The EVIL is Exposed

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The EVIL is Exposed


➡ The text discusses the complications and challenges of rampant illegal immigration, discussing how various people from different countries are crossing the U.S. borders illegally and how that’s impacting local communities. It suggests problems such as overrun school systems, financial strain on healthcare facilities, and overall societal strain. The text also covers the U.S. government’s alleged role in supporting immigration-related issues, and critiques political decisions like Biden’s supposed $6 billion deal with Iran. Additionally, it discusses President Trump’s accomplishment in addressing the Roe vs. Wade case and the necessity for the Republican party to articulate their stance on abortion clearer.
➡ The text discusses the pro-life stance and its power in negotiations compared to radical left Democrats. It notes an increase in the abortion debate during election times, particularly highlighting Hilary Clinton’s controversial stance on late-term abortions. The speaker criticizes religious leaders who didn’t support Trump in the last election, suggesting their judgments were hypocritical. It also points out the infiltration of various organizations like seminaries and mainstream media by the CIA. The speaker encourages empathy and prayer for immigrants crossing the border, and emphasizes the importance of love over pure knowledge in leadership. Amidst discussion about power blackouts, the speaker promotes the Patriot Power Generator, a portable solar power solution.
➡ The text details the controversy surrounding CIA’s utilisation of numerous dummy and legitimate foundations for channeling funds. Sensitive issues regarding US politics, media, and intelligence national security are debated. Lastly, it highlights a series of questionable coincidences surrounding a disastrous fire in Maui, raising concerns about governmental transparency and potential manipulation.
➡ Two of Maui’s major landowners, BlackRock and the US government, are part of the UN’s agenda and are allegedly evicting locals. There’s a general complexion of denial about this from fact checkers also owned by BlackRock. Real media’s role should be to ensure locals’ rights, yet environmental policies by the United Nations are often blamed for any coincidental mishaps. Sites like offer discounts and event invitations for merchandise that resonates with right-wing sentiments. Donald Trump’s persona is endeared due to his representation of the common people, in contrast to stiff upper class America. Investigations into controversial political events seem biased, with lesser ramifications for those in power. Raffensberger, the Secretary of State of Georgia, allegedly ignored queries on the security of Georgia’s voting system. Finally, Trump’s supposed crime was winning the 2016 election against the establishment’s expectations.
➡ The text discusses high gas prices, inflation, illegal immigration, and the rise in crime in Democrat-run cities over the past 18 months. It also delves into manipulations in media imagery, specifically concerning children and young adults, and discusses the implications of the present socio-political chaos, inflationary pressures and the idea of investing in precious metals. Lastly, it criticises the funding of foreign governments, specifically referencing Ukraine, and critiquing cuts to social security and medicaid.
➡ The text discusses the tragic sudden deaths of individuals, highlighting the importance of COVID-19 vaccination in the context of Temple University and its recent policy changes. It also discusses the contrasting views surrounding vaccine hesitancy, conspiracy theories and social rumors, which are alleged to be detrimental to public health and safety. Additionally, the text brings attention to the power of forgiveness and leadership, President Trump’s role in pardoning Charles Duke Tanner, and the resistance against the transgender bathroom policy by high school students in Pennsylvania. Lastly, the text concludes with a message of faith, perseverance, and hope for a better future under God’s protection; it emphasizes teaching moral principles to children, being braver and resisting unjust authorities.
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You. It is joy to the just to do judgment, but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity. SA sam Saint informed daily of all the ways the enemy is working. We’re working together to get the information out so that the evil ones can’t take it too far. We will always face these battles locally, but the international level is heavy. We’re dealing with borders, Maui issues, Ukraine, money, liars in the media and more.

We’ve got to stay in prayer, stay focused and stay informed. Let’s see what’s going on, shall we? Where? Punjabi only. Where are you going? New York. California. Where are you going? California. California. Where are you from? California. Where are you from? India. You’re? India. And you? India. India. Where are you going? California. California. You? California. Where are you from? India. You? Where are you from? India. Where are you going? California.

You? India. Going in New York. Where are you going? Where are you from? India. New York. You? India. New York. You? India. New York. You? India. California. You? California. You? India. California. You? Senegal. Where are you going? Where are you going? California. New York. Where are you going? New York. New York. You? Where are you from? Senegal. Where are you going? Jersey. You? Bangladesh. Where are you going? New bangladesh.

Where are you going? Georgia. You? Bangladesh. Where are you going? Georgia. You? New York. New York. Where are you from? Where are you from? Where are you from? Africa. Haiti. Where are you from? Synagogue. You? Africa. Where are you going? New York. Thank you. Where are you going, sir? Africa. You’re from africa. Where are you going? New York. Thank you. You from where? Where are you from? Africa.

Synagogue. You? Africa. Where are you going, sir? New York. Have you heard enough? I’ll let this play out for a couple of minutes. So you would see just a line of folks from Senegal, different countries in Africa that they couldn’t say where they’re going. New York. California, Georgia. They’re from Bangladesh, India I mean, you name it, they’re coming in and they’re crawling through the border. They don’t have to do the paperwork.

They don’t have to wait, try to get their citizenship or get a visa or anything. It’s just to come on in, open borders for them all. And we’re watching this play out in such a mean I’m not against immigration. My goodness. I mean, I’ve got my own family. If you guys read my book, you’ll understand what I’m saying there. I mean, we did it the right way. Dr.

