Twenty Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Work

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Are you looking for ways to reduce EMF radiation damage?

Well here are some simple solutions…

20 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure At Work & At Home!

1. Use a wired rather than wireless mouse and keyboard.

2. Keep your computer and other electronic devices as far away from you as possible.

3. Use a wired rather than wireless headset for phone calls.

4. Avoid using your laptop on your lap.

5. Use a hands-free device to make phone calls rather than holding the phone to your head.

6. Turn off your Wi-Fi router when it is not in use.

7. Avoid using your cell phone in areas with poor reception, as the phone will emit more radiation in an attempt to connect to a signal.

8. Use an air tube headset rather than a traditional headset to make phone calls.

9. Avoid using your cell phone when it is charging.

10. Use a protective device for your cell phone, computers and other electronic devices to help neutralize that EMF radiation.

11. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body, such as in your pocket or bra.

12. Use a timer to turn off your Wi-Fi router at night.

13. Avoid using your cell phone in the car, as the metal structure can amplify the radiation.

14. Use a landline phone rather than a cell phone whenever possible.

15. Avoid using your cell phone while it is connected to the internet via a cellular data connection.

16. Use a shielded Ethernet cable to connect to the internet rather than a wireless connection.

17. Avoid using electronic devices in bed, as the proximity to your body can increase your exposure to EMFs.

18. Use a timer to turn off your computer and other electronic devices when they are not in use.

19. Avoid using electronic devices in small, enclosed spaces.

20. Use a low-EMF monitor or a monitor that has a built-in shield to reduce your exposure to EMFs.




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Twenty Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Work
  • How does EMF affect those with pacemakers? My 87 year old mother has a pacemaker and I worry about her health. Is there anything I can do to protect her?

  • A very prominent doctor, known far and wide for excellence in Surgery, operated on my husband, placing a plate in his neck with screws because a disc had deteriorated beyond repair. We kept the ex-rays. Sometime later we had a look at them. My husband kept going over them trying to figure what it was, that looked like a sizable chip with a tiny wire attached. This sent chills through me as I listened to this video. Years later, I had extensive back surgery by the same Dr. after a broken back. Now I wonder…. Thank you for this educational video.

  • Thank you Jimmie!

    The narrator on the main video made mention of more videos or information he’s put on, but said “those for another time”. Can you please share who this narrator was and where we can find those other videos or information?

    Thank you

  • I am now seeing ads pop up during commercials with 10G soon to be available. I believe it was through a verizon commercial (I watch shows through the internet, on my laptop). FYI………..

    Thank you for your excellent work and contribution to humanity.

    Love and respect,


  • Thank you for educating me re EMF. I have been avoiding buying 5G phones etc. as you have warned us. I’m thankful for these Tips, as these are the very things that we tend to do everyday, but never knew how much harm they do to us.
    Thank God for people like you and this Channel for the great work you do for Humanity.

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