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➡ The text recounts a conversation between Jim Fetzer, host of Authentic News, and Colonel McGregor, with the main discussion on Ukrainian President Voltameyer Zelensky’s changing reputation from hero to zero. McGregor criticizes the misrepresentation of the Russian army’s strength by Western intelligence, calling it dangerously misleading and attributing it to a long-standing habit of underestimating foreign military forces.
➡ The American government is accused of misleading their citizens while a Trump lawyer clarified a misunderstanding regarding expired statutes of limitations, dismissing 80% of Tax Attorney Leticia James’s case against Donald Trump. Allegations of election interference and a manufactured border crisis by the Biden administration to increase Democratic voters are raised, completing a picture of political immorality and manipulation.
➡ The narrator discussed issues on Irish descent, Tafari Campbell’s case, suspicions about Obama’s medical report relating to a possible struggle, and his doubts on Aaron Roger’s injury report. He concluded by expressing love for RBN and gratitude towards Jim and Julie.
➡ The text discusses various issues, including social, political, and health matters. Chechnyan leader Ramsan Kadarov and his controversial actions are highlighted, as well as the crackdown on free speech and manipulation of public opinion through governments’ use of propaganda. The arrest of a UK journalist for exposing a controversial figure and the censoring of Robert Malone’s work on U.S. government propaganda are presented. In health matters, concerns about the safety of COVID vaccines are emphasized, with predictions of a mass die-off and unethical behavior by those in power.
➡ Catherine Austin Fitz points out the dangers of the COVID vaccine while international law expert Todd Callender suggests that the vaccine contains pathogens which can be activated by specific frequencies from 5G towers. Military attorney Todd Callender also warns of a planned Marburg epidemic possibly initiated by the vaccine. Meanwhile, RFK Jr. expresses doubts over the official explanation of 911 and hints at running as an independent in the next presidential election. Dr. Peter McCullough supports impartial health policy contributions to all campaigns and criticizes misleading government narratives regarding the current pandemic situation. Finally, an error has been found in a Bloomberg report stating a disproportionately high percentage of new corporate hires are racial minorities.
➡ Bloomberg reports corporations diversifying through hiring minorities, potentially opening up racial discrimination lawsuits. The Biden admin and Democrats appear to support these outcomes. The IRS warns individuals who filed for extensions that the mid-October filing deadline is approaching to avoid penalties. A woman sues medical professionals for performing a double mastectomy on her at age 16, accusing them of pressuring her and not fully informing her about the procedure. John Leake discusses the dangers of policy formulated under the pretense of safety, such as the CDC, the FDA, and the NIH handling of the COVID threat. There’s also news on potential wrongful foreclosure and the services of a team of legal researchers. Ads are included for products such as Tahibo Tea Club’s Pure Pouty Arco Super Tea and an industrial tool called Ease off, which aids in meat processing. Additionally, New York City’s illegal immigrants are allegedly working for companies like Uber and Home Depot. Finally, the increase in societal upheaval is discussed, with the theory suggesting it could be a setup to make the population accept a surveillance state.
➡ Radio host, Jim, recaps his experience with Mohs surgery to remove several cancerous skin formations. Despite his surgery and extensive bandaging, he is still able to broadcast and fields calls from listeners about various topics, including technological dangers and AI-themed media like the Terminator franchise.
➡ The conversation largely revolves around Hollywood’s role in predictive programming, with reference to movies like Avatar and the Terminator franchise. There’s a discussion on the director’s credit and the need for scientific background to make such films. The focus then shifts to current political matters, particularly the ousting of Kevin McCarthy and what Matt Gates’ plan will entail for immigration. The discussion covers congress calls, points on illegal immigration, and the future political landscape after McCarthy’s removal. The last part touches on alternative health methods and the importance of investment in personal possessions.
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➡ The US House voted to ask Kevin McCarthy to step down as Speaker due to ongoing chaos and turmoil. Tom Emmer is expected to replace him as Speaker, feels the need for stronger immigration policies such as control over border, deportation of illegal immigrants, etc. The current situation is linked to the issues of China trying to gain control over Cuba and increased illegal entry from Central and South America into the US. The conversation showed support for Republican leaders who take tough stand on immigration.
➡ The text discusses a wide range of topics, including the strength of a new cement material, a call-in radio conversation about Wisconsin hospitals, McCarthyism, the NRA, political corruption, COVID vaccination rates, debates about evidence surrounding Trump, and 5G signals. It concludes with a caller’s interest in a comment about staying off electronic devices.
➡ The speaker, presumably named Francis, seems to discuss various conspiracy theories related primarily to vaccines and a supposed nuclear drill, claiming that there are features in vaccines that can be activated by certain sound frequencies causing fatalities. There is also a discussion about border patrol issues and the influx of ‘illegals’. The speaker criticizes the administration, implying they could be responsible for malicious activities. Towards the end, the dialogue turns to the topic of football helmets and the ousting of a speaker named McCarthy, revealing a clear disapproval for Republicans like Paul Ryan.


And handle the truth. It got a good reason for taking the easy way out now. It was a day trip up one way ticket. Yes, it took me so long to find out. I found out it well, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN this third day of October, 2023 live. I have some stories for you. Colonel McGregor being interviewed by Judge Napolitano, talking how Zelensky has gone from hero to zero.

Get this ever since hostilities escalated in Ukraine in February of 2022, the entire Western media and political establishment joined in lockstep to venerate and hype up. Ukrainian TV actor turned President Voltameyer Zelensky, positioning him as world president, champion of democracy, was supposedly fighting the evil Russian empire to protect a free west from the next Hitler and Vladimir Putin. The whole show seemed to go well, but it’s past its sell by date hit.

The amazing Zelensky roadshow may soon be slated for cancellation. Here’s Judge Napolitano with Colonel McGregor talking about the collapse of the Zelensky brand 23. Colonel Douglas McGregor joined us again. Colonel, always a pleasure. Thank you very much for joining us. I want to talk to you about a piece that you are publishing later this week entitled Washington on the Knife Edge. And of course, I encourage everyone watching us now to get a copy of that, log onto it and read it Washington on the Knife Edge.

But before we do, before we get to the salient points in your piece, who is behind the long and loud portrayal of the Russian military as weak, demoralized and dysfunctional? Well, my suspicion is that this is once again sort of cooked up by a combination of Mi Six and the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s part of the larger narrative. And that was wholeheartedly embraced, obviously, by the senior military leadership of the United States and Great Britain in particular.

I think you could probably throw Australia into that mix to a lesser extent, other European powers who want to maintain this sort of disparaging picture of Russia in general, but its military in particular. I think there’s been an attempt to try and persuade Americans that what we are doing in Ukraine is not dangerous, when in fact it is. It’s very dangerous. But if you can persuade Americans and Europeans as many as possible that Russia is really weak and incapable, which was the argument, then Americans will presumably have less objection to the introduction of their military advisors, equipment and so forth into the conflict.

So did American intel and their Western partners fully and adequately and accurately assess Russian strength and morale and just lie about it, or they really and truly believe that the Russian military is dysfunctional? And as bad as Ukraine is, it can stop them or even push them back. Stated differently, wasn’t there a moral obligation on the part of the American Defense Department before getting us involved in this to make a serious, mature, and accurate assessment of think that’s.

I think you’re absolutely right. They had a moral and professional obligation both to tell people the truth. But the problem that we have in the English speaking world and in the United States in particular, to a bad habit of disparaging foreign military forces and their leaders that we don’t really know very well. If you read the assessments of the Germans before we landed at Normandy, they were ridiculous.

They painted the picture of a failed army that couldn’t present real resistance, that was incapable of initiative and rigid and inflexible. And of course, the opposite was the case. It was very much the opposite. We took a similar view of the Japanese. So did the British. If you go back and look at the fall of Singapore and how that came about and how a British army of 120,000 surrendered to fewer than 60,000 Japanese troops, you have to understand the sort of disdain, even contempt, that we in the United States and Great Britain had for the Japanese, not only the Germans.

So this is not new. And historically, even Europeans who were closer to Russia had a bad habit of misjudging the Russians. Frederick the Great did it, and on one occasion, it almost cost him the total destruction of his army. From that point forward, the Prussians and the Germans in general took a different position. But historically, it’s always been a problem. Judge and remember, there’s something else here. You have too many people in the federal bureaucracy and in the military who are desperate to get ahead.

