SUNDAY SPECIAL With Donald Trump Jr., Mark Levin, and Scott Presler

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SUNDAY SPECIAL With Donald Trump Jr., Mark Levin, and Scott Presler


➡ The text gives a detailed summary of a talk show where the host Dan Bongino speaks about how important it is to have a VPN for online privacy, recommends ExpressVPN, introduces his guest, Mark Levin, and discusses Levin’s new book, “The Democrat Party Hates America”, and its implications on American society. They debate the Democrats’ intention to monopolize society, their historical racial bias, allegations of voter fraud, and the violation of constitutional rights.
➡ The summarized text discusses the criticism of the actions of the Democrat Party, accusing the party of embracing racism, rewriting history, supporting harmful policies, and seeking power over truth. Highlighted is the launch of a new book by Mark Levin, titled “The Democrat Party Hates America,” claimed to provide evidence about the party’s history and pattern of behavior. The text concludes with a light chat about buying and selling a property.
➡ The text contains an in-depth conversation with Don Trump Jr., discussing the ongoing real estate and financial legal issues involving his father, President Donald Trump. The text emphasizes perceived injustices in the handling of their cases, an alleged bias against the Trump family, and various instances of their conflicts with the political system. Jr. also brings up the topic of holding property in New York, stating it’s becoming increasingly risky due to the current legal and political climate.
➡ The text discusses perceived inconsistencies and corruption involving Hunter and Joe Biden, asserting that most of these issues are avoided or dismissed by media. It also touches on the current political climate, highlighting the Democratic party’s perceived weaknesses and scandals. Further, there is mention of Don Trump Jr.’s show, an endorsement for Donald Trump, and some commentary about the migrant crisis in New York. In the last part, Scott Pressler is introduced for his significant voter registration work and dedication to change the American political landscape.
➡ Scott Pressler, a political activist, attributes his journey to the re-election of President Obama in 2012, a moment that pushed him into politics. Pressler’s strategy is largely around increasing voter registration among conservatives, which he integrates into cleanup efforts in cities across the country. He also emphasizes the need to seek voter registration opportunities everywhere, including at events and everyday places, for a long lasting impact and change.
➡ The speaker discusses their commitment to lead by example and not wait for a response from the Republican National Committee, focusing on upcoming elections, driving new voter registration, and working towards making Biden a one-term president. This is juxtaposed against the host’s critique of Biden’s UN speech, the democratic party and political figures like Ken Buck. The speaker also discusses a promotion for My Pillow products and contains a running joke about the “Maria Giovallo Institute,” a fictitious place seemingly stemming from a misunderstood phrase in Biden’s speech.
➡ This text is a transcript from a radio show where the host discusses an actual local news incident involving a reported plane crash, discusses the unexpected popularity of his unconventional show format, and pokes fun at certain politicians and institutions, including the fictional Maria Giovallo Institute for comedic effect.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Welcome to this special weekend podcast we do for you every other weekend. We like to highlight some of the really great interviews we do on the radio show. It’s not due to me, but great guests and you deserve to hear from them. If you’d like to listen to the radio show live, go to any weekday.

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That’s expressvpn. com slash bongino. It’s a great product. First up today we talked with the great one, Mark Levin, about his new book, the Democrat Party Hates America. That’s not just the title to attract you. He actually lays out the reasons why. It’s absolutely true. Something we covered on the show here. Many, you know, I’m glad you all are here and you enjoy the radio show. It obviously means the world to me.

But I would not be on the radio that’s just a fact. Without our next guest, that’s just a fact. He’s a humble guy. He doesn’t like to take any credit, but I don’t really care because it’s true and he’s going to take it because that was my show and I control the airwaves. Now. Evil Dan is back. I want to welcome to the show my good friend, a mentor, a man who has been an icon in the conservative movement, and one of the greatest radio hosts you will ever hear, the great one, Mark Levin.

Mark, welcome to the show. Well, I’ll tell you, Dan, God bless you and thank you for all those undeserved accolades. No, they absolutely deserve. So, Mark, you have a new book out. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book. It is called the Democrat Party Hates America. I have to say, even though Liberty and Tyranny is the manifesto for everyone and everyone should read it.

This is my favorite title because they do hate America. And I want to dig right in because this book, it was hard to pick a part I liked the most. But chapter three of the book, you go into the Communists and their anti white racism and anti Semitism and it’s something we talk about all the time, how the Communists are always seeking these tools of division because they can never get people to vote for them just against the other guy.

And racism fits right in for the commies, doesn’t it’s? Just like environmentalism. Well, you know, Dan, the truth is the chapter before talks about anti black racism in the Democrat Party. And we’ve changed our laws. We’ve had litigation up and down the wazoo. And for the most part, we have equality under the law. Under the law. That’s what we’re supposed to have. We’ve come a long way as a nation despite the Democrat Party and slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and all the rest of it.

We’ve come a long way. And really, we’ve accomplished most of what we’ve needed to accomplish in that regard. So the Democrats, they don’t believe in individualism or colorblind society. So they reach back to the 1970s where you have these very bizarre so called scholars at Harvard and Stanford and elsewhere, some of them coming in from Berlin and other countries. And these are Marxists. And you have black nationalist movements, black resegregation movements.

And they all have got behind this idea of white racism, a white dominant society. And they push this propaganda and they push this hate in order to destroy our history and to rewrite our history. And the Democrat Party is not comfortable with a colorblind society. The Democrat Party is not comfortable with individualism. It insists on groupism because the Democrat Party is trying to monopolize our society and our culture.

They’ve gone a long way toward doing that. And so I call this now the civil rights Marxism. That is, there is no real civil rights movement today. Who are the leaders now, what you have today are people who are self appointed civil rights Marxists. And they can be white like Bernie Sanders. They could be black. And these so called scholars are all over our colleges and universities. They’re all over the Democrat Party.

And they’re pushing this ideology that anything that goes wrong in any other community is the fault of the founding. It’s the fault of the framers. It’s the fault of the capitalist system which was created by white plantation owners, enslaving people. And it goes on and on. And I unravel all this. And it has to be unraveled because first of all, everything they’re talking about is a result of the party.

