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➡ This discussion on globalfreedomtv.com involves host Scott Bennett and guest Stephen Pigeon. They discuss the current state of American leadership, suggesting the president is mentally unfit for office and poses a national security risk. They also delve into historical events, including World War I and II, and the role of Jews in Germany, leading to the creation of Israel. Lastly, they criticize the concept of fiat currency and monopolies, arguing they lead to economic instability and unfair market conditions.
➡ Hungary had a plan to move Jews out of concentration camps during World War II, but the plan fell through due to financial issues and intervention from Swiss Jews. The article also discusses the corruption and political manipulation in various countries, including Canada, Russia, and Ukraine. It mentions the impact of communism and Nazism on these countries, and how they have shaped their current states. Lastly, it talks about a film showcasing the war zones in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict there.
➡ The article discusses the political and social tensions between Russia, Ukraine, and the West. It suggests that Ukraine might switch sides from being at war with Russia to becoming its ally due to manipulation by the West. The article also discusses the idea of using Ukrainian men as mercenaries to secure the U.S. southern border. Lastly, it criticizes the U.S. government, accusing it of being at war with its own people and allowing the country to be looted.
➡ The author believes that the U.S. government is failing its people by not fulfilling its duties and instead causing harm. They argue that the government is trying to control and destroy various aspects of American life, from the economy to the family unit. The author also criticizes the government’s spending habits, accusing it of wasting money on foreign aid while neglecting domestic issues like homelessness and border security. Lastly, they express concern over the government’s promotion of certain social issues in schools and its potential for violence against its own citizens.
➡ The text discusses the potential decline of the British monarchy due to Prince Charles’ health and the lack of public interest. It also talks about the possible downfall of the U.S. economy due to the decreasing value of the dollar and the rise of digital currencies. The author suggests that people might start rejecting the dollar and opt for other forms of payment, leading to a shift in the financial system. Lastly, the text mentions the possibility of constructing a tunnel under the Bering Sea to connect Alaska and Russia, which could revolutionize global freight traffic.
➡ Russia is making cities in Siberia more important and Alaska is planning to build a road and railroad to connect with Russia. This will make shipping goods to Europe faster and cheaper. There’s also a discussion about the history and location of the holy land, suggesting it’s not where people think it is. Lastly, there’s concern about the conflict in Palestine and a call for international help to provide aid and rebuild the area.
➡ The text discusses the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, particularly focusing on the situation in Gaza. It suggests that the world needs to intervene and establish Gaza as an independent state, free from Israeli control. The text also criticizes the United States’ role in global conflicts and suggests that it should be removed from the UN Security Council. Finally, it proposes a reformation of the United Nations or the creation of a new international organization to ensure equal representation for all nations.
➡ The text discusses the belief that the U.S. government is betraying its citizens by allowing illegal immigrants into the country. It suggests that a major shift is coming, possibly due to the impact of Covid-19 vaccines and the rise of new currencies that could replace the dollar. The text also criticizes various U.S. government agencies, accusing them of waging war against Americans. It ends with a call for prayer and a reminder of the importance of justice, mercy, and humility.


Blessed be the Lord, my strength, who teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. This is great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. Scott Bennett, your host with Stephen Pigeon, the great orator, legal mind, historian, spiritual sojourner, the great Dr. Stephen Pigeon. Stephen, it’s good to have you on again. There’s so much happening. There’s a few things I wanted to get to, one video in particular and a subject matter.

But before we do, let’s get your opening. Salvador. Stephen Pigeon. Well, Scott, we have arrived at a very interesting point. Let’s call it a post CARLSon world might be a good way to put it. But since Tucker Carlson made his statement at the tennis court, if you will, we have seen that the world is shaping in a new direction. For one thing, it became very keenly aware, the american public became very keenly aware of what an intelligent leader looks like compared to one that is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

As long as you have only one side of the coin being shown, well, people can try to pretend, well, that’s kind of normal. Well, it isn’t normal. The president is suffering from a major intellectual deficit. And as a consequence, there has been a lot of discussion, including the attorney general raising the issue of West Virginia, raising the issue to Kamala Harris, raise the 25th amendment. It’s incumbent upon you, we’re calling on you to do it.

And it is a point, I mean, really, Biden is a national security risk at this point. And, you know, where it really came down to was he was accused by the special prosecutor of suffering from dementia. And he tried to defend himself and he couldn’t defend. He, you know, basically said Alcisi was the president of Mexico. He’d met with cetera, et cetera. He couldn’t remember his way out of a wet paper bag.

So it was hard evidence that he is incompetent to serve. Now, there’s no question. And anything that goes on from here is arguably, I mean, arguably, his signature on any bill right now is the signature of a mentally incompetent individual and has no force of law. If he’s mentally incompetent, it’s got no force of law. So we’re really in a national security crisis where that is concerned. And so that is really kind of top priority is what’s going to happen in the United States.

And in addition to that, we see the world unfolding in really, I think, in many ways, many positive ways are happening now as a result of the russian transaction. For one thing, that was disclosed in the Carlson interview is that one pipe of the Nordstream pipeline is still functional and could transit natural gas into Germany. If Germany is interested in shrugging off the zombies and golems that it has running its nation right now, and all these children of Nazis that are running Europe who really look, the nazi foundation was a reactionary foundation to the rise of talmudic communism, and it was going to resist to its best ability this overthrow of the world by this group of people.

And it did. But the nazi ideology in itself is a bankrupt ideology. It is an ideology that is wholly dependent upon making war in order to. Let me put a polish on that. It is an adrenaline political religion. It’s an adrenalized war aggression, action like you just said. But as all adrenaline know, this german impulse out of the Weyermar Republic and the treaty of Versailles and all that faded, there should have been a peaceful the, let me put it this way, in the conspiratorial realm, there’s an interesting parallel to the persecution of Germany.

But I think the most profound, and this came in a conversation I had with Dustin Nemos, was related to World War I, when the Germans and the British were just starting to really fight. Maybe six months in, and the Germans said, timeout. Let’s have a stalemate. Let’s go back and agree to go back to as things were before hostilities broke out and just start from there. And the British actually agreed and thought it was a good idea and the Germans were the ones proposed it.

But the Jews from Germany had agreed to bankroll, and you can correct me on any of this, had agreed to bankroll the british World War I aggression against Germany if they guaranteed them the Israel Balfer agreement, real estate that later turned into the 1948 Israel. Right. That was the betrayal of Germany by the Jews in Germany going to the British, convincing the British to fight, and the Jews would pay for it in exchange for Israel.

And Germany felt betrayed by the Jews because of that, because Germans had brought the Jews in after, I don’t know, the russian pogroms or whatever, you had certain persecutions or whatever that may have been. I’m not an expert in that part of history. But the Jews had left Russia and went to Germany, and then they had turned like the scorpion and the frog, stabbed Germany in the back for betting on England to win and then betting on England to give them the state of Israel.

Stephen, I’ll hand it to you to correct me on any of that or concur. That’s correct. This is Theodore Herzog and the protocols of Zion. And the idea was to create a zionist state at any cost. This was a conclusion made in the late 1890s, and then that agenda was going to be furthered. And of course, there were a number of reasons concerning this. One is that they believed they had the bankroll sufficient to be able to pull it off.

