Economy In Collapse… Personal Bankruptcies Skyrocket! Banks Will Get Another Bailout

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– The speaker, Gregory Manorino, speaks about various societal and economic issues including the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns, media manipulation, increasing personal debt, and the growing threat of bankruptcy. He also addresses the dominance and control of central banks and expresses suspicion that another economic crisis is imminent, which he believes will lead to increased power concentration in fewer institutions. He also briefly discusses the stock market, where the risk remains crucially high, and presents a bleak outlook for cryptocurrencies and crude oil. He urges a revolution against the central banks and requests the public to share his message widely. ‘


It’s me, Gregory Manorino. Monday, August 28, 2023. This is my premarket report. Let’s start off with this. The mainstream media is pushing a crime against humanity, in my view. There’s talks of a new thing going around, hospitalizations are surging, and it’s extremely contagious. Another systemic lockdown is on the horizon. People need to be prepared for what’s coming. The narrative is the same among mainstream media sources, all scripted to instill fear. The goal is control, and central banks are exerting pressure on the population. Personal debt and bankruptcies are at record highs, while banks continue to receive bailouts. The financial system is troubled, and people are pulling out cash at a staggering pace. The central banks want to consolidate power in fewer institutions. They control the economy and the flow of information. Our freedoms and liberties are at stake. We need a revolution to get rid of central banks and their control. The market remains at an extremely elevated risk level, and we need to keep an eye on the US ten-year yield. Cryptocurrencies are under pressure, while gold and silver prices are slightly higher. Crude oil is in a bottoming phase and may see higher prices. The elimination of the middle class through borrowing is by design. The rich and well-off benefit from the current environment. Inflation is not transitory, and central banks will continue to inflate. A pan-scamdemic and more war may be used as reasons for further inflation. Stay informed and share this information. We will get through this together. Love you all, see you later.

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