Truth vs. NEW$ Inc. Part 2 with Don Grahn Scott Bennett and Brian Davidson

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➡ The text discusses theories around the resilience and long term success of Russian leader, Putin, amid potential threats, considering a possibility of his alliance with global powers or his popular support and efficient military defense. It also delves into the controversial topic of potential harmful elements hidden in vaccines, with the suspicion of their future activation leading to detrimental effects, highlighting various components allegedly discovered within COVID vaccines and ensuing concerns.
➡ The text discusses a theory that a specific component in some vaccines, likened to a payload in a bioweapon, might get triggered by certain frequencies from 5G towers, leading to severe symptoms and high mortality rates. Additionally, the shutdown of the U.S. government is also mentioned, pointing out that Republicans are split over the stopgap spending bill.
➡ Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown with the Senate voting 88-9 to approve an emergency disaster bill, which does not include any additional aid to Ukraine. This decision has sparked internal conflict among Republicans with Rep. Matt Gaetz planning to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, accusing him of breaching agreements he made with House Republicans, while a majority of Republicans continue to support McCarthy. Meanwhile, amid the political divisions, there is growing public resistance towards more funding for Ukraine.
➡ The text discusses a perceived shift in traditional politics, with parties possibly disintegrating and merging due to common interests. It advocates for a paradigm shift anchored by a Kennedy-Trump ticket, emphasizing the need for citizen involvement in local elections to confront ‘deep state actors.’ The narrative further elaborates on an alleged impending ‘American Bolshevik Revolution,’ facilitated by foreign mercenaries, illegal immigrants, and various forms of crime introduced by these entities.
➡ The text discusses the intricacies of society-undermining plots financed by Western bankers and comparisons are made with orchestrated chaos in the United States. The 1917 Bolshevik revolution is referred to as a benchmark example. Mention is made of a 1992 BBC documentary that explores Operation Gladio’s military strategy, underpinned by covert espionage and sabotage. The speaker urges a detailed examination of such operations to inform an understanding of contemporary geopolitics and societal manipulation. They suggest that much of the strategies employed today have a historical basis and are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, but eventually become proven facts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of morality in the face of these covert operations and suggests further readings for enlightenment.


October 2 show. This is a heck of a way to start the fourth quarter of the year. We got hot things to talk about, and Brian’s got some good comments on our last story. So go for it, Brian. Okay, so this is where we do a little thinking out loud to try to work through the issue related to Putin. I want to ask a question. Why hasn’t Putin been powers? I mean, they’ve assassinated many people.

Is it that they fear risking a nuclear retaliation? Are they waiting to use a nuclear retaliation as the diving board to set up the New World Order? Is it something that’s in play in terms of a false flag that’s going to blame Russia? I think these are very important questions to ponder, and we know that the CIA has done it quite a bit. So why haven’t they? What are they really up to? Or is Putin somehow in bed with the same puppeteers that Ukraine is somehow in bed with the same puppeteers? I know I’ve seen some very disturbing photos of Masonic garb with Putin and seen I know that he’s got a lot of people that are part of the New World Orders leadership agenda inside of his government.

I see a lot of ties that he has with China, just like Biden has ties with. I’m wondering, are they really this sort of staunchly patriotic bear over there that is in Russia, or is there something else behind the scenes? They have a long history of being a very heavy handed regime, and yet they’re playing this one very coily. And I think it’s a good question. I’d like to get Scott’s intake on it, or at least comments on it.

Why hasn’t Putin been assassinated? Well, there’s two possibilities. Number one, Putin is in league with a lot of these globalist Gazarian Masonic sort of orchestrations, as many have painted. And that goes back to Trump too, being part of these orchestrations and a Masonic sort of dual headed eagle. So that’s one possible explanation is that there’s a broader, larger, deeper conspiracy, and you can entertain demonic influence into all of that as well.

I would say the other option, the other alternative theory is know Putin has doubles. Putin is still alive because he’s loved by his people. They have a superior military defense apparatus, and the US intelligence is really totally incapable, incompetent, and not what movies like to present it as. And that has been reflected and stated by many in the military and the intelligence assets. Michael Jacob, a friend of mine who’s a former Seal, and others have said that all the time, the US intelligence capabilities and CIA and all these groups, they are dismally, shallow and a failure and not reflective at all of what their hyperbolic Hollywood reputation paints.

They’re completely incompetent, and I think Putin and they’ve always tried to demonize him, of course. But honestly, Putin is the most skilled, encyclopedic, intelligent historian legally minded man and leader that the world has. He’s been around for 30, 40, 50 years. He’s navigated the fall of the Soviet Union, the near death experience of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, and then the resurrection of Russia, I should say in the 1990s.