Jane Ruby, journalist Anne Vanderstil and war correspondent, former Green Beret Michael Young are in Panama and in and out of the Darien Gap, documenting how U. S. Government is building camps to process many millions of people and speed push them into our country. We’re looking to meet up with centerfront. We got to actually register. And the Dr. Jane Ruby says this is an operation to destroy all of us.

And you can see in this video how this is playing out as they go around the camp and they’re inspecting. Look at the number of no money, no health insurance, and have lots and lots of problems. And so the United States is now funding this in our own medical communities. And the medical facilities, like hospitals are going bankrupt because they simply cannot afford it. You are going to see more and more hospitals file bankruptcy and go out of business because they cannot afford to treat the millions of people that are coming across the border that have absolutely nothing to offer.

Just keeps going. It just keeps going. I’ve never seen it like this. And we’re seeing everything in New York. They’re blowing up. The folks there that live there are tired. They’re getting overrun in their school system. Parents are upset because you know what, I had to get my birth certificate, my address. I had to have all my kids with all their shot records and everything to get in.

Yet they just opened the doors and New Yorker said, come on in. They’re getting overrun. And then old Biden, the one, the fake president supposedly goes to the United Nations and gives a speech. He’s a few blocks, what, four blocks down the road? Didn’t bother to go down to the hotel where they’re housing everyone. They got enough money for. I think it was like eleven or $110,000,000 given to the city of New York.

It only will last for, I believe it was three to four weeks worth of money to make all of this fall into place. Why? What’s going on? Why all of a sudden are they bringing so many folks in, sending them to all the cities? And these folks that voted for this, I wonder what they’re thinking. Opened the borders, thought they’d never get touched. Now many cities that thought they’d never get touched are getting overrun and they’re having a hard time keeping up with all of this.

You got that issue and then you’ve got other things where President Trump even talks about the absolutely ridiculous $6 billion hostage deal. Yeah, all the money that they’re handing to the illegals coming across the border, giving them everything they want. $6 billion hostage deal with Iran. That set a terrible precedent for the future. Buckle up. B-U-C-K-E-L up. You’re going to see some terrible things start to happen. The three years ago, highly respected USA has become a laughingstock.

And he didn’t put a space there. Laughing stock. He didn’t put a space there at all. The three years ago, highly respected USA become a laughingstock all over the world, make America great again and vote Trump. Will we even make it that far if there’s an election? President Trump said he was able to do something that nobody thought was possible. And Roe versus Wade, we’re going to read that in a second, but check this out.

Brooker, joe Biden just agreed to pay a $6 billion ransom to the Iranian dictatorship in exchange for hostages. This is yet another Biden surrender and a further blistering humiliation of the United States of America to the world stage. But even worse, this decision will be extremely deadly. Biden is giving $6 billion to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Just as when Obama sent the Iranian regime pallets of cash for hostages in the dark of night, remember plain loads of cash.

Biden’s ransom payment will be immediately used to stoke violence, bloodshed, and mayhem throughout the Middle East and all around the world, costing countless innocent lives. It’s also guaranteed that the fanatical Iranian regime will use this money to advance their nuclear weapons program, putting Israel, the United States, and the entire world in very grave peril. They are reportedly just weeks away from a nuclear bomb, something which would have never happened under the Trump administration.

Tragically, Biden’s ransom payments also make it dramatically more likely that even more Americans will be held captive in the future, because Biden has shown that he will pay gargantuan sums of money, meaning the kidnappers turn a massive profit. They’re making money hand over fist. In other words, Biden has put a bounty on the head of every American citizen abroad. Under my leadership, we brought home more than 50 hostages from all over the world, and we never paid ransom money to do it, not at all.

We did it with diplomacy, and we did it through strength. And we will do it again when we are reelected as president of the United States. Our country is failing. We are a failing nation. We will turn it around, and we will make America great again. Thank you. One of those issues that he’s bringing up here again, he was able to do something that nobody thought was possible.

Now, folks, I’m going to read this to you because there’s actual comms that go with this. He posted it at 416 or 1616. Coincidence. These people are sick. Now, as I read this, check this out. For 52 years, people talked, spent vast amounts of money, but couldn’t get the job done. This is dealing with Roe versus Wade. I got the job done thanks to the three great supreme Court justices I appointed, this issue has been returned to the states where all legal scholars on both sides felt it should be.

Now, the pro life community has tremendous negotiating power. Like Ronald Reagan before me, I believe in the three exceptions for rape, incest in the life of the mother. Without the exceptions, it is very difficult to win elections. We would probably lose the majorities in 2024 and perhaps the presidency itself. But you must follow your heart. In order to win in 2024, republicans must learn how to talk about abortion.

The issue cost us unnecessarily, but dearly. In the midterms, we have to expose the Democrats like cricket, Joe Biden and kamala Harris as being the true radicals on the abortion issue in that they allow the killing of babies in the fifth month, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th months. And check this out, and even after birth. That’s right. You guys remember New York? But it was okay to, quote, rip the baby out of the womb, unquote, under Roe versus Wade and destroy a living soul.

Now, with Roe versus Wade no longer, the power to negotiate is with the pro life movement, not the radical left Democrats who are so willing to destroy, huh? And so we talk about this and you say, well, what’s going on here? Why is he bringing this up now? Because you’ve got an election coming up and there’s still people, still people that think it’s okay to rip the baby here it is rip the baby out of the womb.

