Global Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett Dr. Jim Fetzer 2023-09-19

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Global Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett Dr. Jim Fetzer 2023-09-19


➡ Dr. James Fetzer, a retired university professor and former marine corps officer, talks with Scott Bennett of about the 911 attacks, which Fetzer refers to as false flag attacks. They discuss Fetzer’s past media appearances where he argued against government narratives of the 911 event, hinting at possible conspiracy theories, and suggesting there’s evidence of the Twin Towers being brought down by controlled demolition. Fetzer notably expressed the need for deeper exploration and understanding of the events surrounding 911 for a more accurate representation of the incident.
➡ The speaker argues that the U.S. government, particularly Dick Cheney, played a significant role in the 9/11 attacks, as evidenced by various indications that suggest controlled demolition. Despite facing accusations of promoting unfounded conspiracies, the speaker emphasizes his years of experience in critical thinking and scientific reasoning while debunking the government’s official report.
➡ The text presents an intense confrontation about the legitimacy of theories implicating the Bush administration in the 9/11 attacks. The accuser demands recognition for evidence pointing to government involvement, while his critical opponent attributes the theories to anti-Bush sentiment and fear of federal control over media, dismissing the accusations as conspiratorial and damaging to the nation’s reputation.
➡ Professor Jim Fetzer presents his top ten reasons for suspecting the alleged 9/11 hijackers’ authenticity, citing their absence from flight manifests, dubious physics of the plane crashes, unbelievability of cell phone calls from high altitudes, and diverse inconsistencies in government reports. Despite these allegations, he highlights that the 9/11 truth movement continues to be dismissed and ignored.
➡ The discussion reflects on the profound negative impacts of 9/11, viewing it as the start of a decline in American identity and liberties as the nation turned into a more imperial state. It notes the associated rise of prejudicial policies and wars post-9/11, which the speakers believe have furthered internal and global issues. Debate on censorship and misrepresentation in media also takes place, with the guests, who have faced such issues, calling for the continuous pursuit of truth and reevaluation of historical events.
➡ Freedom TV Great Awakenings ended their broadcast, saying goodnight to Sam and promised to return tomorrow.


You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. This is Great Awakenings. I’m Scott Bennett. This is globalfreedomtv. com. We are joined again with the great Dr. James Fetzer, and we’re going to be exploring some of the dimensions of the 911 attacks, the false flag attacks that has devastated so much of the American reputation, economy and so much of the world. We’re going to be jumping in with Dr.

Fetzer. Dr. Fetzer, it is always wonderful to see you and great to have you on again. I know you have a video that you’d like us to play to introduce us to some of more 911 information. Go ahead and start us off and play that. Well, this has to do with how Fox news was attacking me and others over 911 during 2006. Scott, it’s pretty damn interesting in retrospect.

So hannity and combs and O’Reilly come after Jim Fetzer. Virtually everyone now knows I’m a former marine corps officer and retired university professor with lots of publications, including in areas of conspiracy research, JFK 911, Sandy Hook, and more. Here was an announcement before my first appearance. Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer on Hannity and Combs june 25. Check out Mr. Fetzer on Hannity and Combs. Featuring Ollie North. Infamously of the Iran Contra scandal, no less.

Here’s how it went the way onto the campuses of some major American universities. Joining us now, the co chairman of scholars for 911 truth, professor emeritus at the university of Minnesota at Duluth, James Fetzer. Professor, thank you so much for being with us. First of all, is this a required course? Can you hear me? Yeah, go ahead. Is it a required course? Well, you got your facts, Foxed, I’m sorry to say.

In fact, I created an organization of faculty and experts to study 911, not to teach in courses, but I must tell you what we have discovered. Well, I just want to be clear because certainly qualify as material for an important course. I want to be clear here. You’re not teaching a course in this. No. You’re confused, and I hope that Fox usually does a better job on their research than this.

All right. But I created an organization of faculty and scholars who study 911. We discovered that practically everything the government has told us about it is false. I want to get into that in a moment. I just want to be clear. So as far as you know, there is no course on 911 conspiracy theories being taught at your university or anyplace else that you know of? That’s right, but it’s a great idea.

I would certainly support having such a course because there’s a lot of material to work with. All right. And what evidence do you have that the government was involved, that Cheney knew, that anybody in the Chaney command knew ahead of time that this was going to happen on 911? Can you give us any piece of evidence that would substantiate that argument? Absolutely. For example, Norman Manetta testified to the 911 commission that he observed Dick Cheney in an underground bunker when a young aide came up to him and repeatedly told him, sir, it’s 50 miles out.