And he has navigated Russia to where it is now, through the 911 military juggernaut of America. Right now, Russia has more countries on its side than it has opposition. And the failures of the sanctions, the economic sanctions, the entire military, diplomatic information, economic war that the west has waged, expecting Russia to collapse is backfired, and it’s only collapsing the west. So I guess you could say there’s a third option, and that is Putin is divinely, anointed by God and prayed for.

And for that reason, he seems to still be kicking. I think both Trump and Putin have very good security. I think that maybe because there’s just as much motive. A dozen attempts have been made against Trump, and I say, thank God, even though I’m an agnostic, none of them have succeeded. They are going to continue, by the way. Meanwhile, no surprise here. A WF official calls for an 86% reduction in the human population.

Wow. The felony. Meadows, one of the main authors of Club of Gross 1972 pro depopulation book The Limits to Growth, he was an honorary member of the Club of Rome. He’s a member of the WEF. Despite his book being published over 50 years ago, it forms a key part of the WEF agenda, and his ideology is still very anti human. He argues most of the world population must be wiped out so the survivors can have freedom in a higher standard of living.

During that 2017 interview, he claimed that genocide of 86% of the world population was inevitable, insists a benevolent dictatorship could accomplish a massive population peacefully, no doubt to a program of vaccination. We could have eight or 9 billion, probably. We talked about the world population, but they’re going to get rid of 86. Eightyle. We have multiple reports that Warberg has already declared that it’s in the vax. That’s activated by 18 GHz Impulses, dr.

Rashid Butar, who passed away recently. He was taken out, I have no doubt, this video before he died, where he describes how COVID, Marburg and 5G are all connected and the Debt Consequence Fund 5G is activated. Remember, the day after tomorrow, 5G is going to be activated. Listen to this. There is something that is of a critical nature that we all need to be aware of. And this is similar to back in February of 2020.

I feel like it’s almost a deja vu, because that’s when I first started talking about this, and the rest ended up, unfortunately I wish I’d been wrong, but most of it has transpired since then. And the question that I was always asked is, what do you think about this second wave that they’re talking about? Do you think that there’ll be a second wave? And I said, of course there’s going to be a second wave, but it’s not going to be from the virus.

It’s going to be from the vaccine induced injury, which will be compounded by the fear that they’ve created, which will be further compounded by the introduction of new technology I. E. The 5G, which some people were saying is going to cause COVID. Of course it’s not going to cause COVID, but the science is clear that it causes a disruption in the voltage gated calcium channels, causing a permeability to many different pathogens, especially enveloped viruses, of which coronavirus is one of those types.

But for any type of pathogen so this was what the concern was back then, and of course we’ve seen that that happened and then the multiple waves that came out. Well, now there’s something that is going to be taking place. And I’ve had multiple confirmations of this and actually heard a video and talked to one of the parties that had put that video out. And to say the least, it’s disturbing.

But I’m going to go ahead and just read this to you and some of you may have already heard about this. So essentially what appears to be coming down the pipeline is that what has been introduced within the vaccines as we know them, the COVID vaccines, regardless of the type they have introduced into individuals through these vaccines and the subsequent boosters, other components, we have all heard of some of these components.

There’s talk about the nanotechnology. There’s of course, the spike protein. There are all these different things that have been found. There’s been the graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide. There’s been all sorts of different things that have been found within these vaccines and still things that we haven’t discovered. I know that about a year ago they found Roundup. Okay, that’s glyphosate. That’s a weed killer in the vaccines. Now what is a Roundup, a weed killer doing inside of vaccines? We don’t understand that.

But obviously there’s all sorts of things that are being found that shouldn’t be in the vaccines. But this portion that I’m going to talk about now is something that has been, I guess the word, the right word. I had suspicions that they’re introducing something into the vaccines that are designed to cause a detrimental effect at a time when they want the detrimental effect to take place. Meaning that it’s almost like a sleeper cell within your own body.

It’s there. You don’t know it’s there. There’s no effect from it. But then it can be called upon or triggered based upon any type of signal or chemical or maybe two inert relatively innocuous ingredients. But when they come together, they cause something to happen. And that would be the trigger, if you will, that would cause these sleeper cells within your body to awaken. Now I’ve felt that for a long time.

In fact, even before COVID that there were things that were being introduced into our bodies that shouldn’t be introduced into our bodies. But now we have confirmation off this and I’m going to go specifically and talk to you about what is actually in there. So essentially now from two different sources, we have confirmation, and I’ve talked to one of those sources myself, that there’s something within the vaccines that is being considered as a bioweapon, which is again not a new term, but that this particular component within the vaccines.

