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As a seasoned commentator on the intricacies of the gold and silver markets, with over three decades of expertise, I stand witness to the seismic shifts that shape our economy. Today, we stand on the precipice of an inevitable collapse, one driven by an unsustainable cycle of debt and deficit. The current signs are unmistakable; our economy is not merely faltering—it is being systematically dismantled.

The financial markets echo this sentiment, with spot market prices for precious metals signaling an increased demand for wealth preservation. As of now, gold is stalwartly priced at $2,181.22 per ounce, silver at $24.74, palladium at $1,010.95, and platinum at $906.24. Bitcoin stands at a price of $65,430.15, as diverse investors seek refuge in alternative assets. Meanwhile, the US 10-Year Bond Yield hovers at 4.269%, an indicator of growing concerns around government debt sustainability.

These figures are no mere numbers; they tell a tale of a global populace losing faith in paper currency. The unrestrained printing of fiat money has inflated the debt bubble to a near-bursting point, and history has shown us that such financial recklessness leads to currency debasement and economic turmoil.

Let us delve into the heart of the matter—the debt markets. Our government’s debt service has become a vicious cycle of borrowing merely to pay off interest, with the principal debt growing exponentially. This reality is manifest in the 10-year bond yield, signaling the cost of government borrowing and, by extension, the investor’s perception of credit risk.

When debt service consumes a significant portion of government revenue, as it does with the United States, allocation for productive public expenditure diminishes. It leads to crowding out private investment and encourages short-sighted fiscal policies, which further erode the dollar’s purchasing power.

Physical gold and silver have proven to be steadfast protectors of wealth through the tumult of history. Unlike paper currencies, their value does not hinge on the promises of governments. They are tangible assets that hold intrinsic worth. For instance, pre-1964 coins, made of 90% silver, have consistently held their value and are widely recognized as a prudent choice for preserving one’s purchasing power.

Beyond protecting wealth, physical precious metals serve as insurance against economic downturn. They are liquid assets, globally recognized and tradable, and do not carry counterparty risk like paper assets do. The decoupling of gold and silver prices from inflated stock valuations is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’ When that moment arrives, those holding physical metals will find shelter from the storm.

The signs around us are indicative of a deliberate economic decline—a policy-driven disaster that cripples free markets and promotes inefficient, non-reality-based results. Political manipulation distorts market outcomes, producing an illusion of stability that is as fragile as the debt-riddled foundation it stands on.

It is not just about numbers and yields; it’s about the understanding that our economic system is enmeshed with political machinations that disrupt natural market efficiencies. Central banks across the globe have embraced low to negative interest rate policies, distorting investments and leveraging future generations.

Remembrance of historical lessons propels us towards a survivalist approach. The impending liquidity crisis, sparked by a collapse in the US debt markets, is not a question of possibility but when. When the time comes, only those who have diversified their holdings into solid assets will weather the ensuing chaos.


In preparation for this eventual collapse, I recommend a proactive approach. Gradually accumulate physical gold and silver, focusing on small denominations that would be useful in a barter economy. Store these assets in a secure, accessible location, and understand the market dynamics that affect their value. If you can manage it, livestock, arable land, and the skills to work it are also advisable.

In such challenging times, it is crucial to see beyond the facade of manipulated market results and understand that the true economy is screaming warnings. Take measures today to safeguard your future tomorrow, as we navigate these tumultuous waters that threaten to subsume our once stable financial habitat.

Economic preparedness is not just about risk aversion—it is a strategy to emerge resilient in whatever tomorrow may bring. Precious metals are not just commodities; they are a lifeline in a world adrift in unpayable debt and wildly printed money.

As we move forward, my weekly articles will continue to provide critical insight into the financial markets, housing, automobiles, and employment landscapes, and most notably, the physical markets for silver and gold. Monitor these realities closely, and let prudence be your guide.

In conclusion, remember that true wealth is not in paper promises but in tangible assets that can withstand the caprices of economic mismanagement. Adopting a survivalist mindset is no longer a choice but a necessity. The time to act is now, before the tides turn and sweep away the unprepared.

Be not deceived – be prepared ~ Silver Savior

* Note We are not giving advice, only our opinion, We are not a financial advisor. This article represents our thoughts about the economy only.



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