They had the money. And again, at the heart of this kind of radical Talmudism is what they call babylonian money magic, which is the license granted to you by a given sovereign state to counterfeit its currency, and a fiat currency as a monopoly. In other words, I’m going to grant you monopoly to counterfeit our currency, and you get to charge interest on top of that currency that you counterfeit.

This is babylonian. You can call it babylonian money, money magic if you want. I call it just simply criminal activity. It’s criminal counterfeiting. And by putting in a fiat currency, the fiat currency immediately becomes the underlying agent provocateur for all destruction that takes place thereafter. Because someone has an unlimited control and supply of that fiat currency, not you. It’s a banker that has an unlimited control of that currency, and he can push that currency into anything.

And when he pushes the currency into something, it becomes capable, because the currency is widely accepted as the lingua franca of all commerce. And so this is the singular biggest problem with this kind of counterfeiting. Now, first of all, monopolies have always been anethema to the british common law. This is a long standing offense that the British. It’s a mala prohibited, if you will. But the British have always stood against the idea of allowing monopolies to rise because they arise against the public interest.

That’s what they. That, let me just ask, is a quick segue without too far. Isn’t that what the. McDonald, Douglas, Raytheon Military Industrial complex, Booz Allen, Hamilton, Lincoln Group, all of these contractors, aren’t they a monopoly? A confederation monopoly, but a confederation monopoly, if you will. All working to the overall, throwing logs on the fire of war, just in conflict and disturbance and trouble to generate industry. And it just seems to me that’s the one part that should be completely nationalized without contractors at all, if possible.

Well, the problem is that if you do not provide for a mandatorily competitive environment, then things are destined to fail, because a monopoly will secure the market, has a fixed demand, and then can increase the price inordinately because you’ve got nowhere else to go. In a true market economy, when that price starts to accelerate, alternatives would immediately arise to displace the monopoly organization and create more competition. Now, when you lead into World War II in the United States, what did we have? 40 car companies building in the United States, from Hudson to Packard to Studabaker to Willys to Pontiac to Oldsmobile to Ford to dodge to Chrysler, et cetera.

They were company on company on company on company, and they were all building very competitive and beautiful cars. Even during the Great Depression, all of that was converted over into the military industrial complex after the flag was agreed upon at Pearl harbor to drag the United States into both the conflict in the Pacific and in Europe. And, of course, this was orchestrated between, again, bankers. But going back to the zionist movement, it’s very important to recognize the push of Herzog in the 1890s and what was being done and how they had manipulated a Balfort into the Balfort declaration, which was done on behalf of roadshield.

It’s a Rothschild letter. In fact, David Abalfor wrote to Rothschild and said, dear Lord Rothschild, we have submitted your plan for the creation of the nation state of Israel to parliament. And parliament has approved it. This was in 1924, following World War I. Now the manipulation is going to continue because this same group of radical Zionists in Europe would then engineer the Holocaust. There was a point where a broker in Hungary had worked out a methodology to get the Jews out of the concentration camps.

The concentration camps were work camps. They were slave labor work camps, but that’s what they were. And they had brothels, they had soccer fields, they had a lot of amenities, according to Jim Fetzer’s work. Yeah, well, the big problem was that as Germany ran out of money, they ran out of food. And as they started running out of food, the first place to get hit with a budget was the work camps.

And so you see, all these people, they found them in skeletonic form because they were feeding them bowl of rice a day or something. I don’t know what it was, but it was something minimal under these circumstances. There was a brokerage that worked out a deal to have all the Jews shipped out of the concentration camps, I think for $24 a person. 24 Reich person. Reich Smart. And instead of what happened, the Jews intervened out of Switzerland and said, no way, that deal is dead on arrival.

And by the time they got the deal recreated, it was 27,000 marks a person, expatriate Jews, out of the concentration camps. And there were many times when the United States could have accepted german jewelry and polish jewelry, but you have to remember that in the Holocaust, the lion’s share of the Jews that were killed in the Holocaust were in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Ukraine in particular, Stefan Bandera, executed Jews with a vengeance.

And most of the videos and most of the photographs that you see of Jews being lined up in ditches and mass shot and women holding babies being shot with a single bullet, most of those photographs were taken in Ukraine by banderites operating under the SS as affiliates of the Reich. And so you’re right about this, that this whole manipulation that took place, and we see the same thing happening here.

Ukraine had a deal at the table with Russia. Right off the bat. When this thing broke out, there were russian troops in Kiev and Ukraine had a deal on the table. Boris Johnson, right? Boris Johnson, who has got, I think, maybe one or two points of iq more than Liz Truss, who the Scottish labeled a flipping Egypt. Yeah, so he’s right in the Egypt range. Well, he left government and became, what? A multi, multimillionaire? He didn’t become that.

He became that multimillionaire while he was in government. And where do you think that funding came from? And that’s pfrom. Where do you think that funding came from? Pf. R-O-M. Yeah, that’s where it came from. Him and Yacinda Arden in New Zealand and Escomo in Australia, and they all took direct money. Justin Castro, on the other hand, had an inside deal with the manufacturing of the jab in Vancouver.

He owned 40% of the company. That’s why it was incumbent upon him as the prime minister to order 4 billion doses for a country that had 39 million people. Oh, my God. Out of his own company. Right out of his own. Shouldn’t he be executed for that? Shouldn’t he be given a firing squad? Where was the mean? That right there, Stephen, is descent into just complete chaos. Well, until you unwind the practice of pedophilia in Canada, you’re never going to unwind the corruption in parliament.

That’s the bottom. And so that’s the truth of that. So when we go back to look at this whole idea of what took place in the formation of World War I and then the formation that would lead into World War II, Nazism is an absolutely failed ideology, and it fails. Communism lasts a little bit longer. Communism is a little bit slower. Cook on the burner. But communism ultimately fails, too.

It only lasts as long as other people’s money is in the mix. Then it’s gone. It has an intrinsic failure contained within it. So Vladimir Putin can refer to the american model as well. We’re bourgeois now, he told Carlson. We’re bourgeois now. We’re bourgeoisie. We’re no longer proletariat. Right. Lumpin proletariat, as Karl Marx used to put it. These are lumpen proletariat. Well, the fact is that they were converted into a slave state.

The serfs that were under the tsar in a sophisticated system of nobility and serf, but a slave worker state under the tutelage of a very elite hierarchy of mostly Jews working on behalf of international bankers to control a slave state. Okay? Now, in fairness to the communist state, and I don’t want to be smashing all things russian because they were communists at the time, Russia went from an agricultural know, dominantly agricultural society that was barely able to arm itself in World War I to an industrial power coming into World War II as a direct result of the machinations of Stalin to force protocol on the Russians.

The building of dams, the building of industry, the building of factories, the building of munition stocks, the building of this, when he built the metro system in Moscow. You’ve been on the metro Moscow, have you? Yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s a beautiful system, right? Each metro station a work of art, not a speck of graffiti anywhere. But when you look at the metro system that was built with hand labor.