It’s almost like a payload. Now think of a payload. What does that mean, a payload? A payload is like when there’s a detonation, you have a truck or a trailer and it’s got a bunch of dynamite or explosives on it, so they call it a payload. It’s designed to deliver a massive eruption or detonation. So they call it a payload because it wouldn’t be like a normal onslaught, it would be like a massive onslaught.

And so there’s going to be a payload with some type of pathogen that will be activated by a sequence of 5G bursts. And these will be basically off a 16 to 18 GHz frequency. And it will be essentially three bursts that will be sequential and last a minute. And those will be designed, those bursts will actually create a signal that will release this payload that is within the hydrogel component of the vaccines.

So what exactly is in there? There’s supposed to be three pathogens. And these three pathogens are I’m not 100% sure what these pathogens are, but one of them is what they call the Marberg virus, which is essentially a pathogen that mimics the hemorrhagic fever, that creates a hemorrhagic fever component. It’s similar to that. And according to, if you look that up, it says that there’s a 22, I think it’s a 22% to up to a 90% mortality.

And Google says it’s an 88% mortality, meaning that out of every 100 people that get it, 88% or 88 out of 100 will die. Now that’s designed to justify once that release has taken place, once that signal, that signal from the 5G towers signals this release. Let me take that back. It’s a sequence of three bursts that last a minute long and it’s using the 18 GHz frequency, or maybe it’s the 16 GHz frequency, frequency, I don’t know specifically yet which one, but it’s between 16 and 18.

It will cause the hydrogel to release this payload off a virus or viral load. And they are supposed to be three different types. I don’t know all the three different types as I mentioned. But Marburg is supposed to be one of those. When that happens, then everybody that’s had the vaccine and these boosters will have this Marlborog virus released. And again, we know that 22 to up to 90% mortality rate, but that’s when somebody encounters it in a natural way, if you will, when it’s inside your body, already introduced.

And now released within your body, it’s probably going to be 100% mortality rate, meaning that everybody that has it, it’s going to be triggered and it’s going to be released. So I suggest on October, folks, turn off your phone, turn off your TV, get the hell away from your electronics if you’ve been vaxxed because your life may depend upon it. Scott, your thoughts? Yeah. That’s a very disturbing, yet very dangerous possibility that on the fourth, two days from now, you are going to have some frequency release that is going to trigger what this doctor is describing as a genocide, a crime against humanity.

An attempt to kill over the next six months to a year, everyone whose immune systems have been compromised and damaged by this vax. This is where we’re going to see the true nature of what may lie in store. And this could be the key domino that falls and with it falls Western civilization, specifically America. If you have everyone who’s ever been vaccinated, suddenly when this switch is thrown on the 4 October begin, a slow disintegration, a slow physical collapse, a slow physical breakdown, and remember your immune system.

The moment your immune system really starts to sink and to go below the zero standard is when all of the diseases and the infections and things that you pick up every day or that have been suppressed, whether it’s cold sores or herpes or shingles or chickenpox or things like that, they return. They blossom, they flower. They come back like a pollen in the spring. So I think as the immune system of people begin to collapse, as a result, possibly from this, you’re going to see an explosion of dying and sicknesses and with it, who knows what sort of psychosocial community sort of collapse or madness ensue.

Again, nothing can really prepare us for what theoretically could possibly happen as a result of the 5G coordinated collapse of immune systems and the population. And the reason that of course they may be doing this is to again launch another lockdown, COVID-19 lockdown, where they think they’re going to get away with more mail in ballots. No one leaves their home or their church or their business unless they’re essential.

And guess what? No one is essential now because this is so severe. So I for one would recommend everybody keep their phone turned off on the fourth. Jim? I couldn’t agree more, Scott. Brian? Dr. Bhutar is board certified and a diplomat in Clinical medal, toxicology and preventative medicine. He’s a board eligible in emergency medicine and has received a fellowship status on three separate medical organizations. He’s the medical director for the Centers for Advanced Medicine.

These centers specialize in treatment and needs of patients, conventional treatments, standard approaches to disease processes. If you were to go to his website and take a look at some of the positive things that people have said about him, including curing cancer, then you’d know that he’s got a lot of credibility behind him. When it comes to the medical establishment, the only place that the quote unquote credibility might be decreased is that he is also a conspiracy theorist.

And I believe that some of the smartest people in America are conspiracy theorists as well, because we’re smart enough to not be the lemmings that just takes the mainstream media for whatever they say. So I have a lot of confidence in the guy, and I imagine that he’s saying something that’s very important for people to hear. Now, my position is I don’t want to be the guy running around saying the sky is falling or the boy crying wolf.

I want people to live their lives and live them aristoticuously, which is the art or practice of living in or being in good health. And part of living in and being in good health is not worrying about things that you can’t change. And if you’ve got that vax and it’s already inside you, there are some credible approaches to sort of detoxifying yourself out there. You’ll have to do your own research.