But now, because of the work that he did, folks, it’s now back with the power in the hands of those that are in the pro life movement. Don’t let these radicals, these sick people, get the upper hand on everything and every talking point and all that goes on with these elections and convincing people that everything’s going to be okay. Who ripped people? Who was calling for the right before birth? You guys remember that President Trump and Hillary Clinton actually had their debate.

And I’ll never forget, never forget one of those debates when they asked about the abortion issue. And old Hillary herself said, even up to the moment of birth, you can get rid of that child. And the crowd. It was even in shock, and he was even in shock that she said it to everyone listening in. How dare you. And so the 1616 post actually had the member, President Trump put this out at 416 or 1616 about the Roe versus Wade.

Well, it matches perfectly with coincidence. These people are sick. This official case two two United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. The plaintiff, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Fusion, GPS and more. Remember, when you look at 416 and you match up with 1616, soros takes orders from P, you have no idea how sick and evil these people are. Fight, fight, days of days, game over.

These evil ones. The fact that people would even vote or even say that Hillary Clinton was somebody they voted for after she said rip the baby from the womb. As President Trump shows us here, even up to the moment of birth, should have made every person who was a believer in Christ say no way. And guys, you’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again. I watched some of the biggest, the biggest, largest denominations in the Christian side.

I watched the leaders of some of those movements, one of the biggest in America, basically say, well, we’re not going to vote for Trump. He’s not the right pick for the Republican Party. And this was back in 20, 15, 16, leading up to the election. I couldn’t believe it. How dare you? Because he had a couple of bad things he did in his past. How dare they judge him? Where did they come from? What was their past? How did they become leaders? Did they get exposed for who they were? Oh, I was so upset.

We’re not looking for a pastor to run our nation. We’re looking for a leader that God has picked. So you wonder where these folks come from? They infiltrated. We know that the CIA was infiltrating the seminaries, or some would call them the cemeteries. They go to learn so much that they’re no good at teaching the word of God anymore, or they invaded the mainstream media, the CIA guys, I’m not knocking every single pastor out there.

There are many good ones. I’m just saying, be careful when you become so learned that you substitute the amount of theology and knowledge that you have for loving the people, it’s better to have love, to have all this knowledge. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve been the unloving. I have all the knowledge, guy. And you get easily trapped into all that. And these people now folks are hurting around this earth.

We all need to be loved and to love. Even these folks that are coming across the border. As much as we can’t stand getting infiltrated. In all the news that’s coming out, is there anybody there handing out Bibles to these mean? I watched a movie, La Amistad, and I remember that the Puritans were handing out Bibles to those who were the slaves being brought in on the ships.

And I remember one of the scenes of the movie, man, I wish I could play it now, where he’s flipping through the scripture. He said, hey, he was looking at pictures. There’s this guy, this picture, it’s a little different. I’ve never seen anything like this. And he explains to his friend, man, look at this picture. This picture of this person looks like he loved everyone and he died and he didn’t deserve it.

It looks like he came back to life. It looks like he’s God. So as bad as things are, as much as we want to see President Trump back in office and all these things playing out all around us locally and in our own way, we can pray for everyone. Pray for these people, pray for I mean, these folks were probably roped in. They were probably lied to, told all kinds of things like, come on, you guys, get over there to the southern border.

Get in america. They’re going to hand you all kinds of money and send you off to a city, and they’re going to take care of you. Yeah, partially true, but did they know what they’re going to face? Basically, when you get overrun by this much, there’s only so much we can do. We just got to pray didn’t know I was going to say all that, but I’m going to show you a video from the CIA here in a moment.

American institution where it’s going to show you how it’s built, how they put it together, and how they basically got into the mainstream media and more before that. I wanted to talk to you about the power of your home and other things that you need. Power. There’s a lot of talk recently about blackouts coming and other kinds of stuff like lights going out and losing power. But there’s this thing called a Patriot power generator.

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Again forpatriots. com use code lt get 10% off today. So, folks, before I show you the CIA, I wanted to just let you know, in that break, I happened to find that clip from the story of Jesus from pictures in the Bible, Amistad, the movie Amistad. I’m going to try to play a clip from that. I just felt led to do this, okay? So I’m going to try to turn it up, see if I can move this here’s.

He’s flipping the scriptures over. He said, who is he? I don’t know. But everywhere he goes, he’s followed by the says by the sun or shining object. Sun is what they say in the movie. Here he is healing people with his hands. You see that? I don’t know, guys. I just felt led to show this to you real quick. Then we’ll get into the news, okay? He flips the pages again.

He’s protecting them. In another picture, remember, this Bible was handed to him when he got off the slave ship. He was being given children. Another picture of him looking at children. What else does he show him? He says, look, here he is. What’s this? And that’s a picture of he could also walk across the sea. Pretty cool. Let’s see. Get to the next one. Here he is with his hands tied, and he’s confused.

Like what? He must have done something. They said why? What did he do? What did we do? What his friend has, whatever it was, it was serious enough to kill him for it. Do you want to see how they killed him? His friend said, yeah. And they show him the three crosses. This is just a story, yamba, but look, that’s not the end of it. And he gets to the next page, he flips over and he shows them carrying his people took his body down from this thing and he’s showing the cross as he puts the picture on his head.

And then they took him into a cave. They wrapped him in a cloth like we do. They thought he was dead. But he appeared before his people again and spoke to them. Finally he rose into the sky. And then you have somebody praying very interesting, right? How this just plays out for us to see. And so anyway, I just wanted to show you that to you because it reminds me again that we have the opportunity, if we can’t do everything, we can’t run for president, run for all of us, run for office.

