5G Is Child’s Play. Take A Look At What 6G Will Do!

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Can You Even Imagine More Gs? 

Did you know the first 1G network was used in 1979? 

Then, 2G came about in 1991 when Finland brought encrypted digital voice calls with texting and basic email capabilities. 

When 3G hit in 2001, it came with four times faster capacities than 2G and what we remember as the beloved Blackberry. 

Anyone remember Blackberry?

Then, 2009 gave us 4G technology, while NASA had started researching the use of 5G for nanosats. 

By 2012, research had started on 5G technology and in 2019 5G networks were rolled out commercially. 

AT&T was the first company to use 5G network in trial runs in 2016 in the name of intel. 

In 2019, the FCC voted to open the spectrum range from 95GHz to 3Thz, which has massive data capacity that is not currently being used for commercial devices. 

2030 is the soonest 6G will be rolled out, even though a definitive date has yet to be announced. 

The hopes would be to build on the capabilities of 5G with increased speed and data capacity. 

To give you an idea of the upgrade…

4G technology has an average latency of around 50 milliseconds

With 5G, latency drops to one millisecond.

With 6G, the speed is expected to offer speeds of up to 1,000 times faster than its predecessor. 

However, to meet this expectation, the network would need to make use of radio frequencies not already bogged down with consumer devices. 

This network will allow for connections to more devices.

The coverage is said to be “extreme” with new boundaries over land, under sea, and even in space. 

Under the sea and in space. WHAT?! 

We have heard a lot about AI advancement. Well…

This network would make it possible to process and transmit data at the speed of the human brain. 

Hence making AI applications more prominent in our world. 

With the capability for ultra precise positioning, 6G has already gained the attention of the military, specifically the Army beginning to explore this for combat purposes. 

The worry here of course, with 6G technology, as it has been with 5G, is that the combined power of 5G, machines, and AI can control the human population. 

They could do this by controlling our thoughts and our actions without the people even realizing it! 

Is this already happening now for some people? 

As you take a look outside, it sure looks like it! 

But if We The People don’t do anything to change our world now, this will likely be our near future. 

The good news is that the US passed an Executive Order, signed by President Trump, that is to counter China’s 2025 Artificial Intelligence plan to be the world leader in regards to AI technology. 

The possibility and threat of AI disabling the people in our government as a consequence of bio-digital social programming. 

And that is why My Patriots Network exists! 

We are a network of truth and action. We know by now that we can’t rely on government, big tech or other big corps to be honest, moral and ethical. 

So We The People shall reclaim our power and take this country back!

Join My Patriots Network here for free if you have not already. 

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