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As we glance through the lens of history, patterns of great nations rising and falling leave sobering lessons; one such lesson emerges starkly today as we study the health—or sickness—of the US economy. 

My extensive experience as a gold and silver commentator amplifies my concerns for our future as I pore over indicators suggesting that we are skimming the surface of an economic abyss set to engulf the unwary.

The markets do not lie, even if they often mislead. As of Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the current spot market prices for precious metals are a testament to investor sentiment. 

Gold sits resolutely at $2,312.03 per ounce, silver at $27.22, platinum at $978.54, and palladium at $973.009. 

Bitcoin—a digital asset often touted as ‘digital gold’ floats at $63,140.83, highlighting a diversification trend among those wary of fiat currency. 

Crude oil is at $78.48 a barrel, a figure that underpins much of the inflationary pressures we’re facing.

But turn your gaze slightly, and you’ll find a disquieting undercurrent in the form of the US 10-year Bond Yield, now at an alarming 4.461% after having been pushed lower, it is climbing again.

This key indicator reflects investor appetite for government debt, and its rise signals growing doubt in the US’s ability to service its mammoth debt without issuing even more of it. Think of it as a beacon, feverishly flickering as the storm approaches.

A key driver worsening this outlook is the Federal Reserve’s recent actions—or lack thereof.

Despite a rising velocity of money ratio, now at 1.361 from 2020’s 1.128, indicating a rapid circulation of currency that could fan the flames of inflation, the Fed’s deleveraging and reluctance to adjust interest rates meaningfully have caused rising concerns. 

While a shrinking money supply may sound beneficial, coupled with rising velocity, it can fuel a financial inferno.

Inflation is the ghost at the feast here. To those uninitiated, imagine your dollar being a melting ice cube, shrinking in buying power daily. 

Commodities like gold and silver serve not just as assets but as insurance, a bulwark against the ravages of inflation and devaluation. I cannot recommend strongly enough the acquisition of these tangible assets, including pre-1965 coins (often termed ‘junk’ coins) that can offer a lifeline when the paper currency loses its grasp.

Why Silver Now?

Let’s not err about the political backdrop of our economy. Controlled and manipulated markets, far removed from the free systems we learned about, steer away from true value discovery. Many believe these forces conspire to deliberately destroy a thriving economy to introduce a more centrally controlled and less free system.

Now, some view this as mere conspiracy talk. But consider this: when markets are shrouded in obfuscation, when debts are called in, when liquidity dries up, and when a dollar suddenly buys what mere cents did, how else could one explain such a designed collapse?

Recent political trends, under the guise of emergency stimulus and ad hoc economic salvos, have further decoupled our economic outcomes from reality. Real economic value is created by production and innovation, not minting currency. And yet, we’ve witnessed the latter in spades.

When I mention a shift toward assets like silver, I note that industrial demand, mainly influenced by advances like the global 5G rollout, adds to its allure. Silver’s practical applications bolster its value as a wealth preserver in a world where technological leaps become the norm.

Now, many salute decentralized finance, with its ability to skirt traditional banking systems, drawing parallels with the power of precious metals. Cryptocurrencies, led by titans such as Bitcoin, are often lauded for their blockchain-backed stability and supply limits, mirroring precious metals’ scarcity.

What should a survivalist-minded individual do? Prepare. Diversify. Acquire gold, silver, and diversified assets, and think critically about what you hold as valuable. 

If an economic breakdown leaves paper assets worthless, physical commodities stand the test of time.

So, as we witness the corrosion of our economic might, my advice is steeped in the cold reality of a world keen on repeating historical follies. It’s not merely about profits but about preservation. Preserve your wealth, purchasing power, and future.

We must look to assets like gold and silver, not simply as relics of a bygone era but as beacons leading us away from the siren call of a collapsing debt-based paper system. For those willing to listen, this is the clarion call for survival in an era of economic uncertainty. 

The markets whisper; history speaks—will you listen?

Be not deceived – be prepared ~ Silver Savior (why is silver the most undervalued financial asset in the world) 

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* Note: We are not giving advice; we only give our opinion; we are not financial advisors. This article only represents our thoughts about the economy.

* The featured image depicting the recent political and economic trends, with politicians and economists around a giant printing press minting currency, contrasted with innovators producing goods in the background. 



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