5.3.24: Election Interference There was a time..We the People were UNITED STRONG Fake protestors STAND Pray!

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➡ The text discusses concerns about perceived negative influences in schools and politics, with a call for unity among Christians. It also mentions an upcoming cruise to Alaska, encouraging people to join. The text further discusses the importance of perseverance and effort, using a quote about the “man in the arena”. Lastly, it talks about plans to prevent election fraud in the 2024 presidential election, with a focus on ensuring ballot security and vigilance against potential cheating.
➡ The text discusses Trump’s interactions with ordinary people and his lead in various areas such as the economy, immigration, and foreign conflicts. It criticizes media outlets for their negative portrayal of Trump and accuses them of ignoring corruption in the Biden administration. The text also mentions Trump’s potential plans if he wins, such as controlling the media and using the military against his own people. Lastly, it shares testimonials about a product from Lt Pet Club 247 and ends with a discussion about the Democrats’ stance on the January 6 events.
➡ The text discusses various political and social issues, including protests on college campuses, media coverage, and election controversies. It mentions the presence of professional protesters at these events and suggests that these protests are not spontaneous but planned. The text also criticizes the protesters for not caring about the environment, as evidenced by the trash left behind after the protests. Lastly, it promotes a website and its merchandise.
➡ The article discusses protests at a university, with some participants not being students but people brought in by external organizations. It also mentions a lack of intervention from the White House and local police. The article then shifts to discuss the funding of universities, particularly Harvard, which receives a significant portion of its revenue from donations and gifts, not tuition. Lastly, it touches on controversial political topics, including accusations of the current administration funding the Taliban, and concerns about the World Health Organization’s pandemic response treaty infringing on US sovereignty.
➡ Fix the World, Morocco has developed devices that transform harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from electronics into beneficial energy, improving health and well-being. Meanwhile, a debate about the COVID vaccine’s side effects and the role of social media companies in promoting vaccination is ongoing. AstraZeneca has admitted in court that its vaccine can cause rare blood clotting side effects. Despite this, vaccines have saved countless lives during the pandemic. Lastly, there are concerns about sudden deaths following vaccination, but these cases are not yet fully understood.
➡ The company faced a tough quarter due to unexpected pressures on customers, a difficult recovery in China, and business challenges in the Middle East. Despite these issues, the company did not preannounce the shortfall as they were working on action plans. A new law requiring gun store owners to assign a category code for firearms and accessories when customers pay with cards is causing concern about the future of gun sales. The law aims to identify dangerous purchasing patterns and large purchases of firearms and ammunition, but some fear it could lead to excessive tracking and control over individuals’ purchases and personal information.
➡ The text discusses the historical and current political structure of the United States, suggesting it is more of a corporation than a country. It claims that the U.S. is still under the influence of the British monarchy and is controlled by a private banking system, the Federal Reserve. The text also encourages readers to be patriotic, stand up for their beliefs, and remember the sacrifices of their ancestors. It ends with a prayer for guidance, protection, and the awakening of the masses to the truth.


Fear thou not, for I am with thee. Be not dismayed, for I am thy God. These are demonic entities in all the school boards of all the United States of America and all of us christians will be sticking together. I will strengthen thee. Yea, I will help. Yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. In two weeks, in 13 days, he was allowed to change my daughter’s mind about some fascist crap that y’all have led in this school. Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded. They shall be as nothing.

And they that strive with thee shall perish. Mister Guipe is killing the american child and saving communism. Is this a residential or is this a public school? Thou shalt seek them and shalt not find them, even them that contend it with thee. They that war against thee shall be as nothing and as the thing of naught. For I, the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not, I will help thee. I think we’re all pretty disgusted with the politics that are going on these days. It does not need to happen to my son who’s headed to public high school or anybody else.

Folks, remember the intro showcasing the parents sticking together, fighting against tyranny? Remember seeing the children as they held the american flag up? Strength that was there? Well, they’re trying to wear us out, tires out and it’s happening. But we want to know and learn from this episode the continual work of many behind the scenes keeping the positive information flowing through. We’re getting tired. I know. It’s not time to sit back and relax though. Remember, we have a voice, we have prayer. All of this is playing out in a way that wakes those up who are asleep.

We have to continually remind folks who the enemy is and stay close to our savior. Let’s go. Well, folks, as normal, I just wanted to remind you August 11 through 18th, you can actually join us on a cruise to Alaska. That’s right. We’re going to experience America’s last frontier. Glacier takes towering snow capped mountains, rainforest and rich vegetation. It is beautiful up there. And we’re going to be on a very peaceful five star cruise ship, the Westerdom. And it is going to be absolutely amazing as we’re together hanging out with those who woke up years ago and watched this show.

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Okay? Hopefully, hopefully you’ll check that out. Check out what Dan Scavino posted about the man in the arena. Again, it is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who was actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Absolutely brilliant. As Dan Scavito posted this, Fletch 17 said, it is a bet bit different video. In fact, Dan watermarked this one with, you know, watch until the very end. And it isn’t that hill dog and the famous you’d be in jail part, remember, where he goes in and he let her know, you’re done, you’re done. You’d be in jail. And so all of this playing out, President Trump, of course, announcing that his campaign will be leading a historic effort to prevent the 2024 election from being stolen. But we’re not going to allow them to rig the presidential election, the most important day of our lives, in 2024.

We’re not going to allow it. We’re going to protect the vote. And I’m pleased to. This is the first time I’ve announced this, actually announced that our campaign is going to be leading a historic effort in conjunction with the RNC, that’s Republican National Committee, the state parties, and a team of the most highly qualified lawyers and other professionals in the country to ensure that what happened in 2020 will never happen again. We’re not going to allow it to happen again. The only good thing about 2020, it showed how bad they are. It showed what a rotten job they do.