They will willingly misinform their superiors. Why do I say misinformed? By providing them what they want to hear. There’s no real room for it’s. Everybody’s on the bus to Abilene. For your viewers, if you go look at the Abilene paradox. It’s this group think that says no one wants to stand out. Everyone wants to be on board. Everyone wants to be on the team. So everybody gets on the bus to Abilene.

That takes hours, that goes to a dinner that nobody really wants. An Abilene, because the one or two people that spoke out against it were immediately shunned and suppressed by the few that wanted to go. This is an old story. It’s a hugely destructive influence. It’s very strong in the US military and in our federal bureaucracy and I suspect in the intelligence community. Here’s an example of a man who apparently mastered it because he retired with four stars.

And at the time his retirement, he was the commander in chief of military forces in all of Europe. General Ben Hodges making a statement about Russia, which well, it’s relatively brief. It’s some 60 minutes over the weekend. And you’ll hear it and see it. Terry industrial complex. I mean, I am attributing ignoble motivation to him. I don’t know the man. I don’t know his intellect. I’ve been profoundly unimpressed by everything I’ve heard him say.

But to say outright Russia. Not the Russian military, not Vladimir Putin, not Russian culture. Russia is an existential threat to the United States. Just absurd and baseless. Colonel? Well, remember that the requirements for the people who are admitted to the senior ranks of the intelligence organizations are much higher than what we require of general officers. Comes to general officers. It’s a hit or miss proposition. You’ll find a few who are actually smart, who read a great deal.

General MacArthur used to set aside 2 hours every night all through the Second World War, where he would read material that he thought was pertinent and relevant. And he also cleaned out his proverbial inbox himself every day. Read all the material, wrote all of the reports we don’t have. There’s much more going on there. But I want to take this occasion to talk about the immorality of lying about Russia and misleading the American people, and why some of these officers were being promoted for lying and deceiving.

I’ve just published a piece called The Nature of Immorality. It’s on my blog@jameshfetser. org. It’s also on my Twitter at jim Fencer. And if you want to understand the difference between right and wrong, this is something you should contemplate. I go through eight different moral theories and explain how we can assess whether they’re defensible or not. And of the eight, only one turns out to be defensible among the indefensible or ethical egoism.

Namely, that an action is right for person P if it produces more happiness for person P than any alternative action. Now, it fit these generals who advance themselves by lying and make it to higher rank. It’s wrong to lie for reasons I’m going to explain. But it’s also there’s something known as limited utilitarianism, which is the most pernicious of all moral philosophies, because it applies the same principle to the group.

If the group derives more happiness from taking a certain course of action than any available alternative, then that action is right. And notice both unethical egoism and limited utilitarianism. This is regardless of the consequences for others. Examples thus turn out to be the assassination of JFK. There were eight sponsors, each of which put up their own shooter. Thus we had eight shooters. Lee Oswald was just a patsy as he declared.

He was standing in the doorway of the Book Depository when the JFK motor gate passed by. But they were powerful. That’s the thing about limited utilitarianism. You put together a group that can be very powerful. We’re subjected to the threat by another, a group with a Rothschild banking empire, the World Economic Forum, and related, that are out to take control of planet Earth. Now, by limited utilitarian standards, if that were appropriate definition of the right, it would be morally justified in doing so, because that may be the action that will derive more satisfaction than any other, as you’ll find there.

I explain. The basic principle of morality is respect. Treating other persons with respect, never treating them merely as means. Merely as means meaning, as it were, throwaways without any regard for their well being. Murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape are nice illustrations. But notice how it applies to lying is treating other people without respect, not giving them the truth, and, of course, perpetrating assassinations and fraudulent attacks with a fake pandemic, or obviously, other cases of using, in this case, the public merely as a means.

So something actually quite profound there. When the American military, the American government, is lying to the American people, they’re using the American people merely as means. Meanwhile, turning now to a domestic situation with multiple manifestations and enormous consequences, a Trump attorney has explained that the statutes of limitations apply, that all transactions, business, financial that closed prior to 2014 are out of the case. They are excluded. Now, ask yourself, did Leticia James not know that the statute of limitation applied to the cases she was bringing against Donald? Of course she knew she was lying.

She was being grossly immoral because she’s using Trump, or shall we say her false information in order to trash Trump and mislead the American public. If indeed the statute on many of these cases, 80% in 2014, that means 80% of Leticia James case is out of it. Here’s Trump talking about it. I think that was very good. That last five minutes was outstanding, because the judge essentially conceded that the statute of limitations that we won at the Court of Appeals is in effect.

Therefore, about 80% of the case is over. I was going to come out and say that, as you know, we’re not entitled to a jury, which is pretty unusual in the United States of America. So we think it’s very unfair that I don’t have a jury. But the judge’s last statement was very fair, and if I read it right, I’ll let perhaps one of my lawyers speak to it.

Maybe you’ll speak to it, if you would. But the way I interpret that and the way everyone else in the room seems to interpret that, is that the statute of patience is a very real thing in this country. And that would be about 80% of this case would be over. I think that’s exactly right. 80% of the case is over. Trump wasn’t allowed a trial. If you think that’s unusual.

I was not allowed a trial. What’s known as a summary judgment is only permissible if there are no disputed facts. But in Wisconsin, they have the peculiar situation where the judge can exclude evidence facts if he regards them as unreasonable. So here I was being sued by Leonard Posner, who insists that Sandy Hook was real. 20 kids died, including his own son. So he alleged. Here was Jim Fetzer defending himself against a Posner suit, asserting, nobody died at Sandy Hook.

It was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control. The Obama political agenda and the judges set aside all the evidence I had, even set aside the reports of two, not one, but two forensic document experts at the death certificate, the authenticity of which I was being sued over because I had in the book nobody Died at Sandy Hook asserted it was fake. The two forensic document examiners supported me.

That was their conclusion. But the judge just set it aside is not helpful. And the Court of Appeals in Wisconsin juxtaposed our positions while maintaining there were no disputed facts. I mean, how absurd is that? We also have more. Another story about Trump and his trial. Trump present Palm Beach County reporting to press that show judges ruling on marilaga values based on a misunderstanding of basic real estate practice.

No doubt basic real estate practice doesn’t benefit Democrats, who are bringing a phony lawsuit, which is not only disrespectful of Donald Trump, it’s respectful of the American people because they’re engaging in election interference. And that’s grossly immoral. You got to understand a profundity of the morality, or really, in this case, the immorality. Here’s Trump talking about it. Murders are going on, as you say it here. They’re wasting everybody’s time for many months of this case, where banks got paid a fortune, loan money, got paid money back, didn’t even need that money.

We sold a great company. We had to go through this. This just broke. But before I discussed that, why are we trying a case that the Appellate Division of New York State has just ruled recently that we won 80% of our case? Well, that was repeating the point we’ve already made. Now, the judge vet evaluation that said that Trump’s Mar a Lago was worth 18 million, it was sent to the wrong division.

Should we in the Commercial Division, where they’re used to real estate, where real estate experts Realtors have evaluated at a minimum of 300 million? There’s an empty lot down the street about one 10th the size of the Trump property with no structures on it, valuated at 150,000,000. Here’s a third story. The camera has caught the judge laughing about the case. This is pretty bad. We got this massive trial going on against Trump, and you got the judge laughing about it.

You got Letitia James glaring at him where she campaigned about it. She’s practicing the policy of Show me the man, and I’ll find the crime stunning stuff. Very, very bad. Now, here’s yet another story of great importance. The World Economic Forum has been orchestrating the US. Border crisis from military bases in Panama. These are U. S. Bases where they’re now flying the World Economic Forum flag, and they’re bringing about this massive importation of migrants into the United States.

Totally illegal. Meanwhile, and this is yet another story about this same crucial issue, did Biden just admit the border crisis is perfectly manufactured to bring in New Democrat voters? The numbers tell a story, and they’re pretty grim. For the month of September, roughly 200,000 illegals cross the border for the fiscal year 2023, which ends Saturday. 2. 2 million immigrants have entered the country. Here we have a note from Mike Davis, a tweet these villains should get prisoner numbers and deported.

