GOLD TO HIT 10K!!? XRP To Save The Economy? WHAT??

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➡ In the discussion between Nino and Jim Willie, they covered topics including the potential rise of the dollar amidst global rejection, the future effects of rejecting and dumping Treasury bonds, possible inflation from shortages, and the need for continued interest rate hikes by the Fed to strengthen the dollar. Ultimately, Willie predicts a paradox where global rejection of the dollar would lead to its strengthening rather than decline.
➡ National economies are preparing for a significant economic shift: a decline in the usage of US treasury bonds and the strengthening of the dollar before it potentially collapses, similar to a supernova. Countries, including China and Saudi Arabia, have started to divest their treasury bonds and purchase gold, indicating a possible move towards global currency change. The magnitude and time-scale of this shift depend on the pace and extent of this treasury bonds dumping. It is suggested that this could be the most critical economic event in a century, comparable to a Great Depression scenario and restrained only by the lack of a simultaneous global war.
➡ Amid rising interest rates and insolvency, central banks globally are likely to invest in gold en masse, increasing its value significantly. However, instead of relying on the traditional marketplaces, gold trading may become decentralized and occur in major cities around the world due to a lack of trust in current economic systems. Accompanying this, cryptocurrencies may also see a rise in usage and value as alternative avenues for investment, both because they offer a more stable medium for transactions and because some may even adopt a gold-backed model.
➡ The use of XRP by Russia and potentially US vendors could significantly impact the economy, offering a solution to sanctions and import obstruction. The utilization of XRP for transactions and bill payments might present an alternative to using the dollar or gold, potentially saving the US economy. Meanwhile, differing gold prices across Shanghai and Comex suggest a shift in the gold trading landscape.
➡️ The speaker hosts a newsletter and consult calls relating to economy and finance, with consideration towards unconventional energy solutions such as Tesla motor energy patents. They similarly ponder on the potential of gravity waves and time travel, expressing a dedication to continually learning about science.


GOLD TO HIT 10K!!? XRP To Save The Economy? WHAT??

All right, folks. Welcome to Ninoscorner TV. I am with Jim Willie. Jim Willie, are we going to make this for YouTube or Ninoscorner TV? Well which permits me to speak freely. Nino’s Corner TV and rumble. Well, mainly ninoscorner TV. I want you to speak freely. Let me speak like an adult, like a constructive analyst, above board. And I will avoid some nasty topics because I’ve got some really interesting things to say and I want the widest audience possible.

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If you qualify for an IRA invest in gold and silver with Noble Gold Investments. Noblegoldinvestments. com folks. Hit the link below. Get started on that and sleep soundly at night. I don’t sleep very well at night anyway. I have, um jim, what the hell’s going on? Okay, just bring it. Go for the jugular. I know you’re anyway. I sleep like a little don’t. Well, I don’t sleep at night not because of my finances, but because I just don’t sleep at night.

I understand. You know what? It was from boxing. It was from boxing. It’s because you beat in so many heads. Yeah, I have PTSD, man. That really did affected me the rest of my life. The anxiousness about the fight. Nervousness, it just sure, man. Yeah. You don’t know if you’re going to get hurt badly. It’s an unknown predicament. Well, okay. I’ve got a pretty weird message. It’s important and it’s a great paradox.

And I’ve had some practice delivering this, so it should come out rather smoothly. There are a lot of good analysts out there who are getting this wrong. And I’m not an arrogant guy. I just surround myself with brilliant people. I learn from them. I’ve got my own smarts. The dollar is not going to decline during this global rejection. It’s going to rise. Okay. Isn’t that different than what you’ve told me before? Oh, gosh, we did all this before.

No, I’m just saying I was under the impression the dollar is going to be obsolete and gone. You’re telling me it’s going to get stronger? Is that what you’re saying right now? Stronger before it vanishes? Yeah. Okay. Stronger before it vanishes. Okay, I’m not repeating myself. There are concerns. No, you’re not repeating yourself. I’m just under a different understanding. But I’ll go ahead. Okay. There is a general term out there, a general impression out there.

It’s really interesting this is fascinating, Nino, that the dollar is going to be trashed while it’s being rejected. It’s inevitable, Jim. It’s going to be well, yeah. I’m not arguing that is going to be rejected. I’m arguing how it’s going to perform during the rejection. And a lot of people have the general impression that it’s going to get trashed. Well, define that. Oh, put in the garbage can.