Yeah, pardon me, children were coming up with using wheelbarrows. Yeah. Well, let me show this video real quick because it talks about what is really going to be happening, I think, in the next few months in Ukraine, Crimea, Donbass, Donetsklensk. What’s going to be happening with the US money that they’re lobbying around, that I think the house is going to shut down and stop. But how this whole thing is materializing in Ukraine and in Gaza is going to be the most pressing foreign policy issues in 2024 that are going to feel like a bowling ball smashing into the unstable pins of the american economy and social stability.

The social stability in this country is about to go in some interesting, frayed directions. But let me play this. That sort of summarizes it, and it’s just a quick video, but there sounds. Just landed in Moscow. Walking through the airport. We’ll see what destiny delivers. The airport waiting, passport control. The passport officer took my passport and told me to wait. So I am waiting to see what they’re holding me up for.

Shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But just for the record, I’m waiting for their permission to pass through customs and enter Russia. We’ll see grizzly morning here in Moscow before we head off to Donbass, the war zones of Mariupol. See the devastation that american dollars and technology have wielded and the war crimes that they may have borne better was right there was my way, my way. Am I right? Am I God left you in love? Am I? I wonder you don’t.

So that is the video of the Don Bass film they’re going to be showing in the russian film time of heroes or something like that. It’s like five or six films, but that’s just part of it. There’s a lot of material. But, Stephen, I’ll hand it to you to get any comments you have on it. Go ahead. Well, I think it’s a great film, Scott, and it shows some very interesting things that I think are very important.

And of know, it’s such a shame that this war has happened, quite frankly, and it’s a shame that we haven’t been able to restore relations where they should be. And of course, we haven’t been able to restore relations because really, the criminal activity we’ve seen from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, et cetera, and Hillary Clinton, probably the most criminal element of them all, even more so than her husband having arranged uranium one and the sale of 40% of America’s uranium to Russia, taken $145,000,000 as a gift from Frank Giustra to the Clinton foundation for doing so, and then screaming russian collusion when Trump beats her because her failure to rig the election was overthrown by certain inside personnel, as we know, who flipped off the switches of their data rigging machines during the election night, which cost her the election.

And so anyway, that criminal behavior has resulted in Mariupol, that criminal behavior has resulted in the destruction of Donetsk, which continues, by the way, it continues. They continue to shell citizens and civilians, which is just, it’s behavior that is beyond the bounds. And again, it does reflect the psychology of the. So at any rate, Scott, so my impressions are, first of all, in Moscow, you failed to go to the Novi Arbat.

You didn’t go to Ismail. You stayed out of Kitai Garod. And did you go to Nova da Vicci convent to see the know, which is these are all great places to visit in Moscow. And of course, Red Square speaks volumes in and of itself. But I think there’s some things, again, when you’re in Moscow that you can see. I think you did go to Vukuzni and Tochka, right? The recipient, the new McDonald’s.

Did you go there, the replacement for McDonald’s? Well, we were in some very interesting Georgetown sort of areas of Moscow. We didn’t go into a McDonald’s. But if you’re referring to the russian brand. It’s not, it’s, it’s no longer McDonald’s. That was Tucker Carlson going to that. Yeah, the Russians took it over and now it’s the russian McDonald’s. But it’s different in character and all the rest of it.

Yeah. And the food’s better and the fries hold their taste. And guess what? The ice cream machine, the Morosha machine still works. That’s a joke. But anyway, but the thing is that to drive 12 hours to the Donbass, I think that in itself speaks something too, because it’s only a twelve hour drive from Moscow to Donetsk only. Right. And that is kind of illustrative of how close in proximity the place is and that whole area being involved in this war.

Now, I’ve got to say this, Scott, and I’ll say this to you before you go to Russia. There is something big afoot that’s going on that the bankers cannot control, which is that Ukraine is on the verge of a flip. And what’s going to take place is Ukraine is going to be at war with Russia until it’s not. And one day it’s at war with Russia and the next day Ukraine is its ally and says, enough of this.

We’ve been manipulated by the west. We got 500,000 dead. You’re our friends. They’re not just like the Germans. The Germans are going to flip. That’s right. They’re not our friends. They blew up our natural gas feed. That’s right. History went away. So they’re not our friends. The Russians are friends. They’re the ones that want to give us the cheap gas. Not these guys. Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, they’re all going to see the same thing.

Russia is doing well. These guys are going into depression. These guys are doing well. How is that happening? Yeah, these guys are chopping off the penises of their little boys and the breasts of their daughters. These are the ones eating bugs and worshipping fat clowns like Boris Johnson and environmental catastrophe and apocalypse and all of the hysterical circus matter going on in America right now with every form of sexual depravity and predatorial behavior and the civil war that’s arising and their flooding of their own country with the third world, if any nation would have stood up and had armed guards and men and tanks and helicopters creating a death zone 10 miles long, you would have thought it would be in the United States of America to say, no, no one comes across this border.

But yet you see what you see today, which is the rape of America. The rape of America that is going to be compounded and metastasized into millions of rapes of. And so. But I think as you see this begin to come in the front and center of the frontal lobe of the brain that all of a sudden there’s going to be a flip. And so anybody who’s dumb enough to put 50 billion or 60 billion or whatever the number is into the hands of a ukrainian army that is going to suddenly push Zelensky out and take the 50 billion and all the arms that you put in and go, hey, guess what? These are now aimed at you.

Thanks for the f 16s. What did you say? Poland is holding on to MiG 29s. Thanks for the F 16s with the nuclear weapons on board. Thank you. We got them now. Thanks. Now we’re on these guys team, and we’re facing you with them. Yeah. There’s nobody at the Pentagon who’s smart enough to even evaluate this system. They never, ever did. Lindsey Graham, for a moment think, what is the vested interest of the ukrainian national in this war? Well, the vested interest is Nazism.

I mean, that’s what it is. The willingness and the desire to exterminate russian speaking people from the quote unquote national grounds of Ukraine, which didn’t exist before the Soviet Union. Okay, so we’ve have to expel these russian speakers, and we’re not going to allow them to leave. We’re going to kill them. We want to eliminate them. We want to kill them. We want to have this bloodlust to impose the righteous ukrainian nazi regiment.

They don’t even know what they’re fighting for. They don’t even know why Stepan Bandera was ticked. They got no idea. It’s just like, oh, well, Bandera, he’s the hero. Glory to the Ukraine. Glory to the heroes. Let’s go do this. Let’s go kill some Russians. And people need to understand that the benderites in Ukraine and Kiev, we’re talking about long processions of firebrand, nightly parades very similar to the maneuvers in Germany.

These parades and these demonstrations of pride, these exhibitions of some tribal wolf pack, nostalgic historical delusion, greatly brainwashed and mkultra and mystically impregnated into the ukrainian mind from educational materials from the 1990s onward. CIA, Mossad, m I six, they were going in and dissecting the brain of Ukrainians. And the first coup d’eta was in 2005, 2006, when they first did the color revolution. And it struck me, I had buddies in the agency that were in Ukraine managing that election, and they stole it when they had a third round of votes, right? The first two, Yanukovych, I think the pro russian guy.