That’s why we’re more popular now than we were four years ago. No matter how you vote, whether it’s early on election day, by mail or in person, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make sure your ballot is secure. We want to make you sure, but we’re going to be sure that your ballot’s secure. You’re not going to put in ballots that don’t count. You’re not going to put in and do things. You’re not going to have other people not there, but putting in a ballot, like a couple of cases that you happen to hear about, I’m sure you heard about a little place called Detroit, right, where they had, where they had more ballots than they had voters, a little thing like that.

And then by the time the people got screamed at all night, they sort of said, oh, they were called every name under the book and they sort of said, oh, but they had, think of it, they had more ballots than they had voters. We’re not going to let it happen again. And you have to be very vigilant, too, because you can see it. You see it happening better than anybody else. It’s really a source. We’re going to watch the radical left Democrat like hawks, all these Democrats were going to watch like hawks, because honestly, I don’t like saying this.

They cheat like hell. They cheat like hell in plenty of other places, too. And we’re going to make America great again. It’s very simple. We’re going to make our country great again, sir. Sounds like they’re much more prepared this time. They’re going to try to steal it again. They’re trying to bring all the illegals, give them Social Security numbers to steal, and they do cheat continually and they’ve been exposed. And he said, you know, again, imagine what’s happened. 2020 is actually kind of a good thing. Why? Because we are starting to see and understand many of the, those that don’t pay attention just how corrupt and evil these Democrats and rhinos really are.

I mean, how have they done it in the past? What did we see in 2020? What do we see in, with all of the, the events that happened that day? Remember the swing states, how they covered up the windows so we couldn’t see them cheating with the ballots, especially in Pennsylvania. Remember how all of a sudden at 1030 at night, all of a sudden the pipes broke and Georgia and, oh, no, we’re going to have to pause the election and count overnight. And President Trump went from this huge lead, huge lead to gone, and all of a sudden Biden takes over and they claim that, no, there’s nothing wrong, no way that they cheated the election.

That never happens. Yet they were all screaming that they were cheating in the election in 2016 when President Trump defeated handily Hillary, who was probably set up with all the numbers and all of the algorithms to have her win. But the computers just couldn’t change the numbers fast enough. So they had to be prepared for 2020 because they knew that he was going to have big numbers again. So they throw in the COVID jab a lot earlier than they’re supposed to. Then they do mail in ballots so that they can print ballots and send them in and have multiple ballots from one person.

And they can have ballots mailed in from 30,000 dead people. They can have printed ballots at the last minute overnight and say, count all of these, even though they were all for Biden. You see, we know how they played it out. And then they use the mainstream media to beat everybody down and tell them they’re crazy that way. Those that watch mainstream media tell you that you’re crazy because all they do is listening, listen to the talking points of those that are paid off, the evil ones. Well, President Trump continued with his court case. He walks out and he still delivers pizza just outside of a fire station after leaving court.

He’s got pizza for the guys. This is typical Trump. Let’s see what, let’s see, let’s poke in and see what he’s up to right there. Pretty amazing. Spending time with all of the firefighters to a firehouse, a police station. He can walk into a boardroom, a bowling alley or a bar and have a conversation with absolutely anybody. We don’t have any audio on him right now, but apparently he’s going inside to talk to these firefighters, which is, by the way, right outside the studio. Folks, this is incredible. The fact that he leaves court goes and campaigns with these people and goes in campaigns with ordinary people, not high dollar fundraisers with.

How about that, huh? And his numbers keep going up. And just to remind, before I have this clip played, Trump, Trump isn’t running against Biden. He’s running against the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obama’s ABC News, CB’s, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSN, NPR, Murdoch, Soros, et cetera. Some of you guys say, oh, Fox, still pretty good. Well, they’ve got some folks that seem to tell the truth, but they continue to bring in all of the folks that are against President Trump who call him crazy and more. And they let them talk so that those talking points go into the minds of the people watching Fox.

And we’re supposed to believe that they’re all good. We’ve been waking up to that whole shenanigan, too. Well, here’s the communist news network poll. Of course, their poll numbers are always 15 to 20 points off. We know it’s a lot better than this. The economy, Trump leads. Immigration, Trump leads. Foreign conflicts, Trump leads. And even on preserving democracy, which has obviously been a focal point of the Joe Biden campaign, he only leads on this issue by four points. All righty. It’s good to see those numbers just popping up, though, you know, Ms. DNC, of course, with morning Joe always protecting their interest.

And the evil ones, they should be talking day in and day about the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, Obama’s the evil ones, bushes and all those. But they don’t, they have to continue to go after President Trump, constantly put into the minds of the people just how bad he really is. And so Hillary kind of popped up out of nowhere. Remember how you felt two years ago today, she says, when the news came out that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe and set back women’s rights by generations. Patriot Au says, I remember that WikiLeaks email where Hillary Clinton was casually discussing making a sacrifice in the backyard to Moloch.

She loves killing people. Yeah, we remember that. Yet that person keeps coming out and folks that love her and follow her and adore her and don’t think there’s anything wrong because they don’t do their research and can’t put two till it’s two together. Well, poor, poor guys. Maybe someday they’ll finally wake up. So anyway, again, MSNBC, instead of going out there covering the real news, they have to put into the minds of the people anything, even getting ahead of the future. When Trump wins, Donald Trump and people around him are figuring out how to subvert democracy.

If he doesn’t win, and let me say that slowly. So his opponent, subvert democracy. Always use that word, democracy. Ologists who will write this in an op ed, laughing, oh, they’re saying Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s own words say, they don’t suggest, they say he will subvert democracy if he doesn’t win. And if he does win, it’ll be worse. He will subvert democracy more. He will fire prosecutors who will not arrest his political opponents. He said it. He. Yep. So just want to make sure we emphasize we’re not showing this to change your mind. We’re showing this because we’re exposing evil.

Now that most of you guys know what’s going on, you know the attacks will continue. Just want to make sure you understand those that watch these guys, your friends, some of you have friends that watch these. Probably most of you don’t. But if you do, reminding you what kind of stuff fills their minds so when you run into them, you’ll understand that is what he’s going to do. What he’s going to do, to your point, Joe, is have the FCC report to him so he will be able to control shows like this. He wants the FTC to report to him.