But we could, I don’t know, some of us go out and hand out bibles to folks and do the best we can with those that are coming in until this thing’s all cleaned up, if ever. So back to the CIA. I wanted to show you this clip. The key to CIA’s current troubles is that unique American institution, the Tax Free Foundation. Here’s what happened. First, CIA itself set up a number of dummy foundations, calling them by impressive sounding, if meaningless names.

Their sole function was to channel money from the CIA to a second kind of foundation. Now these foundations were real, some obscure, some well known, all involved in legitimate philanthropy. But now, in addition, they agreed to become conduits for central intelligence, mixing up the government money with their own and then passing it on to the ever growing list of private organizations which during the were climbing aboard the CIA payroll.

Let’s take a closer look at those legitimate foundations which became CIA payout agencies. They are among the 15,000 charitable funds that have sprung up in America in response partly to the social consciences of the rich, partly to the structure of our tax laws. They are the operative arms of what has come to be called the American establishment. The power structure of moneyed families, august law firms, prestigious universities which have had so much influence in shaping American life and national policy since World War II.

CBS Newsman Norman Glubach reports on some of the foundations which channeled money for the CIA. This building is 73 Tremont Street, Boston. So here we go. Has anyone else put together? The three things Hunter is in trouble for are the three things the CIA does best money laundering, illegal guns, drugs, drugs, drugs. It’s from Mike Benz. And then you had a consortium, news the CIA used to infiltrate the media april 20, 2021 we have all this now.

The CIA is the media. This isn’t Operation Mockingbird, writes Caitlin Johnstone. It’s much worse. Twitter headquarters is great. This is a real pick from Elon Musk. Game over. Hashtag game over. What game soros takes orders from P, remember? You have no idea how sick and evil these people are. Fight, fight. Days of days. Game over. Yet another utterly false article from Wall Street Journal tesla, Saudi Arabia in early talks for EV factory.

Yeah, that’s another one. Fake news. The enemy of the people. Fake news is mostly, definitely the true enemy of the people. You got a giant difference no matter how you count it. Doge designer said tucker Carlson interview with Donald Trump got 265,000,000 impressions on X or Twitter. The average viewership for his show on Fox News is around 3 million. It’s a huge difference. So he left the mainstream media, which has fallen apart.

People are barely hanging on and watching that show anymore. Yet 265,000,000 kanaco the Great the Biden administration has appointed James Clapper, John Brennan, and Paul colby can you believe that? Former intelligence officials to a DHS homeland Intelligence experts group handling national security issues these individuals signed the fraudulent October 2020 letter deceptively asserting that Hunter Biden’s laptop was likely Russian disinformation. This falsehood significantly impacted the closely contested 2020 election decided by a mere 44,000 vote margin in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin.

Why? Select intelligent officials, intelligence officials who intentionally spread disinformation to sway a US. Election for a role in a DHS expert group tasked with national security. Shouldn’t they be losing their security clearances t 30 t -30 what does that mean to you all tori said this today when we hit the 33 trillion mark. That’s right. The US. Debt reaches 33 trillion. Who holds our debt? Another thing that’s interesting is what will happen at 33 t was entheos asking January 18 of 2023 and January 18 of 2018 storm coming warning is that a connection? The storm is here coming what’s your favorite blizzard flavor ask Chuck Grassley well you got the PB cup and more.

You guys remember that there were some comms there. The US marine Corps lost or issued a two day stand down order for all aviation units both inside and outside the US. Following the disappearance of an F 35 warplane ABC. Their reason is currently unknown. It’s possible that our most advanced aircraft’s assets have been compromised. And supposedly they found the debris in the woods. And I saw the video of it folks of the debris that they said they found.

And I’m telling you, I can’t even make really any comments on this whole thing, except that I worked in the public affairs office in Buford, South Carolina, the one that set Paris island many years ago. And I can tell you for them to put out a Twitter post to say help us find our plane, that was the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen how anyone would even approve something like that at the highest levels.

You can’t even put out that type of request unless it came from the higher ups. What are they doing losing an F 35? FBI chief says China has bigger hacking program than the competition combined. So a lot of people are saying, oh, there’s the footage. That’s right, I forgot it. We had the footage of the F 35 wreckage and debris at the crash site in Williams County, South Carolina.

I don’t see any planes. 40 Eigth Fighter Wing conducts an F 35 crash exercise at RAF Huntington in conjunction with several local firefighting, law enforcement agencies, as well as RAF installations. The F 35 crash. Looks like Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 911. Do you guys remember that? No plane debris, just a big hole and a bunch of trash thrown everywhere. And it makes you wonder. Oh, people heard explosions, all right.

United States government operations exercised on September 11, 2001. The North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD, was involved in an ongoing operation which involved deploying fighter aircraft to Northeast North America. They had planned to conduct several military exercises, and a drill was being held by the National Reconnaissance Office. Yeah, the operations, exercise and drills were all canceled following the September 11 attacks. Get that? They had a drill on the same day of 911.

And then you had the Great Awakening channel. They were excited because everything that they talked about in their decode of Buckle Up remember, we put in the last video, came together with President Trump’s buckle up code. September 17, constitution day. Oh, yeah. And so we go to the media and you think that they would do their good job, but we know the CIA pays them all off, and they’re not going to be able to put out the truth.