Sir, it’s 30 miles sir, it’s 10 miles out, sir. Do the order still stand? Cheney turned around, jumped on him, nearly bit off his head, and said, of course the order still stand. Have you heard anything different? The order had to be to not shoot down the plane that was approaching the Pentagon. After all, the order should have been to shoot it down. Shooting it down would be the obvious thing to do when you consider that you’re going to lose the passengers in the plane if you shoot it down.

But if you don’t, you’re going to use the passengers in the plane and also, of course, all the personnel and property at the target. Let me ask I want to go back to something in the exchange that you and Alan just had a moment ago. In fairness to our producers, when they talked to you earlier, you said that courses are being taught in which these conspiracy theories are advanced to the students.

Am I correct? No, you’re not correct. What I said to him was in courses on critical thinking, sometimes issues related to, for example, tax cuts or global warming or reasons for going to war in Iraq might be discussed as examples. But I know of no courses as such that are being taught that way. So let me ask, how big is this group of professors that you’ve put together, this organization you’ve formed, that gives credence, if you will, to theory you just advanced about 911? Well, there are over 300 members, Colonel North, including about 200 with advanced research skills, and about 85 that have affiliations, including physicists, mechanical engineers, pilots, aeronautical engineers.

We’ve discovered that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. We’ve discovered that the Osama bin Laden appears to have had nothing to do with help me out here. Having been involved in a couple of controversial undertakings over my years in government service, how many people in the government were part of this conspiracy that you envision? Hundreds? Thousands? No, no, Ollie, I think it’s a small number.

You know about classified controlled operations where everything compartmentalized. Do you know, Ollie, that the FBI has confirmed that they have no hard evidence relating Osama bin Laden to the events of 911? Are you aware of that? Well, Osama bin Laden himself claims that I mean, they didn’t manufacture those tapes. This is the FBI, Ollie. This is the FBI. That has affirmed in the last couple of weeks they have no hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 911.

All of these people that died on 911, you’re articulating died as a consequence of what our government did. We’re trying to find out exactly what happened. Our government has a considerable reputation for telling things that are not true. All right, professor, we, thank you very much for coming on tonight. Coming up, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Way onto the campuses of some look how ironic it was, Scott, that the person they were featuring after me was BB nanyahu, who was a mastermind for 911.

These stuff just doesn’t happen by accident. But Ollie was lost. He wouldn’t appear on TV for four years after that interview. Well, I think you did brilliantly, Jim, as always. I think you were beyond the top of your game, and you composed yourself. You presented the facts. And it’s amazing because this is way back in, what, 2004? So way back in 2006, when we didn’t have as much material and evidence and video and analysis as we do now, just because of the the time and the effort that’s been put in since then.

But you presented the raw core information that is undeniable, and essentially these buffoons are trying to make it into an emotional issue and a patriotic issue. And are the courses being taught? And all this, when it comes down to what happened on 911 in New York, is physically, scientifically impossible. And the architects and the engineers and everybody who’s been a part of this has confirmed this. And this demonstrates if this was fraudulently manufactured, artificially manufactured, with all of the different elements that we know, what does this say about our country and our government? And that was really the question that should have been taken off, but I think you nailed it.

And they were terrified and speechless and bumbling to find words. Well, you know, Hannity wasn’t there, all he was sitting in. So Hannity invites me on a couple of months later, and here’s what happened when that took place. Major American universities. Joining us now, the co chairman of wrong One. Next one. Here we go. Vanderbilt University professor James Lawson recently commemorated the fifth anniversary of 911 by accusing the United States of pathological behavior that led to the attacks.

The United States was the number one enemy of justice and peace in the world. We have denied, for example, the genocide against Native Americans. We have denied the domestic violence as being a serious disorder in our midst. We have denied the effects, the spiritual, moral effects on our character of things like slavery. And I suggest that as a consequence, there is in the United States a kind of pathological character, spiritual.

Sean, I can’t believe I’d have the occasion, but you have foxed your facts. Again, I wasn’t asked to endorse what they said. I was asked to comment on it. And in my opinion, they don’t know enough about 911 to be able to offer thoughtful reflections. I just asked you you just heard a comment. I’m just asking a very simple question. Don’t melt down on me like Bill Clinton here.

Whether or not you agreed with that statement. Do you think America is an enemy of justice and peace. Well, in many contexts, America has been our history reveals mass genocide at the origins when we slaughtered some twelve to 16 million Native Americans. Our middle history was dominated by slavery, by kidnapping, bringing hundreds of thousands of Africans to the United States against their will. So certainly a case we’re talking about in the context of this being comments on the fifth anniversary of 911.

Do you believe America is a good country and a force for good around the world? America today, given what we know about 911 and our exportation and use of terrorism at home and abroad, actually appears to be a force that is promoting terrorism rather than combating it, as even the National Intelligence Estimate reflects. Sean yeah, well, I got to tell you, this is what’s really pathetic, professor, and I mean this with all due respect.