He wants to bring the insurrection act back so he can turn military troops on his own people. He wants to weaponize, as you said, the Justice Department to go after his enemies. He wants to put women on a registry in red states for abortion. Monitor. That’s if he wins. What you just said. Sorry to pause, but again, remember, they’re not covering Biden’s and their corruption, the billions of dollars that they sent over to Ukraine, the billions of dollars that they are throwing and all of the other nations they’re selling out to. They’re not talking about the Obamas and how they destroyed our country morally.

They’re not talking about the bushes and how they planned and worked together with Satan to destroy our country and create homeland security to monitor all of us day in and day out. Oh, no. Somebody out in the Trump sort of stratosphere will put on a website and say, look at Donny Deutsche freaking out. Right? And that’s their ploy. That’s the lie. And I will say, you know, I love the Wall Street Journal editorial page. I disagree with them a lot. But they will have people, like writing op eds that would take what you just said and lie to their readers.

They let them. They lie to their readers and say, look at the media. And I’ve read more of this. The media going, you know, are being hyperbolic. No, all your, who’s the media? These guys, you have to listen to us. We’re the professionals wearing the suits and ties and the dresses with these big cameras and big money. Don’t listen to the folks out there that have their own media groups that are telling the truth. I got some more from them in a minute. You’re going to actually love it. First, I wanted to show you this. I think it’s amazing that we’ve been watching folks lives change with ltpetclub two four seven.com.

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I’ve gave them to two of my close friends that have two different cancers. One asked me for more because the doctor said his cancer had shrunk. I called the second one to tell him and he said he just left his doctor and said his doctor told him his markers were down two thirds. Wow. I don’t, do not have cancer, but I feel better than I have in years. I heard about this on and we know. Thank you so much. Ltpetclub two, four, seven.com dot check it out, folks, for your results today. Now here’s, just want to take you back to MSNBC, watch them taking each other out.

It’s good. How do the Democrats, how do all of us on that side say January 6 was wrong? If you can have the same pictures going on on college campus, lord, don’t make a parallel with six. That has happened, though, okay? That has happened. So we know what’s going on here. Steve Cortez the Marxists are destroying themselves. Race baiting. Al Sharpton. How did the Democrats, how do all of us on that side say January 6 was wrong? If you can have the same pictures going on in college campuses, and then Mika freaks out, good lord, don’t make a parallel with January 6.

She’s like, stop, stop. They’re in the background. Soros is calling. Tell him to stop. What’s he doing? Brzezinski is going, oh, no. They’re yelling in my ear to tell him to stop short. And you lose the moral high ground. Joe Scarborough that has happened, though. They are literally following apart. Can’t figure out what they’re doing one step after another. And it’s, they’re just jumbling their words. And I just wanted to play this real quick before we move for further. Speaking of jumbling of words, four more years. Pause, pause. He reads the teleprompter. Four more years. Pause.

And here’s President Trump to give us some humor. Now, think if I read my teleprompter and I’m going, well, let’s see, because of the weakness in the economy, I’d like to apologize. Pause, pause, pause. What was that? That’s unbelievable. Pause. You know, I was watching it. I said that was weird. Four more years. Pause. Well, speaking of all these election stuff and the fun things that we’re having to see, we’re watching, of course, all of this information play out from the mainstream media. Getting good laughs again. Trump 2020 Carrie Lake 2022 they have the same talking points from the New York Times, NBC News, CNBC, the name, the Washington compost and more stuff like Trump has signaled he won’t accept an election loss.

Many of his voters agree. They said Carrie Lake refuses to say whether she would accept loss in Arizona election see, they want you to go ahead and feel like he’s going to lose or she’s going to lose. And tell you upfront they’re not going to accept the results because they’re letting you know that cheating has happened. Yeah. Carrie Lake refuses to say whether she’ll accept Arizona results. President Trump won’t agree to accept 2020 election results. Uh huh. And then Trump 2024. NBC News Trump again won’t commit to accepting the presidential election results. It hasn’t even happened yet.

New York Times already telling you he’s going to repeat the 2020 election lies, will not commit to accepting 2024 results no matter what. Folks, they know they have to brainwash the public and tell them over and over again just so they can keep everybody from realizing they are the ones who are using the Aleister Crowley satanic book, call out the, those, the crimes that you’ve committed. Right. And so then we head back over to this Columbia building occupied by protesters. Wanted to show you some, something very interesting, speaking of Morning Joe, something they allowed in, bringing to show you what they’re doing.

Yeah, so when we. This is not what students bring to school, okay? This is what professionals bring to campuses and universities. These are heavy industrial chains that were locked with bike locks. And this is what we encountered on every door inside of Hamilton hall. And so in order for our emergency services group to enter into the building, they had to first cut through these chains, but also get rid of debris and barricaded doors that were barricaded with refrigerators, vending machines, chairs, you name it. They pushed it up against those doors to try and stop us from coming in.

But our guys would not be stopped. They did a fantastic job of entering into that location and taking people into custody without incident last night. They took about 40 to 50 people into custody inside of the lobby of Hamilton hall last night. So why would they allow the truth to play out? Why would they show you these chains and say that these are done by professionals, not by students? I mean, that’s pretty expensive gear there. Somebody would have to know how that works to actually use it. Interesting, because then you’ve got the $300 a day professional protestor Lisa Fithian, if you’re looking at your screen, 63 years old, slammed by Eric Adams, who helped stir up Columbia university protests, then left before the arrest began.

