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➡ hosted a show analyzing the Maui fires, featuring Dr. James Fetzer and guest, Stephanie Soladjet. Soladjet presented substantial evidence questioning the official narrative and suggesting a bigger cover-up including evidence of directed energy weapons, blocked roads, and unusual patterns of destruction. There are also connections to smart city plans and suspicious government actions associated with the event.
➡ The text discusses a series of suspicious events surrounding wildfires in Lahaina City, Hawaii, including a sudden media ban, unexpected hurricane winds, suspiciously timed insurance policy changes, and predatory real estate practices. The text also talks about dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis, along with unexplainable anomalies in the fire’s destruction of vehicles.
➡ The contributor of the text argues that a recent forest fire caused unexpected damage to objects while sparing surrounding vegetation, suggesting the use of directed energy weapons, which sparked concerns among witnesses. The fire seemed to spare affluent properties while decimating others, and no assistance for locating missing persons or children was provided, despite damage to homes, which adds to the contributors’ suspicions.
➡ The discussion relates to conspiracy theories and questions around alleged murders and cover-ups by the police department, dubious incidences of extreme fires destroying all except trees, and missing children that possibly tie into larger plans of constructing a “smart city”. The participants critique the inconsistencies and artificialness in footage shared on social media and question the credibility of official narratives presented.
➡ The text suggests dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of a disaster in Maui, possibly involving a fire and missing children. The writer demands accountability from government officials and business tycoons, like Larry Ellison. Assertions are made about the use of directed energy weapons and cover-ups. The author emphasizes the importance of public awareness and asserts that the incident may have been planned to claim sacred grounds.
➡ The text presents a debate on several allegations and events, including planned catastrophes, media blackouts, missing children, and predominant child trafficking incidences. The speakers believe there is a conspiracy and impending war, potentially involving Russia, Ukraine, Syria, and China. They call for expert investigations and argue that constitutional remedies may be required, urging citizens to defend themselves against an assumed tyrannical government. Evidence cited involves burn patterns in vehicles, misplaced school buses, and mysterious explosions. The speakers applaud those who see through the “nonsense,” signaling an alleged stretch of cover-ups and urging overall preparedness.
➡ The speaker is wishing blessings and a good night for tomorrow, also expressing gratitude.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Global Great Awakenings. On, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. We have a wonderful show tonight that’s going to be analyzing the Maui fires. So I’m not going to belabor and I’m going to hand it off directly to Dr. James Fetzer who’s going to introduce our guests and we’re going to jump into a series of slides, photographs, videos and an analysis of what really happened and is happening and may be going to happen in the Maui circumstance. So Jim, I’m going to hand it to you. Go ahead and introduce our guest.

Well, thanks so much, Scott. Yes. When I discovered that my dear friend and colleague Stephanie Soladjet put together a sensational presentation on Maui and the use of directed energy weapons, I knew we’d want to share it with our audience. So thanks to you, we have her here with us today. Stephanie’s the editor of a government rags. You’ve done a lot of brilliant work, including a book on Sandy Hook and she’s really put it together here in a comprehensive fashion. Stephanie well, thank you and I’m delighted to be with you all tonight. And anyway, I just am. Like, all of you know, once you start seeing stuff rolling and you’re like, wait a minute, something’s not adding up here. And that’s exactly what happened with Maui, with me. I spent two days gathering as much evidence as I could because TikTok was taking it down as fast as it could go up and it wasn’t appearing anywhere else, it wasn’t appearing on Facebook, it wasn’t appearing anywhere. So anyway, I was able to try to gather as much as I can and what I feel really good about is the fact know, I go back on TikTok now and all these people there are actually citizen journalists that are out there investigating and they’re verifying all of this stuff. And so that makes me feel good that this is really something that I was able to see but I was also able to put together and now it’s being verified. I’m not saying I’m 100% correct, but I can say that I did find a lot of the evidence that points to a massive there’s a huge cover up here of murder, mayhem.

Anyway, I can start sharing my slides. Yeah, you have screen share capability. So go ahead and bring up your slides videos and let’s jump right in. All right, I need to hide my top here so I don’t have to look at it. The government. Rag operation Maui Do. I like that title. Suspicious Facts About the Maui Wildfire by Stephanie Sledge. Yeah. And the reason why I called it Maui Do was because I’ll get to that here in a minute. And it wasn’t just because it was a DW but also there were other players and corporate sponsors. So I’m going to go ahead and share here. It’ll let me pull up the whole screen.

All right, is it full screen for everybody? Full screen now. Looks good. All right, well, we’ll just move forward here. It’ll let me okay, so one of the things that was reported right away was that from the locals that were actually reported out there that were no alarms were being sounded at the time of the massive fire. And Herman Adalia was the head of the Maui Emergency Management Agency. He immediately resigned immediately. And he cited that he had unspecific health reasons and he was being scrutinized over his response to the wildfire that at this time of this publication had killed more than 110 people. And we still don’t know how many people are killed or missing because none of those figures have been put out by the police or social services at this time.

