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As the age-old adage goes, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Never has this been more relevant than in our current economic backdrop. With over three decades of experience in studying the metals markets, I’ve come to recognize the warning signals that precede an economic tempest. However, before we delve deeper into the impending storm, let’s ground ourselves with the latest market prices as of our knowledge cutoff:

– Gold: $2007.89 per ounce
– Silver: $22.973 per ounce
– Palladium: $955.537 per ounce
– Platinum: $899.84 per ounce
– US 10-Year Bond Yield: 4.33%
– Bitcoin USD: $52313.79

In a financial world where the U.S. government’s ballooning debt has become a leviathan, threatening to engulf the nation in default, understanding the telltale signs of economic decay is paramount. The ten-year Treasury yield, currently seated at 4.33%, signifies the growing skepticism investors harbor about the U.S. debt’s sustainability. When debt service becomes a game of musical chairs with exponentially increasing borrowing, the music nears its inevitable stop.

Amid these troubling times, the precious metals market remains a beacon for those looking to preserve their wealth. The intrinsic value of gold and silver, unmarred by debt and untarnished by the fickle printing presses of currency, offers a true safe haven.

Notably, silver – often termed the ‘democratic metal’ for its affordability and widespread utilization – presents a compelling case. With industrial demand soaring, especially in green technologies and electronics, silver’s fundamental outlook is robust.

Political maneuvering and market manipulation do not stop with base metals – they extend into all facets of our economy. The so-called ‘free market’ is a misnomer in the Western world, as central banks and governments direct the ebb and flow of capital with an iron hand disguised in a velvet glove. Market outcomes are skewed, efficiencies are lost, and the everyday citizen grapples with non-reality-based economic consequences.

The push for asset-backed currencies grows from this discontent. A system of money underpinned by real value, not empty promises or ever-increasing debt ceilings. This is not a romantic retreat to times gone by but a pragmatic step towards a sustainable financial future.

Survivalism is not paranoia but preparation. Preparedness is a core philosophy we must embrace wholeheartedly. The liquidity crisis, a symptom of the debt market’s collapse, signals the dire need for assets that can withstand market volatility and inflationary pressures. Pre-1964 coins, colloquially known as junk silver coins, are an underrated treasure in this regard. Their silver content stands as a testament to their value preservation capabilities.

We must courageously face the reality that the U.S. economy is not merely stumbling but may well be on the brink of deliberate disassembly. The signs are there – the staggering debt, the loss of purchasing power, the overreach of monetary policy.

And so, my recommendations come with an urgency that mirrors the gravity of our times: diversify with solid assets. Convert a portion of your wealth into physical gold and silver. With the current spot prices reflective of both anxiety and opportunity, the market is ripe for considered investment. But let us not stop there; other precious metals like palladium and platinum, though seen less in the limelight, carry their worth and potential.

In our survivalist spirit, we must also focus on self-reliance. Grow what you can eat, learn skills that offer independence, and remember, the truest asset in any collapse is knowledge – the understanding that wealth is not just what you hold but what you know.

Protecting one’s personal wealth through precious metals is more than a financial tactic; it is a political statement. It is an act of regaining control from a system that feeds on indebtedness and eroded liberties.

In conclusion, as we forge ahead through these uncertain times, prudence, vigilance, and a return to tangible value hold the key to weathering the squall. Let us embrace the wisdom of our ancestors, investing in what is enduring and true, for therein lies the path to financial solace and sovereignty.

* Note We are not giving advice, only our opinion, We are not a financial advisor. This article represents our thoughts about the economy only.




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