Yeah. Out with the rubbish. That doesn’t help me at all. I’m here to say that the dollar index is going to go up and continue going up and go up again, accelerate up, and then vanish. I’ve been saying this for about six or seven years, okay? So when you say it’s going to go up and up and away so it’s basically going to go up and away, it’s going to go up, up and away until it hits the stratosphere where there’s no more oxygen, and then it’s going to die.

It’s going to and that’s when they bring in the digital dollar. That’s when they bring in something else. I don’t know what they’re going to bring in. I’m not actually focused on that primarily. Dave, are we going to see a financial collapse this fall, this next year, or do you think that’s going to be kicked down the road more and the dollar is just going to get stronger? What are we anticipating here? I’m anticipating that the dollar is going to rise versus its competitor, Forex Currencies, and I’ll explain that in more detail in a minute.

But in a rough view of the global situation, in particular the United States, we’re going to see some horrendous price inflation because the dollar is going to be rejected and not used. And in the process, the rest of the world is going to dump treasury bonds in the hundreds of billions and then the trillions, they’re going to dump the treasury bond, okay? We’re going to see horrible price inflation from two sources shortages, because the imports are not going to come in very readily.

We don’t have much of anything to pay for the imports. The treasury bills are going to be rejected. And then in the home front, we’re going to monetize our own deficit. We’re going to be running these $1. 5 trillion annual deficits, and the rest of the world is not going to be interested in paying up for treasury bonds and investing in them. We’re not going to have any buyers.

We’re going to buy them ourselves. In fact, in August, we did an auction, I believe the Fed handed money to our friends in Europe to make it look like they were buying treasury bonds, but we were buying them ourselves to avoid a bad incident. It’s called self monetization. That’s what Zimbabwe did. Okay. And it didn’t work out very well for them, and it’s not recovered in ten years.

We’re going to see horrendous price inflation and shortages. We’re going to see disruption, and we’re going to have to continue raising interest rates. By we, I mean the fed. They not the United States and its central bank forces are going to have to continue raising interest rates, and it’s going to strengthen the dollar, and it’s going to avoid an absolute monstrous crisis. You’re saying interest rates are going to rise higher than what they’re at right now? Oh, yeah, sure.

What are they at right now? Right, I think mortgages are at seven and the Fed rate is at five something. How much higher are we looking at? I don’t know. I don’t really know. Something like off the charts, like ten. It could get to ten, but I don’t know. I’m not concerned about the endpoint. I’m concerned about the current movement. Okay. It’s not going to alleviate or solve anything raising interest rates.

What it does is it avoids a very rapid and well comprehended, well noticed, well perceived treasury bond default and auction failure. They’re trying to avoid that. They’re saying that they’re fighting inflation. But raising interest rates does not stop this kind of inflation because it is a supply shortage. Remember we did the lockdown and we interrupted import supply. That is not too much money flying around creating huge wage increases and too much money.

We do have a problem with rents. It’s because so many people cannot buy a house. I don’t want to get into the real estate issue. I want to explain why the dollar is going to rise when the rest of the world is going to reject it. Now that is explain that, because that doesn’t even make sense to me. I know it that’s why I call it a paradox, Nino.

It is a paradox. And when do you see this happening? Right now. Probably after September. No, it began a couple of months ago. Okay. The dollar is about to break out above the 105 resistance on the dollar index. Okay. The euro is falling. Why would the euro fall if their central banks are dumping treasury bonds? Yeah. Okay. This is what I’m here for. We had a lesson and I found that 99% of Americans paid zero attention to the fact that a year ago the bank of Japan dumped a quarter of a trillion dollars, or $200 billion worth of treasury bonds.

And what do you think happened to the dollar with respect to the yen? The dollar went up 20%. Why did the yen go down 23% when they sold a quarter of a trillion dollars in treasury bonds? That is the paradox. I noticed it in March. I studied it. I learned. I put together a few of our heads. My colleagues and I figured it out with their help. I’m not alone here.

Right. Okay. I had a couple of colleagues who helped me out with something that is very interesting to explain. All foreign forex currencies have a treasury bond foundation. Every single one of them. Why? Because they don’t have a gold foundation. What is the default foundation? Treasury bond. Just like the dollar. But it matters where your feet are it matters where your office is. And in Japan, they dumped a quarter of a trillion dollars in treasury bond and they produced a currency crisis because their yen went down 23%.

And I covered it in the March newsletter. 99% of Americans paid zero attention. It is the lesson for when okay. And by them doing this, what did that do to the dollar? It got stronger. And you going to see this keep happening on a global basis. So all countries are going to get ready to do this and the dollar is just going to keep shooting up before it up and away up and think of it as vanish.