Anyway, number two, we have no stranger to tragedy. We have the Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, who just so happened to lead the response to the 2017 Las Vegas false flag. And he’s also connected to the FBI. And at this time it was said that he began arresting people to this tragedy. I haven’t been able to find any actual evidence of that, but we do know that he was part of the 2007 Las Vegas false flag or their shooting anyway, what they claim. And then we have number three. Roads were blocked by the police, leaving people helpless and locked into the raising fire. These were video shots that we were given by people that had drones out at the time. And as you can see, everything is just number four, we have no water pressure was reported at the hydrants and this was actually verified by the Hawaii News who put out this article who said that a state official refused to release the water for the West Maui fires. Climate change was immediately to blame, of course. And that’s what they’re still going by is climate change is the reason why this broke out. And Governor Josh Green was obviously and he was in bed with the United Nations over climate change.

A directed energy weapon was witnessed by many. And Jim, we saw that on your show and I also showed it as well on mine. But there were people that did witness what looked like some kind of laser weapon that had come down. And at the time the fires struck out, number seven kids were sent home from school while their parents were at work. And right now there’s over 2000 people, I just checked this morning, there’s over 2000 children that are reported missing by the school system that have not shown back up for school. So 2000 children are missing and people are asking the mayor, where are the children? And the FBI starts to work with the coroner. And so in my opinion, the mayor needs to be looked at a little bit more. You know, the sheriff is a yeah, and you know, I found out this morning through the sheriff. There is no sheriffs there. Those sheriffs out in for, they work for the police department, they’re just part of the agency there. They’re not actually constitutional sheriffs or sheriffs that work for the people. So that’s pretty crazy.

And another thing is a lot of people brought to my attention that the glass and the cars melted and with normal sweeping through fires that are natural fires, they don’t leave cars burnt to a crisp with their glass melted. And another thing we noticed is that there were no doors left open on this front street where all of this major damage happened, where people were blocked in and stuff. So it was like they were racing for their lives but they were unable to get, they had enough time to get their doors shut. Another thing that was really interesting is we always see when it comes to false flags is somehow the Simpsons are always know. I went back and looked, there was a Simpsons episode that predicted the Maui false flags using laser weapons. And it shows a laser weapon coming through town, destroying everything by fire. And the blue umbrellas were spared, which we found also with this operation. Everything that was blue that had I’m not really sure exactly what metal they were or whatever, but a lot of the blue roofs and anything that had that type of metal was all spared, including some of the cars. And so we saw that and TikTok put out these videos that shows that these were burnt to a crisp, this restaurant right here. But their blue umbrellas weren’t touched at all.

Number eleven, maui was already planned to be the first smart city. The photos released on TikTok that went viral has a lot of blue spared when everything else was charred. And the color of choice here is blue. So we all know that light blue and orange are the new world order colors. But everybody was uploading pictures of the fact that the entire city was demolished, but everything that was blue was spared. Number twelve, the governor was already planning to acquire the land that was burned up. And I don’t know if you want me to play some of these videos, Jim, that do. Yes, yes. Okay. But the you know, said the state was looking to acquire the land, they were already trying to acquire the land that the people owned to turn Hawaii into a smart city. The mayor and the fire marshal and the governor just happened to be out of town when this massive fire took place. And that was also confirmed by the Hawaii newspaper.

Number 14. This was really strange actually. Jack brought this to my attention, but Amazon was selling the book fire and fury just two days after the fire. And anyway it was the story of the Maui fire and the implications for climate change. But it was just moments later that it was discovered that it was taken down. So it’s nowhere to be found. And what’s interesting now is when you actually look for the book, it comes up with a Trump picture instead. Number 15, the tourists were evacuated and the locals were blocked in. And these were just some photos that I was able to capture from locals that were getting out there. So you can see the fire was coming towardsThe city at this time. Lahaina, I think, is the name of the city at this time that it was coming to. And we have also a satellite or a map view here of where all the fires took place. Number 16, immediately they put a twelve mile media ban. So they weren’t letting any media in to actually interview, look at things. So the media, anybody that was a citizen journalist or anybody that wanted to go and find out to get documentation of what was going on, were not allowed. So a media free zone was imposed.

Wind direction anonymous. That don’t add up. And it was being reported that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, that they had hurricane winds that swept across the island right before the city broke out. I’m going to play this. And the strange thing about that is that there were people reporting as well that not only did this strange wind come up, but there were no clouds in the sky. So they had this massive winds, like hurricane like winds that were sweeping across as the fires were rolling across. But they didn’t have any predictions of any storms or high winds. All right. New insurance policies were being reportedly implemented right before the fire broke out. We can’t hear what he’s saying, by the way. Right. You got to share sound, I think. Oh, when you uploaded Stephanie, did you click the share sound? The two little blocks in the bottom? Are you not able to hear it? No. All right, let’s see her go to the top of the screen. Hawaiian government Official there you go. The areas that were just affected by the wildfires passed a law saying that that land could not be redistrict for new building permits unless some sort or some type of a serious natural disaster occurred. Serious natural disaster occurred. And what did we have happen through those three districts of very sacred land to the Hawaiians, a very serious natural disaster. I’m not going to get into space, lasers and all of that shit, but people called their insurance companies after the fire, and the insurance companies for the first time informed them that there was zoning infractions on their land, so they would not honor their insurance policies. And within 24 hours of these people losing their homes, the same developers who the Hawaiian elders fought in court to have that law passed are already calling these people and making them offers for their homes. This is what happens when the government sticks their fingers in everything. The government’s in the insurance industry. They’re talking to people who are paying for their campaigns, which are the buyers of this land. And they say to these people, hey, let us know when they call you to get their insurance plans. And let us know when you deny them so we can then give them a call right away and scoop in and swoop in and be the heroes. So they’re going to get this land that they’re going to develop into millions of dollars worth of property, and the Hawaiian elders are going to get fuck off. They’re going to get screwed over. And this happens everywhere. There’s too many coincidences for this not to be shady. Wake up.