The Republican party never supported slavery. The republican party’s first elected president was an abolitionist. His name was Abraham Lincoln. The republican party never resegregated the military or the bureaucracy. That’s what the democrats did. The republican party supported anti lynching laws. FDR refused to sign one in 1940. The republican party wasn’t standing in the doorhouses of little schools. Little black kids couldn’t go to school with little white kids, and I could go on and on and on.

So what do the democrats do? They try to project their history onto the republican party. Listen now, stupid, this is they call this the southern strategy that Nixon and Reagan engaged. One of my favorite topics, by the way. Mark, go ahead. Yeah, it’s crazy. So all of a sudden, racists, bigots, and segregationists democrats in the south, they decide to become Republicans. Why? Because the republican party now represents this attitude.

Now, the republican party has never represented that position. So why would these people jump to the party that fought their ancestors in the civil war and that have never, ever supported this ideology? It’s a lie. It’s never happened. So the premise of the book, and I think it’s very important, is the democrat party hates America. Since its founding that is, the founding of the democrat party. It’s never supported Americanism.

It has hated the declaration since Woodrow Wilson and before. It hates the constitution because there are barriers set up to limit who them, to limit them. And so while they wave around the constitution in advance their radical left agenda, they attack the bill of rights, whether it’s the first amendment, the second, 4th, fifth, the 10th. They attack the electoral college. They attack individualism and the protection of the individual.

They attack, attack, attack the constitution. They misread it purposely, like the 14th amendment when it comes to ballots, the 14th amendment when it comes to spending. They really never praise our founders. They never praise the constitution. Obama talked about fundamental transformation. So did his wife. So did Hillary. So does Bernie Sanders. So does Biden. And we ought to take them at their word. Fundamental transformation to what? What it is, is an autocratic party.

The democrat party is not a normal political party. It is an autocratic party. Which means what? It has to have a state press, which it does. There’s not a dimes worth of difference between the democrat party and the media. It has to control the electoral system. Isn’t it amazing, Dan, this last midterm election, in the presidential election before we have voter harvesting like we’ve never seen before, dropboxes that are never secured, nobody’s watching them, no signature, no date, absentee ballots, the elimination of voter ID in many blue and purple states, and it’s the cleanest election in American history.

No fraud whatsoever. Now, how is that even conceivable? The answer is it isn’t. So what do they do? They take the fraudulent aspects of the elections. They change. They make them law. So that’s now the law, voter harvesting, early elections, dropboxes and so forth, they say, well, you brought lawsuits and you challenged it. Because what does a court to do, even a court that’s serious when the fraud elements that have been put in place are now the law.

And so people need to look at the Democrat Party through the lens of power. It doesn’t give a damn about black people. FDR didn’t lift a finger for black people. LBJ was a racist to the day dies. I explain all this in the book. So they now move to white racism because they always have to embrace racism. And so they figure this is a way in order to keep power, to bring out their base or elements of their base and so forth and so on.

It’s a way for the Marxists and the Democrat Party follows this line in Americanized form to trash and rewrite our history. Totalitarian regimes need to rewrite their history and that’s what happens in this country. So all of a sudden, all the things the Democrats did are Republican and they are to be hated. The only thing during the riots that wasn’t torn down was the sign above the Democrat National Committee.

It’s the Democrat Party that’s responsible for all of it. And anyway, I don’t want to monopolize the time. No. It’s your time, Mark. Believe me. My audience is not in any way they love you, man. I mean you’ve been at this business at the top of it for so long and I think one of the reasons you’ve succeeded in TV and radio, in books, in podcasting, I mean, you name it, is because you’re not afraid the title of your new mean there’s no pulling punches here, my brother.

The Democrat Party Hates America is literally the title of the book. And I think a lot of other know we’ve got good people in our business, but there’s a couple who played a cutesy time thing. The cutesy time’s over. Like this isn’t time for that. What you just said is accurate, folks. Pick up the book. It is called the Democrat Party Hates America by Mark Levin. I know books, I’ve written five of them.

Let me tell you something, this thing is a mega monster, gargantuan, Godzilla like bestseller. I’m not even going to give you because it’ll blow your mind. So many people bought this book and love it already. But Mark, I got about two, three minutes left with you. But one of the things you said is amazing how the Democrats, they’re such phonies and fakes and frauds. The Southern Strategy. It’s ridiculous.

As the south became more open and diverse and less de facto, when dejure racist, it became more Republican. It’s the reverse Southern strategy. And second, you’re telling me this is like the most secure election in American history. The New York Times wrote an article in 2012, Mark, about mail in ballots. Anybody Can Read It by Adam liptak saying the rejection rates were double, the fraud rates were double.

And that was because in Florida back then, a lot of military folks and older folks who were Republican used mail in ballots, and the Times had an agenda. Now, when they realize they could cheat, it’s the most secure election in American history. So what you write about in a book that they only care about power, not about truth, is 100% stamp it in the concrete. That is real.

And I think, Dan, what people are going to get out of this book is a lot of factual information that they never had before, a lot of evidence about what the Democrat Party is know, as you just pointed out, we talk about these things almost as if they’re in a vacuum. But the fact of the matter is, the Democrat Party supported the Klan and eugenics and lynching and segregation and Jim Crow.

And today it supports a wide open border where people are getting killed, raped, little kids are being kidnapped. We have the sex trade going on, drugs coming across the country, killing our people. You look at that, that’s not Mother Nature. That’s Mother Democrat Party. All of this stuff that’s going on in this country is a disaster. And when they don’t win elections, they created this fourth branch of government that does almost all of the legislation for them, whether it’s the incandescent light bulb and getting rid of the automobiles, destroying our lifestyles and so forth and so on.

They’ve accomplished things that and as the book explains, that Lenin and all the rest of these guys would absolutely be thrilled and shocked at even changing the language, changing definitions, changing words in order to impose their value system, to have thought, control, action, control, censorship. We’re in the middle of the whole thing. And so I try to take all these puzzle pieces, Dan, and put them together, and I hope people will really take some time and digest it.