Think of a supernova. A supernova gets brighter, brighter, brighter, and suddenly no more light. And it becomes a black hole. Black. But is this months or years away? I think it has already begun. I know, but I’m trying to answer. I’m trying. It’s not easy. I know it has already begun. We have almost a year into it and now China has joined. It depends on how quickly the other nations join.

China has joined. They’re already in the news for dumping well over $100 billion in treasury bonds in the last couple of months. Their currency has gone down. They’ve created a banking crisis. They’re blaming it on Evergrande. And the Western press is saying that China is buying gold to fortify their currency. No, they’re dumping treasury bonds to buy gold for the next chapter. Now Saudi is dumping treasury bonds.

It depends on how quickly and how broadly these foreign nations sell treasury bonds. What about France they’re selling they had a net -70 billion in a twelve month period. Will Norway dump treasuries? Will Germany? This is being done strategically this is not out of panic, right? Or is it out of both? I mean, are they? I think it is an organized slow panic that’s going to grow into a big panic because nation after nation, I believe, is coming to the conclusion that they’ll never be repaid in full for their treasury bonds holding our debt.

So to answer your question, I’m going to guess that’s all I can do is speculate and come up with an educated guess or I’m sorry, educated guess. I prefer educated guesses. Okay. Nino? I think in six months it’s going to be a global story that all our allies are dumping treasury bonds and the dollar has now gotten way too strong versus, say, the Euro. The Euro is doing a dive, a slow dive right now, but they’re losing what they gained a year and a half ago.

But if they continue, let’s just think Switzerland, Europe, I’m sorry, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, they’re all going to be dumping the treasury bond for a different reason. Also that they don’t use it now to buy Persian Gulf oil. The Saudis in UAE have mentioned that they want Chinese yuan payment. So that means all their customers are going to get rid of their treasury bonds. Now, there’s a big event.

I mentioned it before. The name of the fund is Amundi. Amundi. They’re out of France. They are like Europe’s answer to BlackRock, but they’re smaller. They got 3 trillion in assets under management. And they announced, I think it was in July or so, might have been June. Right around early July, they announced they are going to divest all of their dollar financial assets that’s stocks and bonds. Why? Because they’re going to be buying oil and yuan.

And China is going to urge all the people, all the countries, central banks and bank systems that are collecting yuan, they’re going to try to urge them get into the Gold Token, join the BRICS Gold Token concept because that will make things a lot smoother. Because China does not want foreign countries to own their debt. They do not want that. So country after country is going to dump the treasury bonds.

Now, the pace at which they dump and the number of nations that join and how quickly, that will determine how much time, how many months we have I think it’s six to ten months. Big cris. Yeah. So you think this we’re going to be I’m focusing on what other countries are dumping their treasury bonds? Well, it’s Saudi. It’s now China. It’s Japan. Wow. Those are three big ones.

And by the way, China does not need treasury bonds anymore. They’re buying all their oil with yuan. They’re buying all their food in Argentina and Brazil with yuan. They make their own superchips. They make their own motorcycles and cars. They make their own cell phones and computers. So you’re telling me basically that we’ve got at least a year. I mean, it’s happening now. It’s happening now. But I’m thinking in one year you’re going to be shitting in your pants.

Wonderful. Okay. And you’re going to be joining a lot of people who did not make a good decision in the last year and a half. I’m not going to talk about that any further. People want to hear. I know they want to hear. It’s too complex. I don’t have firm answers like I do with the dollar and the treasury bond dumping. This is going to be one of the most fantastic, confusing, paradoxical events in a century.

In a century, this is going to be like the Great Depression with a rejection of the global currency reserve. And I’m talking about two sides. Great Depression 2. 0. Yeah. Or layman times ten. Wow. We have never seen the rejection and transition of a global currency reserve without a world war. And we’re doing our best right now to avoid one. I don’t want to get into the war topic.

I’m just saying that the disruption is going to be terrible. We’re going to see price inflation. We’re going to see shortages. So as this gets ready to happen, as we inch closer and closer to this changing event, that will change the world forever. Are you saying because it kind of goes I don’t know if you saw the cliffhigh interview that I did. Are you familiar with Cliffhei’s work? Well, sure.

Okay. Competent analyst is not yeah. All right, cool. Well, he sees an event coming with an illuminosity greater than a three or a 13 if 911 was like a one. He sees an event coming that’s going to supersede all that, and he says it could go Hannah, and it’s going to trigger this type of collapse. He thinks this is all culminating. This is all coming together for this final climax.