The fact that I find people with you and these views in positions of power, and I see that you have a captive audience of students and they’ve got to listen to this dribble is disturbing to me, but you’re entitled to your opinions. What is your belief system? You think that the government planned 911? Do you buy into these bizarre conspiracies? I don’t have a captive audience, Sean, and it’s outrageous for you to say that.

When you had Dick Cheney on your show, who had a major role by not even convening the antiterrorist task force in the five years he responsible for it before 911, do you think Cheney or the major responsible for the 911 attack? It appears to have been, Sean. We discovered major indications that the Twin Towers were brought down by a sophisticated kind of controlled demolition. They were blown up from the top, Sean.

Let me answer your question, Alan. What role did Dick Cheney have in the 911 attacks, in your view? Well, Norman Minetta testified that Dick Cheney was in control in an underground bunker beneath the White House when a young aide came in to report sir, it’s 50 miles out. Sir, it’s 30 miles. You believe that he was directing the 911, the order still stand. And Cheney turned on him and said, of course the order still stand.

Have you heard anything to the contrary? The order had to be to not shoot the plane down because our time down. To understand exactly what you believe, do you think this was a controlled demolition? It was not Al Qaeda. It was not people who want to kill us from abroad. It was Dick Cheney in a bunker directing an attack on the United States. Well, Alan, there are massive motives at work here.

The day before 911, Donald Rumsfeld reported to Congress that the Pentagon lost track of $2. 3 trillion. Larry Silverstein had insured the World Trade Center for 3. 5 billion. Halliburton stood to gain 100 billion. Yes or no question. Was Dick Cheney responsible for directing an attack on the United States? Yes or no? Dick Cheney had a major role here, along with Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleez Fife, Paul Wolfowitz, general Richard Myers, Rudy Wolfowitz and Larry Silverstein.

To say that these guys want to attack our country in spite of the fact I don’t agree with their policies. I don’t agree with how they prosecuted the war on terror. But to say that they are behind it, but that they wanted to attack us and kill 3000 Americans is so far beyond the pale to defy credulity. Ellen, the government story isn’t even physically possible. It violates laws of physics and laws of engineering.

You haven’t even faced up that not even the NIST can explain the demolition of Building Seven, which Larry Silverstein directed take place by telling a fire commander that there’s been so much death and destruction, perhaps the best thing to do is to pull it. They made the decision to pull and they watched the building come down. Last question. Dan Rather and Peter Jennings on the scene at the time said it looked just like a controlled demolition and nothing looks more like a controlled demolition than a controlled demolition.

Do you teach this theory in your class? I’m now retired, Sean. Frankly, I have taught 35 years logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning. But I’m devoting myself full time to these efforts because the American people deserve to know the truth about what happened to their nation on 911. In every single major matter, we have proven the government’s report is false. Coming up next, cowboy star Tara Lowens. It is a truly remarkable your thoughts about that one.

Well, it’s a truly remarkable display of cowardice and ignorance by Hannity. And Combs is dead now and probably burning in hell, but Hannity may endure the same fit, the same fate. They have a special place as journalists, and especially in Fox News. It’s supposed to be especially back then in 2006, they were trusted and they were believed by conservatives. And instead they have demonstrated a refusal to look at the facts, look at the evidence, look at the science, look at the thermodynamics, look at the engineering, look at all of the elements, which wouldn’t take long.

You could have again Robert David Steele’s book 911 Truth which captures all of a succinct analysis provided by multiple authors. And again, people could get it@shellgamewhistleblower. com. 911 Truth by Robert David Steele and others. They would be educated and they would be able to provide the United States in 2006 all of the information that could have then been used to prosecute these people. And I think the world would have been entirely different.

But I think, again, you did a great job and I know you have more to add. Go ahead, Jim. Well, bear in mind, Combs had asked me that question on the earlier show with Ollie Nora, so he knew what I was going to say about Dick Cheney, so he wanted to use that somehow as bait. But I don’t think he was successful I mean, I was certainly happy to review the bidding.

Here we have another notice. This is one of the places get this about this show. It was put up on one side, said, Hannity and Cove get ass kicked by James Fetzer. Here we have another Hannity and Cohen’s interview, Jim Fetzer. If you guys respect Jim Fetzer’s work, as I do, you will be flabbergasted to see how he’s treated here. It is disgusting. Not only does he get attacked and abused, but his thread was able to hoax and then shut down.

Disgusting treatment of a guy’s resume and experience is impeccable. Now, what happened was O’Reilly interviewed me, and Scott, let me say, I’m pretty certain this is the O’Reilly interview. Before I went on, I was sitting in a studio with a bright light in my face, and all of a sudden I hear this voice in my area. It’s O’Reilly saying, you’re a nut and you hate your country, and that’s what I’m going to tell the nation.

