. I don’t know. That’s hot. That’s going to go big. And it’s like, when it goes big for about 30 seconds, and then it’s like just, you see exactly what they’re doing, but they’re coming up with better ways to make it appear as though they’re not censoring while. While still continuing to perpetuate and push the ideals that they espouse invalid. No one interfered in the last election more than Mark Zuckerberg or Google or Sergey Brent.

That’s exactly right. But let me ask you, the convictions come down 34 yesterday, and your father goes out there and just basically raises the middle finger and says, we’re going to win anyway. And within hours, Benny Thompson of Mississippi, who’s a monster democratic congressman, says, introduces legislation to pull a secret service. So basically, they’re saying, okay, we’ll kill you now. Well, they did that a while ago. Also, if he goes to prison, we want to pull his secret service. So basically, if we put him in a cell, we’re going to put him in a place where he could be murdered.

But that’s a death threat. Of course it is. But from a member of Congress? Again, should it surprise us? I mean, you look at half the congressmen, get in their faces, make them feel it. I mean, they can say these things, and they are lauded as heroes. If we said something even remotely like that, you know, we’re literally inciting violence. I mean, those words are violence, Tucker. We’ve seen this, the double standard that’s out there. I mean, you know, but how hard is it for you, congresswoman after congresswoman, you have a Hamas caucus in Congress calling for the death of people in the Middle east.

It’s, you know, well, that’s okay. You can’t do that. If we did something similar, we’d be. We’d be blocked. We’d be off of every platform. We’d be canceled. And, you know, again, different games. We’re playing two very, very different games. But that’s so threatening. We’re gonna. I mean, Tony Fauci has. He doesn’t even work for the government. He’s got secret service protection. He walks in the dog park in Washington, DC. I happen to know for a fact. Cause it’s my dog park, former dog park, and he’s got, you know, three guys following him, but they wanna pull it from your death.

Yeah, well, look at what they did with some of the justices, the Supreme Court justices, right? I mean, you think that they’d be able to do what they’ve done to even, I mean, Alito, even this week, we’re going to make him recuse himself because his wife hung a flag upside down. Well, she can’t express an opinion. What they’ve tried to do to Clarence Thomas, what they did, as it relates to Gorsuch and others, it’s insanity. If they did that to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, if they were picketing in front of their house like they did Amy Kobe Barrett, that would be a serious problem.

Those people would go to jail, of course. But we’ll let the, if that’s the conservative justice, we’ll let them suffer a little bit. We’ll make sure. But it’s effective because then you see some of them, and some of them are a little weaker than perhaps their principles. And, man, it’s a little bit. Maybe I got to go a little light on this one because it’s not worth the headache when the democratic party’s militia shows up outside your house. It’s happened to me. People are intimidated by that, of course, and we see it across the board. The Hunter Biden laptop, that’s russian disinformation.

Here’s 52 intelligence officers signing off on it. Oh, it must be four years later. Oh, no, it’s actually his laptop. You know, there’s no accountability for that either. But, you know, they’re like, well, no, we’re admitting it now. It’s like, no, but you got exactly what you wanted at the time. We understand there’s no accountability for it. You know, that’s election interference as much as anything else. Also, you know, there was like, I think it was 17% of people said had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop, it would have changed their vote in 2020. I mean, 17%, that’s a lot of, that’s a lot of votes.

And yet, you know, that was the gospel. And if you said anything about it, we’ve had the conversation about, you know, Wuhan lab leak theory. No, no, no. Of course. It didn’t come from the lab that studies the virus in question that we fund. It came from the wet market 3ft outside of the lab. And if you believe otherwise, we’re gonna pull your funding. If you’re a doctor, you’ll lose, you know, you’ll lose tenure. If you’re at a university, you won’t, you know, Fauci’s gonna not sign off on your, your grants anymore. And even if you’re like, but you don’t have to be a scientist like dawn, how would you know? You’re not a virologist.

It’s like, you don’t have to be a virologist to know that it happened there. You just have to not be an imbecile. Like, you know, you can have like mid double digit IQ and be like, of course it came from the place that studies the exact virus in question that was at ground zero of where it released and not from 4ft outside of that. Like, it’s insane. And yet think of the truly intelligent people in positions of power in medicine. And I was. Who went along with this blindly because, you know, it was easier to do and, you know, there was a lot of money and, you know, it’s not going to kind of hard to do that now, though.

I mean, everything that’s happened, this isn’t all that long ago. I mean, right, but at this, I do think at this point, if you’re still telling yourself those lies, you are lying to yourself. You are a liar. But it doesn’t matter. They correct it years later. But they got what they needed out of the ruse. Right? Right. They got what they needed. And again, because there’s no accountability after the fact. It doesn’t matter. They’ll do it again and they’ll make it the gospel for six months. Or, you know, they always said, you know, the difference between the truth and the conspiracy theory is six months.