Final orgasm, brother. Well think of it as five shit rivers merging. Okay, and where are you going to go? Swimming. Not there. Okay, so you got a health component, a political component, an economic component, and the financial disaster from the globe. All the different community of nations selling their treasury bonds. The dollar going up. So this event will cause this. Could I say something will happen that will cause this? Maybe that’s what they need is some kind of event to trigger this, to make it bad.

You I’m saying that this has already begun, and we’re getting news now that the dollar is breaking out above the 105 level and causing a problem. We’re already here. We got don’t they need a reason to make it happen? Like some kind of situation to occur to where it’s believable, where they all just dump? Or am I off when there’s a big crisis and the Five Shit rivers all merge? There’s going to be a lot of stories.

I don’t think there’ll be something to make it believable for the public to get behind. The people won’t need to be convinced much because they won’t get their car parts, they won’t be able to get the lumber. They won’t be able to get the PVC piping. There’ll be shortages of screws and nails. Certain tools will not be available. Car tires will not be available. There will be massive shortages because we will have trouble importing jack shit.

There is a general rejection right now in Long Beach for the treasury bond. Okay, I know that there’s movement of some product through Long Beach, but I’ve got a client who’s keeping me posted, and he told me ten months ago that he worked at the logistics office of the Long Beach Dock facility, and he’s keeping me posted. And there’s some things I don’t want to talk about on this version of the show.

But one thing that he did say is, yes, Jim, you’re right. The treasury bill being rejected at Long Beach, and they’re blaming it on a worker union, the Longshoreman Union. Well, the union was told to go on strike. I mean, everyone’s on strike right now. Everybody. I mean, I was just in La and I saw people marching everywhere. Everybody is on strike. Well, it is a massive problem because costs have gone way.

Okay, when we have this merger of the various problems, you’re not going to need a story to sell. There’s going to be a widespread perception. Oh, my gosh. Did you know that, Mike? Dave? Did you hear this? Jim? Unbelievable. Check this out. It’s going to be simultaneous cris in four or five sectors, okay. And it’s going to cause a lot of confusion, and we might see a political change.

I don’t know. I certainly do care, but I’m not going to speculate during this hour when these nations dump their treasury bonds, they cannot do it on the open treasury bond market because their volume is going to be too big. You can’t dump oh, gosh, we got a sale order of $5 billion in treasury bonds. Oh, no. We cannot handle more than, say, 70 million. Okay? So they got to call up the Department of treasury, call up the Fed, work out a deal and take a haircut.

This is going to be a bond default event. When they get their cash, it will not be dollars. They will not invest it in the US. Economy. They will not trust the US. Economy because we’re doing a lot of weird things confiscating, freezing, you know, your account’s not visible, whatever. All kinds of weird things. They’re going to go back home. They’re going to buy office buildings. They’re going to buy port facilities, and they’re going to buy gold in a very big way, just like China is doing right now.

What do you see gold going up to? Well, I’d like to address that as an adjunct to my argument on dumping the treasury bond. Seeing the dollar rise. All these countries are going to have a big scare, and they’re going to go to gold, and they’re going to have some instability in their currency, and they’re going to go to gold, and they’re going to realize some price inflation, and they’re going to go to gold.

But principally, they’re going to want a different gold foundation so that they can contribute and participate in the new global economy. That’s going to require gold tokens for trade payment. We’re not going to be using the dollar. We’re not going to be saving in treasury bonds. We’re not going to be doing trade payment in the dollar. So, Nino, I want to get to something that is staggering in its importance related to gold, and I hope that I laid the foundation.

Central banks franchise central banks across the west. That includes Japan, by the way. They’re all insolvent because of rising interest rates. They’ve been buying tens of billions in treasury bonds for the last five years, and the interest rates have gone up. They’re down 20, 30% on them. The central banks are all broken. They’re insolvent. That’s a technical term. Their bonds are way down in value. They’re insolvent. I’m looking at it right now.

They’re backed into a corner. I’m looking at it right behind your head. They’re back into a corner. The central banks are in a corner and it’s getting worse, and they can’t stop raising interest rates. So it’s going to get even worse. But that’s why this reset is so valuable. Yes, that’s why they’re going to go for this reset. Here’s what’s coming. The central banks are going to make a conclusion we’re broken, and the only way we can retain power is if we go long and buy gold.

The central banks are going to buy gold and take it to 10,000 wow. And get out of their insolvency problem. Now, if you think I’m nuts, you’re wrong. Take it to 10,000 and higher. 10,000, Willie, 10,000 and higher. And if you think I’m nuts, like, does this happen over a period overnight? No, it’s going to happen at the peak of the crisis when the central banks are realizing, my gosh, interest rates keep going up.