Thou should impeach Biden for his intentional invasion of our Southern border in his compromising, foreign corruption and weaponization of law enforcement and intel agencies, all of which is right on the button. During an interview, Biden acknowledged that Democrats have been losing ground with blue collar white men uneasy about the economy, culture and demographic changes, and the President seemed to downplay concerns about the economy instead of those white, blue collar male voters.

And his party needs to make sure they are treating them with respect, but added, we’re going to be very shortly a minority white European country. That’s part of what he’s doing. I’ll be right back. Find your inner rebel at Dixie Republic, the world’s largest Confederate store. Located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, the anti white, anti Christ, anti Southern world ends at the asphalt. Welcome to God’s country. Log on to Dixierepublic.

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The network thanks you. Nothing you can do that can’t be done, nothing you can sing that can’t be sung, nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game. More from the European theater Chechnyan leader Kadrov meets Boot Napler storm over prisoner beating Chechnyan leader RamSan Kadarov said he discussed his region’s contribution to Russia’s war effort in Ukraine in talks with President Putin Thursday. That came at a sensitive moment in relation between the two sides.

Katarov enjoys wide leeway for Putin to run Chechnya Truthlessly as his personal five ton. But he angered even pro Kremlin hardliners this week by praising his 15 year old son for beating up an ethnic Russian prisoner in Chechnyan custody. He posted on telegram he and Boot had talked about a range of topics, including the role of Chechnyan fighters in Ukraine, he teasingly added. Other issues were also discussed.

It was unclear if he was referring to the beating incident last month in which his son Adam kicked and punched a prisoner who was accused of burning the Quran. Katarov posted a video of the attack Monday and said he was proud of his son for defending his Muslim religion. Meanwhile, we have a UK journalist who’s been arrested for misinformation is now in Canada after exposing trudeau applauding this former Nazi soldier.

Free speech advocates have warned the British government’s online safety bill can be used to crack down on anyone questioning the official narrative on issues from the COVID Pandemic to the conflict in Ukraine. A British independent journalist had been arrested after he condemned the Canadian parliament’s handling of Ukrainian Nazi waffen. SS member Warren Thornton was hosting an edition of his webcast The Real Truth Evening of Sunday, September 24, when police knocked at his door.

The video blogger has been critical on social media of NATO’s support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. He also helped expose the dark past of the 98 year old Ontario resident Veroslav Hunka, who was giving a standing ovation at Canadian House of Common last week during a speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the invitation of Prime Minister Justice Justin Budo. We’ve reported on the incident before, but not on the journalists being arrested for reporting upon it.

Meanwhile, Robert Malone, who’s been publishing a lot of good stuff, has a piece on propaganda in the US government where he draws distinction between white, gray and black propaganda. This is a very fine article you can find on my blog@jameshfesser. org or on my Twitter account at jim Fesser. The classic tome Propaganda, written in 1928, he begins, was an attempt to both alert the public to the power of propaganda, all the while Elaine public fear of propaganda.

The overall message of the book now seems so naive. One of the core themes and underlying beliefs of the book is that there are elements in society that are not corruptible. As an example, the book ends with a thesis that newspapers are the arbiter of news. Thus, the editors, writers and owners are the gatekeepers, ensuring the public have a fair rendition of both sides of any issue that the idea of newspapers spreading propaganda was virtually unthinkable.

Today, of course, the situation could hardly be more opposite. Bear in mind, he defined propaganda as the use of facts, arguments, rumors, half truths or lies to influence public opinion and behavior. Propaganda has an agenda and a deliberate plan that relies on manipulation of groups of people, usually to promote a political agenda. Now, what he gets at here is the role of propaganda and disseminating lies, which, by my account, when you understand the nature of morality, represent a profound form of disrespect for a public, treating it merely as a means, merely as a means, which is a very core of immorality.

And whether it’s an individual as an ethical egoist or a group, as a limited utilitarian entity, those are disrespectful of other persons and therefore performing immoral acts when they lie or deceive or cheat, just as they are disrespectful using other person merely as mean when they murder or kidnap or rape. Meanwhile, Ed Downs made a chilly prediction about how the COVID conspirators are going to cover up their crimes.

These crimes are so horrific, and he’s talking about the whole pandemic and the vax. Once this comes to light, there’ll be no place to hide on the planet. In my humble opinion. We’re getting there. The tipping point quickly, as word of mouth spreads on the dangers of these vaccines, edward Dowd, data analyst, told Dr. Naomi Wolf in a recent interview right back. It’s all right, darling. I want the truth.

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Find the chain of mine. I don’t. Help me if you can. I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my feet back on the ground. Well, just as we know murder is wrong, morally wrong, mass murder is multiply morally wrong. And if the powers that be. If the WEF and the Rothschild are trying to kill us in mass numbers, that’s grossly morally wrong.

Here we have a massive apocalyptic die off of vaccine predicted by a fed six months ago. Counterterrorism expert Tal Braun predicted a massive die off of the COVID vaccine this fall. Braun is trying to get the word out. Quote him seven months ago when a fall comes, tao’s entire concern as someone who battles mass killings with biological weapons is the next weaponizing is going to create a die off.

Everyone thinks they see a mass die off. His prediction for an apocalyptic phase Two. Phase one was getting the vaccine to the bodies of most or a large number of Americans and others worldwide. Phase Two, which resembles a marburg or a bowl infection, is going to take place. I wish I could say there’s nothing to it, but as I’ve already reported, we had Rashid Bhutar already talking about it before he was taken out.

Meanwhile, Catherine Austin Fitz is making similar reports and predictions. Somebody is still trying to kill you. Don’t let them succeed. The data is out on the COVID bioweapon vax. It’s crystal clear it did not help a single person. In fact, the vax is causing Math death and disability and will continue for years to come. Catherine Austin Fitz, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary for Housing in the first Bush administration, said reports I said literally on the first day, way before they had a vaccine, I said, don’t worry about COVID worry about the injection.

I said that immediately because I could see it coming. The goal of this thing was to get people injected absolutely right. And that, of course, is to seize their assets, to take advantage, to use them merely as a means. Here is yet another report on the same subject. Rumor mill news again. 5g activated Marburg Apocalypse. Marburg has reportedly already been embedded in the lipid nanoparticles contained in the COVID vax and supposedly can be released by an 18 GHz signal from 5G towers that have been installed all over the US.

Could this be near? Watch and decide for yourself. Here’s a report about it. Military attorney Todd Callender is an expert in international law and morbidity mortality law. He’s been filing lawsuits and blowing the whistle on the enemy ever since they made the shots mandatory. These lawsuits have led to his research team amassing thousands of whistleblowers that point to a planned marberg epidemic already paid for by taxpayer dollars in the recent prep act.

Todd Callender said that inside the lipid nanoparticles, there are sealed pathogens, including E. Coli, marburg, and Ebola, and that different pathogens can be released by different frequencies, pulsed through the inside of these shots that people already received. Inside the lip banana particles, the hydrogel, there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric. They include E. Coli, Marburg, Ebola. Staphylococcus and Brewers.

Yeast, amongst others. We know that upon the broadcast from the 5g system that is now employed across the United States and the world. For that matter, when they broadcast an 18 GHz signal for 1 minute three different times as a pulse, it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marlberg epidemic that they’ve already spent the money on. It’s already done.

The Marlberg epidemic, for purposes of the law, has happened, and now we just need the actual disaster to happen. And there’s actually worse parts to it than that, including the one P 306 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. I wish I could tell you there’s nothing to it, but I have too many sources suggesting that’s the way it is, and therefore, I’m advising everyone to skip the test.

The National Nuclear Safety Test at 02:20 P. m. Eastern time tomorrow, just shut off your cell phone, your TV, your computer for ten minutes from 220 Eastern to 230 Eastern, because if this is right, they’re going to be transmitting this single to bring about marburg. And as Dr. Bhattar explained, what, 70, 80% fatal if you are encountering someone else who happens to have Marburg, if the Marburg is within you and it’s activated, the fatality rate is 100%.