It’s not a hard book to read, but it’s not a short book. But you can take it chapter by chapter by chapter. It goes like a novel. At least it was written that way. Yeah. And Mark, the book is by Mark Levin. It’s. The Democrat Party hates America. It is a monster bestseller already. I think this could be up there with liberty and Tyranny, maybe one of your best, maybe your bestseller.

But, folks, one of the most valuable portions of the book. I was happy enough to get a copy a couple of weeks ago. There’s about 30 plus pages of end notes at the end of the book. If you have any doubt what any of what Mark writes in this book about the history of the racist Democrat Party hating America, just read the end notes and go there yourself.

Mark does his own homework, his own research. Read the damn endnotes. They’re right there. It’s loaded with them. You can see yourself. Mark Levin. The Democrat Party hates America. That’s the book. Go to wherever you buy your books today. Pick up a copy for you, a copy for your friend, a copy for your dog, a copy for your cat, your aunt and your uncle. Mark I saw at the end.

Also, I know you love dogs. I know you got to run. I got to go, too. But you dedicated it to Marty. One of the things about Mark, folks, this guy’s got the biggest heart ever, man. Nobody loves dogs. They’re God’s gift, aren’t they, buddy? They’re God’s gift, and you’re a God’s gift, too, to the nation. I love you, buddy. You take care of yourself. I know you’ve been sick.

Take care of yourself. Thanks, brother. You know, I appreciate that. Thanks. God bless. Mark Levin, folks. The new book. The Democrat Party hates me. He’s getting me all choked up. I got to take a break. I’ll cry a little bit during the break and I’ll be a big wuss. Guys, that’s a 200 pound, six foot one big wuss bag. That’s what I am. I love this guy. Mark Levin.

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And use coupon code Bongino to save 15%. As bonecharge. com bongino. Use coupon code Bongino to save 15%. Check out the sauna blanket. President Trump got hit with a ridiculous ruling from a New York judge. Just obscene. We talked to Donald Trump Jr. About this and the latest attacks on his family. He had a lot to say, as you can imagine. All right, welcome back to the show.

A good friend, great patriot, great guy. Loves going out there fighting for liberty and freedom. And a guy who apparently his family has an asset worth about $18 million at Mor a Lago that we’re going to buy from him. Folks, with our new give, send, go, and we’re going to flip it. I’d like to welcome back to the show Don Trump, Jr. He has a podcast on Rumble.

He goes live at 06:00 P. m during weekdays Eastern time. You should check that out, Don. So I got a thing going. My listeners want to get in. Mar a Lago apparently is worth 18 million, which is a crazy good steal. So a couple of guys want to go in 50K. We want to buy it, and I’m pretty sure I can flip it for about 700 million the next day if you want to get in on it.

I’m totally down your thoughts. I want in on this one as well, Dan, with the irony of the insanity of it, right? I mean, there’s a lot mar a Lago is almost 20 acres on the ocean. There’s a lot within about a half a mile. It’s 2. 2 acres with no ocean front and no home. And let’s just say Mar a Lago is one of the more spectacular homes in the world, but it’s on the market for $150,000,000.

So ten times the lot size with the most spectacular home with Ocean Rios in Palm Beach, and it’s worth 18. So, yeah, I put out on Twitter, if Mar a Lago is worth 18, I’ll take ten. But the problem is, Dan, if I bought it from my father for 18, they try to put us in jail for fraudulent conveyance and for tax avoidance. There’s no winning with these lunatics.

A judge can literally in New York City discount entirely what the most prestigious valuation experts in the state of Florida and in Palm Beach and the brokerage community say, and just say, you know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m going to put whatever I want on there, because that’s the narrative. They can give the attorney general literally more than they were asking for as a way to penalize Trump because he stood up to the establishment, and that makes you a threat to everything that the radical left is trying to do.

This is really insane. This is Bolshevik Revolution type of stuff where they’re trying to commandeer assets from their political enemies and those they don’t deem should have any property. It’s scary stuff, and it’s happening in America today. Yeah, we’re talking to Don Trump, Jr. Don, listen, all these honestly, Don, I don’t know which case is crazier. It’s all crazy. Between the fabricated classified documents case where there’s no legal precedent for the raid on Mar a Lago, the free speech case in Georgia, I don’t know what’s crazy.

Your twinkies Alvin Bragg’s case for what did he get a guy your dad, like, paid for some guy’s parking, and he went I mean, they’re all crazy, but this one’s particularly loony, because I’ve never seen anything like this mean that they actually wrote in the court documents that Donald Trump overvalued property for loans. And the judge put in the court document a number so ridiculous to anyone forget about being a Florida resident, to anyone who has any sense of real estate at Be, you guys have to be thinking to yourself, what the hell do we have to do? They’re never going to stop.

Yeah. No, listen, I’ve been in real estate for a long time before I started screaming about politics because I was first hand witness to all of the insanity going on that I had to start getting involved in fighting back. That’s what I did for 25 years. I was going through it with the lawyers last night. I’m like, but I don’t understand. And they’re like, we don’t either. We’ve never actually seen this before.

I mean, imagine they’re saying we defrauded banks that were paid back in full with interest. There’s no allegations from the bank. There’s no victim. Dan there’s not even a victim. The banks gave sworn testimony that, of course, we do our own valuations. We’re deutsche bank and I get trillion dollar bank. Oh, yeah, we’re just going to believe what every person tells us? I mean, any one of your listeners who’s ever bought a home or an apartment or anything, there’s a third party appraiser in the tiniest of transactions.

You think that goes away on hundreds of millions of dollars of transaction? No, the scrutiny is so much more. By the way, those bank witnesses sign the affidavits under oath, of course we did it. It doesn’t mean that there’s no victim. They say that he just ignores it. He chooses to just ignore that and says, summary judgment. No jury. We’re just going to say, no jury. And we’re going to say, we agree with everything that the attorney general has said without actually hearing from any of the people.