They keep going up. Our treasury bonds are going down, down. We’re losing a lot of money. We’re even worse insolvent than a month ago. We’re accelerating in our insolvency. This is a disaster. Disaster for the Rothschild central banks. So I believe a year ago they started buying gold a year ago. Now, if you think I’m crazy, you need to check out my newsletter on goldenhyphenjackat. com. I laid this out in the August newsletter.

And here it is. Nino. Here it is. There’s a former Basel chairman, bank for International Settlements. That’s the uber lords of Banking. They call it basel. But it’s bank for International Settlement. BIS the chairman was a Dutchman, and it was in the early ninety s. And his name was Zielstra. Z-I-J-L-S-T-R-A. He’s Dutch. His first name is Jelly. Probably pronounced Yelly. J-E-L-L-E. Yelly Zilstra. And he explained in an article quoted from the forest through the trees.

I remember it like it was yesterday, Dave. It was about 2017. That’s when I first mentioned this. I like to be a few years ahead. He said in 1995, and the article was in 2016. They were bringing it up because the central banks were getting cornered. Zilstra said the following a large group of central banks are going to find themselves in a horrible, unsustainable insolvent situation and because of the rising interest rates, accumulation of great debt, holding of bonds that are losing value.

And the only way they can escape their insolvency is by coordinating a massive purchase of gold and sending it to 10,000. That is from the mouth of a former Basel chairman. And we are getting there because notice that about six months ago, the Fed announced to the Treasury Department, we have no profit interest to share with the Department of treasury. We are now running negative. They openly admitted that they were going insolvent.

That was six months. Okay, you ask, when is it going to start? Six months ago. And with Japan a year ago. And with China two months ago. With saudi six months ago. We’re gathering. That’s a pretty outrageous I’m not disagreeing with you, but that’s scary. A spike to 10,000. What’s gold at right now? 2000. Well, that’s another interesting I’m glad you asked. In Shanghai. It’s 2020. Wow. In comics it’s 1910.

Okay, so it’s around that range. No, that’s not the important part. The important part is that Shanghai is $110 higher. Okay. Comics is in the process of becoming irrelevant. Like I’ve been saying for four or five months, they don’t have the medal, they’re not delivering. They’re forcing cash settlement. They had a great deal of trouble with delivering on the June silver contracts that were done in July had a lot of trouble.

Now there is like, I think three months where nothing in the way of gold and silver has come into the comics. It’s only going out. I think it’s just a matter of time before we get some lawsuits against the comics. And I’m just going to put out an idea. It’s not crazy. It’s a speculation of an unusual type. There’s going to be a false story about the comex, like an interruption of their electricity supply and they have to turn off the lights.

That makes sense. And it goes dark. And then the whole globe starts to look like I’ve been saying for three months, to the 15 different cities that are going to be major what do you call it, decentralized nodes for selling gold, multipolar gold windows. Johannesburg, singapore, shanghai, moscow, geneva, riyadh. Tehran, delhi, mumbai, dubai. Dubai is going to be ten times bigger, ten times bigger than it is right now.

I got clients who tell me, jim, they’re expanding the Dubai gold window by tenfold. It is to buy gold. Okay, let’s talk about solution here. The only solution we have here, honestly, is to buy gold and silver. Now. Well, yeah, that’s it. Forget and I’m with you, I’m talking to my audience. But hold on. But that is really the only solution. What’s your thoughts on crypto, XRP, all that stuff? Okay, if you’re looking for your central core for protecting yourself, remember it’s gold and silver.

But why? Well, the Constitution says it’s money. We now have an unconstitutional dollar since 1971. Has anybody noticed? And we got a big problem that’s in a climax, has anybody noticed the root cause? No. They blame it on all kinds of other goofy things. It’s because we got off the gold standard. We had tremendous growth during the gold standard. We got off it for a lot of reasons that I don’t want to say, because trying to keep this clean.

If you want to protect yourself from the four sided collapse, big banks, treasury bond, US government debt and derivatives by gold and silver, let it be your core because you’re not going to believe how well they’re going to do. You’re not going to believe it. You could come out with your rosy optimistic estimate and I’ll come in there and triple it. Now, I said the core, Dave. Dave, the core on the side.

XRP, maybe theta. What is so special about XRP? Because Ron Partain loves it, and I’ve talked to a few other people that love XRP. Why? They say it’s because it’s a stable coin. The banks can trade in it. What does that mean? I have a different perspective from some of these people. I have my own way of looking at things, Dave, and I try to learn as much as I can.