So I suggest take ten minutes off, have a cup of coffee, have a smoke if you’re a smoker. I mean, I once did. I smoked when I was a young man and long since gave it up. I don’t encourage, but what I’m saying is just find something for a distraction for ten minutes. Meanwhile, RFK Jr. Has expressed his doubts about 911. I like this. He cites a WTC seven.

He cites World Trade Center Seven in an interview with Peter Bergen. Listen to this. You mentioned 911. The official explanation of 911, you buy, which is what? Al Qaeda attacked us on 911? I don’t know what happened on 911. I mean, I understand what the official explanation is. I understand that there is the sense I have not looked into it. I haven’t examined it. I’m not a good person to talk to about it.

Well, I mean, so there’s doubt in your mind that Al Qaeda was responsible? Well, I don’t know. I know there’s strange things that happen that don’t seem what are the strange things? Well, one of the buildings came down that wasn’t hit by a plane, so it wasn’t building seven or building ten that collapsed because two of the world’s biggest buildings collapsed on top of it? No, they didn’t collapse on top of it.

My offices were down there. My offices were closed. So one of the buildings next to the Trade Center, there’s pictures of it collapsing. There’s nothing collapsing on top of it. Listen, I don’t want to argue any theories about this because all I’ve heard is questions. I have no explanation. I have no knowledge of it. But you’re repeating now I know not to be true. Very good. Very good.

That he’s repeating something he knows not to be true. Building One and Two did not collapse on building Seven. In fact, Building Seven didn’t collapse until 7 hours after the North Tower had been destroyed from the top down, blowing apart in every direction, being converted into millions of cubic cars of very fine dust. And when it was over, there was nothing. There was destroyed at ground level. Building Seven, by contrast, came down in a classic controlled demolition.

All the floors coming down at the same time, not blowing apart in every direction, not being converted into millions of yards of very fine dust. Instead, we found when it was over, five and a half floors of debris remained, which had 12% of the original height of 47. What happens when you have a classic controlled demolition? Bobby may not know all the facts, but he knows enough to call out his host as a big time liar.

And he knows enough to be concerned about what happened on Build on 911, where you can learn much more from the studies that I’ve done, having founded Scholars for 911 Truth and brought together hundreds of experts from around the world. If you want more, check out my work on 911. You can find it on my Twitter account. You can find it on my BitChute channel. You can find it on my blog.

Meanwhile, the same guy RFK Jr. Admits his campaign has done polling on running as an independent, which he’s now declared he’s going to do. And he takes more votes from Donald Trump in a general election than he does from Joe Biden. Well, he’s got the right to run as an independent. I don’t think Bobby could possibly yield the result that Biden would beat Trump in a general election.

That’s preposterous. I’m convinced Biden isn’t even going to run. They’re going to find a way to manage Gavin Newsom into the works, and perhaps as well, Michelle Obama. Shortly before RFK Jr. Stated he would be announcing a run for president as an independent, he appeared on a podcast discussing a possibility of leaving the Democrat Party. Kennedy says the campaign had done research on the impact if he ran as an independent.

Here he shares his private polling, revealing he takes more votes from Donald Trump than he does from Joe Biden. Thus, having seen the background for favorable Republican support, running as an independent now becomes the most effective way to stop Trump. I do not believe Bobby wants to stop Trump. I think Bobby Jr. Wants to be treated with respect. He’s got a great family tradition, great patriots in his father and his uncle, who gave their all everything they could to benefit the American people.

Meanwhile, here we have Dr. Peter McCullough, whom I admire beyond words, appearing with RFK Jr. In a New Jersey gala. Here’s McCullough talking about it as an independent. Voter. I’ve told people in my circles I’m willing to help all the presidential campaigns on policy concerning health care and future pandemic Response on September 20, eigth as keynote speaker for the Health Freedom Gallup in New Jersey. The New Jersey Public Health Innovation Political Action Committee is a nonpartisan organization.

I began my keynote point out the pandemic occurred in the context of 150 years of intensifying vaccine ideology among physicians, veterinarians and other healthcare personnel. An ideology that presumes a human body and our pets and livestocks are inherently vulnerable to infectious diseases. And therefore, mankind, with all of its glory, can improve upon nature with ever increasing immunizations. I organized my presentation along the lines of exposing three false government narratives crafted by the global biopharmaceutical complex.

One COVID-19 illness was unassailable. All we could do is wear masks and wait in fear of being locked down from society. Two, the genetic vaccines are completely safe, ineffective, and everyone was taking a shot every six months without exception, with no one in site. Three, all the chronic diseases and sudden, unexpected deaths we’re seeing now were not caused by mRNA, but is attributable to the COVID infection. He’s right on all counts.

I see nothing wrong. In fact, I think it’s admirable for him to be supporting any candidate he believes is going to do good for the American people. Meanwhile, Bloomberg flubs data for a Bobshow report that only 6% of new corporate hires are white. This is Bloomberg Business. It’s an astonishing statistic that’s taken the Internet by storm 94% of jobs created in 2021 went to racial minorities. But it’s also completely untrue.

A conclusion from Bloomberg, which credit five reporters and four editors for its report, is that on the heels of a Black Lives Matter protest, corporation followed through on their promise to diversify the outlet reported companies in the S and P. Hundred added 323,094 new employees, but only 20,524 were white. If true, it would launch a legion of victorious racial discrimination lawsuits. Blacks, Asian, Hispanic make up roughly 40% of the population.

There’s no way they could obtain 94% of the new jobs. But you can count on the Biden, admin and the Democrats to push outcomes like that. Meanwhile, the IRS has sent out an alert to millions of Americans over a deadline. They’re worried about Americans paying up for their taxes. The IRS issued an alert Tamilians, the taxpayer filed for extensions earlier this year that their filing deadline is in mid October.

To avoid a possible filing penalty, those requested an extension of file their 2022 tax returns that filed a form 1040 on or before Monday, October 16. It would have been the 15th, but because that was a Sunday, it was extended to Monday. Here’s another report doctors sued by women to whom they gave gender affirming care. A woman from Minnesota, Lucahine, is suing the medical professionals or performed a double mastectomy when she was 16.

She claimed she was emotionally struggling as a teen due to her parents divorce and the fact she was being groomed online by a man who claimed to be much older than she and lived in another state. She said officials at the University of Nebraska Medical Center pressured her to have top surgery and begin hormone therapies after meeting with them and discussing the benefits of breast surgery and hormones.

This is a case where she was not given the pros and cons, she was not treated with respect. They didn’t obtain informed consent because they were misleading her and lying to her about what was going on here. Absolutely legitimate lawsuit. Meanwhile, confronting tyranny in its early stage, John Leake, who’s published a series of quite brilliant pieces, the British economist John Maynard Keynes remarked about the hazards of selling short the stock market markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

The same logic applies to confined policy formulated under the pretense of protecting the public from danger. In other words, lying. Just as the CDC and the FDA and the NIH have lied about the threat of COVID When a citizen is frightened of an aberrant threat to public safety real, perceived, exaggerated, or fabricated it’s very tempting for a public official to invoke emergency powers to suspend basic civil rights.

Gripped by fear, the citizenry yearns for safety and therefore agrees or even demands civil liberties be suspended. Here’s Alexander Solzeninsky if we didn’t love freedom enough, we’ll be right back. Look at all the lovely people. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen, a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door. Who is it for? Homeowners.

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Illegal aliens from Venezuela being housed in New York City have been illegally working for companies like Uber and Home Depot. Up to $3,000. This mean these people were not even supposed to be in the country in the first place? Are ripping American taxpayers off by a staggering amount. Let’s crunch the numbers. New York City is paying 385 a night cows every illegal alien. Per the latest figures, that works out to 11,550 a month.

And that’s just for shelter. When an illegal shows up to the border with some random kid they may have purchased from the cartels, the biden regime gives them a prepaid debit card that they load 2200 a month onto to pay for food and miscellaneous expenses. That gets an illegal up to 13,750 a month in benefits before they even lift a finger to do any work, which most of them do not.

So meanwhile, where’s all this looting getting us? It’s taking place massively across the country. What are we being set up for? Where we had it when of police. What’s the big picture? Why is this being allowed to happen? What’s the ultimate goal? You have to think problem reacting. Solution. How do you get law abiding, peace loving, freedom loving people who value their privacy? How do you get such people like us to accept a surveillance state, to accept a digital ID, to accept a social credit score, to accept nonstop facial recognition surveillance with access management enforced by Draconian.