I’m not going to recommend anybody. I don’t like to put needles in me. I have always been against it, and that fundamentally is because I’m a religious guy and I know what the Bible has to say about blood. And on this particular issue, I happen to be with the Jehovah Witnesses. On this particular issue, I’m not with them on just about anything else. But on this issue, I do think that they’ve got it right.

Don’t worry about the things you can’t change. Worry about the things that you can. You can’t change the fact that there’s 5G frequencies everywhere you go in the air. You can’t change the fact that there are toxins everywhere you look and that they’re spraying some crap up in the sky for something. You can’t change the fact that they’re injecting all sorts of poisons into our foods. You can try to live healthy, eat out of a garden, and get healthy food and not eat processed garbage, but that’s about all you can do, other than perhaps reading Dr.

Bhutar’s book on the Nine Secrets to having good health and following its advice. So I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy, and I think he’s telling the truth. We’re not conspiracy theorists. We’re conspiracy realists. Conspiracies are real. I wear the term as a badge of honor. I do theorize about a lot of stuff. I don’t have proof for a lot of the things I say, but I like to theorize about.

But they become real. Meanwhile, we had a looming shutdown of the government. The Senate acted swiftly on a wheel. I got a question here. The Senate was throwing the House for a loop with their introduction of a stopgap spending bill. As I understand the Constitution, all spending bills must originate in the House. This one did not. The bipartisan bill, which made debut on Tuesday, proposed extending current funding level until November 17, allocating nearly 6 billion to Ukraine, an additional 6 billion in disaster aid.

Time was of the essence before the clock struck mud night on Saturday. House Republicans aren’t on the same page. The Senate proposal put Speaker McCarthy in a precarious position. If he allows it to pass, he’ll give conservatives a perfect excuse to mount a rebellion and potentially oust him from his position. House Republicans have introduced their own stopgap bills but have yet to advance him to a vote. Senate Majority Leader Schumer praised the bipartisan backing for his bill, criticizing McCarthy for struggling to rally enough support in the House.

On the other hand, Mitch McConnell sided with Schumer, cautioned against the consequences of a government shutdown. He proclaimed they do not serve as effective bargaining chefs only inflict unnecessary hardships upon millions. Meanwhile, Congress passed suspending stopgap averting a shutdown hours before the midnight deadline. The Senate voted 88 to nine to approve it, narrowly averting a shutdown. This is after he’d gone to the House and come back. The legislature included 16 billion in emergency disaster requested by the White House extends authorization for the FAA through the end of the year.

It does not include any additional aid to Ukraine. Despite why threat by funding in the Senate biden braised the legislation before signing it called for Congress to move quickly to address the lack of funding for Ukraine. We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted. I fully expect the speaker will keep his commitment to the people of Ukraine and secure passing to the support needed to help Ukraine.

The sun agreement on May was a major reversal after House Republicans remained at an impasse for weeks. McCarthy unveiled the bill Saturday morning. The vote came in after an hour’s long delayed in part by Senator Michael Bennett, who demanded a firm commitment from leaders on Ukraine aid. I think it’s really important to send a message that the dysfunction that we have in terms of this question of opening or closing the government doesn’t reflect on our bipartisan commitment to make sure the United States stays in this battle and that we continue to support the Ukrainian people in their fight.

Meanwhile, Matt Gates vows to go after Speaker McCarthy, who says bring it on. Matt Gates said Sunday he’ll try to remove House Speaker McCarthy after McCarthy relied on Democrat support to pass legislation that avoided a government shutdown. Bring it on, McCarthy responded. Gates a long time McCarthy namas said in broadcast interviews McCarthy was in brazen material breach of agreements he made with House Republicans in January when he ran for speaker.

As a result said he would be fine a motion to vacate the chair McCarthy’s response so be it. Bring it on. Let’s get over with it and let’s start governing. No speaker has ever been removed through such a move. Procedural votes could be offered to halt a motion or could trigger a House for vote on whether he should remain speaker. I think we need to rip off the band Aid, said Gates.

I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy. Republicans just ended a tumultuous week where Congress fleeted with a government closure and the majority party in the House could not even pass its own bill in an effort to avoid a shutdown. Many GOP lawmakers complain the House waited too long to take up annual spending bills, squandering an opportunity to force the Senate to negotiate on spending and policy priorities.

McCarthy has consistently worked to placate the conservative wing during his nearly nine months on the job. Last month, he launched an impeachment inquiry into Biden without a House vote, though the speaker had in the past said that failure to have such a vote created a process devoid of legitimacy. Maybe that was the point. McCarthy also pushed spending levels for next year, far below the caps he agreed to with Biden on the deal to extend the nation’s debt ceiling so the government could pay its bills.