Boom. And then I’m on the air, and he does two ad hominems right off the bat to knock me off and doesn’t give me a chance to respond. So here’s how that one went. HIPAA segment tonight. As we told you last night, university of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett has called President Bush a murderer, saying he orchestrated 911 without providing a shred of evidence of that charge. Despite that defamation, barrett teaching a course on Islam this semester at the University of Wisconsin.

The only sanction against him is in order to stop making public statements. Joining us now from Madison is James Fetzer, a recent retired professor from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, who supports Know. I’m getting a little tired of Barrett and Ward Churchill and other college professors who hate their country and who bring this hatred onto a campus full of impressionable students. Am I wrong to be offended and angry about that, sir? Well, you are wrong, Bill, because you haven’t studied the case.

We’ve created an organization consisting of experts and scholars, pilots, aeronautical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, physicists. We’ve been examining what the government’s been telling us, and frankly, Bill, it’s a fantasy. None of the major claims made by the government can be sustained. We’ve been looking at this from every point of view. The government has a story. It wants to sell us. We’re not buying it. Okay? You don’t have to buy anything.

You’re American. You want to be a nut, you can be a nut. And you are a nut, because in order for any conspiracy of this magnitude to take place, thousands of Americans would have to buy into it, would have to know about it, and would have to keep their mouth shut about it. That’s never going to happen. You’re like the guys who think that the space aliens kidnapped Elvis or something like that.

That’s where you are, in my opinion. So your opinion is that bush murdered everybody on 911 to seize control and make him the dictator of America. Whatever. The crazy thing it is, in my opinion, is you’re nuts. We’re both entitled to our opinion. Okay, so you’re entitled and I’m entitled and we’ll let the folks hold it, hold it. But now you have a guy, Barrett, who’s in a classroom and we had the students on last night.

Believe me, the students don’t know very much. And here’s Barrett. And here’s Ward Churchill. And they’re bringing their crazy theories in explaining this, that, and the other thing, and whatever conclusions you guys have reached. And the students are there absorbing this. And I’m saying this is grossly irresponsible because it’s based on nothing. If you had any evidence, sir, you would be on the front page of the New York Times in a heartbeat.

There’s nothing that the hate Bush media would like more than get a hold of anything you have. And you don’t have anything you can’t get in the San Francisco Chronicle or the National Enquirer or anywhere because you don’t have anything other than a hairbrained theory. And you know it. We have hundreds of studies. We have documents, we have records. Why can’t you get on the front page? Anyone, Bill, who has even looked at the collapse of Building Seven understands it came down by controlled demolition.

It wasn’t hit by I had guys in here who say you’re full of you know why. Why can’t you get this on the front page of the Boston Globe or the Atlanta Journal Constitution or the Minneapolis Star Tribune papers that despise the Bush administration. Why can’t you get it on the front page of those papers? The press and the media are too much dominated by the federal government and federal regulations, Bill.

You know that. The New York Times dominated and afraid of the federal government when every single day they rip Bush’s throat out. Come on, that’ll make any bernstein in 1977, Carl Bernstein published an article in the Rolling Stone in which he explained that he’d been told by officials of the CIE that their greatest successes had been with CBS, with Time Life and with the New York Times. Bill, the situation today is much worse.

Anyone who wants to know the truth should go to st 911. Org our website scholars for 911 truth and they’ll find it in spades, bill, they go to your Dopey website and I hope they read your stuff. So this is how crazy you guys are. And you guys are really number one, you hate your country, and number two, you’re a loon. Here’s your scenario. The Bush administration are murderers.

The president’s a murderer, okay? He killed 3000 Americans because he wanted to increase his power and suspend all civil liberties. And in order to do that, he co opted a whole bunch of intelligence people and military people. They all got in a little conspiracy. They killed 3000 Americans. And the press is covering it up because they’re afraid of the federal government. Come on. I mean, why don’t you just say that you have a Martian living in your bedroom, sir? Why don’t you just say that and parade a puppet or something? We found the government account is provably false on every major respect.

You appear to be among those who can’t handle the truth. Bill, you got to look at our findings. We’ve conducted objective scientific funding. We have no money. We’re doing this because we believe in our country. And as a former Marine Corps officer, Bill, I resent your implication. We’re interested in the truth and not being deceived. You hate the American government. Look, you hate your country. You’re accusing a man of murder, the President of the United States of murder, without any evidence.

If you had the evidence, somebody somewhere would take the evidence. Why don’t you bring the evidence over to France? Why don’t you give it to the French media or the Canadian media or the CBC or BBC? Are they controlled by the American federal government? Are they afraid? Why don’t you take it there, see what they’ll do with it? Bill, you’re obviously not going to give me a chance to talk about any of these things.