We’re just going to agree with everything that the person who literally campaigned on taking down Trump prior to ever seeing any of the evidence, but ran a campaign on taking down Trump, she can say whatever she wants, and I’m just going to agree 100% with everything that they say. No jury done. I mean, that’s insane stuff. Letitia james just a disgrace to humankind. I mean, an absolute embarrassment.

We’re talking to Don Trump Jr. About the ridiculous legal ruling against his father yesterday. President Trump, Don, you guys have done business in New York for years, and I know you were very proud to. You guys know New York better than anyone, but looking think, you know, me being a New Yorker, too, I detached completely from New York. I have no business attachment to that place whatsoever. You have to be saying to yourself right now, if the state of New York and the city of New York can do this to my father, the former president, an obviously ridiculous case, nobody’s safe doing business in New York.

No one. No. The precedent of this for real. Anyone who owns an asset in New York, they can just say, hey, I don’t like you anymore. I’m going to say this. I’m going to disregard any know and we’ll go after you. I mean, theoretically, based on the ruling of this Dan Mike cabin in upstate New York because it’s owned in an LLC, which is theoretically a corporation that has to be dissolved.

So then who owns my like this is me personally. Now, all of the witnesses say that me and Eric who were dragged into this ruling were not involved in any of the statement of financial condition. We’re an in. We have witnesses out the wazoo all saying that no one’s even contesting it doesn’t matter, you’re in it anyway. That’s how crazy it’s going that they would just attach randomly know our last name is Trump, therefore we must suffer, and they’re going to persecute us.

But this is nothing new. This is what we’ve seen. And it’s just another example right there’s, fulton county in Georgia. You think any of those people are going to get a fair trial? Of course not. It’s designed to not be fair. They’ll sit there. Of course, yes, they can definitely put away their prejudices. They may have said they hate Trump for the last seven years, but they’re going to be at an objective jury.

Same thing with what they’re trying to do in DC. Same thing with what they did to the January 6 defendant who clearly could never get a fair shake in Washington DC. Oh, that doesn’t matter. Someone’s going to give us a little wink and pretend that it’s going to be fair and that’s good enough because they can serve their political purpose that way. It’s a means to an end.

The Constitution, people’s basic rights, in this case, a basic right to own property be damned. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to get you. And they’ve shown this time and time again, the left has totally come unhinged. They are doing all of the things, the people that screamed about democracy for the last six and seven years now, they’re quiet. They’ll still bitch about Vladimir Putin arresting his political opposition, but they won’t talk about Joe Biden and his DOJ trying to do that to my father and putting him away for 1000 years.

We’re talking to Don Trump Jr. He has a show on Rumble weekdays at 06:00 p. m. . Eastern time. Check it out. It’s pretty awesome. Don, the weirdest thing you just got me thinking when you didn’t mean to interrupt you, but like everything they accuse your dad of doing, donald Trump’s, a fascist, is going to usher in the police state. The exact opposite has happened. Like Joe Biden and Obama ushered in, the police know Donald Trump’s a totalitarian is going to try to take the reins of government corrupted.

That’s how all of the stuff they claim is happening under your dad’s, happening under them and just address the timing of this, too, by the way. There’s this bombshell yesterday. Yeah. About a quarter million dollar payment literally sent to Biden’s house. Right, go ahead. That this can happen literally again. By the way, if you look at any of the things that came down, the first witness, the Hunter guilty, this each and every one of the next day, trump indictment.

Trump indictment. Don’t pay attention to this shiny object. The people that have been screaming everything that Trump ever said. If Trump said Merry Christmas on Twitter, it was bigger than watergate. Those people are strangely silent that there’s wire transfers from the Chinese government with Joe Biden’s home address in Know. Magically, Joe was making millions as a partner of Hunter. And all these things and the narrative, where’s the evidence? Oh, you mean other than the emails, the voicemails, the text messages, the video conferences, 30 eyewitnesses wire transfers.

And beyond that, Dan, it’s not like the Chinese. They’re not like us. They don’t have a diversity equity inclusion program to make sure that they’re diversified and that they have good crackhead representation in their portfolio managers when they gave Hunter Biden a billion dollars. They don’t do that. Only we’re stupid enough to do that in America right now. They don’t do that. But they do do it if they’re buying you, which they clearly were, and they’re not even talking about it.

And yet this is another anti Trump thing that drops after a bombshell, further linking Hunter to Joe. Right? The only thing they go after Hunter is on the gun charts because it’s the one thing that doesn’t tie back to the highest office in the land, the highest level of corruption we’ve seen in our government. Okay? The same people, by the way, in the Democrat Party complaining about Bob Menendez.

I mean, what Hunter and Joe did is a hundred times worse. And yet they’re strangely silent. On Know, if you didn’t know exactly what they were doing, because they’ve been doing this now for seven years, you’d probably say there’s some hypocrisy there, but that doesn’t mean anything to these people anymore. Yeah, we’re talking to Don Trump Jr. Don, you’re so right. That gun charge is a farce. I said that on my show two weeks ago when it happened.

They only did that because it’s the one that doesn’t tie to Joe Biden. Anything else? The Foreign Agent Registration Act violation we’re looking at goes directly to the dad. But you’re correct about another thing. I mean, outside of the suspicious activity reports, bank records, tony Babelinsky testimony, swearing, text, the text about half the pop, the texts of him from half the pop from Hunter of the family, the photos of him at the business meetings, I mean, really, there is no evidence whatsoever.

But I read this morning, I read the House Oversight Committee bombshell about the payments, and I put your name in there and that the payments were set to Mar. A lago. And I pretended it was mean. You got to be thinking to yourself, if that was you’d, seriously, I mean, you’d be tarred and feathered right now. They’d be coming to your house with hot tar. Well, 100%. I mean, this time into my father’s presidency, dan, I had done 50 hours before the House Intelligence Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee for treason.