Matt Gatz Sale tried to remove him. We’ve seen this before. I went the wrong way. Gates had threatened to file his ouster motion and McCarthy worked with Democrats, and he said the spending package blew past spending guarantees to which McCarthy had agreed previously. McCarthy has a support of a large majority of House Republicans, but because the GOP holds such a slim lead, 221 to 212, he may need votes from Democrats that keep his job.

The only way Kevin McCarthy is speaker of the House at the end of this coming week is if Democrats bail. Amountcat said AOC said she would vote Alice McCarthy if such a vote were to occur, calling him a weak tweaker who lost control of his caucus. She also left open the opportunity for negotiation, saying if there is Democrat to work for McCarthy, it would come at a price.

Scott, your thoughts? Well, the other thing to note is that Matt Gates has formally launched an effort to remove McCarthy from his speakership. This is following McCarthy’s seemingly compromise with Democrats. And I think right now you’re witnessing either the Republicans restoring a People First, America First anti Ukraine funding momentum or they will crumble and dissect themselves into a thousand pieces. And I do think know the writing is on the wall when everyone in Europe and all of these politicians are winning precisely because of their stance against Ukraine funding.

It is the same in America. No one wants to fund Ukraine, no one wants war with Russia, no one wants to be drafted and sent to Ukraine. No one wants money of American taxpayers being spent over in Ukraine when the American continent is being invaded by Chinese young men with similar tattoos and haircuts and equipment bags. This is where America is at. And I think Gates and Senator Rand Paul have been very clear they are not going to allow Ukraine to be funded anymore.

And McCarthy had better realize he’s on thin ice. And if he doesn’t recognize that, he’s doomed. And perhaps that needs to happen because I’ve never liked him in the first place. And I think you really need a fighting man’s man like Jordan or someone else. But I like Jordan to really rise up and go to war against these Democrats. These Democrats pull fire alarms to disrupt the proceedings.

These are derelicts. These are traitors. These are people that need to be shamed, tarred and feathered for their not just shenanigans, but they should be charged with attempting to disrupt the process of the House. Remember, they tried to charge some of these January 6 people with trying to disrupt a congressional event. That’s precisely what they ought to charge that son of a bitch who pulled the fire alarm, the black Democrat guy.

Charge him with trying to obstruct a congressional event. There’s only one way to deal with Democrats rhetorically violently and with absolute ruthlessness when it comes to the law and just shame them with their own actions. Jim, I think it’s clear McCarthy broke his solemn agreement with a House conservative wing there, and he’s trying to get away with it. I say to hell with that. I think Jim Jordan would make a great speaker of the House.

Brian, your thoughts? Well, I don’t like anything that I’m seeing happening in there except for what I hear from the Freedom Caucus. I like gates. I like Jordan. I like grassley. I like Marjorie Taylor Green. To a certain extent, I like Boebert. I think they’re doing a good job, but they’re being pushed around very hard by the old establishment Republican and name only contenders that still like to do business the old fashioned way.

I want to remind you that across the street in the Senate you’re going to find a tremendous amount of upheaval coming up in the 2024 elections, where 22 of the 33 senators that go up every six years, it’s a six year term staggered where one third are elected every two years. And you’ve got 22 out of the 33 that are Democrat seats coming up. But as of this point, allow me to remind you of something very important.

Nobody has made an effort to fix the voting machine scandals related to the digital conversion of votes from one party to another. I believe part of the plan is to keep us deeply divided between Republican and Democrat and to keep those lines drawn as close as possible. And I believe that they’re willing to rig an election to do so. Obviously, I believe that perfect example is John Fetterman’s election.

I mean, Dr. Oz or the John Fetterman lookalike that they’re gaslighting us to accept, allowing him to wear the garbage hoodie type outfits and substituting an obviously different guy shows how far these guys, these people are willing to go to keep that divide right along the lines, because it makes it much easier to control everybody. Because it’s so important to stay cohesive if you want to actually beat the Democrats who are always going to be cohesive.

Because I don’t think there’s an independent thinker among them, frankly. When was the last time you saw a balanced Democrat other than RFK Jr. Who obviously is running a heck of a situation? It looks now like he’s basically announced that he’s going to be running as an independent. Good job. He comes from that wonderful Kennedy dynasty, which are some of the only Democrat establishments that I’ve respected over the years.

In terms of what John Kennedy did. I had some respect for Clinton, Bill Clinton, not anything to do with Hillary Clinton as a Democrat, and there’s some of them that I’ve appreciated their approach. However, I just cannot think like that. I think conservatively. But also, let’s point this out. It may very well be that MAGA votes close to 100 million or 130,000,000 strong this time around, which means we have a whole new party and a whole new game.