And then the last one, they switched it and turned it to that guy who had a bad complexion, looked like he had been poisoned, but his wife was a CIA mole operative. And that was the first coup d’eta. And then it happened again in 2014. And, what, $5 billion later, you’ve got -500,000 Ukrainians. Here’s the thing that would be wise to checkmate that maneuver, Steve, I think, is take out everything that you can from Ukraine and the men included, as they could have done, but they didn’t in Afghanistan.

Take out all the ukrainian men and just abandon the country and in a sense, populate them, sprinkle them, put them on assignment, put them on a three year contractor payment plan, and you just give them bread, water, food, and housing and whatever for three years like a mercenary contractor, and you sprinkle them throughout the southern border zone, and you have them managed by teams. They’re not rogue Indians because you can’t trust Ukrainians.

They’re crazy and russian slavic fighters, and they’re good and they’re tough, but they are a little bit mentally out there, but they are a hard nut. And they would be the perfect counterbalance to the cartel infection of the latino haitian voodoo, third world Africans and Central Americans and South Americans coming up through the border. You stop them at the border. You have a buffer zone. You have ukrainian mercenaries out of Ukraine over here, and that would nullify what you’re describing, which is the Ukrainians being left over there turning against us interest and european interests for who knows how many reasons.

But I think that’s the next thing to develop, is the southern border economic zone. It’s got to be a sponge area to absorb all of these people and draw them out from where they’ve been deposited over the last two years and send them back down there through economic enhancements and citizenship, promissory plans for, okay, you can be there, but for five years, you’ll be tracked on that level, but you’re also not allowed to leave the southern border zone.

If you’ve come into this country illegally, if you’re not going to kick them out and send them back to wherever they came from and who knows where, you got to create bait and get the rats coming down there and then containing them there. And then the next step is the next step. Well, I like the sort of vegan plan for the mexican border, which is basically, you put up a wall right at the borderline.

Then behind that wall, you go back 100 yards and you dig a large trench that’s about 20ft deep with straight walls and about 20ft wide, and then you go back another 100 yards and you dig another trench that’s similar to that. And then you put up a 40 foot wall behind that, and in between those trenches, you line them with landmines. Now, there’s no one crossing the border, period.

And you put up your guard towers, armed guard towers, within regular sites, and that’s it. There’s no one crossing that border. There’s no one sneaking over that fence, there’s no one doing anything. And you know that once you cross the first fence, you have entered into United States territory and it’s clearly marked. This place is absolutely littered with landmines. You’re not going to survive. And if you do survive the mines, you’re going to fall in that trench.

And if you fall in that trench, we’re going to shoot you when you come out of it. Presto. Border is closed. The border is closed. I don’t have to put up a pretend fence, I put up that kind of a line. The border is closed. It’s that simple. That’s how you defend a border. We’re not going to do that because we have a vested interest in that border being opened.

People don’t understand that the american government is at war with the american people. They’re at war with the american people. They want to destroy America. They want to destroy us. Why? Because they’re looting America. And this looting is going on with people snickering in the sidelines. These Americans are so stupid, they don’t even know they’re being looted. It’s like somebody with his hand in your wallet who’s just emptying your wallet while he’s talking to you with his hand in your pocket and you don’t feel it.

Come on, people have to wake up and smell the coffee. America is at war with its people. And I’ve done a number of discussions about this in Radio free Alaska on my telegram channel, and I’ve talked about the fact that the United States government is in breach of every trust that has been given to it as a federal government. They’re in complete breach. Every duty they have, which the fundamental duty is to determine the intent of the american people and work to their best ability to further that intent.

They are instead at war with us. They want to lock us down, they want to put us in quarantine. They want to shoot us up with deadly dna encrypted. Faxes. They want to engage us. They want to get us into a war. They want to completely destroy our military. They want to destroy our economy. They want to destroy our culture. They want to destroy our society. They want to destroy our children.

They want to destroy our families. They want to destroy our foreign relations. They want to destroy our alliances. They are at war with every last aspect of the american body politic. Yes, that’s who they are. And I don’t care what kind of rhetoric comes out of their mouth. The scripture says, you shall know them by their fruits. Look at them and see what they’re doing. This impeachment of the DHS secretary, for instance, this is all show no go.

Oh, the House impeached him. Well, good for you. The traders in the Senate are not going to do anything. The traders in the Senate want to give a huge multi billion dollar package to Ukraine and a multi billion dollar package to the furtherance of genocide in Gaza, and not one dime for protecting the southern border. Not one dime. And they’re expecting these traders to turn around and say, yeah, we’re going to protect the border.

Look, when we talk about reformulating the government, we need to redefine the rule of treason. Now, as you know, under article one, I believe it’s section nine, might be article two. Article one, section nine talks about the fact that you cannot take on a title of nobility from foreign country, right? And the original 13th amendment gave teeth to that section saying, if you do, you lose your american citizenship, and you cannot hold a job that needs to be written into the constitution as the treason amendment.

If you take on the citizenship of another country, move there and don’t come back because your citizenship is revoked in America, move there and don’t come back. But as a certainty, no one should be holding dual citizenship. Sitting in the mean, that is, that is serving two gods. That is conspicuous treason. And some of these people have a fundamental loyalty to Israel and not to the United States, including members of the State Department and the Defense Department and the Pentagon, whose loyalty is directed straightly to Israel and secondarily to America.

The only loyalty they have to America is how much money can we get out of the pockets of these people? But they’re not picking our pocket anymore. They don’t care about our pocket anymore. They print, they don’t tax. They’re not spending your tax dollars. They’re spending a digital file that is created arbitrarily by somebody sitting at the Federal Reserve. How much do you need? You know, the Federal Reserve sent $16 trillion to european banks without any congressional approval, any notice to the federal government at all in 2008 to bail out european banks? Did you know that $16 trillion was sent directly into BNP Parabas and Deutsche bank, et cetera, to bail out european banks as a result of the 2008 crash? Yeah.

What do we care? So what? At that time, that was the total deficit of the United States, and they dropped it in one shot right into Europe. What do we care? We’ve got the currency. We can do whatever we want. All of that’s coming to an end now. And I want to point to the bright spots that are happening in the world. There’s lots of bright things that are happening in the world.

One is, of course, that the US is becoming more and more impotent. The deep state is becoming more and more impotent because the deep state is more and more corrupt and a corrupted individual ultimately will die. They’ll die from the corruption. They die from the rot. And this is what is happening. The DC is clearly rotting. It’s rotting from the inside out. And these parasites that call themselves congressmen, these parasites that call themselves bureaucrats, these people do not have the wherewithal to create real economies of scale because they don’t have that brain.

All they can think about is the rhetoric that comes out of their mouth that allows them to further loot the american public, that’s it. And if that means we have to go to war and kill 500,000 Ukrainians or we have to kill a bunch of women and children down there in Gaza, well, that’s what we have to do. It’s just war. What do we care? They don’t live where we live.

