Military Intel Contractor Sends WARNING.. Beast System ACTIVATED

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Military Intel Contractor Sends WARNING.. Beast System ACTIVATED


➡ Nino, host of Nino’s Corner TV, introduces Ryan Velli, a technology teacher and former independent contractor for the U.S. Military, who shares critical information about the digital ID control grid being built around us. Ryan warns about the military’s vulnerability to artificial intelligence (AI), which has been capable of independently fighting and winning wars since 2005. He also mentions the consolidation of U.S. military command under one point of control, known as joint all domain command and control, emphasizing the need for vigilant vetting within the command chain to prevent AI or high-level manipulations.


What’s up, folks? Welcome to Nino’s Corner TV. If you’re seeing this, this is just made for flufftube only. This is just for YouTube. We’re going to go to Ninoscorner TV and talk more about this. It is way too hot for YouTube. I don’t feel comfortable putting it on there. Neither does Ryan. I’m introducing my audience to Ryan Velli, who is a technology teacher, was an independent contractor for the US.

Military and had some dire news about I guess what we would call the digital ID skynet market, the beast. You worked hand in hand with these technologies, correct? I did. And thank you, Nino el Nino, for bringing me on. And I appreciate you giving me the venue to share some very critical information with the general audience. And specifically, your demographic is very important for people to become aware of what’s actually happening on the digital side and this control grid that’s being constructed around us.

For sure. So would you say that the one sincere threat I see is our military is very divided and I feel compromised? Would you say I’m right on the mark on that? Because people say, oh, wait for the intervention, wait for the military to make a move. What are your thoughts on that? So my experience in the military, most people I worked with at my level were very great people, good people, good intentions, but they are subject to the chain of command and also greed and coercion.

So this is why the entire structure is tainted. And all of these people that are white hats good guys. Working on the positive side, I would ask them to please vet their chain of command and to verify that the information and orders that are coming through are indeed through white hat channels and don’t actually ultimately reside in artificial intelligence or any kind of high level manipulation of the power structure.

On our side, on the good side, on the people’s side, and you have told me earlier that AI is very capable of winning any war right now. Correct? Since 2005. So my experience is that I was told in 2007, I used to participate in what are called war fighter exercises, where intelligence and the command structure gets together behind a singular console to fight wars, simulated wars. And at that time, you required human beings.

And as of 2005, they were capable of using artificial intelligence to entirely fight and win wars. That means AI controlling the kill chain, sending orders out. The people on the ground don’t know where the orders are coming from, and it’s artificial intelligence. Wow. And I’m going to go deeper into this with you on Nino’s Corner TV, but you’re saying that Skynet is very real. When I think of Skynet, I think of, like, terminator.

I don’t know why that pops in my head, but Skynet, this is your Sarah Connor wake up moment, same as your audience. Jade C two is joint all domain command and control. And it is putting all of the command and control of the US. Military under one console, one window, one point of control. So that is tremendously real and is happening now. And one of the ways that we even have white hats is that our military is siloed out so one general can have command of nuclear weapons or whatever area.

And if the structure, the hierarchy is corrupted at the top, we have a defense in that we have silos that segment out and defend our offensive capabilities so that they’re not used against us. Well, when you get rid of that, which is what jado actually now you have joint all domains, and it’s basically the centralization and the elimination of silos. These are multi billion dollar projects that are openly being done.

And my experience is that it’s already done. They’re just releasing this information to show you that it’s done and to condition everybody to come in the military branches under that umbrella. And when that happens, there will be no white hats left. It’ll be whoever controls the top of the pyramid because there will be no silos left. And this is being done. So I would love to hear these people who are in the white Hat community discuss these very real threats.

So, Skynet, okay, I have one console I would love to bring on. First of all, two things. I’d love to bring Juanita on to talk with you. You’re familiar with him, correct? Yes, of course. I’d like to bring him on because he’s talked about how Trump shut down Cheyenne Mountain. Would it make sense to you that there is a safety in place to switch from Ses to Cheyenne? Would that have definitely threads and truth in what Juan’s saying? My question to Juan is that can he vet his chain of command? Can he verify that the information that he’s getting is indeed from a human being or a council of positive people on the White Hat side and not something that has been tainted or artificial intelligence in disguise sending orders to waste our time and run out the clock until the control grid and the jail cell door closes? Okay, so then I’m going to bring Juan on with you at some point, not this interview, but at one point, you guys can troubleshoot this out together.

I think that’d be an epic roundtable. I’d also like to bring you on as a general in the general’s tent on Ninoscorner TV. Are you open to that? Maybe. Of course. October. Would you be willing in October to take questions from the audience? Anytime. Okay, so we’re going to do that as well on Ninoscorner TV. Ryan Velli let’s talk about real quickly, and then we’re going to dive into this headfirst on Ninoscorner TV.

You said the digital ID, the mark of the beast. When do you see that playing out? So, as I mentioned earlier, Neo, we’ve seen Skynet roll out in the form of JC Two and Jado and OIE, all operations, information, environment, and that consolidation or conglomeration of functions together. And then we’ve seen the G 20 come out recently in the last week and announced that we are going towards digital ID and digital currencies.

So starting at step one, you’ve got a biometrically and digitally ID, which is being rolled out, and digital currency is no way around. Let’s dive into this. I’m ready to dive into this on Ninoscorner TV. And then I’m going to definitely set up a roundtable with Juanito, with you and Juanito. That has to be done because I want you guys to have a meeting of the minds and I want to see exactly what means by switch from SCS to Cheyenne.

So, folks, that’ll be on Nino’s Corner TV as well. We’re jumping over to Ninoscorner TV right now. Better get there. That’s all I can say. All right, I’ll see you there, Ryan. .



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