Yeah, that is. Hey, what’s up, America? Well, hell. So Joe Biden finally decided to turn up and view the area in Hawaii that was devastated by the fires. And, man, tone deaf doesn’t even begin to explain this guy. So upon arrival into Hawaii, a bunch of people greeted him by flipping him off and calling him an asshole and other various names. And then he made a speech where he appears to have gotten confused and snubbed the senator from Hawaii while making a joke about the heat. Yeah, a fucking joke about the heat. He then toured the devastation, and I’m not exactly sure he knew where he was from the way he was acting. And then he went to an event where families were talking about their losses and families that had lost homes due to the fire where he fell asleep. So people were talking actively about the devastation and tragedy that them and their families had suffered because of this giant fire in Hawaii. And there he was falling asleep while listening to the stories. So not only were people hateful that he was there, not only was he making inappropriate jokes at the situation, but then at the part when people really needed him to pay attention, he decided to fall the fuck asleep. Hey, on top of that, FEMA workers are staying at a $1,000 a night luxury hotel on the island while the actual families who lost everything are going to get a one time payment of $700. Thanks, Joe. I mean, Jesus Christ, can he please resign? Can we put a horse as a senator yet or something? So, yeah, the people are very angry. And I question when I watch the video too, I question whether that Joe Biden is actually real or if he’s an actor.

Hey, I don’t know why my number 20 is not showing. And that makes me sad because it might be something important, but it’s just a blank screen. Here. I might have to go back here. Number 20. I guess it’s 21. It actually was a guy talking about Biden, but it’s 21. Yeah. What’s 21? I’m not sure. It looks like it’s an auto save. Can you give me a moment and I’ll try to pull up the original? I didn’t realize this was an auto save. It must have shut down earlier when my power went off. My power went off earlier, so I lost my thing. So give me a second. I’m going to stop my share for a minute. Go ahead and talk while I’m doing, you know, Jim, as she’s showing the materials, and I want to get into the science and the residue and the evidence and the burned out cars and all the rest of the things. I was watching a video today that may be brought up in the show, but I was watching a video where these gentlemen went to a car that was sent. Why don’t you show it? Why don’t you show it, Scott? While Stephanie is checking her slides, me let me bring this up, because this is a powerful video that just struck. It is. All right, here we go. On the world asking for these types of images. I can’t see it. I just got the image of it. Thankful that the sheriffs have left. We asked them if they I said, hey, if you guys love your country, allow us Scott, we can’t see the video. All right, let me try it again. I’m talking about some intelligent people out there that understand physics, melting points, not the nonsense people. We need to just silence the nonsense for a moment. Now, just look at the inside of these cars. Everything is burned out. And what’s most telling about this is when they approach the car, they come at it from a distance. So there’s the car right there. Notice all over here, this is a hill. By the way. Down here is a slope. On this side is nothing but gravel. So nothing could burn whatsoever. Nothing could burn, so the fire had to come up this way. But it’s impossible, too, because there’s nothing here to burn. There’s little patches of grass. So how did this car that was sitting on a hill be absolutely incinerated? Notice the burn, the amount of grass, as you can see, that burned. And the char marks. This car is basically completely surrounded by gravel. And you can see a small, little, small little flames right here when this grass burned. Yet when you turn and look right in this direction, besides seeing Dylan, my technical cameraman, you can see this car. And for all you scientists out there that have been sending me images and you’re asking me if they’re real, I’m here to tell you in Jesus name, what we’re showing you is real live on YouTube. So if you enjoy content like this, we ask you to please immediately like this, share this and subscribe to the channel. Why? Because you are our only hope of getting this out to the world through the YouTube algorithm. This is a tire that is gone. These are the braids steel inside the tire. Look at this particular rim. Is it safe to say these are aluminum? Look at the windshield. What’s that? Are these aluminum? Yeah, that’s cast aluminum wheels. Cast aluminum wheel. You can see it melted. And the windshield on the inside. Look at the windshield. That is a windshield right there that is completely melted. We have some jumper cables in the back of the vehicle. We have some cast aluminum here that’s pulverized. It’s just dust. How is that possible for a grass fire that did not come from this direction? Because you can see there’s nothing that’s been burned over here. What could cause that type of destruction when you have a grass fire on this side that obviously didn’t connect, but even if it was a grass fire and it’s still only half burned yeah, you can see there’s even some grass over here that’s still standing. It’s not even been burned. So evenDown below, directly below this, you can see some wood fence posts that were burned, but you can see all that grass is still good. So how do you get this car this hot? In the comments section, I need to hear from you guys. Honestly, I need you to hear in the comments section, there’s some smart people and I’m not talking about I’m talking about some intelligent people out there that understand physics, science melting points. Not the nonsense. Silence the nonsense.

I mean, look, what he’s describing is physically impossible. A grass fire could not bring about that kind of damage even remotely. And as you observe, Scott, about the isolation, this had to be a source of energy from above. This had to have been hit by a directed energy weapon. There’s no other explanation that makes any sense. By the way, I think Stephanie’s back on top of it. Go ahead, Stephanie.