She’s instructing student demonstrators at Columbia University. You know, professional, $300 for services. Constant figure at leftist protests for nearly five decades, was one of the Palestine supporters who occupied Hamilton hall on Tuesday. See her with the signs. Convict Trump. Trump’s hush money speaks loud and clear as a counter protester tried to prevent the protesters from barricading the building. Fithian was filmed telling them, this is ridiculous. We’re trying to end a genocide in Gaza. Additional footage shows her instructing students to tie it right to the lock as they held zip ties. While the presence of the middle aged woman at the demonstration may have struck some as odd, the Columbia encampment is exactly the kind of environment or movement Fythian has made a career out of.

Wow. Career. I mean, let’s see. Can we go a step further with all of this? I think we can check this out. Remember all those criminal, illegal invaders we’ve been tracking from the caravans to our borders and into the interior of the United States today over 1000 of the same devices. Remember the tracking devices they gave to the illegals crossing over the border? A thousand of the devices that they handed to those illegals are now present at over 21 protests. And they’re growing across America. You don’t say like Cal Poly, Humboldt, USC, ASU, Arizona State University, University of South Carolina, University of Mary Washington, University of Minnesota.

All they just seems to just kind of show up. Jason Howerton shows us these are the mugshots of ten of the protesters arrested during the protest at USF. If you don’t understand what’s actually happening with these riots here, you’ve lost it. This is far left. Black lives matter, occupy, anarchy in a Hamas costume. There they are. And also these campus riots have been spontaneous eruptions of support for Hamas Terrace. Luckily, 500 professionally printed protest signs showed up unannounced out of nowhere, where they get the funding for that. And then you think that they care about the environment.

Look at this. Taking a look around the encampment after. Oh, sorry, sorry to pause that 1 second. Sorry. Taking a look around the encampment after police have gone through here and forced the pro palestinian demonstrators out. CHP tells me 100 people were taken into custody during this operation. Took about 3 hours. Look at that trash. Yeah, they care about the environment. Are they came back and they said, let’s clean up. Make sure that we, you know, keep the environment clean, because we’re all about the environment. No, they’re not. And of course, Peggy Dodson showed us this breaking news, this whole protest of Campbell, it was actually planned late 2023.

Here’s a list of all the colleges that were going to be activated. Some international schools as well. Don’t know how long this will be up before they take it down, but you can see this nice excel spreadsheet. 136 University colleges and USO and one kibbutz blinken. Let me see. Do we have a few that we recognize? Yale, UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIt, Rutgers, Cornell. Oh, yeah, some big ones. Emerson College. Man, look at this list. They just had it all planned out. Got those posters printed, and gave me some training on how to do it properly, how to cause as much problems as, you know, possible.

Work the whole thing out. Yeah. And I’m going to show you another video of them desecrating one of our monuments, but also show you some positive nudes from the south. The south, actually, the students making a stand for all of this. Before we go there, I wanted to tell you that you can go to annwinow.com. That’s where you can find truth, hope, faith, and freedom all of our website information. You can submit a contact us and submit your pictures of you wearing our gear. You can us actually sign up for our newsletter and more. You can find us also at Facebook at awkupdates.

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Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing her gear. For me, one of the most infuriating things from that campus that I know very well was how the protesters felt completely at ease with defacing the father of our country, George Washington, our first president, even wrapping a headscarf around the statue’s head. Where are the administrators? And what did you see when you were there? Most certainly so actually, myself and members of oversight had actually gone to talk to some of these administrators. And you know what, Laura? When we were there, we had actually asked the administrators whether or not the White House had reached out.

Mind you, this campus is only minutes away. And not only had they not reached out, but this school was actually denied help by metropolitan police, by Mayor Bowser and Washington, DC. And what’s even more horrifying, Laura, is that this is a private university. There’s trespassing happening. But also, too, they made it a point to say that there was outside organizations that were bringing in people, not students, to the campus in order to incite a lot of what you’re seeing on the screen right now. And to go even a step further, there were people in the crowds, Laura, that the administrator was reporting that were holding signs that said final solution.

So, as you know, that is absolute racism. But what we’re finding is these people are going into these universities. A lot of them are not students, and they’re being funded by left wing organizations. Well, Congresswoman Jay, how about that? Yep, all of this playing out one day after another, of course, happening at the same time that it played out before. I think it’s Patrick bed. David, does noticing some amazing coincidences with these college protests. Things like both election year protests started around the same time. The George Floyd Black Live Matter, Black Lives Matter riots happened in May of 2020.

Now, in May 2024, college protests are happening. The media is repeating the exact same lines. If one student dies, David, if one student dies, it’s as if they want this. The date is May 26. You can google this. 2020, when George Floyd died, supposedly, and all they needed was a story like that. They needed chaos. Today is May 2. We are roughly a little over three weeks away from that date with George Floyd. And so you break down the money trail now, do you know what percentage of the revenue that Harvard got in their endowment in 2021 came from actual tuition of students trying to get a degree from Harvard? Tuition, degree, Harvard.

What do you think it is? A lot of people say, well, 60,000, 70,000 a year, $80,000. That’s how they make their money, really. Only 10% of their endowment came from actually doing their job educating students. Do you know? 39% came from donations, 10% came from gifts. Do you know nearly 49% of the money Harvard got in 2021 is from donations and gifts? Only 10% is from students. So ask a question. Let’s paint a picture. Let’s just say, let’s just say the professor at Harvard, the dean, the president of Harvard at Columbia, their assistant says, mister president, we have two people waiting for you on hold.

Line one is your number one student’s parents. How much money did they give us last year? I think outside of the tuition, around 300,000. Who’s on line too? George Soros. Oh, oh. Tell Mister Jackson, the number one student’s parents, I’ll call him back. Please put Soros through. Just amazing that all this plays out more and more, waking up to the antics of the left and how crazy they are. But, yeah, if you go down to Mississippi, let’s see what they do with all these protests. Oh, they want Trump in Mississippi. Both sides at University of Alabama, Israel, Israel Palestine protests unite.