Well, tell just you’re allowed to have your opinion. Let’s go. Okay. It’s going to have a quasi gold backing. By that I mean, by and large, it will be backed by gold. XRP. XRP. Now, what about bitcoin? No, I’m talking about XRP. You asked me about XRP. This is a hard answer. It’s not a 22nd answer. Okay, I won’t go on and on real long, Dave. Don’t coil up for punching me in the head.

By the way, I’ve learned a few moves in the last months preparing for any kind of encounter I have with you. So you better be careful. You’ll never see my punches coming, by the way. Okay, I don’t telegraph. Here is why I think XRP, there are two things, one inside the US and one outside the US. Why XRP will be so good, I’ll start with outside. After 2014 or so, the United States has sanctioned Russia and has given them a really bad time.

I don’t want to get into all the details, but they have basically said, you can’t use Swift. Okay? Now, the Russians have come out in July and said, if you’re going to continue to block Swift, we’re going to use wherever the situation calls for it, wherever it is expedient, wherever it is convenient to use, we’re going to use XRP. And I think that they found a backdoor to lift the gold price and do harm to the dollar, frankly.

Okay? That’s outside Russian usage of XRP where convenient, okay? Inside the United States, I told you before, we’ve already got a treasury bond blockade, rejection at Long Beach and numerous ports. Our typical payment device is like a three month treasury bill or a one month treasury bill, and they’re not taking it, Nino. They’re not taking it. And these foreign nations that ship to the United States are going to be in a position to say to the United States vendors, I’m talking about Walmart, Target, Staples, Office Depot, all these different companies.

If you want the input, you need to give us gold or a gold equivalent. We’ll take the gold Token and the United States will say, we don’t want that. The United States vendors will say, we cannot do the gold token. And Texas might, because Texas is leading the movement to join the bricks among the US nations, among the US states, which is really fascinating. Here’s the climax point.

The vendors are going to say, We. Will not pay you, you Asian and foreign nation suppliers, we will not pay you in gold token from the bricks. But we’ll compromise with the ah. Okay. And I believe XRP is going to save the US economy. Wow. Import, supply. Hold on. So you’re saying XRP can save the US economy? Yeah. And in order to do that, they’re going to have to increase the supply.

You said some really crazy statements, but I’m with you, Jim. I told you this is going to be a wild hour and I’m not letting you down. No, you’re not. We are about ready to hear the first vendor in the United States. So XRP to save US economy if it is widely used in the face of massive import obstruction. And that is exactly okay. So there you got it, folks.

Gold and XRP. That’s the answer here, according to Jim. Now here’s another angle. We might, as a nation with our leadership, be lying on our independence for oil provision. If that is true and we are lying and we’re short, I notice we’re already importing from Venezuela their oil. We’re doing things that just don’t make sense. According to the political book. Okay? If we are in a bad position for oil provision, oil supply, we’re going to be told by foreign nations, you got three choices.

We’ll sell you like, say, Nigeria. Nigeria is not our friend anymore, and neither is Indonesia. They might say, you got three choices united States, you can pay us in gold token, you can pay us in Chinese yuan, or you can pay us in XRP. It’s going to be one of those three. Wow. XRP is going to grow. Remember, the main theme of the BRICS is not the gold token, it’s de dollarize.

The Russians are going to use the ruble in the former republics and Eastern Europe. China is already using the Yuan, the Pacific Rim and South America and the Persian Gulf. But they don’t want nations to accumulate the Chinese government bonds. Iran is going to have, I think, something unique. We have peace that had broken out in the Gulf. It’s Iran. I call it persia. Often now I got a Persian client who said, Jim, call it Persia.

We’re Persians. Iran is a different name. We don’t like that. And notice that India is now calling themselves Barat right now. It’s right on the label at United Nations in certain diplomatic meetings. The point is that there are going to be numerous alternatives to the dollar, and the BRICS nations are going to entertain all of them. Their theme is D dollar. Their theme is no dollar usage and trade payment.

Their theme is get rid of your treasury bonds. And a lot of dumping of treasury bonds going to happen at Dubai and United Arab Emirates. And they invested $200 million nino in Crypto Foundation research. They’re ready for XRP. I did a client consult. This is amazing. I tell you, it floored me, Nino. It floored me. I’ve done over 600 client consults. This guy was Syrian, living in Oman, and liked to hang out in Bahrain.