No, I’m not. Because you’re website st. We heard your website. You want the truth? Fine. Scholars for nine months, you can’t get any legitimate news organization in the world to put your stuff anywhere because it’s all bogus. And I don’t care whether you’re a Marine officer. You’re disgracing the Marine Corps by what you’re doing. You hate your country. You accuse a man of a murder, of being a murderer of President Bush.

And you know, if I were Bush, I’d take a look at you, professor. I’d definitely take a look at you, just like Samuel Arian. I’d put the FBI on you and the nutty Barrett and find out what the hell you guys are up to. Bottom line, thanks for being we care enough about our fellow citizens who died, Bill Roger, to find out why they died and how they died.

You have disgraced those people by accusing the President of being a murderer. Plenty more ahead as a factor moves along this evening. Now, let me just say, about a year later, I was in New York. I gave a talk on 911 at the Great Holocouper Union. And then Alex Jones had an event going on at a theater nearby. My wife and a friend of ours went over there and they rolled out the red carpet for me, Scott.

And they put me up on a platform with first responders. And when I sat down, the fellow next to me leaned over and said it was seeing you on O’Reilly. That convinced me 911 had been an inside job, and I decided, well, maybe it was worth it all for going through it. Scott well, Jim, you went through it and you performed admirably the only thing I would have added in hindsight is Bill O’Reilly.

I’ll debate you anytime, anywhere, and we’ll let the facts and the public decide who’s telling the truth and who’s a coward and who has betrayed their country by not making the facts known and not doing some. It’s stark and startling, Jim, because you heard that buffoon’s words, that tyrannical Catholic moron who’s just dogmatized into saying, I’d turn the FBI on you. I’d have them look into you. My God, what he was saying and embracing is exactly what we’ve morphed and deformed into under Bush, Cheney with the Patriot Act, then Obama, and it’s continued under Trump, and it continued under now it’s really accelerating under Biden to a degree.

We’ve never you know, I’m so glad you played that, because I’m disgusted by them. It gives me a fresh reason to despise Fox and everyone on there, especially these fools that I think should be dragged through the streets by the American public until they’re executed. Well, Riley was not only not giving me a chance to explain our position, he was making stuff up. I don’t think W had much to do with it.

He was such a dim bulb. They really didn’t have him in the loop. But, Dick Cheney, Donald Romesfeld, Carl Roho, general Richard Myers, Bibi Netanyahu, ehud Umar, the CIA they were all profoundly involved. But he has to make up nonsense so he can just discredited it himself to make it easier for him because he could not deal with the facts. I mean, that was, O’Reilly’s style, embarrassingly bad.

Now, what we also have, Scott, is that when I went on that first Foxing, it was on Friday of American Scholars Conference, organized in Los Angeles by Alex Jones, and he had invited me to give the keynote address. And then on Sunday, C Span came and did a panel discussion, and all four of the speakers were from Scholars. Steve Jones, who is a physicist from BYU who might main my co chair bob Bowman, who got a degree in nuclear engineering for Caltech and was a Star Wars advisor to residence reagan and Ford webster Tarpley, who had a book, 911, Made in the USA.

Synthetic Terror, Made in the USA. And me as the founder of Scholars. Roy talked about the top ten reasons we know the hijackers are fake. And Scott, if we can pull that up, c’s Band would play it on seven or eight times, actually. Good times. And we got it here. If you’re able to pull it up, start about 45 minutes in it’s. About eight minutes, yeah. Let me bring it up right now.

That O’Reilly thing. See, I think he thought, look, you guys didn’t handle Fetzer. Let me do it. I’ll just punch him into the ground. I’ll bet you anything that’s what O’Reilly decided to do. So he was a big you know, you handled it superbly, Jim. I mean, you handled it far better than they, you know, you’re a marine corps officer, which is not an easy task, and it requires a certain degree of manhood and dexterity of mine to do.

My father was a marine corps officer. And for these buffoons who’ve never served their country to just spout out their children, that’s what I walked away with. These people are just retard children compared to your facts and figures and stuff. There you got Webster Tarpley on the left, alex Jones moderating and Bob Bauman on the right. So Steve and I are on the ads. You can’t quite go to 45 minutes.

All right, let me radio talk show host Alex Jones and the retired air force colonel present their views from this event held in Los Angeles. It’s close to 2 hours. Right drenched region. Please don’t think it’s Iran or Hezbollah. They are not that stupid. You’ve got to look to Cheney’s office, cheney’s backers, Cheney’s controllers, the neocon war party, and above all, the invisible government, the people with the technical ability to bring these things about.