AI and robotic enforcers? How do you get us to accept that? I think he’s got the right idea. They want to get us to accept it by creating a situation that is so lawless that will accept any solution. Here, however, is how former mayor of Chicago handled the situation immediately under his. Anyone with a Molocrop cocktail in their hand in Chicago fire a building because they’re potential murder and to issue a police order to keep the name or triple.

Anyone leaving any stores in our city and above all the time of art, is to move and disinfect. I think Mayor Daley got that right. I’ll be right back. Take your call. I just need someone to love I want somebody to love oh, I can buy help from my friend gonna drive a little help from my friend I get by a little help from my friends with a little help from my friend corporate media dominates the American opinion.

Finding independent voices that counter this avalanche is becoming increasingly difficult. With the endless corruption running rampant throughout our government, independent voices are needed more than ever to battle the offensive against our freedoms and liberties. As a listener of RBN, no one understands this concept better than you. Now it’s up to you to do your part. The time has come for you to take action and begin broadcasting the truth to hundreds or thousands of people every month.

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Your voice is important. Let it be heard. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth. Sleeping why my guitar can give me love at the fall and I see sweeping still my guitar, can we welcome to the second hour of Authentic News, this third day of October, 2023. Jim, faster your host. Before we take calls, I want to explain it was nip and tuck whether I was going to be able to do the show today.

If you were to look at me and see my head is all covered with Ace bandages. I went in for a dermatological condition. I had a weird skin cancer growing right at the top of my head. It had looked like a mushroom. I’d actually had a skin cancer in that vicinity before. It was basal cell, which is slow growing. It’s not life threatening. I’d had it removed before, but now I was here to have it removed again.

Using a method known as Moe’s surgery mohs surgery, a procedure during which a surgeon removes layers of skin one layer at a time and examines each layer under a microscope to determine if any cancer remains. The procedure continues until only cancer free tissue is left. Well, it was a fascinating procedure. When I met the surgeon, a delightful Chinese woman. I was very impressed by her. I told her I had a series of bumps across my forehead, and she just went right at it.

She took a look and said, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer. Just right up and down the line. But I wasn’t there for those which were non, not significant in early stages. Instead, I was there for this peculiar growth on the top of my head and two others that had been identified that looked like they were pretty small and easy to treat. One of my right temple or forehead, the other of my left temple or forehead, well, guess what? They all turned out to be substantial.

So that she had to take off enough layers of skin to represent a silver dollar. I mean, not just a 50 cent piece, a silver dollar on my right temple, my left temple, and then the crown of my head. So Jim Betzer is in a peculiar situation. He’s had successful surgery. They removed it all. But I’m also all bandaged and wrapped. Know, my head looks a lot like the old football helmets of the past, which were made out of leather.

I look like that. I’m just glad to say I got here about ten minutes before the show was to begin. And because I had so many important stories I wanted to share, I’m extremely happy about it. Not only the surgery, but especially being here on RBN with you live today. We have a couple callers lined up so far, judy in West Virginia. Judy, join the conversation. Yes, Professor Fester, I’m really enjoying your show.

I’m glad that you came out of your surgery. Okay, I have a quick question about the emergency broadcast test. I’m an older woman, and I wear hearing AIDS. And I was know with these modern hearing, I i was thinking I would take them out and put them in a Faraday bag during this test. Do you know if there are any danger associated with these weird modern hearing AIDS? I cannot answer that question, Judy, but I think it would be advisable.

Just as I’m encouraging everyone, just turn off your cell phone, turn off your TV, turn off your computer for ten minutes, don’t be exposed to the broadcast, and then go right back on conducting your business. I would suggest, Judy, removing the hearing aid. I would do it. I’m talking about ten minutes from 220 Eastern Time to 230 Eastern Time. That’s 120 central time to 130 central time. That’s 1120 Pacific.

To 1130 Pacific. I would simply do that. I would do that for a certainty. Further thoughts, judy, you’d like to add? Yeah, thank you very much. I’m really enjoying your show. Thanks. Bye. Bruce in Texas. Bruce, I’m glad to have you here, my friend. Speak. Give us your thoughts. Hey, Jim. Well, if it wipes out everybody watching The View, I guess that’ll be a plus. Tell me what happened to the view.

Did the view destruct? I guess it did it self destructed? No, but I think that’s a timeframe that it’s on, possibly. I’m just saying I don’t watch much TV anyhow, and everything I have is over the year. I don’t pay for cable anymore because a lot of the money goes through prop Ups, CNN, MSNBC, things that you don’t want to watch. But that’s how it works. So I’m not going to fund the system like that.

That’s just me, though. Sure. Are you familiar with the TV series Alone Gunman that premiered in March 2001? I know that series is celebrated, Bruce. I don’t think I caught any episodes, but I know it was sensational and many view it as a form of predictive programming. Tell us about it. Yeah, real briefly, the premiere, I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the government hijacks a passenger airliner and crashes it into a skyscraper in March of 2001.

It was kind of like a form of predictive programming, or so people say. So I upgraded my home entertainment system and I wanted to test it out. Like I said, I don’t have cable or streaming services. So I dug through my video library and I pulled up the Terminator. Let me just comment, bruce you’re saying six months before 911, the Lone Gunman was talking about what would happen on 911.

A plane being flown into a tall building, a skyscraper. Right. Hijacked by the government. Remotely hijacked. Well, that’s pretty good hijacked by the government because I guarantee it wasn’t 19 Islamic terrorists. None of those planes were hijacked. The whole thing was a fraud. The 19 terrorists were Patsies, just as Lee Oswald was a patsy on 911. Sir and Sirhan for JFK, sir and Sirhan for RFK, the Patsies for 911, where these 19 alleged Islamic terrorists and Osama bin Laden, who actually turns out to have been our man in Afghanistan, instrumental in getting Stinger missiles into the hands of the muhajadine they used to shoot down Soviet helicopters and planes.

He was an officer in the CIA. Colonel Tim Osmond. He was visited in a hospital in Dubai by an official from the CIA before he died from his medical maladies on 15 December 2001. It’s tough to get dialysis machines in and out of those caves in Afghanistan. It was buried in an unmarked grave in accordance with Muslim tradition. CNN and Fox News both caught up and reported the news on 26 December.

You can still find their reports online if you’re lucky. Continue. Bruce More yes, Saturday Night Live even had a skit on Weekend Update where they said osama bin Laden is in the cave receiving dialysis run by Al Qaeda people on stationary bicycles. Yeah, nice. This is a topic that I couldn’t broach with your, with our show, okay? So I hope you can hear me out here because he would know what I’m talking about because he’s a Hollywood guy.

But as soon as I would maybe approach this in this fashion, he would hang up. So I hope I can get it out there. And so I’m watching the Terminator and Terminator Two, and I say, man, they sure predicted a lot of things. Artificial intelligence, robotic machines for warfare. You had facial recognition, you had mass death, pretty much genocide of the human race, depopulation. You had the military industrial complex there’s, cyberdyne systems, reverse engineering technology and putting it to the hands of the military and the government scopic view.

And I think where did Kevin Cameron come up with all this? Because his movie before Terminator was like a B movie flop, Piranha Two. And then the Piranha grew wings and were flying around. It was just a joke. And he was pulled off the project and he would give him credit for it, but he actually didn’t finish the job. And so this guy, James Cameron is basically a failed movie producer.

And then all of a sudden he comes up with the Terminator, all this high tech technology, all this predictive. I searched in YouTube for the making of the Terminator and he came up with this thing where I had a dream of a robot, half human, half metallic, that came after me at night with a knife. And that’s where I came up with the plot. It’s absurd. I think he was fed all this information through DARPA and what have you because that’s what they do.

They let you know what they’re going to do before they do it. And so I think that’s the agenda when they depopulate us, they’re going to have AI is going to be running pretty much everything and that’s how the elite are going to cope with having 90% of humanity wiped out. Go ahead. Well, you know, of course he not only directed those two Terminator movies, also Titanic, one of my favorite films of all time and the most popular, highest grossing film ever, Avatar.