For treason. Just so we understand, that’s a crime punishable by death. Hunter Biden with millions and money flowing and pictures and Joe didn’t know any of them, yet he happens to be playing golf with them every other weekend. The emails and wire transfers, the mean, it goes on and on, and I’m like, man, imagine if one of those things was Trump. Like, we’d all be in Gitmo, and yet it’s know, wow, we’re going to go after Trump because he believes that one of the nicest assets in the world is worth more than a judge in.

Truly, we’re living in sick times. Don, let me get your take on this one last thing here, and I’ll let you go. You’ve been generous with your time. We’re talking to Don Trump Jr. He has a show on Rumble, 06:00 p. m. . Eastern time weekdays. It’s really good. Check it out. It’s the same unfiltered don you’re used. You know, your dad’s doing very well in the polls, very well.

But ABC and The Washington Post released a poll the other day showing your father up nine points over Biden. Listen, I’ve already endorsed your dad. Support him. Good man, good friend. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe it at all. I think your dad’s probably ahead. I don’t believe nine points. Your take on it. I think ABC and The Washington Post is just trying to get Biden out of the damn race.

I don’t believe anything anymore with these people. But your take on that poll? Well, I think we’re ahead because I think people it’s so egregious. If they tried to do one thing, you’d say, okay, maybe there’s something there, right? Like Russia. Russia, russia at the you know, well, there must be something there, right? It’s the FBI and the CIA. I think the American people’s eyes have been opened so much over the last seven years where everything’s been so ridiculous and so covered up, you can’t hide from it even if you’re sort of politically agnostic anymore.

But I think you see that. You see The Washington Post, well, they come up with that poll, then they say, well, we don’t like that poll, so we’re going to change the polling methodology and all that. But you also see other things, like David Ignatius, who’s like basically the spokesperson at The Washington Post for the deep state, and the CIA basically know it’s time for Biden to step aside.

They know that he can’t win. They know he’s incompetent. I mean, you saw I guess it was yesterday they came up with a plan. They’re having him do balancing exercises and getting him orthotic know their strategy is like, please have him stop falling on his face on the world stage daily. I mean, it doesn’t seem like it’s a winning strategy. The problem is the number two person that he has in there that they can’t just bypass without creating some sort of other disaster is Kamala Harris.

And as terrible as Joe Biden is, I’d argue she could actually be worse, which is hard to so, you know, they have a serious problem on their you know, I’d like to believe know we’re outside of the margin of fraud right now because people are getting it. They’re sick of it. They’re seeing it. They’re watching what’s going on in Philadelphia in these towns where people are just saying, you know what? We don’t have to pay for things anymore.

We can just loot those stores. Then the stores close down, and then people say, oh, it’s racist that the stores aren’t here. There’s insurance to cover that. Right? You see what’s going on with the migrant crisis in New York. They’re throwing out a 95 year old Korean war veteran. I saw that. I’m going to cover that. Migrants for free in New York. I got to run, unfortunately, in your own country.

I know that video is horrifying. I’m going to cover it tomorrow. I wish I had more time with you. Don Trump Jr. Has a show on Rumble 06:00 P. m. Eastern Time. Check it out. Don, like I said, I’m going to let you roll, but I think he’s just I think there’s something going on behind the scenes. I think they want this guy out. I think you’re right.

But, Don, thanks a lot for your time. I really appreciate it. Welcome back anytime. Thanks a lot, Dan. Be well. You got it, bud. You got it. Don Trump Jr. Up next, another great guest, but let’s talk about our next sponsor. A great day begins with a great night’s sleep. I sleep on the midnight luxe from Helix because I’m a side sleeper and I love it. You’re missing out if you’re not sleeping on one.

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It won’t last long. Helix Sleep. Helix. Helixleep. com. Danhelixleep. com. Dan with Helix. Better sleep starts tonight. Here’s a really important guy named Scott Pressler. If you don’t know this guy, you’ll know him now. He’s probably done more to register voters than a lot know, swampy GOP elites combined. This guy’s amazing. This is a really good interview. You want to hear it? Pay close attention. All right, so let me just give you some background on this guy.

This guy, I’ve been following him on Twitter for a long time and a social media account. He has just dedicated his life to transforming the country. And, ladies and gentlemen, there are doers and there are talkers. Okay? There are I’m sorry. Having run for office three times myself, I’ve seen him. I’ve seen the people who talk and the people who do. I’m honored to welcome him to this show, and I hope you enjoy what he does as much as I do.

Scott Presley, welcome to the show, sir. Appreciate having you here today. Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much for having me. Scott, I got to tell you, man, you’re an inspiration to a lot of people. You have committed yourself to something so important, and I’d like to tell I’m going to give you turn the floor over to you. I’d like to tell your story, how you got into this, but also if you could weave in there the importance of voter registration.

The Democrats, Scott, have beaten us at this for the longest time. When you register more voters, you are fishing in a bigger pond. It’s that simple. Do you want to fish in a pond with 1000 fish or 20,000 fish? It’s a really simple math game. It’s not complicated. So how did you get started in this, and how important is this voter registration and how’s your work coming along? Thank you.

Well, I owe my political journey to President Obama the day that he was reelected in 2012. I created my Twitter account that night that he was reelected because I was mad. But, you know, I wasn’t just mad at President Obama. I was ultimately mad at myself. I said, Scott, where were you registering voters? Where were you getting out the vote? Where were you helping to make sure that we were electing Republicans into office? And I realized that my inaction meant that I was the problem.

And so I became the solution by getting my first job in politics. In 2014, I moved halfway across the country to Texas to elect now Governor Greg Abbot. And then I realized how important it was that we win back the White House in 2016, because I was always forward thinking, focusing on the Supreme Court, and I never wanted Hillary Clinton to set foot in office ever again, as you know.

And so I dedicated two years of my life to electing Donald J. Trump as the 45th president. And it really was Trump who changed my life in 2019 because he was talking about the city of Baltimore, Maryland. And again, the same inaction that I felt in myself in 2012, I was reminded of by society’s reaction to Baltimore because everybody was tweeting. They were posting pictures, they were getting likes and clicks from posting videos of Baltimore.