You know, now it’s like six minutes. But they’ll still get what they want out of that six minutes. Use it to manipulate whatever they need to. And, you know, I don’t see that stopping. I see more people being awake to it. Right. That six months move to six minutes because people are not just blindly buying the b’s anymore. So how does it play out from here over the next five months? I mean, they tried to put him in prison. They’re still. Do you think he. We got to overwhelm the margin of fraud. So it’s. Wait, it’s just to ask.

It’s July 11 is sentencing. July 11? Yeah. By the way, you think that’s a coincidence? That’s four days before the republican national Convention. Do you think that’s a coincidental timing or do you think that’s designed to throw a wrench into that? I mean, yet another coincidence, right? What happens if they can they remand him and put him in jail? Then I imagine they will try, right? I mean, why wouldn’t I? Yeah, of course. Does anyone think. And again, I. That’s too far. That’s too far. Nothing’s too far. And again, until it happens, everyone, we have to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, thinking they’re going to act above board.

This is an arm length transaction. No, it’s not like, what are you talking about? There’s not a single aspect of this case that should stand in any court. But where do you appeal right now? To the New York appellate division, which is just as radical. And it’s not just this case. Look at all the shade, all the craziness around Fannie Willis, that case. You look at Jack Smith and the FBI doctoring documents and setting up staging photos and then leaking it to the Washington Post, the classified documents that end up on the front page of the Washington Post, that’s fine.

Each one of these things wouldn’t stand. If we did this to, meaning conservatives, some sort of Republican did this to Obama, it would never end. It would be a perpetual story, and rightfully so. And yet, like, hey, as long as it’s against a conservative, as long as it’s against Trump, who’s up against that machine, we’re gonna allow these things to happen. It’s not like one of these things doesn’t have any serious hair on it, right? They’re all shady as hell, and yet it doesn’t matter. And our mainstream media almost refuses to cover it. They won’t talk about these things.

My father, in many cases, is gagged. I mean, think about that. I mean, you know, First Amendment is kind of the First Amendment, right. It’s a big one for us. The president, former president of the United States, is not allowed to talk about the facts of the case because, you know, if people actually heard that from him, they’d realize just how much B’s is in all of these things. That should trouble a lot of people. You think it stops with Trump? Think about that. If they can do it to arguably one of the most out there, most powerful people in the world, a bank account to be able to fight, a base to push it, venues to be a soapbox to speak from, if they can do it to him, who can’t they do it to? But more importantly, if they will so flagrantly and so corruptly do it to him, who won’t they do it to? I mean, that’s the question we have to be asking.

I mean, is anyone. Is anyone safe? And it’s like, Covid, people going blindly along, no, it’s gonna be different this time. I’m like, really? That’s what you’ve got out of this. But if they put the republican candidate who was leading in the polls, all things equal, he becomes president again in November. If they put him in jail right before the presidential, the republican convention on fake charges stemming from a rigged trial, they’re kind of pushing violence, aren’t they? Listen, how do they expect people to respond? Nothing like that has ever happened in the reality. You have to be careful even how you talk about that.

They are pushing forward. They are. They clearly are. But, you know, again, like, nothing should surprise us, right. The star witness of this case is someone who lied before every branch of Congress was disbarred and, you know, lied to banks, lied to wives, lied to the press. But we’re expected to believe that he actually told the truth in this one instance. Right? That’s who they hang their hand on because it doesn’t matter when it’s rigged the way it is freaks me out. It doesn’t matter. We’re moving toward something ugly, and I don’t want that. No one does.

But they’re not gonna let it play out. I mean, do you think they’ll ever take their foot off the gas? No, it’s not. They’ve gotten away with it for years. How should people respond, do you think? I think, honestly, the reality is everyone has to get involved. And again, both sides. I mean, you have to have people running for office, and I’m not talking about president or Congress, run for your school boards. That’s perhaps the thing that’s most important to me, frankly, there’s a component of me that I don’t want to win the presidency if we don’t have Congress in the Senate, because I’ll probably be up on charges again, we’ll get to go through impeachment 345-6789 for the next four years.

And I don’t think that’s a great place to be. But I think apathy has caused us a lot of problems, especially on the conservative side. Hey, we run businesses and we do these sorts of things, and we want to spend time with our families and all noble things and important, but we have to take the initiative to get involved at every level of these things because the left has taken over every major institution in our country that controls, I mean, what they’ve done in education, manipulating our children, what they’ve done in entertainment, oftentimes the same thing.