Okay? He gets all over the you know, it’s like, I grew up in Pennsylvania and I went to work in Boston. I lived in Florida for a year. How’s that any was? Anyway, this Omani fluent English. Excellent English. He said, Jim, I got to tell you something. It’s about XRP. It’s being used all across the Persian Gulf. I said how? Wow. Give me example. And he said, Electric bill, phone bill, cell bills, cell phone bills, a lot of different things that are small, like utilities.

And he said, like things that cost 30, $50 a month. He said, they’re experimenting and it’s successful. Right on the bottom of your receipt, it says, this bill was facilitated by XRP. Then I said, okay, tell me more, tell me more. His name was Ahmad. My joke is they’re all Ahmad anyway. They’re not. I knew an Ahmad when I lived in Florida for a year. Great guy, a lot of fun.

Wild man. Anyway, this Ahmad in Oman told me, Jim, I have a friend, and he’s in charge of a construction big project, and the cement contract is settled in XRP. I said, So if it’s under, say, $10,000, this is probably a few thousand. He said, oh, yeah, this is a couple of it’s in XRP. So contractors are using XRP to settle within banks. It’s an experiment. Now, Nino, if it’s a success with the contractors, you think they’re likely to say, in a few months to France or Italy, you can pay us for your oil in XRP? It’s going to be a compromise.

It’s not going to be the gold token. It’s not going to be the dollar. It’s going to be something else. I don’t know who they is. The players and the technicians are going to play down that. It’s got a gold quasi backing. They’re going to play it down. Just use XRP. Don’t worry about the other don’t worry about gold or whatever. Use XRP. Save the US. Economy. Unbelievable things are coming.

Unbelievable. This has been an amazing broadcast. I’m going to put this on YouTube because this should do really well. So, Gold, you’re saying you said some crazy statements here. Gold to hit ten K and XRP to save the US economy. I’m making that the headline. Okay, let me give you some intermediate points for gold right now. I’ve been following okay, let me just put it this way. I got a guy named Joe.

Joe is in the Carolinas, and Joe watches the Shanghai gold price like a hawk. Four months ago, he said, Jim, are you aware that the Shanghai price went from 50 to 60 above comex? I said, hey, Joe, do me a favor. Every week or two, give me an update. Give me an update. You be the boots on the ground watching Shanghai. Well, a month ago, he said, Jim, it’s like $90.

Last week he said, it’s 110. It’s accelerating. Now. What’s going to happen when Shanghai is $250 higher than Comx? Comx goes dark. Nobody’s going to give a shit about comics because they don’t really have much metal in movement. Okay. I believe we’re going to see 15 multipolar nodes. I rattled off the various cities. I left out a few, probably Sydney, Johannesburg, if I left that out, Singapore, lots and lots of cities are going to have a gold window.

And Nino, this is part of the BRICS agenda. They want nations to create a gold window, and some are going to be more popular than others. I think Sydney, Australia is not going to be really big. Singapore will be joburg in South Africa. They will be shanghai is going to be monster. Moscow is going to be big. Geneva is going to be big. If Geneva doesn’t play along with them and Geneva keeps a low price, what are they going to do? The nations of the world are going to buy the cheap Geneva gold and sell it elsewhere for a $250 big a profit.

Okay, so Geneva is not stupid. They’ve never got to their position of power by being stupid. They’re going to join the bricks, if not in membership, then in practice. Let me say something. Japan is not a member of the BRICS, but Japan is doing everything according to the book agenda. Bricks, everything. And they got in trouble and they suffered some, let’s just say, political losses where certain leaders changed their address to a cemetery.

Right. Jeez, Jim, where can people find you? Right here. Right in my office. I’m right here. It’s goldenhyphenjackass. com. Goldenhyphenjackass. com, folks. Goldenhyphenjackass. com. This has been explosive. Really explosive. My bread and butter is the newsletter, but I also do consult calls. I just did number 600. I mean, everything you just told me, I’m already doing gold, silver and XRP. So I’m good, right? I would emphasize silver and not get too gold is going to fight the battle.

It’s going to break down the door and silver is going to fly through. Okay? And then you got all the different Tesla energy patents that are going to be part of the new American economy. And I’ve got clients who’ve already seen a demo of the Tesla clip. It takes a 500 watt output and makes it 50,000. Imagine now all across America, all across Europe, neighborhoods where 50 homes are powered by a Tesla motor, a device like the 15 minutes cities, and you could have a bank of them, and you can power a high rise building.

