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David Nino Rodriguez talks about if you can trust your sheriff or if its time to vett your sheriff with sheriff richard mack

Can You Trust Your Sheriff? Time To Vet Your Sheriff!! Sheriff Richard Mack Explains.. | David Nino Rodriguez

In this podcast, Nino and Sheriff Mack talk about how the federal government might control local sheriffs. They worry this could affect our freedoms. They also stress the need for citizens to make sure their local sheriffs respect the constitution, especially about gun laws. They also express concerns about border security and potential threats to America. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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MyPatriotsNetwork-Sheriff Mack Answers: Can Your Local Sheriff Help With Clean Elections?

Join America’s Sheriffs Growing Posse – CSPOA

Posted in: CSPOA, News, Patriots


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The Greatest Purveyor of Violence In The World

Posted in: CSPOA, News

Dr. Martin Luther King told the truth in 1967 and one year later died from an assassin’s bullet. James Earl Ray was accused of King’s murder; he even initially confessed to it. However, just days later he recanted his confession, proclaimed his innocence and demanded a trial. But the government refused to give him one!…

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Sheriff Mack Joins Patriot Confederation For Freedom & Liberty Packed Conversation

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Every patriot has an obligation to question authority. Those who are honest are not concerned with your watchful vigilance and those with integrity are not concerned with your discernment. Every American is obligated to voice their concerns and stand up for their freedoms and liberties.” – The Bearded Patriots. Click below for more…..

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INTERVIEW: Sheriff Mack & Constitution Targeted by Leftist Hate Groups | David Knight Show

Posted in: CSPOA, News, Patriots

INTERVIEW: Sheriff Mack & Constitution Targeted by Leftist Hate Groups | David Knight Show…

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Sheriff Mack Has An Urgent Message For Americans

Posted in: CSPOA, News, Patriots

Sheriff Mack Has An Urgent Message For Americans – Join the CSPOA Posse and get involved. …

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100 Year-Old WWII Veteran at CSPOA’s Minnesota Event Leads Pledge

Posted in: CSPOA, News, Patriots

Join the Growing National Posse with Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. “At my CSPOA event in his Minnesota hometown, we were honored to have 100-year-old WWII veteran Fremont Gruss lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.” ~Sheriff Mack …

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Sheriff Mack’s Response to Attorney General Keith Ellison Over (IREHR) Devin Burghart’s Lies and False Accusations

Posted in: CSPOA, News, Patriots

In a forthright letter, Sheriff Mack counters IREHR’s Devin Burghart’s accusations, shedding light on CSPOA’s foundation and his unwavering commitment to American principles. Mack dispels myths, from Oath Keepers affiliations to his stance on Militias, while emphasizing his dedication to law enforcement. Dive into the details and Mack’s unyielding defense of liberty.👉 Read more 📖….

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World War 1&2 Propaganda Still State of Art with Communist Revolution Publications Committed To Undermining Constitutional Gov

I recently read an article in a leftist publication on the web called IREHR’s Letter to the Minnesota Attorney General About CSPOA. The publication (magazine) is a self-certified social and economic justice defender. Its underlying premise is White Americans are inherently racist and politically nationalist, and even worse, these Americans believe the current cancel culture environment, open borders, government corruption, and eroding individual rights lost to color law and tyrants in Federal, State, and local governments is intolerable. Learn More, Click The Button Below…….

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The CSPOA Works To Prevent Politically Motivated Removal of Nebraska’s Sheriff

Sheriff CJ Smith joins Sam Bushman and Jack Mullen on this week’s live Posse intel webinar and gives us an update on his current situation in Dundy County, Nebraska. A recall petition was filed with Dundy County Clerk Miles Preston on July 14th, 23 by former Dundy County Commissioner Jerry Fries after receiving a letter from the Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice by Interim Director Mark Stephenson….

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AZ Sheriff’s Assoc Joins Other Law-Abiding Citizens and Public Officials to Rebuke NM Governor’s Order

Today, the Arizona Sheriff’s Association joins an ever-expanding chorus of law-abiding citizens and public officials to publicly rebuke the order of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that suspended the second amendment in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Governor Grisham, citing the need for greater public safety and extraordinarily high crime rates, decided unilaterally that severing… Click Button Below to Learn More….

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NM Sheriff Tells Governor He Will Not Enforce Her Unconstitutional Gun Ban

NM Sheriff Tells Governor He Will Not Enforce Her Unconstitutional Gun Ban. Sam Bushman joins Jack Mullen on this week’s CSPOA Posse Intel Webinar and discuss various topics including New Mexico’s governor’s decision to ban carrying guns. However, Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen has made it clear his department will not enforce Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional gun ban. Click Button Below to Learn More. …

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Sheriff Mack With Kari Lake at Constitution Day in Lake Havasu, AZ

Posted in: CSPOA, MPN, News, Patriots, Updates

This week (Sept. 17-23) is the 2nd Annual U.S. Constitution Rally in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Sheriff Mack was seen with Kari Lake, former television news anchor and former candidate for Governor of Arizona. Click Button Below to Find Out More….

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Sheriff Mack Receives Letter of Support From Congressman Chuck Edwards – 11th District, NC

Sheriff Mack (CSPOA) Receives Letter of Support From Congressman Chuck Edwards – 11th District, NC. Get involved join the Posse today!  …

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Sheriff Mack Tells the Posse the Intent of the 3rd Amendment

Sheriff Mack Tells the Posse the Intent of the 3rd Amendment Sheriff Mack joins Jack Mullen this week to discuss the CSPOA’s…

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