And I thought to myself, okay, you’re going to go do a trash cleanup. And I thought it was going to be me, my mom and dad. But the tweet that I posted on social media, it went viral. And I was like, uhoh but within seven days, we organized a cleanup in Baltimore on a Monday and we got 200 volunteers from all across the country that came together in an act of love.

And we picked up twelve tons of trash in 12 hours in one single day. And I thought to myself, dan, I don’t need the government to solve my problems. What I do need is concerned citizens coming together as a community and we can do the job better than the government ever could. And so I just started traveling the country and we organized cleanups in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, decay, detroit, Houston, Kenosha, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, Portland, Pittsburgh, Philly.

But more importantly, Dan, weaving in voter registration into this, my work, although it was good, helping to clean up the cities was only a band aid. If we want to make long lasting change, it means registering voters. And so I started turning my cleanup efforts into voter registration events. What better way to decide who our city council members are? And school board members and mayors and state representatives? And so now what I’m asking as we go into this November and beyond is guys, look for ripe opportunities to register voters at your churches, at your synagogues, at Brass pro shop, at a movie theater, during Sound of Freedom, at Jason Aldeen concerts, at gun shows.

We have so many a myriad of opportunities to register conservatives to vote, and then we get them out to vote. This November and beyond, we will make Joe Biden a one term president. Dan, we’re talking to Scott Pressler, who has dedicated his life to going out and doing stuff, not just talking about it. Scott, like I said, I follow you on social media. You always seem to be on a plane or in a car, flying, driving around.

It’s very impressive. I mean, listen, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve always considered myself a doer. And then I see a guy like you and I’m like, you know what? I’m not doing it. No, I really I mean it. I’m like, I’m not doing you know, you’re right, though. There are voter registration opportunities everywhere that are being left on the table. I’ll give you a quick example that’ll resonate with you.

I had a book signing the other night in Jensen Beach, Florida. The local republican Club reaches out, they say, hey listen, we’d like to sit there in the parking lot with this. It’s like a retired fire truck. We’re going to put a Trump sign on it. And some voter registration things, they wound up getting I think, like 25 voter registrations out of that thing. I mean, the opportunities are everywhere.

But I wanted to harp on this one case because I’m pretty sure you’ve been posting a lot about Pennsylvania that’s you I follow a lot, but I’m pretty sure that was you. How are we doing in Pennsylvania? And do you think there’s a possibility, based on some of the move in the Republican direction, that we could win Pennsylvania again? Well, I want to speak very directly and please to the listeners of The Dan Bongino’s Show, hear me out.

Week by week we are seeing a net loss in voter registration for the Democrats by about 1000 voters per week. We are making huge progress in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, despite John Fetterman being in the United States Senate right now. And I’ll tell you, I’m currently in Pennsylvania. I’m in Pittsburgh. So if anybody listening to The Dan Bongino Show wants to get involved, come tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd to 100 Fleet Street at 10:00 a.

m. . We’re going to be knocking on doors. We’re going to be writing letters to New Movers in Pennsylvania because I have a list, Dan, of 40,000 new movers to Pennsylvania. Those are people that we need to get registered to vote. Those are people that we need to alert of the closed primary process. Because if you’re not registered as a Republican, you can’t vote for Donald Trump or Governor DeSantis or whoever the heck you want.

And so we must educate those new movers because Joe Biden, quote unquote, won the election in 2020 by 80,000 votes. These new movers are half of what we need to win the election. And I’ll tell you, in the last week I’ve been to Slippery Rock University and Penn State University, we registered an overwhelming number of Republicans, even to independents. And here are the issues that Gen z and young people care about.

They don’t want censorship from their university or their government. They don’t want the lockdowns, the mandates. They’re seeing that food is unaffordable, gas prices, they’re being outpriced of buying a vehicle. These kids want to be parents one day, want to be homeowners. And the fact of the matter is that under this administration, under Democrats, we are losing sight of the American dream for young people. This is our opportunity as the Republican Party to come in.

Let’s make life affordable, let’s make life better. Let’s make sure that the American dream is still there for everyone, especially young folks. And so yes, you hear me loud and clear. Everybody listening to the Dan Bongino Show. Pennsylvania is winnable. And I would not be here in this state. And I need every Pennsylvanian to make a plan to vote for Judge Carolyn Carluccio to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

If you don’t want mask mandates, if you don’t want lockdowns, if you want a check and balance against Democratic Governor Shapiro, I urge you, I plead with you, I beg you, make a plan to vote for Judge Carolyn Carluccio to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Those Supreme Court positions, Scott, are so critically important. We’re talking to Scott Pressler. We saw what happened in Wisconsin where we lost that seat, and you’re already seeing the damage being wrought from that.

Scott, I got another question for you, but how can people find you? How can they help you? What’s your social media say? It slow so everyone can write it down. This is important. We’re going to run this on our weekend podcast as well, next week. So how can they find you and help you out? Thank you. Well, my name is Scott Presler. Scottpres One, S-L-E-R I’m on every social media known to humankind.

And also my organization is early vote action. Earlyvoteaction. com. You can go to my website, you can sign up to make phone calls, write postcards to New Movers in Pennsylvania, and you can even download my application, Early Vote Action, which will allow you to knock on registered Republican doors. So you’re not talking to Stacey Abrams, you’re not talking to John Fetterman. And you can help us win in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania this November.

Scott, last question for you. We’re talking to Scott Pressler, an activist, a doer, not a talker, a guy who has just done incredible work, probably registered more voters than the entire RNC at this point. That leads to my next question. Is the RNC in any way helping you or is there any kind of effort there to kind of back up what you’re doing? I mean, you’re the kind of guy who would be a dream for any political campaign or organization to be a part of.

You’re like a one man voting military by yourself. It’s incredible. So anything? Are they helping you out at all? Well, today is day 161 that I have consecutively reached out to the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, and I still haven’t received a response. But you know what? I believe in life. You lead by example. My dad always taught me that. And so I’m not going to wait for the RNC to reach out to me, with all due respect, and I’m not going to point fingers and blame.

