Peru Launches Inquiry into Alien Corpses: Extraterrestrial Claims or Earthly Hoax?

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Controversy Surrounds Origin and Authenticity of Alien Specimens, Drawing Skepticism from Scientists

Peru has initiated a criminal investigation into the perplexing case of alleged “non-human alien corpses” that were transported out of the country and exhibited at the Mexican congress, sparking intrigue and fascination among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

Peruvian Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga raised questions about the departure of these peculiar entities, which, she contends, possess human-like characteristics resembling pre-Hispanic artifacts.

Consequently, a criminal complaint has been officially filed to delve into the matter.

The controversial Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast, Jaime Maussan, is at the center of this extraordinary incident.

Maussan asserted that the two humanoid “corpses” were discovered in Cusco, Peru, near the ancient Nazca Lines, in 2017.

These beings exhibit distinct features, including elongated heads and three fingers on each hand.

Mexican medical experts who examined the specimens claim to have found “no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls.”

However, several scientists have dismissed this discovery as an elaborate hoax.

Jaime Maussan, 70, who characterized the purported extraterrestrials as “the most important thing that has happened to humanity,” has refuted any allegations of wrongdoing.

In response to the Peruvian investigation, Maussan expressed his lack of concern, stating that he has “not engaged in any illegal activities related to the incident”.

The question of how these so-called alien corpses reached Mexico remains unanswered, as the unidentified man who possessed them during Maussan’s congressional presentation has chosen to remain anonymous, cryptically mentioning that he would disclose the details “at the appropriate time.”

An examination of the strange specimens was conducted at the Noor Clinic in Mexico and was streamed live on Maussan’s YouTube channel.

José Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute in the secretary of the Mexican navy’s office, reported that tests demonstrated the alleged aliens belonged to a single skeleton and were not assembled with human components.

Furthermore, Benitez highlighted a peculiar detail, indicating that one of the entities appeared to be in gestation, with noticeable lumps inside its abdomen, potentially suggesting the presence of eggs.

He categorically asserted that these entities bore no resemblance to human beings, a sentiment previously echoed by Maussan.

During the congressional hearing and on social media, Maussan claimed that researchers at Mexico’s National Autonomous University’s Institute of Astronomy utilized carbon dating to determine that the bodies are approximately 1,000 years old.

He asserted that the analysis revealed the humanoids’ lack of connection to any known Earthly species, with one-third of their DNA being “unknown.”

One of the alleged alien corpses

However, the university distanced itself from Maussan, disavowing any involvement in the research and emphasizing that its scientists never interacted with the complete “corpses.”

Some scientists, including Julieta Fierro, a scientist at the university’s Institute of Astronomy, scrutinized the test results and concluded that they did not demonstrate any inexplicable characteristics or life compounds beyond Earth’s knowledge.

In response to these developments, many scientists worldwide have expressed skepticism regarding Maussan’s extraterrestrial claims.

Respected Peruvian bio-anthropologist Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao dismissed the claims as unsubstantiated and oversimplified, emphasizing that similar discoveries in the past had been debunked as modified pre-Hispanic children’s mummies, sometimes manipulated using animal bones.

Ryan Graves, a former US Navy pilot who attended the congressional hearing to share his experiences with alleged UFO sightings, criticized Maussan’s presentation as an “unsubstantiated stunt.”

Graves viewed the event as a setback for the field of UFO research.

This incident is not the first time Maussan has made controversial claims about purported “alien” remains, many of which have faced widespread discrediting by the scientific community.

In 2017, he participated in a television documentary about other specimens found near Peru’s Nazca Lines, which experts asserted were fabricated from modified mummies.

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