Well, I really am glad that you included that video, because I watched that video today, and I was really just horrified but yet impressed that they were able to go out and find this information. And it really confirms the fact that the videos that we were given on Facebook at the time were real. I believe that there were some fake AI videos, but we’ll go back to my PowerPoint slide. So thank you very much, Scott. Anyway, number eight wasn’t showing before, so I’m going to go ahead and show this, and then we’ll move back on to the one that we were on. But the fire stopped right where the billionaires mansions began, and Oprah Winfrey and all of the other billionaires lived out there, and none of their houses were burned up. So I’m just going to play this real quick. I’m going to see if I can get this oh, I got to share my stuff again here. Sorry.

Well, it says it’s sharing sound, but I don’t hear any sound. I guess it’s not going to play for some reason. I’m not sure why. You may have to be presentation mode. Is that what it is? Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah. Click on the little horn. Speaker. You can just talk about what it’s showing. Can you hear it? No. Just go ahead and talk about it. All right, well, this person here watch this video now. We can. You can now. Okay. I’m probably uploading more content about this whole thing than anybody else who’s actually here on the ground is able to upload, but there are still many, many things that I’m not able to show that it’s really not the right time to show. I’ve spoken to many people that were in this neighborhood while everything was being burned to the ground and saw the 100 foot flames, saw what was burning, saw what the catalyst was, how everything went, what the real story was. And most of these people don’t want to say anything at all on the record about this.

And I found one guy who was willing to talk about it as long as I didn’t show his face. But after a lot of the messages I have been getting, I’m beginning to understand what these people are worried about. And I’m beginning to worry for my own safety. I’m beginning to worry for my family’s safety. And so I want to speak directly to the powers that be. And if you watch my other content, you will know what I mean by that. Nobody knows exactly who these people are, but we know that they exist. So I understand that maybe I’m becoming somewhat of a problem for you, and I want to be very clear that if I’m creating a problem, I alone am the problem. My wife has nothing to do with this whatsoever. I’m sure she would rather that I didn’t do any of this because we have nothing to gain from it. I am really the only one with any interest in getting the truth out there. So if you need to do anything to fix this problem, you need to do it to me and not to anybody else. However, I will say one other thing, which is I have uploaded this content to a very close friend who is far away in an undisclosed location, and I’ve also provided them with the credentials to all of my social media. So if anything does happen to me, the story should get out that way. I started an x today. Formerly Twitter. I couldn’t do jeff cygnus. I had to do Cygnus Jeff, but everybody’s been telling me to do that, and it’ll be a good backup.

All right, that’s all. I’m going to play with it. This is a long video, but basically what he’s saying is that he puts a drone out, and he’s the only person that I could find at this time that was allowed. I mean, not allowed. But he flew his drone and he was able to see that many mansions were spared by everything else was burnt to a crisp, but then they put a no fly zone up, so they couldn’t even fly their drones anyway. So the billionaires mansions were spared and the entire island was destroyed.

Okay, guys, I’m scared and we’re going to go back to where we were at. Hey. Question is around maintaining the ina. Okay, so Governor Josh Green, he was in bed with the United Nations, but he also warned investors that were looking to swoop in and buy damaged property on Maui that was caused by the wildfire, saying that he is looking into placing a moratorium on any cells of impacted property. He also says that he’s going to be using the land for memorial. So as you can see, he is actually the one looking to get the land that has been devastated in ensuring that that stays with local people. Yes. So I appreciate that. That’s very important to us. So I’ve actually reached out to our Attorney General to explore options to do a moratorium on any sales of properties that have been damaged or destroyed. Moreover, I would caution people that it’s going to be a very long time before any growth or housing can be built. And so you will be pretty poorly informed if you try to steal land from our people and then build here. In discussions last night amongst colleagues of mine, people I trust, we’re hopeful to create a memorial for the people in the state of Hawaii in this site. There you have it, number 21.

What I thought was interesting is Mountain Dew peered their face with their Maui blast. Their Maui Burst. And anyway, what was really fascinating is that Joe Biden, his TikTok page, is the one that put this up and he says that we’re laser focused on getting aid to the survivors and they put a picture of the Mountain Dew can. So Mountain Dew, Maui Burst, we’re laser focused, read between the lines. Yeah, absolutely. What I did was whenever there’s any type of false flag or tragedy or whatever, I like to go see what Social Services and Child Services are doing because this is something where Social Services should be involved with heavily. And anyway, I went to their website and as of today too, I went and checked again today, they do not even have a list of missing children. They have nothing at all about any people trying to get in contact with their families or anything like that. So people are asking Child Services, where are you and where are the missing children and why are they not showing their face in any of this?