And then what about the homeless? What about the hundreds of thousands of homeless in the United States that they obviously don’t care one iota about? And the 6 million people that have come over the border since 2021, we don’t care one iota about that either. We don’t care about your county budget. We don’t care about your city budget. We don’t care about your state budget. We don’t care about your programs.

We don’t care about your healthcare. We don’t care about your universities, your school systems. Except to the extent that some tyrant Cisneros at the Pentagon can tell every school in the country that you have to promote transgenderism in kindergarten and you have to put pornography in the elementary schools for first graders. Right. Well, look, all of that amounts to a complete breach of trust. The government is not only tyrannical, it’s completely corrupt.

And it is completely in material breach of the social contract. They no longer have, nor do they seek the consent of the governor. They are imposing themselves upon the american people by force to the point that Joe Biden threatened Texas with f. Threatened the american public with f 15s. Really? You, the public servant, are going to threaten the people that put you in office with an f 16? Well, now the prosecutor says, look, he’s got too much dimension to prosecute him.

He’s an old man with no memory. We can’t really prosecute him because he’s legally incompetent to be prosecuted. That’s what he’s saying. And yet every day that goes by, this legally incompetent individual has his finger on the nuclear button and can make decisions that say, yeah, go ahead and bomb women and children at the Rafa gate in Gaza. Yeah, go ahead and initiate a war with Iran. We won’t stop you.

Yeah, go ahead and bomb innocent civilians in Damascus and blow up some ports in Lebanon. Do whatever you feel like doing. Go ahead and sink another russian chick, and then we’ll see if we can give you another $60 billion to keep on that effect. But I can tell you, Scott, there are still good things happening. One thing that’s happening is the, you know, as you know, Britain rules the seas, except for that one time, namely now both aircraft carriers whose engines were built by Morris’s garage, MG.

And these engines. The unfortunate side of these engines is that they were only four cylinder engines, and you had to replace the carburetors if you expected the aircraft carrier to run. It’s an old MG joke, right? But the fact is that both the Prince of Wales and the Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carriers are disabled, not because they were struck by anybody. It’s just the British cannot build an engine that continues to function.

Thank goodness they’re not trying to launch the Titanic this year. Don’t trust any shipping that comes out of Britain because you may not get more than about 100 yards out of port before something breaks down and you see black smoke coming out of the back. Okay. And, of course, Rishi Sunak in Britain now is in deep, deep trouble. The Tories are no longer going to be able to hold power in Britain, and labor will go through the exact same thing the Tories are going through if they’re not completely responsive to the hundreds of thousands of unexpected deaths in Britain that was mandated by this Hancock fellow, Matt Hancock.

And if that guy is not hanging from a yard arm, then there is no justice in Britain at all. But here you can see these agitators, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Pat Hancock, who led the world into this condition now, because they were a bunch of crotch scratching jockeys that thought they were so, oh, so smart and they knew what the situation was and they didn’t know anything. And Vladimir Putin called Boris Johnson and said, you know, we can put a missile on top of ten Downing street in a minute and 38 seconds.

Are you aware of that? I won’t be there. I’ve got a $38 million house paid for by you know who from pfrom that I’m going to go live in now. And so here you got it. Look, the circumstances, the fact that King Charles flew out of Buckingham palace off the roof in a helicopter, another significant marker off the roof in a helicopter. So Charles is really. He has entered into sickness unto death.

That’s what’s happened, and they’re admitting it slowly, but that’s what happened. All the people that claim Charles was the antichrist, I guess, are now wrong because he’s entering into sickness unto death. So there is going to be a new threshold, and the question is, William appears to be competent, but do the british people have the taste for a continued monarchy? Not in this condition, because there’s nothing heroic about them.

There’s nothing dramatic or theatrical or robust, there’s nothing. They’re flat, they have no effervescence. And it’s more historical, nostalgic roots that the British like to preserve that. And I know I’ve got relatives in Britain, the monarchy and the king and the queen. It carries the people who’ve lived between for the last hundred years, and some are still alive. But the monarchy has carried Britain into a sense of historical identity and fortitude of what they’ve endured and who they are and what the british empire was on a popular pop culture level.

Right? They’re not going to tell you the darker side of the empire, but that’s the reason they’ve kept it. And it takes them back to Henry, what is it? Henry the fifth or eigth or whatever it was. But I’ll tell you, all of those characters and all of those times were romantic, were victorian, were proper, we’re dignified, we’re Jane Austen, we’re however you want to. Great expectations, however you want to describe it, it was a better time.

Better time for families, better time for children, better time for the physical body and the health of the human being, better diet. There were no vaccines or medicines to this degree. They were beginning the insidious introduction of them, of course, but humanity was healthier. My grandfather lived till he was 96. He would have carried on if he hadn’t had some medical interference in the last days. Same with all relatives.

So I don’t see the monarchy lasting, Stephen, because there’s nothing worth preserving unless you have a complete sea change ideologically. And that could happen in a much smaller level. I foresee the old wineskin tearing with the new wine. I think we talked about this before, and the new wine is the new revelation, the new relationship, the new renaissance of peace through diplomacy. There you go. Diplomacy. Now, Scott, this is the news that I’m talking about that I think is good news.

Okay? I think that we’re seeing a failure in the west. The 700 point correction on the Dow recently is just. That’s the opening shot over the bow when they come to realize the true condition of the economy as a result of the dollar coming home to roost because the world has rejected it, because of the high heel wearers in the Pentagon. That’s why the world’s rejecting us. That once that is all seen, this market, once it starts to crumble, it’s going to crumble for good.

Because truth be told, all of the power that is executed in the United States is not executed at the point of a gun. It’s executed on the strength of the currency. And once that currency is rejected, that power begins to diminish. Now, Putin made this remark in his conversation with Carlson. He said, look, you guys are stupid. You weaponized your strength. You weaponized the number one thing you had to control the earth, which was the dollar, and you weaponized it.

And it was the dumbest move you could have ever possibly made because people would look for an alternative, and they have. Other countries have looked for dollar. Now, what’s ultimately going to happen in the United States is that people are going to begin to reject the dollar. The american public is going to reject the dollar. They’re going to say, you know what? I’m not going to take the dollar anymore.

You can pay me in crypto, you can pay me in, you can pay me this way, you can pay me that way, but do not pay me in the dollar because I’m not going to take the dollar. And the banks are going to try to seize everybody’s dollars. And if the banks seize so much as $1 from investors, people are going to walk away from the currency that much faster.

As soon as they do, the first set of bail ins coming in from these collapsing banks as Morgan takes, you know, collectivizes all the banking industry into a single bank. As they do this, as soon as they take those dollars, the people are going to leave those currencies. So they may leave a batch of worthless fiat currency that has nothing behind it now. Nothing. Zero. They may leave that basket of currencies in your hands.

Fine. You got those hands. You’re not trustworthy ever again. There’s never any time that I will ever entrust you with any of my wealth at any level, period. Ever. And I will teach my children and my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. Do not ever trust a banker. Not ever. Not ever. Not ever. Don’t you ever put anything there. Then you’re going to see a complete replacement in a digital world.

