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The United States economy is teetering on the edge of a precipice, with many factors converging to signal the imminent collapse of our current debt-based financial system. Decades of unbridled government spending, soaring national debt levels, and the lure of easy credit have resulted in an economic behemoth poised to tumble headlong into the abyss of devaluation and default. 

As a commentator dedicated to unearthing the truth about silver, gold, and the broader economic picture, I write about the importance of understanding the path ahead and preparing for what will come.

Our current marketplace is characterized by deep-rooted manipulation, where factors such as the ten-year bond yield, currently sitting at 4.448%, epitomize the distortions rampant within our financial architecture. This yield, while reflective of investor sentiment and economic forecasts, is also a byproduct of the Federal Reserve’s heavy hand in the markets – a hand that is seemingly tightening its grip as the velocity of the money ratio continues its rise, indicating a quickening with regards to the circulation of money within the economy. 

Combine this accelerating velocity with a shrinking Federal Reserve money supply, and the outcome is clear: inflation, which eats away at the dollar’s purchasing power.

Individuals must look toward asset preservation when the dollar continues losing its buying strength, evidenced by the persistent increase in consumer prices. The time-tested resilience of precious metals like gold ($2357.71/oz) and silver ($28.61/oz) is a bastion against such financial erosion. 

As the dollar’s purchasing power wanes, these metals have traditionally maintained their true worth, thus securing your wealth’s longevity in a volatile world.

Gold, often overshadowed by its lustrous counterpart, holds immense potential in both industrial and monetary fields. With the rapid advancement of technology requiring more and more silver for its conductive properties and its historical monetary status, this metal is undeniably a valuable asset. 

The premiums currently observed on physical silver continue to indicate scarcity and robust demand, a surefire indicator of its sound investment potential.

Gold, on the other hand, remains the epitome of wealth preservation. Given current spot prices, it becomes imperative to view this noble metal not as another commodity but as a currency itself—one without the constraints of national borders or the whims of fiscal imprudence.

Moving forward, we must acknowledge other precious metals such as palladium ($982.257/oz) and platinum ($1036.91/oz). These, too, offer avenues for diversification in a robust asset preservation strategy. The growth of catalytic converters in the automobile industry and potential technological breakthroughs promise a buoyant future for these metals.

This diversified approach to precious metal investment extends beyond a mere hedge against inflation – a strategy of self-reliance and foresight. 

Pre-1964 coins, or junk silver, could serve as a viable medium of exchange in a post-collapse scenario, a stark reminder of the importance of holding assets with intrinsic value.

The existence of market manipulations is no conspiracy theory; it is a stark reality. Political interference has morphed many Western economies into distorted versions of the free market, sacrificing efficiency for short-term gains. 

These manipulations manifest in suppressing precious metal prices through paper derivatives, creating a schism between their true value and market price. Understanding this discrepancy is crucial for investors looking to protect and grow their wealth.

But precious metals are just one piece of the puzzle. The need for self-sufficiency extends to everyday necessities. In a liquidity crisis, ordinary citizens may suddenly find basic services and goods in short supply. Here is where the true survivalist mentality comes to the fore, advocating a preparedness encompassing food, water, energy independence, and precious metals.

Why Silver Now?

While some may pursue digital currencies such as Bitcoin (currently at $61,600.3), it’s essential to understand their place in an uncertain future. Not bound by physical form, Bitcoin offers a decentralized alternative to the traditional banking system. However, its inherent volatility demands that one approach this asset class cautiously and as a complement rather than a substitute for physical precious metals.

The oil market, with crude at $78.44, also tells a story of a world moving toward energy uncertainty. Oil’s rising price highlights the urgency for energy independence and investments that rely on something other than a fragile energy infrastructure.

As we monitor these various indicators, from the job market to housing trends, we must remain keenly aware that the time to act is not tomorrow but today. 

The encroaching signs of an economic downturn suggest that the US economy is being systematically dismantled due to fiscal ineptitude and monetary malfeasance. Thus, the prudent investor has no choice but to seek refuge in the solidity of real assets.

To conclude, we mustn’t disregard these harbingers of economic upheaval as a society. The writing on the wall becomes ever clearer: our debt-saturated, fiat-based currency system is sprinting to its eventual exhaustion. 

I urge you to take decisive action, securing your wealth in solid assets like silver and gold. 

By understanding the interplay between our manipulated markets and the unwavering value of precious metals, you can navigate this treacherous financial landscape to a position of security and strength.

Be not deceived – be prepared ~ Silver Savior (why is silver the most undervalued financial asset in the world) 

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* Note: We are not giving advice; we only give our opinion; we are not financial advisors. This article only represents our thoughts about the economy.



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Gold palladium platinum Silver silver continue to indicate scarcity suppressing precious metal prices

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