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Update #726 – Friday, September 15th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

From the harrowing tales of US Marines in Kabul to startling revelations about the FBI’s involvement in the Whitmer case, uncover a world of intrigue, power struggles, and pressing questions about our future. Are humor and individual rights fading? Dive into these compelling stories and decide for yourself. ➡️ Dive in now! 🌐…

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Laser weapons breakthroughs are creating a new arms race.

Future Arms Race: Northrop Grumman’s Cutting-Edge Laser Tech & China’s Infinite Laser

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Compact Lasers for the U.S. Military and China’s Game-Changing Cooling System In an era where military technology is constantly evolving, two significant…

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160 1:10:17 2023-08-14 Global Great Awakenings. Scott Bennett Mike Harris.

In this thought-provoking blog post, the discussion revolves around suspicious fires in Maui and their possible connection to directed energy weapons. The theory suggests that these fires could be part of a larger plan to transform Maui into a “smart city” and align with Hawaii’s clean energy goals. The post also explores the concept of smart cities, raising concerns about the control they exert over…

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Maui Montage Woodstock/Burning Man Omni-Fires Rosa Koire Covid 2.0 Reese Report

Posted in: Jim Fetzer, News, Patriots

In this thought-provoking episode, the speaker delves into the incongruities surrounding recent global fires, suggesting they may not be natural occurrences. The possibility of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and a conspiracy behind these targeted destructions is explored. Furthermore, connections are made between the fires and planned ‘smart city’ developments, raising questions about the motives behind these…

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Targeted Individuals

Posted in: Greg Reese, News, Patriots

In the wake of 911, Homeland Security fusion centers emerged, leading to surveillance and experimentation on Americans. These programs employ harassment, deceptive social media interactions, and advanced tools like directed energy weapons. Worryingly, concerns grow over the expanded use of neuroweapons, nanotechnologies causing strokes, and insects as bioweapon carriers. Discover more about these alarming developments…

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Global Great Awakenings. Scott Bennett Stephanie Sledge Dr. Jim Fetzer.

Posted in: Jim Fetzer, News, Patriots

Globalfreedomtv.com hosted a show analyzing the Maui fires, revealing evidence of a potential cover-up. Directed energy weapons, blocked roads, and unusual patterns of destruction raise questions about the official narrative. Connections to smart city plans and suspicious government actions add to the intrigue. Read more to uncover the truth behind this alarming event….

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OPERATION MAUI DEW – Stephanie Sledge Discusses Maui Facts With Jack Mullen

Posted in: Daily Updates, MPN, News, Updates

OPERATION MAUI DEW – Stephanie Sledge Discusses the Maui Firestorm False-Flag Facts With Jack Mullen Jack Mullen and I sat down and…

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