It’s all controlled. We already know that this from Wendy Bell just knocked it out of the park with coincidences from the Maui fire. Here we go. Let’s see if we can get this. Welcome back to common sense, everybody. I’m Wendy Bell. You know, it’s stunning to monitor the media’s lack of interest in the whole Maui story. I’ve been in this business for 30 years. I’m stunned, but I’m not surprised.

The dots are connecting, and coincidence seems to be the story here. Right, but the true story the media knows it is not allowed to tell. But I can. Is it a coincidence that the Maui Police Chief is the same man who was in charge in Las Vegas during that massacre that killed 58 people? Is it a coincidence that the Maui property, owned by million and billionaires, it wasn’t touched by the flames while homes of the locals all burned? Was it a coincidence that the flames traveled across hundreds of feet of pavement and crossed a four lane highway with emergency shoulders to jump into the ocean and then burn all the boats? Was it a coincidence that the largest system of outdoor emergency sirens in the world never made a sound as the fire devoured Lahaina? Was it a coincidence that at the same time, very same time, all the water was turned off? Was it a coincidence that police were ordered to block off streets and to funnel all the cars trying to escape onto one road where that firestorm incinerated entire families? How about the coincidence that the Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, just weeks before that inferno, signed a pledge to the UN’s 2030 agenda of Sustainable development, pledging to eliminate emissions? Weird.

And think about this coincidence that governor also signed an emergency proclamation on July 17, three weeks before the fire, about housing, of all things, and suspended seven state statutes protecting historic preservation laws, removing all of the red tape when it comes to building infrastructure. Coincidentally, that emergency proclamation also suspends previous building laws and gives the governor some magic wand power to appoint a housing czar to rule on the island’s redevelopment.

Is it a coincidence that the government put up a black fence around Lahaina? Or that the FAA grounded all drones from flying over the affected areas? Is it a coincidence that since at least 2011, there have been plans to make Maui the first smart city run by 100% renewable energy? And that coincidentally, two of the three largest landowners on Maui are BlackRock and the US government, and that both are part of the UN’s agenda? It must be a coincidence then that the locals whose homes did not burn are now being evicted from their property.

And of course, a total coincidence that all the fact checkers who are checking these facts, who say everything I just told you is just a coincidence, are also owned and run by BlackRock. Thank goodness none of these coincidences is connected. Wow. Way to go. Way to go. Wendy Bell, she put all that together in a couple of minutes and it just shows you. If we really had the real media, they’d be parked out there constantly asking questions, finding out all the details, discovering everything that’s going on there, fighting for the people, making sure that their homes are being rebuilt, stay with them for months and months and months until it’s all done.

If it was real media, hopefully folks are starting to wake up to all of that’s going on with this whole debacle, right? And so then we go over to the United Nations. When you’re talking about the climate change that they’re going to blame everything on, there’s zelensky though humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives, this means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes.

And when people in the streets of New York and other cities of the world went out on climate protest, we all have seen them. And when people in Morocco and Libya all right, enough. So anyway, here he is giving his little. Spill about the climate change and all the people line up at the United Nations and fall into place. And then Greg Price said, how bad for the environment do you think blowing up the Nordstream two pipeline was there? Zelensky we’re going to get to more of that in a moment.

And some other info in Georgia and the J Six issues with the Fed plant, what happened there. And we’re going to show you the Kamala and her blumbers and some things going on in the schools with the homecoming queen or king becoming queen or whatever that is going on. We’ll show you all of that in a moment. For now, I just wanted to make sure you guys know that you can go to and we know.

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So sometimes we have a smaller logo on the front left or we have the larger logo on the front or a large logo on the back. They all have amwinow. com underneath the logo and more. And so if you guys didn’t know when we have these logos, like, we have the crew neck shirt here, the logo, just as a reminder, was created one day. When I was just thinking about what we’re going through, and I was kind of just reminded of Moses, how he held up the staff like God told him to.

And the Red Sea was parted, and they left slavery, and the evil ones were crushed. And it just reminded me that that’s why we created this logo, in case you’re wondering. So here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. Millions of Americans. Sincerely love Donald Trump. They love him in spite of everything they’ve heard. They love him often in spite of himself. They love Donald Trump because no one else loves them.

The country they built, the country their ancestors fought for, over hundreds of years has left them to die in their unfashionable little towns, mocked and despised by the sneering half wits with finance degrees but no actual skills, who seem to run everything all of a sudden. Whatever Donald Trump’s faults, he is better than the rest of the people in charge. At least he doesn’t hate them for their weakness.

Donald Trump, in other words, is and has always been a living indictment of the people who run this country. That was true four years ago when Trump came out of nowhere to win the presidency. And it’s every bit as true right now. Trump rose because they failed. It’s as simple as that. If the people in charge had done a halfway decent job with the country they inherited, if they’d cared about anything other than themselves, even for just a moment, donald Trump would still be hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

But they didn’t. Instead, they were incompetent and narcissistic and cruel and relentlessly dishonest. They wrecked what they didn’t build. They lied about it. They hurt anyone who told the truth about what they were doing. That’s true. We watched. America is still a great country, the best in the world, but our ruling class is disgusting. A vote for Trump is a vote against them. That’s what’s going on in this country.