In my opinion, though, I found out through the Sandy Hook shooting, through the Jared Lee Loughner shooting and all of that, that Child Services are very shady. They’re very involved in kidnapping children. But in this incident, they don’t have anything at all for people to try, know, get in touch with their children or find children or even a list of missing children. So they need to be looked at. Governor Josh Green just wrapped up a keynote address in new York, he headed up a panel focusing on sustainable development. At the United Nations, we tried to lead on energy and climate. We were the first state to mandate 100% renewable energy for electricity. So it’s again an opportunity as a small state with technically a small footprint, but we do punch above our weight a little bit because of our position in the Pacific. Governor Green’s address was to other government officials on a model Hawaii can provide for their sustainability plans. Well, that says it all. He was in bed with the and, you know, they were planning on making this their first smart city official smart city. Anyway, as of today, no missing persons had been reported as well on the Maui’s Police website. So the police website doesn’t even have anything about missing people, missing children, but they have everything about where you can go and with all the globalist help organizations and all that stuff, but they don’t have any way for people to try to contact anybody. So there’s still a lot of people missing, and that just blows me away. They’re not going to put anything up on their websites because that incriminates them. That sets up an opportunity for loved ones.Or people to file lawsuits against the police department for murder and for conspiracy to commit murder and all sorts of charges. If they list anyone up there like Tony Bologna is missing or died or his children died, that can be used as an anchor point for legal action against the police department saying you’ve registered a death and you’re responsible for it. That’s just my take. They’re trying to pretend and hope that no one will be coming after and looking for vengeance or justice for the loved ones that have been killed.

I agree. I totally agree. That’s exactly why they’re not doing it. And it’s very devastating. These people, I’ve watched a lot of videos from people that are uploaded on TikTok, on YouTube and stuff that are putting pictures out. They’re looking for family members and stuff like that, but we’re not hearing any of this.

Okay, so number 25. All right, we have John Pelletier again, and like I said before, he served as the Las Vegas Police Department for 25 years. And in 2017, he was a commander that notably served as the incident commander for their 1 October mass casualty event that we all know about and questioned. And also too, his deputy, Charles Hank, was also part of the same command in Las Vegas. So they both were working, he’s the chief, and then Hank is the deputy commander, and they both worked in Las Vegas at the same time that that Las Vegas event went. So anyway, that needs to be looked at a little bit more about those two. I did go on and look at their biographies to verify that because I wanted to make sure that that was accurate. That was originally it was reported on TikTok. But I always have to question everything on TikTok. So I always have to go try to find out if it’s true. And it is true. And like I said before, Pelletier, he graduated from the FBI’s national academy, so we do know that he’s part of the FBI as well.

Number 26, again, the chief deputy, he’s also a Las Vegas deputy at the time. And when he was in Las Vegas as well, after the incident, he went around and taught classes on active shooter situations.

Number 27. Was the fire so hot and furious that the trees were spared while everything else was burnt to a crisp? And well, some people tell me that that can happen, but now that we’ve seen all the videos, it seems a little suspect. It’s a miracle. All the trees were saved in the forest fires caused by global warming, but all the houses were completely obliterated Saturday. That I have been told by people that are firefighters, I have a niece that’s a firefighter, they have to take stuff. There are trees that do survive in intense heat that don’t even look like they’re burned up. Yeah, but you know what? Structures that are in the middle of a parking lot and as that video depicts, there’s nothing around them to burn. And sparks do not ignite a house to that sort of inferno. An inferno melts and burns things. But these homes in that video in the middle of a parking lot, so no, it’s possible. And anyone that says otherwise is either a liar or a fool. I can understand certain trees popping and crackling and doing that. That’s not what we’re looking at. We’re looking at smoking gun evidence of impossibility. It is scientifically impossible for a structure to be on an asphalt parking lot and to be burned to nothing. Yeah, I agree. And also too, when you actually look at the drone footage that the gentleman before that I showed, he’s got a whole TikTok thing full of, you see that there are nothing but trees spared. And these homes are ashes. They’re not. Timid, I’ve seen houses, my uncle’s house burned and there’s ashes and there’s lumber and there’s big black chunks. And some things don’t burn as well as others. In these, there’s nothing but gray ash. Nothing. There’s no structure left, no toilets, no furniture, nothing. No pots, no pans. I agree. One thing citizen journalists, media publications and social media were reporting maui was going to be America’s first smart city. I wasn’t going to post about this. How is this possible? If you’ve seen this video, there’s a whole foreshore of mansions untouched, but the whole rest of the town completely disintegrated. Now look at these houses. That doesn’t happen from a bushfire. That doesn’t happen from a natural disaster. So you have all seen what’s going on. You know that the elites have knowingly set Maui on fire to build their smart city. This is what they’ve been talking about if something doesn’t come from this, if the people don’t get together after this, this is murder. This is tyranny. This is crimes against humanity. They’ve killed people. They’ve taken people’s livelihoods knowingly and people know that if nothing comes from this and people don’t come together and fucking win and write and overcome these fucking putrid scumbag elites, I’m done. If nothing comes from this, we’re the softest society to ever live on the face of the earth. And we deserve everything we get. Stand the fuck up and let’s fight. Because I wasn’t going to post about why the blue card anyway? That makes me sad because I just really know that there’s so many people. I watched another video today where there’s people living on the shoreline, intense. They’re all living intense. And there’s so many thousands of people right now that don’t have any place to live. Their houses are gone. Anyway, the light blue and orange are the New World Order colors, as we all know. And these were the clues that intel was released on TikTok. And like I said before, in the video that I posted earlier, that whenever there is some kind of false flag or something where the Psyop is involved and there’s something, that there’s clues left behind, which I believe are puzzles. And so this was one of them. Why the blue card did not burn in flames. Same as the blue umbrella. Look again. It so when I saw that video, when I found that video, and that video is actually gone now, but I believe that it was probably put out as an intel video because that’s usually what I find whenever I investigate stuff like this.

