What Kind of Silver and Gold Coins Are The Best To Buy?

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Silver, Gold, other precious metals, and even jewelry are essential to a currency collapse survival plan.

The reason you need to diversify out of the world’s paper currencies has been the subject of most of my recent articles here. The time to do this is quickly ending. This is not your 2008 bank robbery and patch-up with more mass currency printing. We are now in the dollar endgame; in this article, I explain why the monetary system will collapse.

Silver is my favorite coin for usefulness, I especially like junk silver coins because of their recognizability, size, and fractionalized amounts in the various coins. For example, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and other specialized coins. I think silver is both money and an investment. I believe that silver will produce gains in its price due to its scarcity and the rising demand for silver. Further, Silver will soon buy more gold than it does currently. That is because the gold-to-silver ratio is way above it is natural and historical multiple.

Gold is also essential to own because it represents coin diversity. JP Morgan once said; Money is Gold and Nothing Else. Right now, most people think of gold as an investment or commodity.  In reality, gold is not an investment. Gold does not gain value as an investment, it has the same value now as it had 1000 years ago.

Many anecdotes explain that gold will buy today what it bought yesterday. One of my favorite stories talks about the fact a gram of gold will still buy the same number of barrels of oil today that it did in the 1950s. This video explains here that oil has not changed price in gold (it has no more or less demand or value in the 1950s as it does today) for decades – but has changed its price in dollars dramatically since the 1950s.

Gold is money, and when people understand this, it is easy to see that owning gold and silver are essential components for storing former paper money wealth in a permanent store of value.

Which Coins Are Best

For storing wealth, I do not recommend buying coins with investment value (numismatic coins) because they vary in price and are usually higher than just gold and silver coins. They will not bring any extra value when they are exchanged for goods and services.

I recommend buying gold coins already recognizable as money, such as the American Gold Eagle.

22-Karat American Gold Eagle: one ounce of pure gold  A gold bullion coin from the U.S. Mint.

24-karat American Gold Buffalo: A gold bullion coin from the U.S. Mint.


99.99 % American Silver Eagle

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  • You can buy an American Silver Eagle for less than $40. I currently know of a place where I can buy them for about $32 + shipping. Look around at the coin stores near you, shop around for who has the lowest fee. They charge the spot price (now approximately $20/ounce) + a fee.

  • Where can I buy sliver from.i can only able to buy $200.00 a month because I like on a small social security check

  • Zim bonds are worthless unless you are using them for humanitarian projects only. If using for humanitarian projects you will need to have a lot of them.

  • Hi, I am interested in buying some of the Zim’s you’ve spoken about. When I look them up I see 2 different types, the older Zimbabwe notes that go into the trillions (yes, trillions!). These are typically pre-2018 years. The in 2019 it looks like they converted over to dollars, and at a much more comparable rate to the US dollar. My questions is which notes should we buy? The pre-2018 series that are astronomically high in denominations? Or is it the Zim dollars? , which I can buy a $20 Zim for about $16 (plus shipping of course).
    Any feed back is appreciated, thank you!

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