Instead@earlyvoteaction. com, we’re going to lead by example. We’re going to focus on those six states that I just mentioned to you because we have elections this November, and we’re going to continue to drive the effort to register new voters, get people to become registered Republicans. And we our efforts this year are going to make sure that next year joe Biden is a one term president. Scott, can’t thank you enough.

Your Twitter handle again. And if you’re on true social Your Twitter handle is my Twitter handle is at. Scottpressler. Scottpresler and Dan, just thank you so much for the opportunity. I’m grateful. Well, this is not the last time. So, one, I deeply appreciate it, but I mean this when I say this, and I mean it with respect. Don’t thank me. We need to thank you. I’m a radio host.

There’s nothing special. I don’t deserve any accolades whatsoever. I talk for a living, okay? You do stuff. I wish I was out there. I mean, we flipped two school board seats in Martin County where I live, and we were out there. We’re doing but I can do more. And it’s guys like you that remind me that just when you thought you were doing enough, you’re not. You need to do more.

So we will definitely be having you back. You have my producer’s contact number. And if you have something you need to get out there to this national audience, we’re going to make sure you have a voice to do it. So thanks for coming on and best of luck in Pennsylvania doing God’s work. We appreciate it. Thank you. Have a good weekend. All right, Scott Pressler, folks. Go follow him on social media.

One S-P-R-E-S-L-E-R. Scott with two t’s. You’re making a big mistake if you’re not following this guy. This guy could almost single handedly transform a presidential election if he keeps his work up. Very interesting tale about an organization we didn’t know existed. But first, our next sponsor. MyPillow. You supported My Pillow and their employees in these tough economic times. Mike Lindell knows this and continues to get back to listeners with deals on his most popular products.

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My pillow. Their products are great. Check out the my slippers too. They’re fantastic. Joe Biden was mumbling something in a speech before the UN. After doing some forensic audio analysis, we found out he was talking about the esteemed Maria Giovallo Institute. Who knew? And amazingly, it’s real. Well, fake real. Fact checkers. Just listen to find out the story. Here’s the rotting oatmeal god, he’s at the UN. Last week someone said to me, dan, this is deliberate, sir.

I know. Do you listen to the show? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but of course it’s deliberate. You think the rotting oatmeal God is doing this by accident? His cabinet secretaries and him are destroying the country on purpose. They are destroying the United States. They’re doing it on purpose to create a welfare state subordinate to their gods in Communist China. Here he is at the UN with the whole world watching again, incoherently mumbling because he’s got SpaghettiOs for brains making up words.

The whole world’s watching this, by the way. Here, take a listen to this. Now, even as we evolve our institutions and drive creative new partnerships, let me be clear. Certain principles, our international system are sacrosanct wait. Jim, can you play the beginning of that again? Wait, stop. Okay, Wajira Zalin. One more time, please. Go ahead. Wait, I’m not folks in the Facebook mess, does anyone have a suggestion? What? Jim? You have mike, you have any idea what that mike’s standing by? Jim, one last time, please.

He has the Evolo institutions. Maria Riavalo’s Institution. Maria joe Biden. Maria Riavalo. I’m Italian. There’s a woman he knows. Maria Riavallo. Now listen, me being Italian, I can write that’s what he’s jim, it’s not I’m sorry. Joe Biden. SpaghettiO’s brains. I apologize. He’s there’s an institution. Let me look this up. Can someone go online and look up the Maria rivalo institution? I don’t know if it’s at a school for Italians, maybe maybe Italian languages, Italian culture.

He grew up in the Italian community, too. Joe Biden. Just like the Puerto Rican and Jewish community. Now you’ve got a show with three Italians here verde, Sacco, and Bongino so we’re all big Italians here. We know it well. And I apologize to Joe Biden. Jim, play it one more time. Mariavalo Institution. Go ahead. Maria Giovallo. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, folks. It’s the Maria jim, can you I’m sorry, folks, I don’t want to do this.

I know it’s good, but I think it’s the Maria Giovalo Institution which going to get a lot of web traffic today. Jim, one more time. Now he has the Avalo institutions. Dang. Yes, that’s what it is. The Maria Giovallo Institution. I don’t know how to spell it. Maybe it’s got a number, if you want to learn Italian culture, whatever it may be. But my apologies to Joe Biden.

We clearly screwed this up. He’s reaching out to the Maria Giovallo institution. I was totally unaware there was a Maria Giovallo institution. You all were digging the Maria Giovallo Institution because we got to apologize. I got a whole bunch of feedback on that during the break. Jim’s working on some we didn’t know it was a real place, so we apologize to Joe Biden. We thought he was mumbling through a speech, but again, clearly he was talking about the Maria Giovalo Institution.

And Jim looked it up. You did, right, jim, you found something on a dark web on that. So you may have to listen to tomorrow’s show. We didn’t realize it was a real thing, but Joe Biden let me tell you something, man. The Giovalo Institution really owes Joe Biden a big favor for that shout out. I mean at the UN. Of all places. It’s so crazy. So crazy.

This is Ken Buck on CNN. This guy again pretends to be a Republican, pretending he hasn’t seen the evidence against Joe Biden, despite it again kicking him right in the Go nads. Check this out. Two days ago, you said that the time for impeachment is when there’s evidence linking President Biden to a high crime or misdemeanor. You said, quote, that doesn’t exist right now. Do you still feel that way tonight? I have not seen any evidence that links President Biden to Hunter Biden’s activities at this point.

I will be getting a briefing later in the week. I’m looking forward to understanding more of what the Oversight committee has uncovered. But at this point, I have not seen that evidence. I got a crazy idea, Ken. The Buckster. I got an idea. Like, how about you get the briefing and look at the evidence before you go on TV to talk about the evidence you haven’t seen and state there’s no evidence? I’m just a crazy idea, bro.

Just a crazy idea. Maybe give that a shot, Jim. Maybe Ken Bucks should go to the Maria Giovallo Institute. Maybe at the Institute, not only is there instruction in Italian and culture and things like that, maybe there’s table matters. Maybe there’s also instruction and evidence gathering. There have been many famous Italian police detectives and investigators. One of them is named Dan Bongino. I’m just saying, Dan self praised things.