In a digital world that’s just going to say, we’re moving beyond that. We’re going out of here, we’re leaving that. We’re leaving that space. And this is already going on in Ukraine, by the way, the average Ukrainian who doesn’t want to get picked up by the draft, do you think they use bank cards? Do you think they use their smartphone? They use burner phones? They use Monero currency? They’re not participating in the ukrainian economy straight on in any respect.

In any respect. They’re not doing it. They have no digital identity that can be found by somebody trying to serve a subpoena to put you in a trench with a shovel to face russian artillery. And so, as a consequence, this is what is very likely to happen in America. You’re going to see a wholesale abandonment. And there will come a point, they’ll reach a trigger point. You’ll see a lot of people doing, oh, here’s people doing that.

People doing that. Here’s people over here doing that. And then there comes one day when everybody does it, that’s it. We’re done. And they just walk away, and they say, we’re not doing your currency anymore. And when Americans stop doing the talmudic, controlled fiat currency that has been raping us for 100 years, now, 110 years, when we get to the point where we say, that’s it, we’re not doing your currency anymore.

We’re done with it. We’re done with your rape. We’re done with your condition. We’re done with your looting. We’re done with you as a parasite here. I’m pouring salt on you now. Yes, I’m pouring salt on you, leech. Here you go. I’m pouring salt on you. And when this happens, then these leeches and these parasites fall off, and then the social fabric immediately begins to heal because they have no power except in their counterfeit currency.

That’s it. That’s the nutshell. And so this is why I think that what we’re going to see now, Scott, is we’re going to see a number of repairs that are going to take place. There’s going to be some massive repairs in terms of the freight traffic around the world. Have to adjust to no Suez Canal and no Panama canal. Wouldn’t it be great to have a train from Alaska to St Petersburg? It’s possible.

I was talking about that today on RFA. It’s totally possible. The Bering Sea, at its deepest point from the coast of Russia to the coast of Alaska, is only 50 miles. It’s 50 miles, and in between that is big diameter and little diameter island. So it’s possible to run tunnels under the bearing sea. The bearing sea is only 165ft deep at this point. So you could go down to 250ft or 300ft, which I think is about the depth of the Moscow metro system.

It’s about that far down. You could down about 300ft. You go right under the Bering Sea and you craft very strong tunnels and you craft tunnels that are like the Kirch bridge. That is to say, you’ve got two lane divided auto traffic, you’ve got two lines of train traffic, and you put your fiber optic and everything else in the middle of that tunnel, and it surfaces at big dime, crosses on a bridge to little dime, which is about a mile and a half.

Crosses on a bridge to little dime, then goes back down into a tunnel and then resurfaces around gnome. Now, this road is entirely possible. The road on the russian side is going to be long. It’s about 1500 miles from Yakutsk to the russian tip. But you got to remember that Sergey vite is the one who built the Trans siberian railway. And the Trans siberian railway in the 1890s, converted Russia.

It made Vladivostok a city that was relevant to Russia. It made Ohzk a city relevant. It made omsk, it made all of these cities in Siber relevant to Russia. And recently, Putin flew out to this Shutka region of Russia, which is this very point in the end of Siberia, to look over the turf. Okay, well, the turf is here. And we, as Alaskans are saying, yeah, let’s do it.

Let’s put a road in. And the road comes up out of Nome, runs across the Seward peninsula, follows along the Yukon river to Fairbanks, ties into the Alcan highway. Boom, we’re in. And the railroad will tie in the same way. Ties into the Alaska Railroad at Fairbanks, boom. We have rail traffic to ports. In addition to putting a port at the end of the Seward Peninsula, a port for traffic that is going to be using both the Trans siberian polar route and the Trans alaskan canadian polar route for shipping into Europe.

This cuts off some 15,000 miles from chinese goods crossing the Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal, 9000 miles from the route around the Suez Canal. That’s how much these two polar routes cut off. And so, yes, we will create the service port facility on the Seward peninsula. We know right where to put it, where there’s a Suez class or panamanian class vessel can port with no problem and exchange gear.

We already have an international airport that can handle everything. We’re just waiting for our proper partners like Aeroflot, to start flying into Anchorage. I don’t know what the problem is. We’ve got an airport that is the third busiest airport in the world. We’re only bested by Memphis and by Hong Kong. So we can handle all the air traffic that comes in from Aeroflot or from Emirates, for that matter.

They can all fly into Anchorage. We’ll accommodate them very nicely. And so anyway, these kinds of things are all starting to burgeon. The whole idea of freight traffic is going to change. The idea of how we do commerce is going to change the idea of this business of, we’re going to run on a fiat currency that’s controlled by Jacob Rothschild out of London. Bull baloney. And it’s his baby.

Israel is his baby. That’s his pet playground. The roadshield family became the operative tool of Herzog and the arch Zionists to create that nation state. Well, okay, Jacob, you know, you should have managed some of those rogues that you took into that country, and you should have said, look, I got you the country. Why don’t you respect international law and obey the boundaries and live your. No, no.

We have to create greater Israel from the river to the sea. And they think that’s from the Tigris Euphrates to the Mediterranean Sea. What they don’t know is that that was from the Nile to the Red Sea in Africa because they got the location wrong. They have the location wrong. And so you have people who are not jewish by blood in a location that’s not the true holy land.

Now what? Okay. I mean, we just, I’m telling you, Scott, we’ve discovered this through a great deal of research that is absolutely fascinating, I have to tell you. Absolutely fascinating. And the research we did is showing in scripture these true locations. And we think we found it. We think we found the original Jerusalem. That was the Jerusalem of David, the original Mount Moriah, the original pool of Shalom, the original Gihon Springs.

All of this. We found all of this stuff. I’m not going to disclose the location right now, but the time that this empire fell and then rearose under the Maccabees, where it currently is now, what they call Jerusalem, that was a greek tribe, the Maccabees. They were actually the children of Zachor of Nachor, who had been transplanted into the region by the Assyrians. And they decided, we’re not going to live under the greek model.

Why? Because they found some scriptures that have been published in Greek. The scriptures that have been published in Greek that were previously in the Paleo Ivrit, published in Greek around the third century BC. Hey, this stuff looks better to us than following Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, who, by the way, hadn’t had their stuff published. It was being taught, but it wasn’t published. And so they elected to go with these printed scriptures.

We can do this stuff. And so they created the religion of Judaism around 165 BC, and they created it in an area they didn’t call Judea. They called it the Hasmonian Empire. It was not called Judea. It was called the Hasmonian Empire. The Romans called it Judea. The Maccabeans didn’t. They called it the Hasmonian Empire. And they created a religion that was kind of like the Torah, only different, only it had a whole bunch of additional rules called the Talmud, called Dimishna, called the Gemara, called the writing of the oral law, calling rabbinical authority, the ten pillars of Judaism, all created under the Maccabees in the second century BC.

And they did it at an area that then they would claim, well, this is the true holy land. This is really the real place here. But when you look in the book of Revelation, it tells you, where was the Messiah crucified? The book of revelation says he was crucified in Sodom and Egypt. That’s what it says. He was crucified in Sodom and Egypt, not in Jerusalem. Well, was that area ever part of Egypt? Absolutely.