So I think this is our task to educate the people to the point where the weapon of terrorism, which the Oligarchy, the invisible government proposed to use to organize this society we must take that weapon and break it. Before their faces, deprive them of the ability to stampede and manipulate hundreds of millions of people using these cynically, planned terrorist events of the synthetic terrorist type. And I think that’s what our movement has to do.

Thank you, Professor Tarpley. Thank you. Thank you so much. Professor Jim Fetzer. We’ve not only been able to falsify refute the alleged physics of the situation, but essentially everything the government has told us about 911 is false. Let me offer an illustration. I’ve always been very suspicious of this scenario in which a ragtag group of terrorists with box cutters could overtake four commercial airliners. In my opinion, any group of American passengers confronted with a couple of terrorists with box cutters would have beaten them to death with their luggage.

So let me offer you my top ten reasons for thinking they are fake. And where’s Paul Schaefer when you need him? Number ten top reason for thinking the hijackers are fake. Their names do not appear on any passenger manifest. That’s not easy to arrange, my friends. If you know of any other case, I’d be interested in hearing it. Number nine none of them were subject to any autopsy.

Would have been interesting, powerful evidence if in fact we had some bodies here to offer some proof. But there is none. Number eight. Top ten reason for thinking these hijackers are fake. Five to seven at least have turned up alive and well and living in the middle east. They’ve even been interviewed by the BBC and the Guardian in the UK. Now, I dare say that if they were actually killed in the impact of these airliners, then it’s even more difficult to imagine how.

They could have arranged those interviews. Reason number seven the FBI nevertheless has not revised its list. This is quite surprising. They have to be aware david Ray Griffin’s second book on 911, the 911 Commission Report Omissions and Distortions, makes this point as his number one item. They have to know, yet they have not revised their list. As an aside, I expect we’re going to see some backtracking and equivocating now, and they’re going to be saying, well, maybe they aren’t really sure about all the names on their list.

But listen to this. Reason number six a special agent of the FBI by the name of Flag. Flag has explained that the FBI knew almost immediately the names of all 19 hijackers because they discovered a piece of luggage left by Mohammed Otta when he had driven up to Portland, Oregon, and then turned around and rushed down to Logan just in time to participate in the hijacking of a plane from that airport.

According to Flag, this piece of luggage Otta left behind included not only a terrorist manual, but a very convenient list of the 19 hijackers. And I say, well, that’s really quite stunning considering five, six or seven of these guys have turned up alive and well. How can you explain that? Reason number five and that incidentally gives new meaning to the word false. Flag my top ten. Number five reason for thinking these hijackers were fake they could not have flown the planes.

Nihilisa Gadavan, among others, who’s a pilot and aeronautical engineer, has studied their training background, and it’s simply preposterous to presume these guys who could barely get a Cessna off the ground could have piloted a commercial airliner and brought it to its target. It’s preposterous. Top ten, reason number four those cell phone calls that we’ve heard so much about could not have been made at the altitudes and speeds these planes were flying.

A. K. Dudney, a professor of computer science from Western Ontario, has taken cell phones of different makes and models on different flights around the country and discovered at altitudes above 2000ft and speeds above 230 miles an hour that cell phone connections become fewer and farther between. They would have been impossible. And that, of course, would include the one you’ve all heard about from alleged passenger Mark Bingham, where he calls his mother and says, mom, this is Mark Bingham.

You believe me, don’t you? Top ten, reason number three. During the trial of the alleged 20th hijacker, Zacarius Masawi, a tape was played. A tape recording was played, allegedly from Flight 93, which included the passengers discussing how they were going to attempt to break down the cabin door using a drink cart. One, astute student of the case wrote me to point out that this was ostensibly a cockpit voice recording and that cockpit voice recorders do not record voices in the passenger compartment.

Top ten, reason number two why these hijackers appear to be fake. The last words attributed on that tape to the hijackers who were facing imminent death was Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar, which is Arabic for God is great. God is great. According to a Muslim member of Scholars for 911 Truth, the last words that a devout follower of Islam should say when confronting imminent death is not those words, but rather, in Arabic, there is but one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.

I therefore suggest that the writers assigned to this script simply didn’t know enough to get it right. Number one. Top ten. Reason number one for believing these hijackers were fake. Zacarius Masawi, this April, was subjected to a trial to determine whether he should be punished for life by life imprisonment, or even death for not coming forward. To reveal the plot which the government maintained, had he done, would have enabled the government to have intervened and saved lives.

I make three observations. A year before April last, Zacarius Masawi confessed to a different plot. He had knowledge that he had been involved in a plot to fly a plane into the White House in order to extort release of a terrorist sheikh who had been imprisoned for terrorist activities in 1993. He denied he had anything to do with 911. That is the crime to which he confessed a year later.