I mean, the guys had quite a history, Bruce. Quite a stunning history. Those are great movies. And also The Abyss, I believe he is possible for that one. Yeah. Aliens living underwater, what have you. But he could not have come up with this stuff on his own. It’s what I’m getting at. Well, he’s a director. Did he take credit? Was he given screen credit for the films we’re talking mean? I don’t believe he was or was he co wrote the original Terminator, and the second one with Gail Ann heard, okay, this woman who he ended up marrying and then divorcing.

I don’t think neither one of them had the weather, the education, or the foresight. The background, basically. You’d have to have a scientific background to come up with this stuff. So they predict predictive programming. I believe in it. I think that franchise, the Terminator franchise, is something maybe deserves revisiting. Yeah. They’re good movies, by the way. Yeah, I think they’re excellent. They’re excellent. I think they’re all excellent.

Yeah. As I say, Avatar is the highest grossing film in history. Rather stunning. Did you have a final thought, Bruce? You’d like to add? No. And then leading up to 911, you had true lies, terrorists in a high rise. You had the Muslim terrorist Meme was being pushed, and the heroic CIA, Die Hard, the terrorists in the skyscraper. You had all these movies, the Golan Globus production, especially Invasion USA and the Delta Force, these are all priming the public.

They manipulate us through our cinema. We there in suspended disbelief, and our minds are open to get all these suggestions. And I think that’s what they do. When I view movies now, I don’t completely delve into it. I kind of, like, examine it as I watch. Yeah, well, the two most recent films I’ve seen were Sound of Freedom, which of course, is about saving a kid from child sex trafficking.

And Barbie. I went to see Barbie with my daughter just to see what it was all. I actually liked both films. I wasn’t upset by Barbie. I mean, there are a lot who have taken exception to it. I thought it was fine. And my granddaughter, I asked her about it and she said she liked it. It was fun. I think that was the right attitude. But, Bruce, you’re talking about the way Hollywood gets deeply involved in predicting outcomes that are come to pass, that are of great political significance.

And I think you’re absolutely, 100% spot on. Bruce. Thanks for the call. Tom in Florida, join the conversation. Tom, once again, glad to have you back. Hey, Jim. Listen, man, Bruce is great, but listen, Jim, seriously now, this is something very important. You can’t be wasting time about Ukraine, all this stuff. You need to talk. What’s really the biggest problem the biggest problem right now has happened today.

The biggest problem we’re facing in this country right now has happened today. You saw what happened today, Jim, in the House of Representatives. Tell me. Well, they just kept I’ve been in surgery. I’ve been in surgery practically all day. I had to be there at 1030. I just got home in time to do the show. Tell me what happened in the House of Representatives. Well, the reason everybody should be calling in right now is and I want to give a number out, but before that, I’m sorry to hear that.

You were going to surgery, Jim. I hope everything’s going great for was it was basal cell removal basal cell from three parts of my head. And it just turned out they use this technique called mo’s mohs where you take out layers and you make sure and you check that it’s all clear before you’re done, which was pioneered, by the way, at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I had an excellent surgeon and I’m home, but I’m all wrapped up as though I were wearing a leather helmet.

Tom, go ahead tell us what happened in the House today. Well, I’m just glad great to hear that you’re you know my wife’s got you know, she got that through COVID shot so I could go on and on about the medicines are coming know hopefully they come out with a new medicine in May here for ALS patients they’re going to shoot in their spine. They come out with two medicines the last year and a half.

Thank God for that to keep my wife going as long he has been going. But I want to talk about what happened with McCarthy today. Kevin McCarthy got booted out of the House of figured out did he get the boot? That’s fantastic because McCarthy lied when he freedom Caucus. The Republicans who were serious, led by Matt Gates, including Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Green. He agreed that he was going to work against funding from Ukraine and then he went ahead and made a side deal with Biden to guarantee funding from Ukraine, contradicting the solemn promises he’d made.

Sir. Tom, you’re saying me they got him out. I’m fascinated. Tell me more. Well, here’s the problem. Yeah, Jim, you’re absolutely right. I’m glad too, in a way, because Kevin McCarthy was from the state, the bluest state probably other than Hawaii in the country. He allowed 13 million illegals in the state of Mexicornia. Now everyone in your audience, you need to call the Washington number, call their congressman, call the President.

I’ll give you out the presidential hotline. They won’t even talk to you because they’ll hang up on you because you know Biden’s a criminal. But here’s the problem, Jim. You got Matt Gates now I want to see Matt Gates from Florida, my state, and I’m going to call him and I’m going to talk to him. I’m going to say, listen, you got McCarthy and I want to see what immigration is going to be.

Now, you’ve made a deal with the Democrats, the devil in sheep’s clothing. Now I want to see every illegal for 25 years kicked out of this country. I don’t care about dreamers. I don’t care about none of them. The Dream Act is illegal and every one of your in your audience should call their Congresspeople because right now, Jim, Matt Gates plan worked with the Democrats. They got McCarthy now out.

Now I want to see what’s going to happen with illegal immigration and Dreamers and all that because now every one of them should be deported out of their country, out of this country, back to their country origin. Send the money over to their countries and make their countries better. Set up industry over there instead of China. Send the industries over to Central America, South America, and let’s keep it in our hemisphere.

But we don’t need these illegals here. Now, Matt Gates pulled the fact by getting McCarthy out. Now let’s see where he stands when he’s now. Now, the biggest issue everybody on the RBN should be calling for the next week is now that McCarthy is gone, what is Matt Gates and the Republican the mega movement going to do about immigration? Right now is our golden opportunity. And you got to cut deals with these Democrats when they go back.

I heard they’re going to guy put this guy emmer they’re looking at. Stick around. We’ll be right back. Einstein once said, future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies. What did he know? Imagine you hear ocean waves caressing a beach or a favorite song from the past, or the trickle of the babbling brook. All of these are sound frequencies that positively affect us. Terahertz is a soothing, healing frequency that has been proven to resonate at the same frequency as healthy cells.

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If you buy from someone else, tell them you want au, not BS. Call kettle moraine Ltd today at 602-799-8214 Kettle Moraine Ltd 602-799-8214 you Jumps a song, here comes the sun. I say it’s all right close. Well, Tom, this is quite fascinating. Yeah, I was just upstairs. I had to use my laptop to send someone a message during the break, and of course, my wife had left. MSNBC.

On. They’re talking about it. Exactly. Here’s a story about it, and of course, you’re covering it. The US House of Representative voted Tuesday to ask Kevin McCarthy Speaker an historic moment that threatens to plunge House Republicans even further into chaos and turmoil. Well, that’s because it’s a CNN report. The vote I know was eight Republicans voted with the Democrats to get rid of him. Tell us, Tom, where’s this going to go? It’s not going to get us a Democrat Speaker, of course, because Republicans have the majority.

Tell us more. Okay, jim, what they’re going to do is this guy, Tom Emmer, is probably going to be the speaker. They’re going to probably put this Emmer in there because Matt Gates basically is basically telling everybody we’ve got to do something about immigration. Marjorie Taylor Green we got to do some about immigration, Jim, as you well know. Everybody, listens, your show lrbn we’ve got to literally call our we got to demand, okay? If we have to have an arm, this time we’re going to have arms to insurrection.

And this time, if we have an arms to insurrection, Jim, it’s because of illegal immigration, okay? This time the government wants to call people out, arrest them for going to the Washington and arresting them. Look, I say let’s give all the money we can to Central America into South America, and keep those people and even get those Chinese side of Cuba and take back Cuba, and let’s get on our hemisphere.

Let’s make it where the white angle males and the Afro Americans and the Hispanics that are American citizens are in control of their own government, not where a bunch of Marxist Israelis are running our government. No way. I’m 100% for getting control of our border. I’m 100% for deporting all these illegals. I’m 100% for impeaching Biden over his failure to uphold the laws regarding the border. What has this got to do with Cuba? Well, if you let me explain the Chinese are buying up Cuba, okay? They’re buying up the place.

I’ve been there. I know, Jeff. I’ve been to Cuba five times. I know what’s going on in Cuba, okay? And they’re sending a lot of Cubans from Cuba are going to Central America coming into the border, too. They’re sneaking into the border, too, Jim, because there’s no more wet foot, dry foot that Obama had that ended. So they’re sneaking in as well, okay? And your Communist Marxist ideology is coming with them.