All right, we’re almost done here. Number 30. TikTok was the stage for this event, and they were also testing AI to see, as we can see in the stage clip. So what I have said before, I was able to find real footage of the gentleman that we showed earlier, but there’s also fake footage that I believe was put out from AI. As you can see, this is a fake clip. It’s not real. And I’ve had other people comment on it. What’s fake about it, Stephanie? What is fake about it’s? The way that it’s presented, the way that it’s not real, jim it doesn’t have the feeling of being real. It has all the feelings of an AI created clip. And there’s been others that have put that out as well, that there’s a lot of fakeness that is going up. You got to figure out what’s real and what’s not real. And I believe this was totally fake, that this wasn’t a real drone clip. Just look at how close it flies to everything and the fact that it doesn’t match up with the actual clips that are out there.

All right, again, where are the children, but where are the parents also? So this morning, doing a little more research into what’s going on in Maui. The congressman down there has made it public that there are more than 1000 children missing. 1050 to be exact. And they have no idea where they are. They don’t even know where the parents are of these children. And they’re trying to blame it on the intense temperature of the fire by saying that because the fire was so hot we may never find the remains of these children or their parents. Is this a cover up? I don’t want to start any conspiracy theories and I damn sure don’t want to give out any misinformation but from what I’ve seen, what I’ve read, what I’ve listened to from reporters from all over the country that have gone to Maui these children are unaccounted. We have no idea where they are. There’s no remains of their bodies. We can’t find their parents. And in the back of our minds we keep hearing things like the government started this fire. The government wants to start a freedom city. The government wants to clear out the poor so the rich and wealthy could take over and build massive resorts and whatever. Listen, guys, listen. Our hearts go out to Maui and I am sorry that this happened to the great people on that island. I am. This is a travesty and our government needs to do more. We need to find these children wherever they are. It’s not a big island. Where could they be? I’ve heard stories that U. S. Marines and FEMA got into an altercation. We are looking into that to see if there’s any truth to that. So we can bring that to you.But I’m telling you, America if this is something that our government has done purposely it’s time to rise up and get rid of our government and start over. This country has no future if we are ran by a government that kills off its own people without any remorse. If any of you saw Joe Biden speak yesterday there was no feeling in that man when he was addressing the people in Maui. None. Couldn’t even get through his own speech. It’s pathetic. I want to know where these children are. I want to know where their parents are and I want to know why. 85% of the burned area has been covered by search and rescue and by search dogs and people volunteering. But we haven’t found any of these children. My heart goes out to you, Maui and I hope that we can get you some answers real soon. Mahalo.

Anyway, that’s really sad, but I wanted to you know what? Let me just say I’m so sick and tired of seeing these simpletons up there with this. My heart I’m sorry. I’m sad. I’m sick and tired of it because this is a murder. If you want to match this to say how impossible this is scientifically look at Dresden. Dresden and the fire bombing that was done in World War II. Those photographs and the remains of the bodies and the buildings. That’s what to compare to Maui and that doesn’t happen. Maui was not Dresden. Maui was allegedly a grassfire. Guess what? Nothing’s incinerated. I’m tired of these people getting up there with their controlled emotion. This is a murder act. This is a murder scene. People need to be going into court and filing legal actions against every government official and demanding that media footage and that all sorts of other things immediately come to bear to prosecute this as a crime scene. You do not trust your government. This moron who’s up there saying, we hope the government’s going to get us more information. They are a criminal party to this for Christ’s sake. So there needs to be aggressive, offensive legal actions and I’m not putting any trust in the court. I’m saying you got to take the fight to them and make these demands and start making horrific noise, not just these simpleton thwap your heart. We’re with you all. That is bullshit. Yeah, it is time for that. Yeah, I agree. I totally agree that people need to take action now. What else are they going to do? This is just another thing. But I also want to say too that I did research and I found a video from somebody that used to own a funeral parlor and I was going to play it tonight but I can’t find it for some reason right now. I saved it but I can’t seem to find it. But anyway, he said that he was a funeral director for 20 years and there’s no way that you can just burn up people like this. It has to be hotter than a fire from hotter than a natural fire. Where are the 911 calls? If you had 1000 children and people up in the hills and houses, where are the 911 calls? Where is the flood of phone calls? Panic. We need to start doing a freedom of information like, well give us this information. Where are the 911 calls and where are all of this? And oh my gosh, when we start doing that, you know what’s going to happen.

All right, number 32, we have the land grab. Going to keep this one short and sweet. Part two of the land grab is a guy by the name of Larry Ellison. What is he, in his 70s? He started a company called Oracle. Before that, where he gained his fame was in the Bay Area. He created a database, software code, and the first thing person he sold it to is guess who? Guess who? Ready? Wait for it. The CIA. That’s Larry Ellison. Well now he currently owns the entire island of Lanai. You know how much he paid for it? $300 million. Which is about the same cost that you get for buying some sushi at Nobu, the restaurant that he put on that island, it’s now an affordable he’s kicked out and he made that his little playground. That is Larry Ellison. This guy is not good, people. Have you heard from him? Has he donated anything? It takes ten minutes to get a boat over here. Not one word. Not one word from Larry Ellison. So if they want to make a donation, how about he donate the island of Lanai back? That’s my idea. But these guys are not good people. These billionaires that go flying around their flagship catamarans and racing. They’re sick, they’re disgusting, and they need to be held accountable for they do not need islands and hundreds and hundreds of acres. They could celebrate all the riches that they want. There’s a difference between making a lot of money and doing a lot of things in capitalism. But this is not capitalism. This is crony capitalism. This is creepy capitalism. This is billionairism. All right, well, there you have it.