If that’s the case, Democrats and Republicans could be a thing of the past and MAGA could be the new thing, and they’re going to have to come up with something else. They might as well name it the Rhino Party or the Donkey Elephant Party because it’s basically going to be established deep state actors versus a MAGA style of politics modeled after Donald Trump’s go get him attitude and his direct talk and his square approach to business.

And I’m all for that. But we really need to pay attention to what’s happening in our local elections to figure out who’s representing us, at what level, and what they’re standing for. And if they’re standing for Ukraine, we need to fire a shot across their bow and let them know that we’ll have no more of this nonsense while we’re $35 trillion in debt. That’s no small number. That’s no small number, Jim.

I have to go. But let me just say before I go, brian raised a very good point and what he is describing as the implosion or the disintegration of the parties republican, Democrat, they’re uniparty. They’re the same. That could be precipitated and triggered by a huge psychic bucket of cold water thrown in the faces of Americans. And that would be Robert Kennedy Jr. And Trump. Trump is president.

RFK is vice president. That would shock and really claim ownership of the votes in the center of the libertarian Democrat and Republican parties. People who like Kennedy and are moderate Democrats. They’re the decent, intelligent people, not the purple haired, pierced, homosexual, transgender vampire lunatics. Who cares about them? The sooner they’re dead, the better. Or these right wing, warmongering, fanatic Bushies. The same fate should go to them. But the centrist American voters in the Democrat and the Republican libertarian ranks, if they saw a Kennedy Trump ticket and it was articulated that this.

Is the paradigm shift moment. This is when America turns because America has been attacked from within by traitors and we are rising up as the wrecking balls for this establishment corruption in American politics on the Republican side and the Democrat side. The Republicans in California for example have been playing around with the idea of voting for abortion and homosexual marriage as part of the Republican platform in California.

Well that ends the Republican party as far as I’m concerned. In California those are not Republican values and their entertaining that in California again shows me that the parties are dying because of their inbred populations. This is the moment where it could everybody’s talked about it for 20, 30, 40 years since Roche Perot. But never before have we had a moment where there’s so much suffering and so much potential suffering that we’re on the cusp of where all of this storm that’s approaching the only shield would be a Kennedy Trump ticket.

It may not be perfect, there may know squabbles, but in the general thrust I think it would have a tremendous psychic shock and pull people out of the old model of thinking, the establishment model of thinking, jim, I’ll end it there. Well just say Scott, I’m open to it myself. I’ve been thinking more and more. It could be the perfect combination, especially given Trump weakness regarding the Vax and Bobby Jr strength.

Thank you for that excellent comment. I know you have your own show to host. Scott, thanks for joining us brother. Okay. Operation Trojan Horse. State of the Nation had been publishing some wonderful stuff. Scott would have loved this. Yes, most destructive and naked act that reason in US history, perpetrated by an extremely deceitful POTUS imposter is plotting administration of traitors in a betrayed Congress of turncoats submitted by a veteran intel analyst and former US military officer, state of the Nation.

It does not get any more dangerous and deadly for the American Republic than Operation Trojan Horse. Here’s why. Key points operation Gladio used the open borders to sneak across terrorist cells to then carried out false like terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers. Gladio is steadily and self digitally building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers of fortune in every major city in America.

Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio directed terrorist group. Practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells I mean, ready to spring into action once the deep state traders push the button on long planned American Bolshevik revolution. Stand by, Operation Trojan Horse. There are actually numerous highly organized conspiratorial blots to destroy these once United States of America being carried out simultaneously since Manchurian candidate Barack Hussein Obama was first installed the White House on that darkest of days in January of 2009.

However, the communist takeover plan to violently usurp the entire US federal government is by far the most devastating to the American experiment because this very stealthy uniparty scheme forever blows up the laboratory. Therefore, if there’s one very important thing every single patriot can do in 2000 and 323, it is blow the whistle on the rapidly unvolding American Bolshevik Revolution. Why do you think the vast majority of illegal aliens now invading all of our borders are young fighting age men from countries with lots of antiAmerican angst? Yes, these warned mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, terrorists and extremists, anarchists and agitators, criminals and convicts, drug dealers and mules, rebels and revolutionaries, insurgents and insurrectionists are also being transported to all the sanctuary cities and states to create overwhelming chaos, confusion and conflict.

Violent criminal activity. But that is only the preliminary stage of this WNHO inspired revolution necessary to soften up and scare the local populations. Just as the bankster funded Bolsheviks did in Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, so the same illegal alien occupants of this Trojan Horse reed throws paid transport trains, ferrying illegals to the US border, are actually tasked with multiple missions for the privilege of coming to the state.