Now, we got to remember, Jim, I’m going to go back to what I really want to tell you. This country cannot absorb it. My gates did something. I don’t know how it’s going to play out, but it better play out right, because it’s not. Jim, as you well know, they said this January 6 nonsense was about Donald Trump’s election. No, we’re not going to have that. The insurrection should be if they do not do something about the border.

They keep bringing millions of males in here instead of females, and they’re trying to wipe our country out. That one year is going to be an army insurrection. Chip tom, relax just a little bit, Tom. I give you a lot of time. I’m asking you to relax just a little because it seems to me you’re running together several different issues, and I want to be able to sort them out.

So slow down just a little. You’re talking all of a know about border. Then you’re talking about China buying up Cuba. Then you’re talking about Cubans coming in. I want you to be a little more distinct about the issues, Tom. I’m concerned. Yeah, I live in South Florida, and I can tell you I’ll slow down. I had a little Cuban coffee about 2 hours ago and wired me out.

I’m going to tell you right now, they did a survey in Haiti. Every Haitian in Haiti wants to come to South Florida. Every Cuban will love to come to South Florida. Yeah, I get it. Tom, I lived in Florida for seven years, okay. In Bradenton. I was teaching at New College at the University of South Florida for three of those years. So I know a lot about Florida.

Florida is a wonderful place to live. A lot of people would like to live in Florida. That doesn’t mean they’re entitled to live in Florida. That’s correct, Jim. And that’s what Matt Gates matt Gates has basically told Ron DeSantis. We’re not having no illegals coming to the state of Florida. That’s why Ron DeSantis shipped them up to Martha’s Vineyard. And Ronda Santos has been very good of immigration.

Yes. And Jim, again, Kevin McCarthy dropped the ball. Kevin McCarthy did not do what he said he was going to do. California is gone. And here’s the problem. You’re using these Democrats, and the Democrats ain’t going to do nothing but stab you in the back. They’re backstabbers, and you know that. I know that. I agree. Tom, you raised a really important issue about McCarthy getting the boot up, which I was unaware because I was undergoing this surgery.

So just give us a bottom line, Tom. A bottom line. Give us your final thoughts. Okay. My final thought is, Jim, I think right now we’re in a precarious position, but I believe that by this happening, it’s going to be a good thing in the end, if you get the right leadership in the republican party, that there’s going to be no DACA, there’s not going to be no amnesty.

None of that stuff is going to be on the table. It’s going to be deportant. Call Tom. Thank you for calling. Very fun. You got it. Thank you. We love you, man. These days are gone, and I’m not so self assured. Now I find a chain of mine and open up the door. Help me. You are tuned in to the Republic broadcasting network. Visit our website by going to RepublicBroadcasting.

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We got Bregan. Dave joe Francis Frank Bregan from Wisconsin. My friend, join the conversation. Hello, Dr. Pester. I am very happy to hear that things went well today. I’ve been in hospital rooms at UW university of Wisconsin Madison Hospital. And it is OD when you have seven doctors walk into your room. But usually they do their job well. Just to make a technical point, I was at the Dean Clinic hospital on Stoughton Road, not UW Madison.

But that is where the MoS procedure that was used on me today was invented. Go ahead, Bregan. Yes, sir. Just a minor point about you guys were almost like IMDb movie topical. What I respect james Cameron for was the Mariana Trench dive with a cracked plexiglass shield. And I should have attended woods Hole out in Massachusetts for marine biology. Anyway, so the point about McCarthy, the OD thing know, McCarthyism.

How strange is it? How bizarre is it that maybe he had some points, right? Yeah, he was drunk heard, sure. And yeah, he was full of himself. Sure. But when you look at the pibbin strategy and boy, when you revisit that maybe he wasn’t so far know. I know. That is an irony. It’s like the NRA, when I was growing up in California, talking about when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

And talking about fluoride is a communist plot. Well, fluoride is a neurotoxin. It kills your brain cells. And god knows every American has the right and should be carrying a gun. You being a good marine, I know that you’re probably a pretty good shot. And you only have to do that when you have to do so. But the McCarthy issue was surprising at the very least. Trey Gowdy got out for some reason.

We had in Wisconsin paul Ryan, who was not only a rhino, but he was completely, how shall we say, compromised. More so than what’s his name? Lindsey graham. Who knows what film they have of Lindsey Graham, and we don’t want to think about yeah, yeah. Reagan you’re absolutely right. These people are compromised, seriously compromised. That was Jeffrey Epstein’s business to compromise prominent figures, especially in politics. Give us a final thought.

Reagan yes, I will give you a final thought. I do believe that there is a test bed for contingencies. So you test, you test, you test. Kind of like our E series plane flying 26 miles off the coast of China. You know what they’re doing, china knows what they’re doing. It’s a cat and mouse game. And so, that being that, I really hope that people can just turn off their devices tomorrow and hope for the best, pray for the worst, or vice versa.

I’m with you. Bragan thank you for the call. Dave in New York. Join the conversation. Dave. Oh, hello, Jim. Go ahead. Dave yeah, hey, I hope you’re feeling better. I was looking on the Internet. I saw this news about this Trump violence video that he’s talking about, general Milley. And I go look around MSNBC, I listen to a five minute, 40 1 second piece on it. All they got is Biden video talking.

They have no video of Trump doing it at all. They come up with absolutely no evidence. There is just so much lying going on that is so corrupt, unethical and immoral. But they do this because their limited utilitarians are acting to promote their own happiness, no matter what the consequence is for everyone else. That’s exactly what’s going on. Dave well, I mean, I have no opinion on it until I see the you know, it’s ridiculous.

And I’ve tried to find it. So I’ll take a look at it if it’s ever appearing anywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen it either. Dave, go ahead. Well, it was just released. They just started talking about the last 24 hours, it seems. I don’t know. But anyway, you mentioned about the COVID shots versus the COVID disease. Very interesting. I have a testimony from someone who’s in the medical field who I had known 40 some years ago, and he’s a very reliable guy.

He’s giving me his honest opinion, and he says where he was at 70% to 79% of the people who were admitted. Now, this is during a particular time period for COVID, ignoring anything that was admitted for any reason other than COVID were unvaccinated. And his vaccination rate at that time was 40% to 50%. So that was disproportionate. What he had told me initially was 75 25 admission rate when it was 25 75 vaccination rate, which would have been much more significant.

But what I’m seeing is his perception of the reality and he’s on the ground witness is very different than what I hear from other people. And I’ve got a question more on this before I reveal anything that I know, because I want to get an honest, cold testimony from him of what he’s seeing and he’s not the kind of guy who impressed me that he’s lying at. So this is very interesting, very different.

What we’re seeing is people have totally different viewpoints on what’s going on. And part of it is because you’ve got MSNBC putting out something about Trump, but they don’t have any evidence. Sure. It’s called propaganda. Dave you’re absolutely right. Do you have a final thought to share? A final thought? Dave final thought is that the 5G signal I haven’t seen any evidence that Marburg and all these viruses are locked in there and will be released.

I mean, I need to see real evidence. I’m going to watch his video again, the good one that was sent to me that has some evidence and maybe I’ll have a little bit of evidence tomorrow. I know he showed FEMA a played I played a segment of Rashid Butar yesterday right on this show when he’s talking about it, I guarantee you he’s 100% reliable source. I just say out of precaution.

Dave believe it or not, shut it off. What the hell? If it is real, then you’ve escaped a threat. And if it’s not real, you’ve just dave that’s fine. Joe in Florida. Joe, join the conversation. Joe. Hey, Dr. Fetzer. Thanks for taking my call. Wish you the best of health. I’m glad to hear the word is good. Thanks God. Oh, by the way, if I get back on noise, let me know, because it’s a little I’m outside.

Hey, listen, just in reaction to the McCarthy ouster, okay, so the vote was what is it? 216 to 210. I have to say kudos to Matt Gates courageous leader. I mean, to stand up in Washington and to fight against this is, to me a great victory. The bigger picture that I think you’re never going to get from American media or from, obviously, Washington. I think that this is now the latest proof that American aid to Ukraine for this evil and illegal and outrageous funding, billions of American taxpayer dollars to the Jewish war criminal zelensky and his thugs, that aid is now not really going to happen.