An anti Biden champion. Yeah, they both got together and said, you know what? We’ve had enough of this, enough of Biden. We’re just going to join together and basically tell them what we think. All of this playing out in our history and more, these guys have always been taught the wrong side of history, of course. Very difficult to find any, anyone out there that would actually tell the truth anymore. When we head over to grasshopper, they put some comms for us together. President Trump posted at 1645 that video election interference at the highest level. There has never been anything like this in the history of our country.

Of our country. So if you look at the 4559 mark on that post and you go over to the intel board that we always refer to when we have a moment to talk about it, the cue board, 45 59 refers to what our history. So President Trump posts this. You think that it’s by coincidence that he says the word history and then 4559 says this? There was a time when our children stood at attention with pride, put their hand on their heart, and in one united voice recited the pledge of allegiance. There was a time when standing for our flag meant something.

There was a time when our history was taught with pride and respect. There was a time when respect was given to those who served, bled, and died to protect and defend our freedom. There was a time when we were grateful our accomplishments meant something. When these United States of America, one nation under God, was united. The United States of America, one nation under God, was united under the american flag. There was a time we the people, decided our future. Not anymore. When we the people, had a voice, when we were united and strong, when the media was free from political bias and corruption.

There’s a time when our elected leaders stood their ground, dug in and defended those they represented. How many men and women you form are currently serving the front lines abroad, only to look back and horror, to see the homeland on fire. What’s the word patriot mean to you? Land of the free, home of the brave. Fight for what’s right. Fight for freedom they will not win. Together. We’re together. Where we go, one we go. All these traitors have been exposed. We’ve been showing this over and over again for so long. Treasonous. Treasonous. Folks like the one you’re looking at on your screen, Obama, Russiagate, IR’s tea party scandal, fast and furious.

NSA spying, Benghazi cover up, spying on journalists. Uranium one, surrendering Iraq to ISIS. Borbo Bergdahl for five Taliban generals. Yeah, remember they traded that one in Hillary’s secret server plane loads of cash to Iran. And then we had this interview with the CIA agent on Afghanistan exposes. Joe Biden sending the Taliban $40 million cash every single week. The simplest way I could say it, right here, right now. American taxpayer money. Your tax dollars are funding the Taliban right now. And this has been going on since September 2021 on a weekly basis. The United States, the current administration, Mister Joe Biden, has been sending $40 million, not from his own checking account.

It’s the US payers, Americans tax dollars. He’s sending them $40 million cash every week that ends up in Afghanistan. And it’s a very complex system. The money goes to the Afghanistan international bank that lacks any authority to convert this dollar to Afghani to auction it. Right? And so this money, AIB, gives it to the Taliban controlled central bank of Afghanistan. When I say central bank, think federal reserves. So the money goes there. Now, who is in charge of Afghanistan’s central bank right now? Noor Ahmed. Sanctioned terrorists sanctioned by the United States for financing IED attacks against our soldiers that killed american soldiers.

He runs the central bank. He gets $40 million every week. Now, once the money reaches the central bank, they hold what is called a bidding and auctioning session, where they invite individuals that are involved with the hawala system, licensed money dealers. They invite them, and there’s a bidding everyone bids on who wants to buy this dollar. And for all of this playing out one interview after another, truth falling out on all types of podcasts. We’re also finding out when the who wants to infiltrate our country, take over our sovereignty. There are folks that are fighting against it.

Remember, the WHO World Health Organization’s most recent publicly available draft of its new pandemic response treaty is dead on arrival. 49 us senators demand President Biden withdraw support for the international health regulations, amendments and pandemic treaty negotiations, which they said would constitute intolerable infringements upon us sovereignty. Senator Ron Johnson is to be commended for driving this. We need a similar show of courage from parliamentarians here. It’s amazing information to try to destroy us physically, mentally, spiritually. They use it in our phones. They use this against us on 5G, our technology and so much more. So many things we need to be aware of.

Here’s some more, folks. You having trouble sleeping, you’re having some headaches and some more things going on with you physically in your body and don’t know what’s going on. You probably something with your cell phones or wifi or other electronic devices like 5G causing you problems. Well, there’s a product from Fix the world, Morocco that will help you out. They have devices that have composites of shungite, steel, iron oxide and brass powders, all encased in an epoxy resin. When the resin cures, it creates a plesoelectric effect that emits a field of healthy, life preserving energy called orgon.

Well, this energy field was discovered, studied by late scientist doctor Reich. And there are fascinating studies around orgone energy that were included in the research documentation section of their website. Well, when used in your environment, the devices they created transform the harmful energy given off by electromagnetic frequencies, or emfs, that come from 5G, your cell phones, wi fi, electronic devices, into healthy, life preserving energy. Many people have become sensitive to emfs, which can cause a number of health issues. You gotta use these products in your environment. They can protect you from emf toxicity and help to restore a harmonious environment that aids in better health and well being.

We’ve got it folks. I’m sleeping better. I used to have pain in the middle top part of my head. It’s gone since I received these products. I have on my phone, I have them all over my house now. It is helping me so much with pain relief, growth in plants, it actually helps with food preservation, better mental clarity and overall calming effect. Go in the description box below ftw project.com referred. I know that’s a lot to say, but just go below this video, below the podcast, click on that link and order your products today, folks, you will not be disappointed.

The fact is that we know that a lot of the information that was being peddled by this White House was untrue. We know that the CDC lied. We know that Anthony Fauci lied. We know that Mister Biden lied, and you were pushing propaganda. Would the gentleman. No, I will not. I’d love to know the source. This is my time. I think it’s fair to say that the position of President Biden was to get as many Americans to take the COVID vaccine as possible. Is that also true? I would agree with that characterization. And yes or no, was your routine dialogue with social media companies part of a strategy to achieve this goal of the president? Congressman, we engage with these social media.