It was what they called Edomia. The Edomites lived there. And the Edomites would ultimately take Pharaoh’s throne under Seti I. And all the way through all the Ramses, those were all sons of Esau that held Pharaoh’s throne, that didn’t remember Joseph, or if they did, didn’t like it anyway. And those very sons, the sons of Esau, who controlled the pharaoh would transplant their whole religion right across the bay into Rome.

And so Rome was built by Edomites. Rome was built by Edomites. And this is just the truth of it. And so when you see this now, you can begin to see how all of this kind of comes together to create a narrative that has been rewritten. It is not the true historical narrative. The narrative has been rewritten. They found every text they could find in the original Hebrew and burned it and then rewrote the narrative in Latin.

That’s what you see. And so as a consequence, we can see that Rothschild comes to his approach by the zionist, hey, we want to have a homeland. Why do we have want to have a homeland? Because we’ve been kicked out of 1038 countries, so we need someplace where we won’t be kicked out. Well, instead of asking the question, well, when you get to the number 1000, didn’t you ever do any introspection and ask yourself the question, why did you ever do any introspection and say, well, this might have been about me and not them? No, our path is correct, and these people are all idiots.

So we’re not going to change one iota. So give us a homeland. What homeland? Well, we don’t know, but whoever it is, we’re going to go in there and kick those people out so we can call it our homeland. Enter the Nakpa. Enter the first genocide. 1940 719, 48, in a portion of the Otoman Empire known as Palestine. And now this genocide is absolutely brutal. Everybody leave North Gaza Strip, because we’re going to bomb it into oblivion.

Well, where should we go? Go south. Okay, you got 1. 3 million people now down at the Rafa gate, hanging out in the streets with no food to eat. Children are starving to death now. No water to drink, no medical facilities, nothing. Okay, bomb them. Here’s Netanyahu’s order. Bomb them. Yeah, I think all of this is, by implication, going to be blood that is visited upon the United States.

I just can’t see a karmic spiritual trajectory out of that. You have to reap what you sow, what you’ve engaged in, what the government is engaged in. Not me, not you, not people. But what this government has done under the Biden administration, or at least the illusion of what they’ve done and are doing and are going to continue to do, is providing the weapons and the morale to the Israelis to commit mass murder and genocide.

And the question becomes, when is the international armada, the group, the organization, the body politic, going to assemble and launch a humanitarian naval armada into Gaza. Now I see Turkey beginning to step in that direction. They’re three weeks late, but Turkey is down. Visiting Egypt. Steven so the Prime Minister Erdogan’s visiting Egypt about creating a international humanitarian defense presence for the palestinian people. And I think that’s the beginning of the step.

And I’ve said Turkey, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, let them all put behind Palestine and Africa and the African Union and Malaysia. That’s the only way to stop this, is to land a beach operation and expand food, clothes, blankets, public markets, expand into crops and territories, expand into economic development zones and engineering and construction and all these zones, and just start bulldozing and remaking the area little by little.

That’s the only solution there is. Otherwise, the Israelis are going to continue their extermination, their fumigation and the extermination. They intend fully to let this carry on for the next six months. And then what are you going to have? And then say, hey, if you’re not going to get rid of these people and send them to Africa like we told you to six months ago, eight, nine months ago, then they’re just all going to die because we’re not going to do anything.

We’ve done it for six months. We’ve achieved our objective, the removal of every palestinian person from this area. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think the world’s going to stop it. Steven go ahead. Let’s get your final thought. You got to keep in mind that anything that happens, if the Turks were to come in there, the Russians or the Egyptians come in and say, we’re going to establish a beachhead in north Gaza and we’re going to restore the Oslo accord lines of the Gaza Strip.

They’re going to be at war with Israel immediately. Israel will attack them. They’ll sick their f 35s, their f. They will attack whoever comes in there. They’ll be immediately at war. You will not be able to come in and do a humanitarian drop into Gaza without Israel saying, that’s an act of war. We’re going to attack you. And Israel is, you know, crazy enough to start war with Egypt, started war with Turkey.

They don’t care. They could care less. We got the Samson option, and we have every politician in the United States compromised. So we can use the whole bully force of the United States to tell everybody else to shut up and back off, or the US is going to bomb you, right, I’ll start the war, says Benjamin Netanyahu. You send your sons to die, to fight on behalf of the war I started.

That’s what he did in Iraq, that’s what he did in Syria, and that’s what he’s trying to do in. So this kind of thing is one that the world is going to have to wake up and smell the coffee and understand what’s happening now. I think that an autonomous Gaza would be a great solution for Saudi Arabia, for Egypt, for Jordan, for its near neighbors. An autonomous Gaza, a Gaza that can no longer be under siege by the Jews, who will not allow freight to come in on water, will not allow freight to come in through the southern border from Egypt, will not allow water or anything other than what it gives to the strip to enter into the Gaza Strip.

Nothing else can come in. That is its own form of genocide, as the ICJ has already found. So an autonomous Gaza, where they have an open border in Egypt, they have an international airport that is built there where they can bring in traffic right and left, and they’ve got their own freight ports that are coming in and out of the strip, is going to make for an autonomous and successful state.

It’s in the best interest of Egypt, in the best interest of Jordan, in the best interest of Saudi Arabia initially, plus in the best interest of Lebanon and Syria and Turkey, and ultimately Iraq and Iran. And so this is something that should be pushed for, is an autonomous free state. Now, of course, the question is, what are you going to do about Samaria and Judea, the West bank section that is also provided for under the Oslo accords? What are you going to do about those? Are they going to be connected? How are they going to be run? Hamas would win every election in the West bank.

There is no palestinian authority anymore. They have no political clout whatsoever. Hamas would commandeer all of the elections in the West Bank. I mean, it’s an 80% approval rate in those areas. And this is an organization that was created by Netanyahu to offset the power of the Palestinian Authority. Well, Netanyahu, you created the golem. You have to live with it now. So the question is now, from my point of view, is that I don’t think we can go in with a flotilla into Gaza to solve the issue.

I think what has to happen is there has to be, first of all, a strategic realignment in the UN to force the United States off the Security Council. And there’s reasons to do this, because the United States has now proven itself to be, over the last 23 years, a villain on the world stage, initiating wars, engaging in economic war, and engaging in kinetic war all over the world.

We’re diplomatic overthrowing Imran Khan. Yeah, guess what? Another rigged election using hammered scorecard. Right? The election in Argentina. Rigged the election in Brazil. Rigged. They tried to rig the election in Venezuela. They rigged the election in Pakistan. It’s the same intelligence agencies using the same methodology over and over again. Here’s our duel. Let’s make it work. And now Pakistan is rising up against that. So now we have a situation where the world should come in and say, okay, we’re going to reformulate the United nations and the United States is going to be removed from the Security Council.

The instant the United States is removed from the Security Council, the acts of genocide that Israel is currently committing are going to be on the table for international sanction. And one of those sanctions, of course, should be a contemplation at the United nations level to revoke UN resolution s. 181 that created the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel has been created. There has been nothing but war, constant conflict, constant death, now leading to world war three.