I get it. It’s a joke. Roll with it. Rock and roll. Jim, do you have the Maria Giovallo Institute? Can we just play that one last time? Because Joe Biden actually recommends this thing himself. Maybe Ken Buck should take Joe Biden’s recommendation for the Maria Giovallo Institute. By the way this goes out, it’s a dedication to my friend Leo Terrell, who liked it so much he just wanted to hear it one last time.

So one more. The Maria Giovallo Institute. Joe Biden given a big promo at the UN. Check this out. Now he has the institutions. There we go. There we go. Joe Biden, Ken Buck. Maybe attend the institute. You can learn your detective skills on how to investigate. Just an idea, buddy. So, okay, I don’t believe this story. The Bongino rule is in mega super effect right now. However, I do believe this guy.

And believe me, Tiffany is right. This dude is real. This is a local news report, and Jim teased it at the beginning of the show. If you’ve been gracious enough to listen for 3 hours now, which we love, you P ones are the best. The p one. Listeners are the greatest. We love you, and so do the stations. This is a real news clip. I promise you. It’s not a joke.

I thought it was. I’ve looked it up. I actually had a woman reach out to me on Facebook and say to me, dan, this is absolutely real. The guy they’re interviewing is in my town, like Florence, South Carolina, somewhere close to it, the local news. This guy says, hey, listen, I saw the F 35. I heard it go down. This is how the interview went down. This is one of the greatest things you’re ever going to hear.

Take a listen. Randolph White retired from his job at the paper mill in Georgetown ten years ago. He lives in this house with his wife in a very rural area of Williamsburg County. He loves living about 2 miles away from where he grew up. Normally, it’s pretty quiet, but on Sunday afternoon, I was in the bathroom taking a shave, and I heard a screeching between a screech and a whistle.

I said, what in the world is this? And I heard a boom in my whole house. Shook. White says he didn’t realize it was a plane at the time, so he didn’t call anybody. Brothers and sisters. That is real. That’s not a Babylon V skit. Jim, one more time. So I heard a rumor that when you you know, like, if you go to Penn State and you graduate, before you graduate, you have to say, we are, and stuff like that.

I graduated from Penn State. I did my MBA there, right? I heard a rumor, Jim, that when you graduate from the Maria Giovallo Institute, that you all have to do this yell at the end. It’s like a scream. It’s a sign of solidarity. It’s like the we are thing. And Jim, I heard it sounds kind of like this, right? If you would, Jim. Now, our friend Tiffany was there, and she was there when this was going down.

Tiffany, our correspondent, was this this happened right after the interview, and this is how I knew it was real. Jim, if you would. That mother back there is not no, no, it’s real. She’s not supposed to say that. She’s supposed to say, Wait, play it again. And then Tiffany’s response. Wait, jim. Was what? Was what again back there is not real. No, Tiffany. I can’t believe we gotta let her go.

Shit. That’s real. That’s really happened. That’s up there with sir. They really happened, that interview. Look it up. Look it up. Even the liberals are losing their mind because they know what really happened. I don’t know what happened to today’s show. I don’t know. I don’t know. All day, I’ve been in a mood. All day. Don’t ask me. Don’t ask me why. How it happens, I have no idea.

Gee was griping about it on the podcast. He was like, Dan, you’re going crazy on the podcast. So. I put a poll out. There’s like a bot in the podcast. There’s a guy it’s not a bot. It’s like a guy who measures the polls and whatever. So I asked everyone in the podcast early because the show was just as off the rails as this. I said, hey, man, do you guys like this show? You think it’s too crazy? 86.

5% of people like the show. Instant poll. So there you go. Today’s show was a little bit bananas, but that’s okay. I’ll take your call. Dude, you better save that scream. That better be when our go to’s for the future. That is like and Tiffany, that is real. That mother is real. That is really real. We’re going to have to fire her. She’s just not she’s screwing this whole thing up.

I’ll take your calls. Coming up next, a four four for the USA. We’ll be right back. You remember yesterday we were covering Jim and I on a bit of a lighter note, rotting oatmeal brains in the White House. He gave a speech up at the UN promoting the Maria Giovallo Institute. Nobody knew what he was saying, but Jim figured it out. Jim, just play that to remind the audience.

This is an actual cut of Joe Biden. He didn’t mess with it. Check this out. He has the avalo institutions. So the Maria Giovallo institution. So we couldn’t figure out what this was. Jim spent the whole day scouring the dark web. He found it. So now we know what Biden was. I mean, Jim’s like an investigator. He’s like a detective comic. Like Batman. Here, check this out. Maria giovallo Institute.

Here at the Maria Giovalo institute, we do the important work of teaching the elite proper linguistics. America is a nation that can be defined in a single word. Our belief is you can never embarrass your country enough unless you can demonstrate the proper amount of illiteracy. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize true international pressure. We’ll help you mangle basic civics. Senator Harino and Senator SHORTZ Schwartz. Geography.

Canadia we’ll even teach you how to dress like a disgusting sloth? Don’t do it. The Maria Giovallo Institute. Folks. I encourage you to look it up. It’s a very interesting place, as you can see, every day, they do, like, a seance every night. John Fetterman’s there, and he leads the seance in his little uniform there. His homeless person uniform there. John Fetterman. It’s a crazy place. The Maria Giovallo Institute.

Do you have that single cut again of him saying that’s what he has institutions? I just want to be sure that’s what he said. So Jim found it. Sorry, folks. I needed to lighten up a little bit. I am, like, really so furious at what’s going on, I had to have a good laugh. All right, we come back. We’ll get back to the serious stuff. But I encourage you, during the break, put in an application for the Maria Giovallo Institute.

I hear handing out scholarships right now. They’re free and your student loans will be paid off by Kareem Jumpier. Thanks for listening to this special Sunday podcast. We really appreciate it. Want to find out where you can listen to the radio show live? Go to Bongino. com. Just click Station finder for the station near you. Thanks a lot. You just heard Dan Bongino. .



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