Please answer the question, yes or no. They had stated was that the purpose was that the purpose of engaging with the social media companies. Yes or no, congressman? The engagement with social media companies, the goal of getting people vaccinated, correct? In the context of the president’s efforts, yes. To encourage the american people to take the vaccine. Was that a strategy that you and Mister Slavit came up with, or were you working with other people within the White House? Congresswoman, certainly the effort to make sure as many people in America were vaccinated should not be. My question is, who came up with the strategy to work with social media companies to further that agenda? You realize you’re under oath, don’t you, Mister Flaherty? Congressman a.

Do you realize you’re under oath? Do you realize that you’ve sworn to tell the truth? Why did you think that reaching out to these social media companies was a productive use of your time if you never had any influence with them? Well, congresswoman, certainly these social media companies had a set of policies that they stated. Why did you care whether they enforced their policies? What difference did that make to you? Are you part of the contract? Is it your responsibility to enforce policies of private companies? Congresswoman, I think it’s important to remember the fact that this is, you know, these kinds of engagements with people who publish information are standard.

You can try to gaslight us as much as you want to and try to act like your activities didn’t have any influence. But one of the things I noticed, Mister Floyd, is that you use the f word an awful lot in your email correspondence with the social media companies for emphasis. We all know why you were doing it and why you use the f word in your emails to these companies. It was to emphasize the importance of them doing exactly what you were telling them to do. You violated the, the first amendment rights of american citizens.

You know that. We know it, too. But that I yield. I just have a gentleman has expired the chair records, gentlemen from South Carolina. How about that, huh? So more and more we’re starting to see this play out in the public where they’ve been exposed for their lies, forcing these jabs, causing all types of problems for so many people across this earth. And so there are folks that are still out there talking, speaking the truth. Very interesting. Look at the folks faces. And they’re stumbling for words to say it all. Thanks for speaking out on mainstream media, indian tv.

Doctor Asim Malhotra as this gave something to juxtapose with their lies. I thought you guys would enjoy this. AstraZeneca admits COVID vaccine can cause rare side effect. They’re currently admitted in court for the first time that the COVID jab can cause a deadly blood clotting side effects on you. Well, I think this is, you know, it’s obviously this, this story is important in terms of understanding the full kind of, the full sort of information about vaccines that we had during the pandemic. But as I understand it, it’s incredibly rare. We don’t know the full truth, but there’s a lot of evidence that points in a certain direction, and that direction looks very, very bleak, unfortunately.

So if you look at the yellow card reports in the UK, for example, so these are people who are reporting symptoms of side effects that are beyond mild likely side effects of the vaccine. After 9.7 million doses in the UK, there were 800,000 such reports. This is unprecedented. And actually, by the summer of 2021, most european countries had suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine because of these issues of blood clots. But rare, incredibly rare. Very, very rare side effect. A more reliable figure, actually, I can explain to you now, is probably much, much higher in terms of serious adverse events.

So by the summer of 2021, a comparison was made between Pfizer’s vaccine, mRNA vaccine, and the AstraZeneca or the COVID shield vaccine. And by that time, they had, in published research, they had concluded that when it comes to very serious cardiovascular effects, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, that the AstraZeneca vaccine had higher frequency than Pfizer. Now, the more rigorous analysis has been done and published on Pfizer vaccine because that has had much more distribution worldwide. And when one looks at that independently, the serious adverse event rate for Pfizer alone, and a lot of it being driven by blood clots, was one in 800.

We shouldn’t allow this to take away from the fact that the COVID vaccines, whether it’s AstraZeneca, whether it’s Pfizer or Moderna, they would have saved countless lives during the pandemic. So all the lies continue to play out on mainstream media, yet we’re getting the truth on what has been happening. And I just want to keep these as reminders, because we will lose thought or the process of all of this if we don’t pay attention. As more and more folks continue to pass away suddenly without notice, another guy was bragging about it one day on social media.

Well, he’s gone suddenly again. And there’s another one here died suddenly. I got my COVID jab bragging about it on social media. Next thing you know, passed away suddenly. A lot of these folks had no idea what was going on. Nobody would tell them, vaccinated. Ten year old gets sick at home, goes to the hospital, tests positive for the fake virus and dies. Yeah, just a little child, only ten years of age gets the jab gone. Thankful to be alive, experienced a heart attack, two plugged arteries, had dreams about places of people. And then they say, jesus, they talk about God.

Death will approach us all one day. I’m thankful I was able to drive myself to the medic. Uh huh. Bragging about it, talking about it as if, you know, God rescued them. And that’s probably through prayer because they don’t realize when they put this stuff in their body they were lied to by the devil himself. Another guy was bragging about getting the jabs, had a blog and everything out there. Next thing you know, very young, dies suddenly. Cause hasn’t been determined. How come it’s always died suddenly? Cause not determined. Over and over again, that’s what we see.

And I’m just scrolling through all of these that they collect from social media, open to the public for all to see. I got my jab. Next thing you know, the home edits Clia share says her hair after breast cancer has been made her unreasonable recognizable. Diagnosed with cancer. I told you, I’ve got friends, family that were affected by all of this firsthand accounts and it’s destroying so many lives and so moving on. Speaking of some victories, watch what happens to woke companies because I’ve seen it a long time. Joining us now, Scooz will be a Starbucks CEO, locksman Narasimh.

Mister Narasimha, it’s good to have you the show and I appreciate that you’re coming on despite the fact that the quarter was extremely weak. Jim, it was a very tough quarter. Thank you for having me. There were three reasons for for this. Talking to a Starbucks guy. First, we saw unexpected pressures on our occasional customers, more intense than we expected that impacted their visitation. Second, the choppiness of the recovery in China continued with a more intense price war than what we expected. And third, challenges of our business in the Middle east that impacted us not just in the Middle east, but also in other geographies.

Ok, clearly I understand now. What I’m trying to figure out, sir, is why did you not feel the need to preannounce this shortfall, given the fact in the previous quarter, your CFO said that she felt that you could have a earnings per share growth in the range of 15% to 20%. This is a substantial decline from that. And given the fact that you said on the call that April did not end well. I want to know why you did not feel the need to come out and say our quarter is going to be substantially worse than expected at least four weeks ago.