It can’t stand if we actually want to have a future. You know, our kids, they graduate. There’s high schools with hiring districts. No one can read or do math, but they know the 4376 genders. And I imagine since this interview started, there’s probably another 15 that I haven’t included that. So I don’t want to be labeled as whatever, a gender bigot by not including them. But that’s the last I’ve been able to keep track of. We just live in perilous times. It does seem kind of heartening. I think he raised more money in the hours after the verdict than anyone’s ever raised.

How much? He raised over, I think, $38 million in the first couple hours. Small dollar donors. And then there was a bunch of big dollar donor stuff. That’s what’s interesting. There are tech VC guys, respected guys that, you know, Hillary donors and even probably Biden donors. They’re like, okay, I’ve seen enough, you know, stroking, you know, six and seven figure checks now because, you know, I think people who are watching closely enough truly understand just how far we have fallen, just how close we are perhaps to that, you know, fulcrum point where there’s a point of no return.

Right? Yes. I think if we ever let it get there, you know, there’s no question in my mind that the Democrat elite, they’d maintain and seize that power. And, you know, it’ll happen like all sort of communist nations, and that’s where we’re at. And I think people see that and people who may not even agree with Trump on everything. And you don’t have to agree with Trump on anything like that. You know, I obviously agree with him on everything, Tucker, as the dutiful sub, but, you know, it’s reached level of principle, though. Yeah, but it’s a like, again, name a metric where we’re better off.

Under Joe Biden, we’re on the brink of world War three with the world’s largest nuclear superpower by volume of nuclear capable ballistic missiles. I don’t know. We’re going to keep funding that. We’re okaying a guy that was a former weirdo actor to send the US made missiles into Russia, provoking that. And maybe that’s what it is. Maybe that’s the next distraction. You know, Covid was the distraction for 2020 to allow them to manipulate things. Maybe World War three is the distraction, you know, for this election. Some of us called this a year ago. Yeah, the senile man can’t win.

They’re going to bring us to war. Yeah. I mean, honestly, like, I don’t say that lightly, but I also don’t say it like, I don’t know, like, would I be at all surprised? Not even. I think it’s lunacy. I think it’s crazy. But do I think they would do it 100%? 100%, do you think? Since you last question. But it’s just. And I may be skipping ahead, but I don’t think we’re far from. Well, we’re at war with Russia. Oh, of course. If we’re targeting a whistleblower, talking about the boots on the ground, I mean that, like, I’ve never seen a whistleblower disappear that fast in my life.

Yeah. You wonder why. I wonder why. Huh? It’s almost like it’s happening. But they would need, you know, the military is in very tough shape, and recruitment is way down. No one wants to join the training military, understandably. Now they’re talking about, well, who would, right? Well, why would. Who’s gonna. The guys you’d want fighting a war for years. You know, good, patriotic, red blooded Americans. They don’t want to go report to trans admiral. Not because if the trans admiral was patent, maybe they’d do it. The trans admiral ain’t patent. No. Okay. The trans admiral is only an admiral because they’re trans, not because they’re competent or capable.

And it doesn’t matter. It’s grotesque. A big part of, you know, signing up for that and possibly dying for your country is actually believing in the things that you’re fighting for. That’s the basics of patriotism. That’s exactly right. And if you don’t believe in those things and you understand that, you’re going to be vilified. You’re going to be forced to not learn how to shoot, but do diversity training. Why on earth would you do that? And that’s the problem they’re facing. And so the one solution was take illegal aliens and put them in the military so we could have or flood our borders and put them in the voting roster.

And another way to make up higher up, because you’ve lost other demographics that were reliable voters. But they’re also talking about the draft. You’re hearing that all of a sudden? Well, maybe we need a draft. Yeah. So we can be in never ending wars, you know, again, no one’s articulated to me, and I kind of do this now. Feels like for a living. Like no one’s articulated. What does victory in Ukraine look like? I don’t know what it means. Like, I don’t know. Is it just like perpetual death of Ukrainians and Russians until they’re all wiped out and, you know, Blackrock comes in there and takes over all the farmland.

I mean, is that what it is? I mean, feels like that’s what it is to me. They’re going to. They’re already selling off land in Ukraine to foreign investors, and they will flood Ukraine with third world immigrants, and Ukraine will not exist. In 50 years. There’ll be no ukrainian nation, and we betrayed them like no other country ever. But I just ask, would people actually serve in a draft? I’d have a hard time, honestly. What is the metric I use for this is not just the recruitment numbers, but the amount of guys that I know, you know, you know, I shoot a lot, and whatever.

The circles are tight, like, that are, like, fourth generation army. They’re like. They’re like, I would beat the crap out of my son if he decided to. Like, these are guys that, you know, their entire ethos is around that. That military background. They’re great friends, and they’re like, I know. They wouldn’t even think about it. They’d disown their children if they joined this military today. And that’s sad. It’s the worst thing that’s scary. Well, godspeed. Thank you for that. Thank you. Mandez.

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