First, the illegals are methodically supporting the drug trafficking industry, thereby overwhelming all 50 states with the current Fent Law crisis, as well as other drug driven public health disasters. Second, the illegals on both sides of the human trafficking industry, which is heavily involved in child trafficking, sex trafficking and slave trading. Third, a select group of the more experienced Mercks and Sultan of Wagner are directly involved in arms trafficking.

Fourth, many of the illegals are set up in highly organized criminal gangs throughout the big Democrat controlled cities across America to commit shocking crimes and terrorist acts such as mass murder and mass bombing. Fifth, accountless Gladial overseeing terrorist cells operating in complete secrecy, totally outside of American society, ready to execute terror operations whenever programmed to do so. Many of the mass casualty events regularly staged across the USA involve these mind controlled trigger minutepasses alike.

Six, the Gladio directed paramilitary units are being covertly training clandestine military bases around the country, which will function as the initial strike force, particularly against patriots, domiciled in the Red States and more conservative cities. The Christian South and Midwest are the real targets of this bolcivic revolution, as Left Coast and East Coast liberal bastions have already been effectively taken over. Seven many illegal aliens are recruited as soon as they step over the border by the US armed Forces.

US government is no longer able to recruit awakened Americans to fight their unprovoked wars of naked aggression and or forever wars around the world. The absurdly woke US military has in fact so alienated young men and women across the country, they will have nothing to do with the Mic directed war machine. Hence the five fighting services must bribe porn Mercks to join his cannon fodder. There are several other criminal conspiracies of a highly treasonous order, which are also coordinated and choreographed by the well concealed treasonous cabol of co conspirators, whose primary aim is to collapse a republic post haste.

Of course, the detailed planning of the American Bolshevik Revolution is being performed by the US intelligence community, just as the heavy lifting is being done by the US armed Forces and NATO. Key Points the New World Order multiculturalists such as George Soros know that Americans in the armed forces will never fire upon their fellow US citizens. The deep state traders do know that foreign mercs will gladly carry out such a treasonous task.

They also know this in internal reports the WF plan is to employ immigrants to subjugate the local population of western countries when they introduce unjust laws like mandatory medical restrictions, movement restrictions, climate change restrictions, ULS pool restrictions, farming restriction and banking restrictions. It will not be familiar faces forcing you to submit. It will be military age men despite to do anything for the power that will be in exchange for settling in the designated country.

Conclusion none of these treasonous plots and traitorous schemes could be taking place not for the imprimature inactive sponsorship of the US government. If the Executive branch at Congress and SCOTUS were really doing their jobs, none of these things would be plaguing the American people at this exceedingly dire moment. Of course, not only are these three branches of the US federal government not upholding their respective oaths to the Constitution, they are willfully and systematically violating it in the most profound and fundamental ways.

Instead of protecting US citizenry, these brazenly, treacherous perfs are putting these United States in great peril as fate would happen. As bad as these seven bullet points truly are, they don’t even compare to the other furtive crimes going on in the shadows 24/7 in an effort to further throw the nation into massive chaos and mayhem. Which is why a close examination of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution is so instructive.

What the history books do not tell us is how many years were diligently spent by the Western bankers funding and financing so many society destroying schemes, particularly throughout Moscow and St. Petersburg. Those two cities experienced many fastidiously timed and executed terrorist attacks carried out by agents of the central banking cartel immediately following the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This was essential preparation in key Russian cities for the US UK engineered revolution, just as America has been deliberately thrown into societal chaos and political pandemonium over several years.

In point of fact, this is how the Kazarian cabal always does it, since it has never failed them. Brian wow, there’s an old 1992 documentary. It was a three part TV documentary that was done by the BBC called Gladio and it was directed by a guy by the name of Alan Frankovich, and it covered a lot of the components of what we believed operation Gladio to include. Now, I don’t think you’re getting a fair shake at how extensive this operation actually has by simply like reading a Wikipedia article on it, because Wiki is obviously controlled by the CIA, but they don’t want you to know how far they’ve actually gone.

But we have had some hearings here in the United States about what really happened with Gladio, and it appears to be sort of a post World War II creation of the NATO type platforms, which had sort of clandestine stay behind units that were created and left behind in countries to continue their work as spies and to continue the work sabotaging the incumbent regime that that coup or soft coup was unable to overcome.

So it’s been used all over the world, including Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal. And basically, it’s an internal program that allows you to continue to fight against a regime and take over a nation, or at least make sure that those nations stay allied with the NATO interests over the long haul. Well financed operations, very impressive structures in terms of how well documented Operation Gladio actually is.

So it doesn’t surprise me a bit. And remember that these people think like a marathon. This is a multigenerational approach to total global domination, the type of thing that a Zionist might come up with, which is, hey, we might not be able to accomplish everything I need to do in my life. So let’s go ahead and train and shape our children to become the psychopaths with no empathy that we want them to be so that they’ll continue on this multigenerational track to control the world.