The federal government has played a shell game, and now they’re insinuating and implying he had something to do with 911. As my good friend Webster Tarpley has observed, this man had no obligation to come forward and to confess his involvement in a plot. Even if he had been involved in 911, we still have something here known as the Fifth Amendment. He had no obligation to incriminate himself. Third and most tellingly, and this must have been incredibly embarrassing to the government, an FBI agent testified he’d been following Masawi.

He’d been observing him taking this flight training. He had suspected that he might be involved in a terrorist plot, even to fly planes into the Trade Towers, though he suggested later that was merely a lucky guess. He testified under oath that he had told his supporters, his superiors about his suspicions. Not once, not twice. 70 times. And I say to you, five or six might be excused as ordinary incompetence.

20 or 25 may be criminal neglect. 70 times has to have been a matter of direct policy, deliberate policy. They were keeping these guys in reserve so they could use them as their cover story when the government itself perpetrated these dastardly terrorist acts. All right, that was it, Scott. I’d like now, in just a moment, to have an open discussion for about 15 minutes between the members of the panel.

Then we’ll have about 1015 minutes to take some questions. You can back to us, Scott. Members who’ve been part of this also be able to say a few words. Yeah. Powerful Jim. Of course. I said, what was it? Portland, Oregon. When I met Portland, Maine, of course, but it just came to me while I was sitting up there that I had my list of reasons that they made a top ten list.

So I thought follow Letterman and mentioning Paul Schaefer, who is his musical director, that whole bit. But it’s very curious. That was like the last time Alex had to do with me because when he got involved in Sandy Hook, I repeatedly volunteered to assist him. He didn’t abet him, but he had no interest. His attorney didn’t even respond. When I volunteered to come aboard, I actually submitted formal requests to serve in the form of an amicus brief or an amicus witness.

And I was rejected across the board, not only in all of Alex trials, but in the Remington trial as well. Scott but here we’re talking about 911 and now you got an overview of what I was up to in 2006. At the end of the year, by the way, I’d be flown to Greece and put on a program that was hosted by the leading muck raker in Greece whose reports have been responsible for the downfall of corrupt Greek governments.

It was regularly scheduled for 3 hours. There were twelve panelists, I was told going in that usually only two or three asked questions. I said, not tonight. Every one of the twelve asked questions. Not only that, but they had wonderful clips. It was sensational. It was broadcast worldwide by satellite and extended for another half hour. Scott I think that may have been the high watermark for the 911 Truth movement.

Well, it’s something that is not going to go away. It’s been burned into the memory. And as time goes on, all of the foundational evidence and study that you produced is simply being built upon. Nothing has been discarded. It’s only being further clarified from the nuclear materials, the changes in the subterranean cavern under the towers. So much of the physical evidence has been, I think, shown very effectively judy woods material to well, where did the towers go and the exposure of the cars that were in the parking lot in the World Trade Center tower? These things must be continually re examined because on that date was the death of our country.

It was the death of the Constitution, it was the transformation, or rather deformation of America into an Empire State. It was the loss of our liberties. It was the beginning of the end. And what Webster Tarpley said was very profound and prophetic because he was indicating that it was because of I think it was Webster Tarpley or maybe it was the that’s who you heard. It was Webster commenting on how essentially the evil that the United States has done has come back to haunt the United States and had almost a karmic effect.

And I’ve been saying the exact same thing with regards to all of its other evil activities and policies, from homosexuality to transgenderism. So on top of everything, that Webster presented earlier about how 911 was having a negative consequence on our spirit, our psyche as a nation. Since then, it has only been compounded by all of the woke homosexual, transgender, other corruptions, and compounded by the additional countries that have been subjected to the American tyrannical war machine, from Syria to Libya to Yemen to Iraq, and, of course, Ukraine, most recently.

So I’ll hand it back to you, Jim, but I see 911 being intricately connected as the bowling ball that has smashed the pins of America’s identity. And every one of those pins is falling down. And I think there are some standing, but they’re wobbling, and it’s only a matter of time till they all come crashing down. Jim. Excuse me, Scott. I do have the transcript of the Webster of the Bill O’Reilly interview.

If you want to look at parts of it, it’s rather interesting to dissect because you’ll see how he’s making up these stories about words in my mouth, things I never said, which he finds easier to attack. So here it is. And it was posted by Fox as O’Reilly takes on 911 conspiracy theorists. And, of course, it begins with all this attack on Kevin Barrett and Ward Churchill. Then he says, Jim Fetzer believed Bush orchestrated 911.

Well, actually, I never said that. So he asked me. I’m getting a little tired of Barrett, Ward Churchill, and other college professors who hate the country and bring this hatred onto a campus full of impressionable students. Am I wrong to be offended and angry about you know, I say, well, you are wrong, Bill, because you haven’t studied the case. We created an organization consisting of expertise and scholars, pilots, aeronautical engineer, mechanical engineers, structural and physicists.

