More Full Forensic Audits – November 14, 2022

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Great day Patriot,  


More cheating in the 2022 selections. Are you surprised?? 


Nothing significant has changed since 2020. And even though people are screaming about a red wave and stopping mail in ballots, THE MACHINES ARE STILL IN PLACE! 


Anyone that is aware of the election issues, but doesn’t want to get rid of the voting machines is not a real Patriot, in my opinion. 


Check out this broadcast from Jovan Hutton Pulitzer to hear more about what can be done to actually get more full forensic audits. 


And see the latest from Master Lama Rasaji here.





“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”


Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Shows You How To Get A Full Forensic Audit! 



What Is the Holy Spiritual Revolution and How to Keep It Going?




God Bless



Jared James

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Tip Of The Day


Tip of the day: Focus on becoming your best self. You’ve probably heard the phrase “you have to put your oxygen mask on before you can save others.” Many people are distracted by what everyone is saying or doing, they’re not getting their house in order. 


The smart people are getting their house in order, so they can actually be of service to other people when needed.



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