And there’s a commercial, probably a new Trump ad, and it’s pure fire. And I tell you, with all the stuff that we’re going through, the things that we see, we need that information every now and then to remind us as things weigh heavy. Especially when you get information where these folks that were part of the Fed, like the Fed plant Ray Ups screaming for people to go into the capitol while he’s collecting all of his money.

He gets charged with the slap on the wrist, disorderly conduct offense related to J six, three years after the fact. Truth hammer says this is damage control, just like the gun charge on Hunter Biden. Remember, you guys, we talked about the gun charge. I was like, hey, if they really charged him for his real crimes, I mean, come on. They were just throwing out a little bone to make everybody happy, right? Leave him alone.

Okay? We got him. Ray incited people to storm the Capitol on numerous occasions, trying his best to kick off a riot. We all know he had orders to do so, but no seditious conspiracy with terrorism enhancement charges for him, while there are people who never even entered the Capitol, sitting in DC jail and getting railroaded by liberal judges with a vested interest in maintaining the narrative that Biden got 81 million votes.

Nothing to see here. Move along, folks. Aren’t you satisfied to see justice getting done? So other folks that were part of the stolen election would be Roffensberger. He gets confronted by Georgians for truth as he’s coming out of a building where he’s inspecting. They’re trying to ask him questions about the election. You said the system is secure, but let me ask you a question about the system is running Android five one for the ballot marking devices, and that software is seven generations behind.

How can you say that the ballot marking devices are secure if you’re running a software that’s seven generations back? And, you know, everybody gets software updates on their phone all the time. How can you say that? Sir, what we have to do is in Georgia, something that’s EAC certified, and we’re really grateful that the machines have been updated. Anyway, this guy, in case you guys are not watching, if you’re listening, he’s walking away, talking over his shoulder.

Couldn’t stop for a moment. Know, you can go on Fox and talk all he wants, but can’t stop a moment for the citizens, just have a little conversation and talk to them. Nope, he’s walking as fast as he can. He’s unlocking his truck while they’re trying to talk to him, and he’s answering the question as slow as he can. And then as he enters his truck here we go.

Can I ask a question, Mr. Raffensberger, before you shut the door on me? I guess not. How can people in real time hack into your machines and just tell me that they’re safe? There he goes. If Trump didn’t incite the January 6 riot, what’s the actual crime and conspiracy? Objecting to the election and submitting contingent electors allowed by Electoral Count Act of 1887. Twisting political arms allowed by First Amendment.

Trump’s crime winning in 2016. The true enemy of America is the Republican Party. Surprisingly, the Democrats will always complain, grift, cheat, and gleefully ignore the law. Who will stop them? In a real two party system, it would be Republicans. But they are weak. They’re losers who do nothing but talk. And they don’t really have to talk much when you’ve got someone like this. Over these last 18 months, Democrats have delivered let me rephrase that.

Over these last 18 months, Democrats have delivered big time. That was the highlight. That was the high point of the speech. And boy, haven’t the Democrats delivered big time. Biggest gas prices, big, big inflation, more than 2 million illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. That’s big. And don’t forget the dramatic increase in violent crime in Democrat run cities. About that how about that? Before I get to the next part of the gasoline prices, I had another clip.

Since you guys are sitting on your couch and having a good time, how about this one? To think that we should just be content with status quo, with the way things are. The point about progress is to have the ability to have a vision and a belief and some faith in what can be unburdened by what has been and then going for it. Doesn’t have a clue. The person on the left shakes the head.

Oh, that’s so amazing. The college tour. Oh, my goodness. Folks, anyway, fuel prices, oil nears $100 a barrel. On the right, you have an iblink. Lee Vining, California. To be fair, they are always about one or $2 above the rest of the state. San Francisco Bay Area, well, $6. 50 range, but there’s $7. 59 for supreme, 729 for regular. And I had a talk with somebody from California who told me the prices are ridiculous.

They changed overnight. We talked about this, about your money, about investing in precious metals and more. With Elliott. It’s in. You can reach out to him. And we gold in the description box below, but here’s a clip from our recent interview. Encourage you to go check it out. Time to go back into stocks or bonds when it’s time to just get out of silver, go into gold, get out of gold, go back into stocks, whatever, right? Whatever needs to be done.

We don’t expect clients to watch the markets like a hawk and tell us this is what we want to do. I mean, you can if you want to, I don’t care. But truly, our job in the partnership with you and your money and being a wise steward with what God has given you to help you aim the gun, to be on target so you can then pull the trigger and be on target, right? We want to help bring peace into the midst of the storm by you realizing, wow, I didn’t know there were people out there, advisors out there who didn’t listen to mainstream media, who don’t think that when stocks stink, you go into bonds, and bonds stinky.

Go into stocks, it’s like, well, what about when they all stink at the same time together? Well, then what? I mean, this is where we are in today’s world, is the inflationary pressures, the political chaos, the geopolitical conflict, all that debt. Everything that we’re seeing is pointing with big, bright neon flashing arrows. Look at silver, look at gold allocate into it. This is where strength and safety is.

But it won’t be that way forever, nor has it been that way forever in the past, right? So it’s a really good interview and just encourage you to reach out to them. They’ll help you out one to one. It’s really amazing process for all of that. So when we go in, we see what these guys are up to. We talk about the deep state. We talk about evil ones all the time and what they’re trying to do.

They go after our children. We know that and so much more. And so when you see this playing out on an international level, we wonder who’s in control and how it’s running. It they seem to go after our children. What’s the reasoning behind all of this? Surely kids don’t know what the illuminati means and all of this dark symbolism that comes along with it and all of the conspiracies of what goes on behind those closed doors.

