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David Nino Rodriguez talks about putin destroying fake narratives and biden holding an emergency press confrence

Putin DESTROYS Narratives..Biden Holds Emergency Press Conference. Here We Go.. | David Nino Rodriguez

Our speaker David Nino Rodriguez shares about his sick dog, Axel, and his insightful interview with Putin. He discusses the Bo Pony Super Bowl segment and encourages support via Venmo. Speculation about Biden’s potential removal from office is also mentioned. He wraps up by introducing future guests and inviting questions for Alex Jones. Tune in for more! …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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9.11.23: SWIFT Fury taking shape Trump LOVED in IOWA Never Forget 911 PRAY!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

In this blog post, the speaker delves into a range of controversial topics, including climate change, conspiracy theories, corruption in politics, and the reputations of Trump and Biden. They also discuss alleged land grabs in Hawaii, concerns about biolabs, and media representation of Trump’s legal issues. Read more to uncover the truth amidst a sea of conspiracies and misinformation….

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Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons

Posted in: Greg Reese, News, Patriots

Discover the astonishing connection between recent wildfires and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). Unusual patterns of burning and temperatures surpassing melting points have sparked suspicions. Melted aluminum and specific areas being disproportionately affected add to the intrigue. Reports even suggest the use of green lasers for geospatial mapping. Uncover the truth behind these claims and their implications. Read more ➡…

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Global Great Awakenings. Scott Bennett Stephanie Sledge Dr. Jim Fetzer.

Posted in: Jim Fetzer, News, Patriots

Globalfreedomtv.com hosted a show analyzing the Maui fires, revealing evidence of a potential cover-up. Directed energy weapons, blocked roads, and unusual patterns of destruction raise questions about the official narrative. Connections to smart city plans and suspicious government actions add to the intrigue. Read more to uncover the truth behind this alarming event….

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Maui Officials Order “NO FLY ZONE” over Lahaina as a New Fence Encircles the Crime Scene… Coverup?

Posted in: News, Patriots, Updates

Maui Officials Order “NO FLY ZONE” over Lahaina as a New Fence Encircles the Crime Scene… Coverup? Eric West and his son…

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Maui Wildfires and the Theft of Sacred Hawaiian Land

Posted in: News, Patriots

– So far it is estimated that nearly a thousand people have died. Several people are reporting that the government is not only doing little to help, but they are blocking local efforts to do so. At some point I will make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled….

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Maui wildfires rage on in Hawaii.

Unprecedented Wildfires Ravage Maui, Hawaii: Residents Flee Into Ocean to Escape Flames

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Wildfires fueled by intense winds are devastating the island of Maui. HONOLULU, Hawaii – August 2, 2023 – Devastating wildfires have erupted…

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