This is where we’re going. And that’s why a lot of powerful groups like Continental Edison, they don’t want this. Tesla demonstrated that you could light all across your lawn by using, I guess it’s the electrical current going through the earth energy is free. I got to tell you one thing. I did two different consult calls. One was with the son of a man. So his father this client who did a consult call, his father was a Roswell physicist in the 1950s doing reverse engineering right down the street from me.

Yeah, I have another client whose father worked side by side with Tesla. These consult calls are really quite gripping. One out of ten, one out of 20. Can we talk about that on Nino’s Corner TV? I’d like to share that with my audience. Sure. Just get me lined up in the next couple of days. Just tell me when Nino but I want to talk about that specifically. Yeah, okay, that sounds interesting.

I can go on for 20 minutes on each story. And by the way, there’s a guy who’s I don’t want to mention the name, so please help me out. Don’t mention the name, but there’s a guy who’s been given a lot of credit for relativity and E equals MC squared. And that guy was considered the dumbest shit in the room. Right. Tesla was the smart one. Yeah, Tesla’s.

Really? The guy that he is, like, head and shoulders above anybody that I’ve ever heard of. But there was a group of guys in Roswell, and this client’s father was one of the biggies really? Man, we got to talk about this. And he named names like Arnowic. Arnock. And I got to tell you, I’m an honest broker, Dave. I get accused once in a while. Oh, you’re making stuff up.

No, I don’t. I don’t make up anything. Everybody is prone to a little exaggeration with emotional content, but I didn’t quite understand the time travel. I didn’t understand the gravity waves. Okay? That’s what it was. What the heck is a gravity wave? How do you alter gravity to get a wave? What’s a tuning fork to get a gravity wait, and you could talk about this more thoroughly on the Nino’s Corner.

Well, yeah. Can we bring your friend on, maybe? No, he’s, like, 82, and he’s a very eccentric guy. Remember, he was a little kid in 1952? Right? So he’s ten years older than they were. Mainly German scientists. Correct. No, we had some American heavyweights. Really? Oh, yeah. And, besides, back then, we would not want a German physicist in the room. We wouldn’t know if he’s got some other loyalties for you ever heard of Valthor? Valfor? Val Thor.

I mean, that’s amongst I don’t know about I’ve talked about that with Laura Eisenhower and a few other people. About this. This is not my math. Yeah, this goes more into, like, the conspiracy route, but let’s keep it financial. No, it’s not conspiracy. It’s physics. No, what I was about to bring up okay, I have a reason to believe that it can. I’m a mathematician, practicing economics and finance analysis, and I am always eager to learn about science.

You wouldn’t believe what I did. I went skiing in Vermont and western Maine like 30, 40 times. And on the off day, I’d read Scientific American. What are you going to do this afternoon? Well, I’m going to read about enzymes. Don’t get sick. No, I’m just saying, I am healthy. I’m not talking about how, I’m just talking about vitamins, nutrients. All right. I want to talk about the rest of this type of stuff on TV.

Okay? But as for now, people can reach you@goldenhypingjackass. com. Sign up for the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter. Get informed and get prepared because we’re in for a rather interesting, intriguing, dangerous and confusing storm. Good enough. Thank you so much, Jim, Willie, for joining me. It’s been fun. Like always, Dave. And take care of yourself. What kind of temperature do you have in El Paso? Oh, right now it’s lower 80s.

It’s nice. Does it get over 100 every single day? No, like in July? Yeah, they did this last couple of months, but honestly, that’s rare. And usually it sticks around 90s because I got a buddy in where was it? I think. Oh, san Antonio. He said, jim, it was over 100 like ten days in a row. Yeah. And it’s humid over there, so that sucks. But it’s not humid in El Paso, so I’d rather take the dry heat over the humidity any day.

Oh, me too, except you get the pin pricks. Yeah, it’s not bad, man. Not bad. Maybe El Paso has got a big, like, a wind. No, but we have bad dust storms, so that sucks. The dust storms here are terrible, okay? The fine granules of sand just blow every sucks. Oh, yeah. You need something over your face? No, fuck that. Never. Well, I used to put a bandana when I was skiing.

I had a bandana over my nose. Because you get lip burn. I’m a big skier. I was a skier in New England. I can’t ski, I tumble. I’m too big. If I fall, man, it’s an avalanche. Right. Well, you’re the guy we’d look out for. Uphill. Get out of the way. You don’t want me skiing, and you don’t want me surfing. I’ve been knocked on my ass by New Yorkers more than I can say in New England skiing.

So that’s why I went farther north. All right. All right, Jim. Take it easy. All right. Bye now. Thanks. .



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