What if it’s because they’re trying to ingrain this image so far into their head so that when they grow up, the generations to come think that this is the norm, especially when they see their favorite celebrity or artist doing it. There’s nothing to question, because this is all the imagery that they’re seeing in front of their faces on TV, music videos, everything they’re watching. I was scrolling on social media, and I saw this video of the words Nickelodeon cut up into three pieces and translated into Latin.

You can try it out yourselves, and it literally translates to, I don’t care about God. Sound it out yourself, just like they’re doing in this commercial. Nickelodeon. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound just like it. They have you singing it and everything. Now, do you remember this commercial that would play after each episode finished? Pay very close attention and wait for it. How sus is that? I mean, what’s the reason for them to slide in these subliminal messages out of nowhere? So if you’re not watching or listening, they’re throwing Nickelodeon up there with all the triangles and the all CNI all over the screen.

Yeah, and then he again, just to slow it down for you and tell you if you type in Nick N-I-C-K space. K-E-L-O space. D-E-O. It is I don’t care about God. The translation from Latin. English. Latin. Latin. English. Excuse me. Just like they’re doing in this. So what else? As they get older, then things like this happen. You get the Kansas City High School crowns, male homecoming queen rejecting four females, celebrating smiles.

And then on the right, I have a post that somebody said, look on an open source board. People were writing this. Anyone else having trouble convincing their teens teen kids to continue transitioning? My 14 year old daughter has started refusing her estradiol. Estrodiol, I guess, is what you pronounce it. So I’ve been crushing the pills and putting it in her cereal in the morning. I’m just not sure why she doesn’t want to take her pills anymore.

So the parents, these sick and evil parents, are doing all they can to make sure that their kids transition. You follow me? The generations are just one after another falling apart. And what do they do once you get even older? They’ll have a transgender military spokesman for Ukraine. That’s what they’ll become. Well, there’s one now who’s going by the name of Sarah, who was just honored by Las Vegas City Hall.

He was also given certificates of recognition by the Senator Catherine Cortez, Dinah Titus, and former Nevada Governor Steve SISLAC. Oh, and the Smithsonian Institute wants one of Sarah’s military uniforms. Sarah recently issued threats in English targeting Westerners that Ukraine will hunt down and bring justice to all those deemed anti Ukraine propagandists. In other words, when I put out information, the truth about what’s going on in Ukraine, they have the rights, according to Sarah to come after me.

A local reporter working on the front lines in Ukraine is gaining national attention, also getting some recognition from officials in Las Vegas as well. Sarah Ashton Cerillo was honored for her work in Ukraine today at Las Vegas City Hall. She served as a war correspondent since March, and recently she enlisted as a combat medic, serving front lines with other soldiers. She originally went to Ukraine. He originally had the refugee cris.

Numerous lawmakers, including Governor Sisolak, Congresswoman Dina Titus and Senator Catherine Cortez. Masto gave her certificates, gave him recognition for her work overseas. His work. The reasons I’m fighting, along with every other soldier, are the reasons that the people in the United States and elsewhere can enjoy the lives they have here. Let’s see, what else? Oh, yeah. Remember old Zelensky himself? Here we are. Charlie Kirk show, covering some of this.

Led on this mission by faith in God, liberty, and complete liberation, this freak represents the government that you’ve shoveled $140,000,000,000 into. When 60 Minutes said the 70 billion the other day, that’s just the arms we sent over, and it’s much more than that. But 70 billion, you got to add in. Remember, at $5 billion a month, I want everybody to embrace this. They’re sitting here on Capitol Hill, and you got Judas Pence, and you got Krispy Kreme Christie.

You got all these folks are talking about cutting your Social Security and cutting your medicaid, because you know that thousand bucks a month you get from Social Security. That’s the problem. That’s the problem. Your Social Security, having worked your entire life, the little bit you get. That’s the problem. They want to cut that we’re sending $5 billion a month that nobody wants to talk about. $5 billion a month to pay for the government.

You’re paying for that guy with the bad wig. You pay him. You pay Zelensky. You pay all their pension funds for their nurses and their teachers. You pay for the whole Kabang five bay in a month. Where’s Europe in this? Europe doesn’t want to give any more money. Don’t want to give any more money. This is the situation we’re in. What other situation are we in? Don’t forget that folks are still passing away suddenly.

Temple University acting president Joanne Epps dies suddenly on stage at an event. City of Philadelphia only just recently dropped the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for students, faculty, and staff at higher education institutions. Joanne Epps had to be fully vaccinated because if you look on the right side of your screen, they posted. If you have already been vaccinated, we urge you to upload your vaccine information to Temple’s Patient Health portal.

By providing this information, you are helping us determine how close the Temple community is to reaching herd immunity. Class 2021, you have arrived at your destination. Your moment is now. Another person gone. And then we had folks that were bragging on open social media, so I hate it when these Facebook statuses are made, but apparently it’s necessary. Says one parent, and then sigh, please tell me if you aren’t vaccinated before you meet my child.

I just simply can’t take the risk of unvaccinated people being around my infant. That same person posted that their little one, their little toddler, passed away suddenly not breathing in her crib. These are the types of things that we’re seeing over and over again of folks that were so brainwashed, so adamant that they were right. And then things turned the opposite way, and it just breaks our hearts, our souls.