And when you recognize that the United States is the proxy army of Israel, look at the wars that we’ve spent trillions of dollars on on behalf of Israel. Whether it was in Iraq, in Somalia, in Sudan, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Tunisia, all of these places, in Libya, all these places we bombed on behalf of the israeli lobby as a proxy army for Israel, spending 11 trillion, $12 trillion to act as a proxy army for Israel.

Well, if the United States can no longer veto because it no longer has a position on the Security Council, then s 181 dies like that. Now, guess what? You guys are strangers in a strange land. You are not citizens in a land. You are an illegal immigrant. You’re now illegal immigrants in a land belonging to the people who have lived there for over a thousand years. So now what? Now you have a situation where you’re now at 1039 countries from which you’ve been expelled.

Is there any room for introspection yet? Okay. And so this is the situation. And this is the way I think this is going to happen. And it may happen. It’s going to happen in one of two ways. Either one, there’s going to be an insurrection inside the United nations where the vast majority of nations come up and say, you know what? We’re done with these rules of having this Security council with these people that are somehow more equal than all the other animals.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. We’re done with that more equal situation and we’re going to an all equal situation. And if we’re not going to do that, then we’re leaving the UN apparatus and we’re going to form a new league of nations, a new international order of nations that’s going to be outside the United nations. And then we’re going to completely trash everything.

The United nations did call it a dissolved entity, a defunct entity that has no being whatsoever anymore. And we’re going to revisit the idea of whether or not there should be a nation state of Israel in accord with the wishes of the international community. All in favor, say aye. All in? All opposed, say nay. Yes. That is how it’s going to materialize. I suspect the natural impulses of human beings and people is inclining that way towards true freedom and liberty and release from oppression.

Hannah Arendt said two things are needed for great revolution. The new sense of freedom and a sense of creating something. When you have a sense of creating something and a new sense of freedom coming from that, you have revolution. And I think that’s what we have coming up, Stephen, is the new sense of creating something is creating the united republics of America. We are a republic, not states, not 50 states, 50 republics.

We have a republic, America, North America. And we’ve been clumsy and careless in our self definition. So we really need to move in the direction, I think of Trump and Tucker. Constitutional convention 2025. 2025. The summer will be like 1985. The summer that nostalgic reflection will be enough to carry a 51% victory to a Trump Tucker ticket. Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln split with a deep state escape from New York.

Hey, go live like dogs, we don’t care, but just don’t cross our county line or you’re going to be shot and dump. We’re breaking up the states. There is no interstate play. There’s interrepublic. And we determine who comes and who goes. And we will shut down and arrest any bus or any plane or any car that’s bringing illegal aliens into our republic. You’re bringing enemies, you’re bringing war enemies.

And that makes you a traitor. You’re not just aiding and abetting, you are committing treason against your country by aiding and abetting an invader coming into your country. So I think we’re going to make a major intellectual, emotional, spiritual shift in the direction of the united republics of America. The only wild card, again, Steven, is is this volatility and energy and music, man, parade of excitement. Is it going to materialize or be wasted? Because the world is going to be completely comatose with Covid-19 vaccines.

Well, are you going to have a massive die off? No, there’s retardation and a dimming, and all the Democrats are going to be dead in a couple years and it’s going to be a new world. Know, like God, when he let the heathen destroy themselves in that biblical story, he may do the same here. Stephen, I’ll hand it to you for your final thoughts on. Go ahead. Yeah, I mean, there’s a good chance of that.

And of course, what we see here, too, is you can already see this momentum moving. Look at these Trump coins that are coming out, that Trump is moving these Trump coins. This is a very sophisticated plan. That is a neocurrency, if you will. It’s a neocurrency. And what is going to take place is, of course, as I mentioned to you before, this revolution is going to be spearheaded by the abandonment of the fiat dollar.

That’s what’s going to spearhead this revolution, the abandonment of the fiat dollar. As people walk away into other solutions, and they’re going to walk away and they’re going to leave the dollar behind. And as this happens, every single person that vacates the dollar is like pulling a pint of blood from this golem that is the United States government. And when all the foreign countries have done this, so you already have a patient that’s on the deathbed.

They don’t know it, but it’s on the deathbed. And as people pull out of the currency, this is going to happen. Now, you can see it. Trump doesn’t know that he’s creating a neocurrency, but there is neocurrencies that are coming that are alternatives to the dollar. And the average American is going to take on those currencies. Now, as for the corporate state, the limited partnership that is the United States government with the incorporation of Washington DC in 1867, and all these bureaucrats, these bureaucracies will continue to wage war against the United States, against the people of America.

The FBI, the DOJ, the homeland security, the DoD, the Pentagon, all of these people are waging war against Americans. They want Americans dead and they want them replaced with third world people they think they can control. That’s what’s going on. That’s why there’s 6 million new this year. These people are not going to stop. There’s nothing that is going to stop their criminal behavior until you put them in jail.

There’s nothing that’s going to stop them. They are irrational, they’re sick, they’re psychopathic, and they are under the impression that they have the power and the authority to do what they’re doing, just like Klaus Schwab. You think he can stop, change Klaus Schwab’s mind? You think he’s going to repent? You think Bill Gates is going to repent? These guys aren’t going to repent. They’re psychopaths that are on a trajectory that is not movable.

And as a consequence, the only thing that’s going to stop them is the complete collapse of the fiat currency that funds them. That’s how the bureaucracies ended in the nation of Georgia. That’s how the bureaucracies ended in the Soviet Union. And that’s how the bureaucracies are going to end here. One day you’re going along fine with all your power and authority and all your narcissism, and the next day you’re dead broke and you’re completely out of work and everybody in the country is hunting you for the crimes that you committed.

Yeah, I think that’s a very real likely scenario. Stephen Pigeon, thank you so much for joining us. Always refreshing. And thank you for supporting us in globalfreedomtv. com. We are going to be doing some traveling, and I will be out and returning, but we’ll have a lot of very exciting things to share and report. A lot of things are going to be happening around the world, and it’s a very exciting time.

And of course, we need to pray for our country and pray for our president, pray for the Lord’s will to be done, whether it’s Donald Trump or other. Let the Lord’s will be done. So if my people, who are called by my name shall humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and pray, I will hear them and heal their land and their voice. I can’t remember exactly how that goes, but we need to pray without ceasing and rejoice in the Lord always.

Again I say rejoice. This is the day the Lord hath made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it. He will make us brighter and saltier to create contrast. And the darker and the more fearful and schizophrenic the world becomes, the more our contrast in being salt and light and having the authority of our father, who says, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me. What does the Lord require of thee but to do justly, to love, mercy and to walk humbly. Doing justly is creating borders and barriers and systems and fences and the weaponry in order to defend those pieces of property and your family and your life that God’s given you. That’s why the founding fathers recognize God giving that right to people, government and the constitution simply recognized it.

So this is a great time. And, Stephen, we appreciate your wisdom because it is very instructive in the skills and knowledge people need to acquire. So we will see you next time. God bless you. Good night. Thank you, Scott. .

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