All right, number 33, an illuminati card was discovered. And I put this in there. It seems like every time we have any type of government operation, there’s always an illuminati card to be found as well. So anyway, that’s something that you can evaluate on your own. But that was found.

Number 34. The government has admitted directed energy weapons in the past, and we know that. And I included this video because this is them admitting that they have directed energy weapons, although this is for mind control. But we do know that. We are learning new details tonight about suspected directed energy microwave attacks targeting CIA officers and top national security officials. We first started hearing about them, and we told you about them here on Special Report. In 2016, shortly after then President Obama opened the embassy in Havana, Cuba. National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon has the latest tonight about a suspected attack here at home. US. Officials say there are now 130 suspected victims, mostly CIA operatives and U. S. Diplomats, being treated for brain injuries, debilitating, headaches, and vertigo. The targets, they believe, of a directed energy microwave weapon. There’s a mysterious direct energy weapon that is being used, and it is causing, in some cases, permanent traumatic brain injury. New indications the incidents go as far back as 1996. Two individuals working on the NSE believe they were targeted in 2019 and in 2020. Just not going to play the whole video, but you can find that video yourself by going to YouTube. But the government has admitted using directed energy weapons. They have them. And we know that since 1990 that they’ve been not only producing more, but developing. Their development is ongoing, and they have to stay in business, so they have to keep creating it. So anyway, the government has admitted directed energy weapons, and we know with weather warfare as well, that we question a lot of the weather that we get and what’s happening with that as far as directed energy.

And then number 35, did you find the cards, the blue umbrellas, the missing children and I put this one in here because this card did float around why all the devastation was going on. And we had this for the children of Maui. This was what they put out for the children of Maui. And anyway, I find it all suspect. So anyway, that’s all I have for now. But I certainly have more as far as things that I’ve learned. I’d like to do even more on it, but I really am just devastated by the fact that people are not seeing this. Well, actually, no, they are seeing it this time. There’s more people than ever that are seeing this than any other false flag. I think they’re seeing it. I think this was at a small enough scale, 70, that people can wrap their mind around it. I mean, look, if this would have been a wildfire, would there have been no sound of alarm? Had there been no water available? Would it be selective of the property destroyed? Would the police have kept people in town? Would they have sent the students home so they could die in the fire and they wouldn’t be heirs to the estate? Now, if this were deliberately plotted, you can see all those which have a probability of zero, roughly. If this has been a naturally occurring phenomenon, have a high probability. And if this was a deliberate effort to take the land and when you factor in, this is sacred ground. So the only circumstance under which a government could take it is if there were a naturally occurring catastrophe. When you have all these predatory elites that have property which are unaffected completely, you got this guy, even with an island, he should have been sending boat after boat to help people escape. When you have boats in the water that are separated from the land that are destroyed as well, there’s just no question about it. And what I think is their blunder. And now they put up a fence, literally, they put up a physical curtain and they’re not allowingFlyover. It’s just too obvious. Scott, I think they played their hand. I think this is going to be a catastrophe for the bad guys because everyone who pays attention can see what the hell happened here. It’s a declaration of war unlike anything else. And this requires the most aggressive counterattack that can be possibly created legally, physically, economically, in every way politically.

As you said, Jim, all of the indicators were this was a planned operation. The impossibility of vehicles to be burned in the middle of streets is the most obvious indicator. And what is of course infuriating to me is the videos of the police standing up, trying to stop citizen journalists from recording and analyzing that burned out vehicle and others. The police drive up and drive these men off and say, you can’t be here. There’s a media blackout you can’t videotape. And that’s totally unconstitutional. The purpose of the media is to videotape to prove that this was a crime against the Hawaiian people and the American citizenry.

This is a murder scene. It is a war. And it needs to be treated as a war with. If this had been a real natural, you want all the footage you could get. You’d want more journalists, more photographers, you want to record every aspect of it. And the missing children is staggering. They’re going to be a thousand deaths come out of this. I estimate conservatively 70.

Well, I also want to say that I also watched another video today that somebody put out that was showing that there were a bunch of school buses that were found not in the place where they’re supposed to be, in the school parking lots where they put them all. And they wondered why the school buses were found in different locations, but they were all unburned. It’s expensive to buy school buses. They’re just going to plan what better way to send the children home from school, put them on a bus and then kidnap them? And we all know that child trafficking is majorly in demand. And where are the children? Are the parents murdered? Are the children missing? But as of today, there are 2,000 children that weren’t reported back in school.

So in New York on 9/11, they asked where did the towers go? In Maui? Now in 2023, we ask where are the children? I think this is huge and a major scandal. And Americans, I’m saying again, it’s small enough, Americans can wrap their mind around it and understand what happened here. Scott, I think this is stunning and a pivotal event. And that book, by the way, Fury and Fire, was out while the fire was still going on. I got captures of it at the time. I got a bunch of comments about it. Outrageous. And the author was supposed to be milestone as in milestone as in turning event. I think this is going to turn in the wrong direction for you, Jim.