I think, Jim, we’ve been working on action plans to address these headwinds. And so what we wanted to come back with was not just the announcement but also the action plans that we have in place, which, by the way, are not business as usual. Yep. So they’re falling apart. Let’s see. Do they support the second amendment? Don’t think so. Do they support all the leftist policies? Pretty much. Do they support veterans? Not really. They don’t like the military. But, you know, folks continue to pull through the drive thru, spend thousands of dollars a year on this product, doesn’t even taste good, and voila, here we are.

Well, I’ve got an interview with a company who promotes the Second Amendment, promotes hunters, promotes support for the United States of America and our freedoms, and also plants churches with their business throughout this earth. And so don’t want to miss that interview tomorrow. I’m just giving you a tease of that. And so other things that are going on when it comes to money and more is this one right here a new law causing people to pay cash for their guns so their bank accounts won’t be traced? That law, which goes into effect starting September 1, requires gun store owners to assign a category code for their firearms and accessories when customers pay with credit or debit cards.

Eleven news reporter Jared Dean is joining us in studio. And Jared, you spoke with a gun store owner here in the springs. He says this law may affect how people buy guns. Adam and Lindsey Paul Paradis, who owns paradise sales downtown, tells me over the last few months he has seen about half of his customers choose to pay with cash rather than their cards. He says with this law going into effect, he expects that trend to continue. I look at this and go, gee, what they’re trying to do is get the credit card processors not to do business with gun stores.

Starting in May of next year, if you’re looking to purchase firearms like this, you may see some changes. A new law would make it so credit card companies would have a code for both guns and ammo. This would make transactions of firearms identifiable on banking records. Paradis tells me he feels this has him concerned about the future of gun sales in Colorado. You know, I looked at this bill and I go, the book 1984 by George Orwell just came 40 years late. But they’re doing everything they can to track everything they can on every person that they can.

Supporters of this bill say it will help identify dangerous purchasing patterns and large purchases of firearms and ammunition and then report them to authorities. Sponsors cite the Aurora theater shooting in 2012, where the shooter purchased over $11,000 worth of firearms, ammunition and military gear before the shooting took place, taking the lives of twelve people. In a statement, one of the sponsors of the bill, Javier Mabry, says credit cards have been used to finance many of the major mass shootings in recent years. And identifying suspicious weapon and ammunition stockpiling before tragedy can take place will save lives again.

This bill goes into effect on September 1 with credit card networks making those codes. And then it’s up to store owners to assign them to firearms by May 1, where they could face a fine of up to $10,000. Well, it sounds like a lot of work. Banks are working hard to make sure they work with the credit card companies. Debit card companies get their debit cards in line with this. So when a purchase is made, beep sends a little signal and code. And now we know who’s got what gun where. Tracking you, tracking everything you do, trying to find out where all these guns are located.

Very interesting, because we had a talk about this in the interview that’s coming up this Sunday. Doctor Kirk Elliot, the IR’s access to your bank account without a warrant. 98% of the banks worldwide are adapting CBDC, right, the central bank digital currency. Another bank failure is actually coming seized by the FDIC. And it’s just more and more reason to have precious metals with us. And I tell you what, when they go to CBDC and they start tracking our bank accounts and they start saying, look, we want to know where all the guns are and which ones are being bought, and then they can basically digitally control all of us at any time.

So Doctor Kirk Elliot has a lot to say about this scam that Ir’s is running looking into our bank accounts. Something I never expected. I mean, when I hear that, I was talking to a buddy of mine who’s like a financial commentator, right? And he said, kirk, they’re doing this so they can actually get everybody’s routing numbers and account numbers for bail in legislation. They want to have access to everyone’s bank accounts. And it’s like, I don’t, I mean, sure, that’ll, that’ll be what happens, but I don’t think this is why they’re doing that. Because when you start to connect some of the dots of previous policy decisions and administrative rulings from like the bank for international settlements and the IMF, and World Economic Forum and so forth.

They want programmable money. They want to, like we’ve talked about a dozen times, easily with central bank digital currency, the ability to cut you off from buying or selling if they don’t like your ideology. So here I think this is all about building the framework of your digital social profile and your social credit score. Because if they’re monitoring every bank account already, they’re monitoring your transactions. About that, and we know.com gold, you can have the same conversation I have with Doctor Elliot any time that you want. And I tell you, it’s what’s been playing out. I’ve had this one saved for a little while, but I wanted to show this first.

Blair Cottrell. Why invade a country when you can just buy its institutions, turn its women against its men, make transvestites of its children, sell the wealth generated by its labor to foreign investors, then introduce a foreign army as refugees and diversity to finish it off. Very interesting. When you always look to the past to see what they’ve been playing out. I thought this clip right here, who does DC really belong to? Who’s controlling all the levers of this power? What do we do? What do we keep telling folks about changes in 1871? What constitution is DC really under? I want to show you this before we close today.

Something I’ve been holding on to now for a while. How they’ve been planning this for a while and who’s really in control in the Vatican, a third city state was officially created in 1982. That city state is called the District of Columbia and is located on 10 sq mi of land in the heart of Washington. The District of Columbia flies its own flag and has its own indian independent constitution. Although geographically separate, the city states of London, the Vatican and the District of Columbia are one interlocking empire called Empire of the city. The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has three red stars, one for each city state in the three city empire.

This corporate empire of three city states controls the world economically through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia, and spiritually through the Vatican. The Constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical roman law known as lex fori, which bears no resemblance to the US Constitution. When Congress passed the act of 1871, it created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States and outside of the best interests of american citizens. Sobering study of the signed treaties and charters between Britain and the United States exposes a shocking truth.

