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Mankind Dominated by bankers. Domestic Terrorism

Central Banking: The Shackles of Financial Oppression

Posted in: Silver & Gold Tips

Main issue: The text argues that central banking is a form of domestic terrorism that intends to destroy the American financial system…

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Historical Silver Gold Ratio

What Is The Silver To Gold Ratio and Why Is That Important?

Posted in: Silver & Gold Tips

The silver-to-gold ratio represents the division of the price of an ounce of Gold by the price of an ounce of silver….

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silver bars and coins and gold coins

Why Silver Now?

Posted in: Silver & Gold Tips

Why Silver Now? – Investing in Silver for a Secure Financial Future The US and Western Nations Are Experiencing A Monetary Crisis…

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MyPatriotsNetwork-What Kind of Silver and Gold Coins Are The Best To Buy?

What Kind of Silver and Gold Coins Are The Best To Buy?

Silver, Gold, other precious metals, and even jewelry are essential to a currency collapse survival plan. The reason you need to diversify…

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MyPatriotsNetwork-What is Junk Silver and Why You Should Buy Some

What is Junk Silver and Why You Should Buy Some

Some of you may not have heard of so-called Junk Silver but believe me; it is not junk! “Junk” silver usually refers…

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