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Finish Line Near? Who Knows Where the Bodies are Buried? Old Guard Crushed! Pray!

theories and speculations, former President Trump’s influence, current events, speech in California, enforcing law and order, potential re-election, visible security measures, theft and self-defense, immigration policies, significant changes, corrupt officials, anticipated public response, unrest, Emergency Broadcast System, fake news, unconfirmed information, vigilance, lawfulness, transition, social media interference, …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Truth vs. NEW$ Inc. Part 2 with Don Grahn Scott Bennett and Brian Davidson

resilience of Putin, long term success of Putin, alliance with global powers, popular support of Putin, efficient military defense, harmful elements in vaccines, hidden in vaccines, future activation of vaccines, detrimental effects of vaccines, components in COVID vaccines, concerns about COVID vaccines, specific component in vaccines, payload in bioweapon, triggered by 5G towers, severe symptoms …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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RBN Authentic News (3 October 2023)

Step into a comprehensive exploration spanning politics, cinema, and pivotal societal concerns. Dive deep into Zelensky’s fluctuating reputation, Hollywood’s profound influence on perceptions, and the controversial debates surrounding health. Navigate through the intricacies of governmental actions, corporate decisions, and the undying spirit of journalism. Join us as we challenge prevailing narratives, question accepted truths, and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Ready for a journey of enlightenment? Dive into our detailed discourse now! 🌍…

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5G Activated Zombie Apocalypse

Renowned military attorney Tod Callender has filed lawsuits claiming that mandatory shots may contain harmful pathogens and could potentially be released through the 5G network. He suggests that this could lead to a deliberate marburg pandemic, with recipients at risk of genetic changes resulting in zombie-like symptoms. Callender points to the CDC’s zombie apocalypse preparedness guide as evidence of government preparation. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The FDA is now looking at France's ban of the radioactive iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Radiation: FDA Investigates as France Suspends Sales Over Emissions

As France Bans iPhone 12 Sales Due to Radiation Concerns, the FDA’s Stance and International Implications Take Center Stage In a tumultuous…

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Apple may have the iPhone pulled from shelves in place.

France Cracks Down on iPhone 12 Radiation Levels, Demanding Changes from Apple

French Regulators Order Apple to Fix iPhone 12’s Excess Radiation Apple is facing pressure to modify the iPhone 12 after France’s radiation…

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EMF dangers are on the rise around the world.

EMF Danger: The Hidden Health Effects of Our Wireless World

Wireless Radiation Linked to Rising Health Issues Like Headaches and Male Infertility A recent revelation has rekindled concerns about the impacts of…

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Honeybees are affected by power lines, study finds

Buzzing Danger: EMF from Power & Cell Towers Linked to Disturbed Honeybee Pollination

A groundbreaking study reveals startling evidence: electromagnetic fields from electrical towers are disrupting honeybee pollination. With far-reaching implications not just for these essential pollinators but also for broader ecosystems, this research highlights the urgent need for further investigation and environmental oversight. 🐝 Dive deeper into the study’s shocking findings and what they mean for our world….

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5G Networks, The NOAA and FAA: A Storm of Deadly Implications

Posted in: 5G Dangers, MPN, News, Updates

Weather Forecasting Has Become Unpredictable, Landing Planes More Dangerous Thanks to 5G Have you noticed the increasing unpredictability of your local weather…

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EMF Dangers

Artificial vs. Natural EMFs: Unraveling the Impact on Human Health

The Controversial Debate Surrounding Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellphones, and Their Effects on Cellular Health As the world becomes increasingly connected through wireless technology,…

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5G Apocalypse the Extinction Event

Posted in: 5G Dangers

Click Here to Learn How to Protect Yourself and Family Against the 5G Apocalypse….

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MyPatriotsNetwork-Twenty Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Work

Twenty Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Work

Posted in: 5G Dangers

Are you looking for ways to reduce EMF radiation damage? Well here are some simple solutions… 20 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure…

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5G Is Child’s Play. Take A Look At What 6G Will Do!

Posted in: 5G Dangers

Can You Even Imagine More Gs?  Did you know the first 1G network was used in 1979?  Then, 2G came about in…

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MyPatriotsNetwork-Steve Lepkowski Shares The Truth About 5G, EMFs, Energy Wellness & How We Can Protect Ourselves & Be Prepared!

Steve Lepkowski Shares The Truth About 5G, EMFs, Energy Wellness & How We Can Protect Ourselves & Be Prepared!

Posted in: 5G Dangers, Patriots

In this exclusive interview I did with Steve Lepkowski, you’ll hear how Steve and his technology actually creates the Tesla inspired longitudinal…

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