We’ve been examining what the government’s been telling us, and frankly, Bill, it’s a fantasy. None of the major claim made by the government can be sustained. We’ve been looking at this from every point of view. The government has a story. It wants to sell us. We’re not buying it. I think right then he knew he was in trouble, Scott, because I was already indicating that I had vast resources and a ton of experts in appropriate disciplines supporting our research.

So I think that’s when he just decided he was going to have to make stuff up and act as though it were my position, when it was just a fabrication that was so extreme, it made it easy for him to debunk it as though he had debunked my real position, which is a classic straw man action, as you know. Well, I’ve met and known Kevin Barrett. He’s a very honorable, very intelligent man.

I’ve known him when I’ve been to Iran. I’ve went twice. And Kevin Barrett was there as well, with many others at the New Horizon conference. It’s very questionable and suspicious that when we were over in Iran in 2018 and they had accused Iran of having a role in 911, all of the American guests and others, we were all assembled and we said, let’s bring the Iranians to New York and let them put on a case of their defense and bring in all of the experts and engineers and scientists and everyone that has studied 911 and presented as expert witnesses in the defense of Iran.

Because that might be the opportunity to finally display in a court of law. The entire government theory is fraudulent. The moment we did that, the moment we were discussing that, and it was actually being put together when we returned from Iran. They launched the FBI and the Department of treasury. Steven Yunschin and Segal. Mandelker a dual Jewish. Israeli American citizen to send the FBI to all of the Americans that had went to that conference and tell them they can’t go to Iran again or else they could be arrested.

Not for doing anything. These are scholars and speakers. But it was very evident that they were terrified about that possibility. And I think you’ve struck fear into them like no one else. Jim and I think the revelation of this is inevitable. It’s just we have to continue passing the torch. I’ll hand it to you to give us your closing thoughts. Go ahead. Well, I’ve never met Ward Churchill.

Kevin Barrett is a dear friend of mine. We’ve done many 911 events together. When I was offered a five day a week show on GCN, which is the same network that carries Alex Jones, I wanted to do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and invited Kevin to do Monday and Friday. We called this show the Dynamic Duo. It endured for about a year and a quarter when he was decided to run for you know, we’ve had many, many exchanges until Ablay.

He lived about an hour away from me, but now he was married to a Moroccan woman, and they have moved to Morocco. He’s continuing to do his show, False Flag Weekly News, where actually, about four weeks ago invited me to co host with him, which I was pleased to do. He and I had done that together when he first began False Flag Weekly News, which is now 15 or 20 years ago.

Scott so he and I have a long, positive relationship. I went into the classroom when it was controversial. He was doing a course on the history of the Middle East where he’s an expert. I mean, he’s not only a fluent speaker of Arabic and the like, but he was doing a course where one week was devoted to 911, and in that one week, he presented the official government position, but also the alternative skeptical view.

And it was for that they sacked him. They made a big to do out of it, and they terminated his career as a university level instructor, which was a travesty. He’s a very smart guy, and I’m a big fan of Kevin Barrett, and he continues his newsletter, and he’s still pursuing the truth with a great deal of vigor and energy. And I would say these Jewish organizations that aren’t really Jewish, they’re Khazarian, they’re Talmudic groups like the Anti Defamation League, which is now being sued by Elon Musk for slandering him and Twitter and of course, the ACLU.

But these Jewish dual Israeli Zionist organizations are obsessed with shutting down all critical information about 911. And you saw that on O’Reilly and Hannity and combs. They’re Jewish producers and Jewish connection to these media shows no doubt had threatened them and harassed them and told them in no uncertain terms, you will adopt this response to Fetzer and you will not let anything else be said. So I think it’s something that people need to understand.

Jim well, I felt I really took control of the first show with Ollie North. What happened was the producer had said they want to interview me about what scholars had discovered about 911. But when I was sitting in the waiting room, I asked them to bring in a television. I could see how they pitched it. And you got Combs saying, you’re not going to believe what your students are being taught by their professors.

And I knew I had them because they didn’t know enough about what I was teaching to get it right. So that was how going in. I already knew that this was a setup, but I was prepared to explain that they had foxed their facts, and I knew I had to pronounce that with delicacy and precision. But it worked, Scott. It worked. I just took it away from him and all.

He was, I think, so humiliated that he would not return to TV for four years. Wow. Well, Jimmy, you did a fabulous job presenting the truth and the evidence and the facts. I know you will continue. So thank you for doing that. Thank you for joining us. We thank you for that. We will have you on again next week. God bless you and thank you for joining us on Global Freedom TV Great Awakenings.

We will see you tomorrow. Good night, Sam. Sam. .

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