How much more can we take? They’ll say the far right’s antiscience conspiracies are literally killing us. Yeah, that’s right. Is there anything these murderers don’t protect? Project Unto. The far right? Yeah, the far right. Conspiracy theories, vaccine hesitancy. That’s what’s killing people. It’s not the vaccine. Then the guy on your right is the Nazi doctor Peter Hortez, who brings this up, kept going on TV and recommending booster after booster because none of them did this to protect anyone.

And then you go into so many different levels. I mean, folks, I could go further, but I’m not going to go today. I’ve got too much heaviness on my heart. As we’ve gone through this today, we’ve got a fighter. We’re getting comms. We were told things were going to get worse before they got better. But the bottom line is, information is getting out. We’re finding out who the bad players are.

We’re discovering just how they will and deal behind closed doors. We’re all being affected by the gas prices and other prices of food and more. We’re being inundated by these evil ones, constantly showing up with new ideas to shake and rattle our brains. I mean, it’s part of MKUltra mind control. In my opinion. They’ll do anything to keep us inundated with the most debauchery, most fear that they can throw on us.

And we’re told by God Almighty, through his word, jesus Christ said, do not fear. There’s some great things to focus on. One of those, as a reminder before we close today, would be what President Trump did for this man. Here we go. Back in 2018, son of professional boxer Charles Duke Tanner sent a video to then President Donald Trump asking if he would pardon his father, who was handed down two life sentences as a nonviolent first time offender.

Take a listen to this. Hello, President Trump, I would like to ask you to please release my dad from prison. I know that he made a huge mistake, and he really looks back on his mistake and regrets it, and I feel like he would never do it again. My dad’s been in my life ever since I was young. We have a great relationship. He’s been helping me every step of the way.

He helps me and my friends. He taught me right from wrong. He does a lot for me. That some parents don’t even do, and he’s incarcerated. So I would just please want you to release my father from prison. Thank you. Fast forward to 2020. After spending 16 years in prison, charles Duke Tanner was reunited with his family. Take a look. First and foremost, I want to give all the praise and glory to God.

Thank you. Thank you for hearing me. But, President Trump, I just want to thank you for giving me a second chance and believing in me and reading my petition. I’m just so thankful. It’s just 20 years ago, I fought at the Trump Casino, and now you signed to give me clemency first. I didn’t know it was real until I was able to bring touch. This little guy right here, I left him when he was two years old.

President Trump, you reunited me back to my family. I lost my mother and my father, but I got him, and this is what I live for. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. All praise and glory go to God. Thank you. All praise and glory go to God. He thanks President Trump, but he realizes ultimately it comes from God Almighty. That’s who he praises.

For all of this, to be able to get it into the right hands of the right people who have the ability to provide forgiveness for caring for we the people. And looking into these cases, that’s why we fight so hard for real leadership that seems to bleed over the real leadership to others. In Pennsylvania, these high school students staged a walkout to protest boys using girls bathrooms. Check this out.

Whoo. Hundreds and hundreds of high school students. Folks protesting. They’ve had enough. They walk out and they say, we are not going to have the boys use these girls bathrooms. What have we seen play out across our country in these areas where the children don’t stand up, the parents don’t stand up for their rights. You don’t have to put up with this junk. You don’t have to go to these big brick prison wall systems and say, you know what? I’m going to conform to everything that you’re telling me to do.

No. Yes. We have to answer to authority. But when the authority breaks the rules of God given gifts and just basic beliefs and moral character, respect the girl’s rights. That’s the sign that I’m looking at right there. That’s right. And they’re doing it together in numbers, and they’re excited and they’re happy, and the parents are there to support. And, man, that just gets your heart going. So what the media is pushing all the stuff that we went through today is very hard and heavy to carry.

But at the end of all this, remember, we have the ability in our own home to teach the word of God, teach truth, teach good moral principles, teach them how to stand up for their rights in this country. Teach them how to run for office, how to get things done properly, and watch the future of this country change. See forgiveness and leadership. See the glory that’s given to God by many people.

And then we can say, blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew five eight. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for how you continue to watch over our families, watch over those that are standing for the truth. We know that there are bumpy there’s bumpy road ahead.

We’re told to buckle up, which means this ride is about to get real shaky. We ask that you would just provide us with a sense of comfort and rest beyond anything that we can imagine. May we be able to provide this comfort to others. Could you please provide us with the right words for those that are hurting? Help us to pray for those that are in need of prayer.

Come alongside those that are difficult to love and ask that you would protect our families as we go through this. So many on the enemy side try to make us believe that they’re so powerful. But we know you are powerful. We know that we when we hold on to you, we can say, I’m with him. I’m with God. Through your son. Jesus Christ. How amazing it is to belong to you, be guided by you and shepherded by you each and every day.

We ask for continued protection over those that are fighting on the front lines. Protection over all of us. In name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. Folks, thank you so much for tuning in today. Thank you for your time, your effort, your prayers and your support. It means so much to us. Thank God Almighty for this time that we have to we can share with each other what’s going on all around us.

It’s been pretty crazy. Please hit that subscribe button and the like button. Would really appreciate that and share. And if you could run to our store, get some gear on, if you would, this fall and let people know that you’re listening to this channel, would really appreciate it. And we’re looking forward to a big announcement coming in a few weeks for those that are looking for that. All right.

For now, this is Lt. St. Semperfy with them, we know, signing out. It Sam SA. .



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