The United States has always been, and still is, a british crown colony. King James I was famous not for just changing the the Bible into the King James Version, but for signing the first charter of Virginia in 1606. That charter granted America’s british forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. The charter also guaranteed that future kings and queens of England would have sovereign authority over all the citizens and colonized land in America. Stolen from the Indians. After America declared its independence from Great Britain, the treaty of 1783 was signed. That treaty specifically identifies the king of England as the prince of the United States and contradicts the belief that America won the war of independence.

Although King George III of England gave up most of his claims over his american colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonized America. If America had really won the war of Independence, they would never have agreed to pay debts and reparations to the king of England. When Congress passed the 13th Amendment to the constitution, the US president was made subservient to the King of England. The 13th amendment is called the title of nobility amendment and forbids us presidents and their officials from using royal titles like king or prince or baron.

For some mysterious reason, the 13th Amendment, which was ratified in 1810, no longer appears on current copies of the constitution. America’s blood soaked war of independence against the british bankrupted America and turned its citizens into permanent debt slaves of the king. In the War of 1812, the British torched and burned to the ground the White House and all us government buildings and destroyed ratification records of the US Constitution. One century later, a corrupt US Congress committed the biggest theft in world history. They passed Paul Warburg’s Federal Reserve act in 1913, handing over America’s gold and silver reserves and total control of America’s economy to the Rothschild banksters.

Most Americans still believe that the Fed, or federal Reserve is the government. It is not. The Fed is a privately owned banking system whose majority class A shareholders are the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Kunan, Loeb, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Israel Seef and the Lehman brothers. This private banking cartel is the fed and is never audited and never pays taxes. They print and design America’s money, which displays their symbols of an egyptian pyramid, a Masonic all seeing eye, and the words in God we trust. Who exactly is the God they trust? They also collect american taxpayers money through the IR’s.

Then they loan it back again with interest to pay for roads, bridges and other public. Most us citizens believe that the United States is a country and that the president is the most powerful man on earth. The United States is not a country. It is a corporation. And the president is president of the corporation of the United States. He and his elected officials work for the corporation, not for the american people. Since the United States is a corporation, who owns the corporation of the United States? Like Canada and Australia, whose leaders are prime ministers of the queen and whose land is called Crown land, the United States is just another crown colony.

Crown colonies are controlled by the empire of three city states. At the center of each city state is a towering phallic shaped stone monument called an obelisk that points skyward in DC’s city state. The obelisk, known as the Washington Monument, was dedicated to Freemason George Washington by the Freemasons Mason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. How about that? All this history playing out for us to learn and grow. We do our research and we start finding out so much more. And many of you are already aware of all of this. It’s just a good reminder we’re watching who’s pulling the levers of power and how we hope they’re being taken out day after day.

We’re fighting for life. We’re fighting for good. We’re at war. Not everything will be clean. There’s a scare necessary event that’s going to be coming. Do you trust the military? Do you trust the chain of command? We’re in control. Have faith. You were chosen for a reason. You’re being provided the highest level of intel to ever be dropped publicly in the history of the world. Use it. Protect and comfort those around you. And of course, that was posted by President Trump 05:21 p.m. 521 on the drop if he wins. I wanted to close this one right here from John Rich.

Hey, y’all, John Rich here. I just wanted to give you a little update on the free concert offer I made to the folks at UNC, to those students for their bravery and their, their patriotism by not allowing our United States flag to hit the ground. They stood there while they were being hit with bottles and rocks and sticks, and they just stood there. They did not let old glory touch the ground. And I just did an interview actually with three of the guys live with Leland Vittert, and I’ll get the link to that if you guys missed the interview.

It was incredible, incredible talking to these guys. Well spoken guys, very sincere, very concerned about their campus, about their country, and about people trying to tear down the american flag right in front of them. I told them I was really proud of them. And I hope that their patriotism and that their courage in that moment ignites a fire across other universities, across this country, where young people are all feeling the same way. They don’t know what to do. Be a patriot. Speak up. Sing. They just did that at Ole Miss. They just stood out there and sang.

It’s incredible, the spirit of Americans. Remember the shoulders we all stand on. Remember the founding fathers and what they risked to build this country in the first place. Remember the greatest generation, your grandmothers and grandfathers, great grandmothers and great grandfathers, who literally did anything it took to beat imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Mussolini, all at the same time. They are the reasons we even have a country to argue about these days. Tap back into that american fire. Tap back into that notion that America is. Is the greatest country that has ever existed. Because it is. Why do you think the whole world is lined up on our doorstep? They’re not lined up at anybody else’s doorstep.

It’s because we have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So we’re going to find a date to do this show. We’re going to call it Flagstock. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, God bless you and God bless America. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hidden that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you so much for your guidance and direction in our life. Day in and day out, you understand all that’s going on. You’re in control. We’re exposing evil, as you call us to do.

In your word, you have allowed us to comfort those who need comfort, provide restrictions to those who need it, especially in this time when there’s so many weary on the battlefield. We ask for continued strength and restrengthening us as we go to another phase of all of this. As we know the enemy is going to continue to push hardcore leading up to this election, probably one of the biggest in our history. And we see the tides turning. We see many that are standing up for the truth. We see many young folks are saying, not on my watch, holding up the moral properties that are needed to continue to move forward for our country.

We ask that you continue to wake up the masses and bring more and more to the knowledge of your son, to salvation in Christ and Christ alone. Please protect us from the enemy. Protect us from those who want to hurt us and harm us, and allow us and give us the words, heavenly Father, to guide and direct the things that we say and do with everyone around us. We ask all this in the name of Christ our savior. Yeshua. Amen and amen. Folks, thank you so much for how you continue to guide and direct me and my family and so much more.

Please leave a follow if you would or and share and like button would be great. Also put your comments below and tell us, tell us what you think about what’s going on, what you’ve been seeing playing out, especially with these kind of strange that the mainstream media would actually show what they’re doing at the Columbia University and more and these big paid protesters would actually be out there and crisis actors and more to try to put in some type of thing. So I hope to hear from you guys on that one. But anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend and God bless you guys for now this lt saying separate with them we know signing out..

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