What we need are the equivalent of the architects and engineers that looked at the 9/11 events. We need Pyrotechnic experts, fire experts, burn experts, rangers, whoever they are that can bring the documents, the evidence, the photographs from past fires, past vehicle fires, past city fires, Dresden and elsewhere to show and compare. This is what happens when cars burn in fires equivalent to whatever you’re saying was in Maui. And the comparison is again, like Judy Wood and showing the cars that were in the parking lot disintegrated. The science needs to be brought to bear, like architects and engineers. Totally disprove the narrative that they’re trying to advance.

Well, this is a bit of an aside, but ironically, I just featured Morgan Reynolds, a close colleague of Judy. I wanted to use a Maui and paradise fires to go back and revisit the use of dues on 9/11. I’m more open to that now than I have been in the past. And for Morgan, she didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it, which is ridiculous. Maui and paradise are both more clear cut uses of directed energy weapon than you’d find in New York. I guarantee, having been there, done that.

And see the other thing and I’ll end it here. I’ll give it to Stephanie to close us out. But the thing is, we are approaching a pivotal paradigm shift moment in the United States. I think, as we’ve talked about for a long time, we’re running and we talked a little bit about before the show started. We seem to be running right over the cliff, right over the waterfall towards war. War with Russia, war in Ukraine, war in Syria. War against China. All of these incendiary events seem to be what better way to claim the Russians have waged war in America than to do some sort of event or directed energy in Washington or some other place or, know, trigger some sort of Yellowstone event to justify a war footing, a national emergency.

Look what they’ve done in Hawaii and the Maui Lockdown, amplified by a new COVID strain, amplified by a claim that there’s a Gulf of Tonkin event that the Chinese or the Iranians or the Russians or all of the above done. You can see America and these government elites pushing us to this kind of a police state and these sort of weapons seem to be cultivating that. Yeah, I think there’s no room for doubt about what happened here. And the fact they’re trying to cover it all up, literally putting up a curtain in a no fly zone implicates that reflects consciousness of guilt. They know what the hell they did. They just don’t want the world to find out. Too late. Yeah. Stephanie, I’ll let you close us out with your final thoughts and critique and what you think is going to be coming. Go ahead.

All right. Well, I just am glad that I’m very shocked, actually, that there were more people than ever that saw through this. And like I said, TikTok was the stage for this and they weren’t expecting that. If you go back and try to find all these videos now they’re missing, they’re gone. TikTok has scrubbed them. You know, I know that people are trying to figure out what’s going on. And like I said, now we’ve got the Florida hurricane and all of a sudden we have contaminated gasoline that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. And I’ve got a video of a ship captain that says that’s impossible because you just don’t accidentally put diesel with gasoline and then ship it off to lots of gasoline stations. And so I think we’re going to see more. We had a refinery that blew up the other day. We’ve got a massive wildfire that is now in Texas and Louisiana. Canada’s totally on fire, which is our northern border. We’ve been hearing for over a year now that the Chinese have been in our…

So, I don’t know. I just know that everybody needs to get prepared. But I do know, I’m glad and grateful that… know with people like you and Jim and Jack and everybody that can see through all of this nonsense. But in a way, it scares me as well. Know, it seems like there is some end coming. And what do you do? What happens with the government? Are the people ever going to get any type of justice? How do you convict the government?

Well, the Declaration of Independence says it when a government becomes tyrannical and is the right and the duty of the people to overthrow such government and reconstitute one which seems good unto them. And the way we do that and we definitely know with Sheriff Mack anyway, that we have to take it down county by county and state by do it. Be prepared to get bloody. Be prepared to get offensive. Be prepared to kill. Otherwise you and your family and your children may end up getting killed like Maui. I mean, this is a Rubicon moment and I’m not advocating for anything unconstitutional, but I am advocating for constitutional remedies that may include all means necessary to overthrow a tyrannical government that is committing murder against the citizens. There’s no room for dialogue in this. Well, obviously they’re willing to murder, know that says it all right there, what they just did at Maui. They’re willing.

Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us this evening. Excellent, excellent. Scott, thank you. Stephanie, it is good to have you. We’ll look forward to having you on again. Thank you for joining us in on Great Awakenings. Go to our website, and contact us there and we will put up the link. Remember, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me. This is a time to be bold. The righteous are as bold as a lion. And fear not, fear nothing, because that is what they try and force upon the people. Fear. We do not fear anything. And if we’re called to go to war like Samson against the thousand Philistines, we will sow and we will be victorious. Thank you, Stephanie, for providing that information. And thank you, Jim, once again. We will see you.Tomorrow is another day, filled with endless possibilities and new opportunities. It is a chance to start fresh, to set goals, and to make progress towards our dreams. No matter how challenging today may have been, we can always look forward to tomorrow and the hope it brings.

God bless you, in all that you do and wherever you go. May you find strength, courage, and guidance on your journey. Remember that you are never alone, for God is always by your side, watching over you and providing for your needs. His blessings are abundant and his love is everlasting.

Good night, my friend. As we lay our heads down to rest, may peace surround us and bring us tranquility. Let go of the worries and stresses of the day, and allow yourself to surrender to the healing power of sleep. Tomorrow awaits, but for now, find solace in the stillness of the night.

Yeah, thank you for everything you’ve done. Your kindness and support mean the world to me. Your words of encouragement have lifted my spirits and given me the strength to persevere. I am grateful for your presence in my life and the impact you have made. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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