And if you were to stick with it long enough, you probably would be able to start seeing some really good results like they’re seeing right now. I want to suggest you can go watch Myron Fagan’s documentaries, but here’s a nice little book that really does a great job illustrating it. It’s called Illuminati by Myron Fagan, and basically it’s a condensation of his lectures back in 1967, which were born from a tremendous amount of research which have become famous over the years.

I think you can still go on YouTube and find those original lectures about who they were, who they are, and it’s a very well developed history of the world’s most secretive organization and how they plan on accomplishing world dominance. Now, a lot of what they did was built on this Obama style, Saul Olinsky style undermining sort of a victory through deception sort of thing, like the I can’t remember the name of the organization, but it was the organization that was really effective in undermining a lot of governments around the nation.

Now, I believe that Gladio style attacks still exist around the world, are still part of NATO, and as a matter of fact, I would say that a lot of what’s happening in Ukraine is probably a Gladio style attack. And at least those mercenaries that are working for Wagner group are probably corrupted to some level with Gladio style programming. So it’s something you need to understand. It’s well documented.

It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s a conspiracy fact that everybody would have called conspiracy theory. And this appears to be another style of the same old play that’s been around for years and years and years. So do your research and figure out what they did and how they did it, and your eyes will be opened. I’ve heard a lot of Democrats recently say, ridiculous know about RFK Jr.

Believe it or not, they’re calling him a conspiracy theorist. And he’s done an excellent job defending himself in terms of laying out important facts and important critical junctures in history and historical facts that prove that he’s no conspiracy theorist. It’s conspiracy fact. And a lot of Democrats are just now beginning to wake up to the fact that they can’t trust their MSNBC talking heads to give them their opinions.

This is called cognitive dissonance, and it’s basically the rise of what’s called the walk away campaign, where people are realizing that they’ve been indoctrinated into a cult the entire time they were in the public academic institutions. And now they’re beginning to break through the fog and break out and see that things are not exactly what they thought they were. Oh, I think that was all excellent, my friend.

That’s excellent. Meanwhile, I want to conclude well, I’m kind of at a loss. I want to add with just one more story, but I’ll just talk about it instead of doing a slides. The fact is, I’ve just published a piece on the nature of immorality, and I explain. If a consortium of powerful interests decided to remove president because they preferred the policies of his vice President, decided to blame it on apasse, what would be wrong with that? I mean, we’d know it’s wrong, but why? Or if a foreign nation decided it was going to attack the United States in order to manipulate the government into providing military aid to take out its foreign enemies, we know that would be wrong too.

But why would that be wrong? Or if an administration in Washington, DC. Decided to orchestrate a series of school shootings in which no one actually died, but which were presented as mass murder to promote a political agenda. We know that’s wrong too. But why? What I have done here, and you can find it on my blog@jameshfetser. org and on my Twitter account at Jim Fencer, is explain the reasons why.

And I think every American needs to understand the nature of morality versus immorality, of wrong versus right, and why it makes a difference. Brian, final thoughts of yours to our whole show today on that issue. I will touch on it. I’m going to encourage you to go to a YouTube channel called Daily Dose of Wisdom where there’s a video called Atheists Ask Tough Questions and there’s an epic response from a mathematician from I think it’s Oxford.

Let’s see, it’s Oxford mathematician who really spends a lot of time on the very nature and foundation of what morality is. And why it exists, where it came from, and why we do what we do. I found it to be one of the most concise and appealing lectures I’ve ever seen on the issue, and I would just encourage people to go spend it’s not that long. It’s maybe a half an hour, maybe 45 minutes.

But it’s, in my opinion, filled with a real brilliant approach to how and why we do what we do on a daily basis and why it’s so important to be immoral, not just for each other, but for our very purpose in existence. So I think that there’s nobody that could do a better job than this Oxford mathematician that addresses the issue. And I’m really impressed with his work.

Excellent. Brian? Well, I enjoy everyone to compare what the Oxford mathematician has to say and what yours truly has said about it. And we’re so grateful for your ongoing interest in what we have to say about the latest developments, both in terms of domestic politics and foreign affairs. Don take us out. Oh, wow, what a show today. I mean, this is really a heavy, heavy time and heavy things oops coming in, and I’ve had technical problems.

I have just moved and my Internet is unstable and I’m having trouble. But we made it through this show, so thank you, Jim. Thank you, Brian. You guys are wonderful. And of course, Scott gives you this straight truth, you’re not going to get this anywhere else. And hopefully we’re going to be able to weather this week and see you in great shape next week. So thank you so much for watching, folks.

We really appreciate. .



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