Okay? We had the House unable to pass a funding bill for the government without removing the Ukraine aid. We had the Senate unable to pass funding for the government without removing Ukraine. And now it’s taken down a leader. I am not saying that it was only about Ukraine, but I think there’s a trend and I think this is a great trend because the truth is this war, it’s a Jewish war against Russia being funded.

And these people, Democrats and Republicans, want to spend another $24 billion for this outrageous war. I think that McCarthy is just the next in a line of the war criminal enablers who have a government. And I’d like to see who falls next. I think it’s great that he got the boot, because there’ll be a big story today on the show. We’ll talk much more about it. We’ll know more about it.

But I like everything you said, Joe. I agree with everything you said. Do you have a final thought? No. Just God blessing. You. I know you’re an agnostic, but you know, God wants people to stay here when he gives them a great health thing. So think of that doctor and consider it. Thanks, Joe. Thanks very much. Great call. Francis in North Carolina. Glad to have you back again, Francis.

Give us your thoughts. Oh, boy, that’s a little idea. Hey, young man, I’m curious about one thing. What is the thing about being off electronic devices tomorrow? And is there a certain time period for that? I didn’t catch that. I’m sorry, Francis. I didn’t catch what you were saying about someone talking with no, no, hang on a second. There we go. That’s better. Yeah. Something about electronic devices tomorrow about not.

There’s a national nuclear test drill alarm at 220 Eastern time, and I’ve had a dozen reports suggesting it’s going to activate something in the Vax, marburgs, especially that there are these features in the Vax that can be activated by three blasts at 18 GHz that could activate it. And if you’ve got that in your system, it’s 100% fatal. Marburg is very nasty, Francis. And if you had encountered someone who had Marburg, you’d have a 70% to 80% fatality rate yourself, or risk of dying yourself.

But if it’s in you, that’s your Rashid Batar, who’s a doctor at Sanford, this guy was a wonderful guy. He was a total expert. He was a truth teller. He made a video before his death, and I believe he was taking out for making this video, talking about that it could be activated by these three blasts. And he wasn’t predicting the test, he was just saying the three blasts could activate it.

And I’ve got a lot of reports, people who are suspicious that this test tomorrow at 220 Eastern could be used to activate remember Gil Gates told us people weren’t impressed with the COVID pandemic? He said, well, you’re going to be impressed by the next pandemic, and I think this is consistent. So I just say avoid the risk. Just shut off your damn phone. Shut off your phone, your TV, your computer for ten minutes, and it might save life.

Now, maybe there’s nothing to it. I have friends who are telling me, francis, they don’t think there’s a serious risk here, and I would like for them to be right. I’m just saying, why the hell take the risk when you can shut off your phones for ten minutes and avoid it altogether? That’s the point. Well, that’s the thing, though. This thing in time, considering the fact they weaponized light that people use to hurt each other’s eyes, for that matter, they’ve also weaponized sound frequency, so that would be right down their alley, especially if you have a sound trigger for a biological weapon that’s been in the person’s body.

That makes perfect sense. I’d have to agree with the sentiment about doing without for a given short period of time, which is like, okay, you can go to the bathroom, not during that time, you can go out, as you mentioned earlier, for a drink or whatever, have you? Yeah, aside from that issue wishing was speedy recovery to begin with, for that matter. Oh, thank know Tom had mentioned about this earlier.

I didn’t catch it or whatever, but there was a video I had seen yesterday that I had been ticked off about ever since. This was from one of those news outlets that I don’t usually look at, but this happened to be online, on YouTube or whatever. And I think it boils down to start off with question of is the Border Patrol a state run or a federal government run organization? Federal because it’s borders.

It’s a nation’s borders and across multiple states it’s federal. In that case, the current administration needs to be thrown out no matter who on top of that, the border police themselves need to be fired and terminated. Reason being is that when they showed a video of border police cutting the razor wire so people could get out of the water and on their land or whatever because they’re acting under orders, the administration is manipulating people by threatening their jobs and their pensions.

Don’t blame it on the board. They are not happy about it, francis, it’s a damned administration that’s bringing in all these millions of illegals. They are the ones who are responsible, not the border agents. Yeah, well, the thing gets me is that they’re swearing that, well, we don’t people want people drowning. Excuse me. When you see people walking across the water, the creek or stream or whatever and they’re waiting across it high or lower, who’s going to drown in there to start with? That’s a bloody mucking lie.

Well, Francis, there are all kinds of areas where you can drown. You can drown in a foot of water, for crying out loud. We supposedly had Tafari Campbell drown in 3ft of water. All he had to do is stand up. That appears to me to have been a killing for which the Obamas are responsible, and I’m not going to let that story go. But there are plenty of places crossing the Rio Grande, for example, where you could drown.

The fact is that the government has been completely irresponsible and flooding the country with millions. I think they’re forming a terrorist army. They’re also trying to beef up Democrat voters because they lost. This confirms my belief that Trump got 100 million votes in 2020 and Biden only 37. That’s why he’s desperate to get more Democrat voters. Francis, thanks for your call, Francis. Thank you very much. We’ll be right back to his knee.

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Hemppaste. com RBN. Free shipping on orders over $50. See the banners for hemp paste@republicbroadcasting. org and visit hempaste. com RBN. Lovely. Dumb. Nothing you can sing that can’t be done, nothing you can say that you can learn how to play the game. Jim, you’re back here? We have a headline from the AP. McCarthy becomes a first speaker ever to be Ousted from the Job in a House Vote.

I congratulate Matt Gates. Well done. He deserved the boot. Frank in New York. You’re standing by? Join the conversation. Frank, I think there’s somebody behind me. Is that right? No, there’s no one behind you. You go ahead. But I can’t hear you, Frank. I can’t hear you. Can you hear me now, Jim? No, you’re very faint. I don’t know why? Frank I don’t know either. Jim I got it on speaker there.

You’re better you’re coming on now. Go ahead. Frank okay. I’m glad your operation went football. I’m glad, sir, you mentioned the old football helmets. You said they were made of leather. I thought they were cardboard either way. Jim no, they were leather. Okay, yeah, I agree with you. I was watching C Span after that. Okay, well, the ouster, I should say the host on there right away brought on I think it was Cornyn.

The Republican senator said, oh, look what a mess you got us in now. Now where are we going to be going? I don’t know what it was referring to. Maybe that they had the Ten Democrats swing over and help cornet’s a rhino. Frank is he? Jim I wasn’t sure. That’s the problem with the Republicans. Jim. We had Paul Ryan. If he worked with Trump, we could have got a lot know, more so than we yeah.

You know what I’m saying? Yeah. The hell with Paul Ryan. Thank God he’s gone. We’re glad. Oh, without a doubt. Jim. And good for McCarthy. I’m an Irishman, Jim. And God bless us, though they’re both Irish. And good riddance to both of that’s. Good. But anyway, Jim, the reason I called was it’s kind of funny you mentioned was Tafari Campbell. Okay. You’re the only one in the media, actually, yesterday, that’s why I called.

I heard I think it was Alex Jones. I’m pretty sure it was Jones, but I was doing something, I was working on something, but I’m pretty sure he brought up okay. You know, we can see the state police moved in there right away, covered it all up. You put out a lot of facts. Who was there when he supposedly drowned in the four foot of water, who made the 911 call? Who was the guy that came in and made the autopsy and all of that crazy stuff.

So I’d like to see Obama’s medical report, because as I stated before, I bet he got bit okay. During the struggle. I think that was frank I thought that was brilliant. Yeah. That he was, know, in a struggle, like, know, he might try to stick his hands in your face or something. Know somebody’s trying to gouge your eyes, know your fingers are unavailable, you’re, you know, take a chomp at him.

But I would like to see Aaron Rogers medical report also. Jim I’m still hesitant to go with that. I still think that he’s truly injured. I know some guy made the call. I had that report predicting he was going to have an Achilles injury. I agree. The guy made a prediction and it came true. But that doesn’t mean all of the games are fixed. Jim okay, thanks, everyone.

Love RBN. Love you all. Thank you, jim thank you, Julie. Take care of yourself. You got it. Thanks. .



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