The EU Is At War With Russia But They Are Still Purchasing Gas From Them Reconcile

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➡ The corrupted Deep State, Western Central Bank, and World Economic Forum are promoting the Green New Deal, which pushes for an over-reliance on electric vehicles and windmills, complete with a digital currency empowering them to control purchases. However, their plan is failing as people realize the impracticality of their initiatives and resistance increases. These entities originally aimed to use the COVID-19 pandemic to implement their agenda unnoticed, but the community’s collective awareness thwarted their plan. Now, they might resort to war to distract people, but their strategies are increasingly transparent. The electric vehicle, wind, and solar panel industries are collapsing, demanding more government subsidies to survive. Electric cars, particularly their batteries, are hazardous and rely on resources from other nations, which could cause job losses and potential outsourcing of manufacturing to other countries. Meanwhile, unsold electric cars are piling up at dealerships, revealing falling demand amid lifestyle adjustments required by electric vehicle ownership.
➡ The text discusses the perceived problems arising from shifting production from the United States to countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. It focuses on concerns about job losses due to electric vehicle mandates, accusing the Biden administration and union leaders of failing American auto workers. It also highlights increasing economic hardship, citing increases in homeowners insurance and low-wage earnings as signs of a troubled economy, with even high earners struggling to make ends meet.
➡ The text outlines criticisms of the current economic situation and the perceived failures of the Biden administration, suggesting that there’s a rising dissatisfaction among the American population due to the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. It highlights speculations of the government’s control and manipulation of the economic system, including predictions of economic collapse leading to potential revolt against the administration. The text also notes the increasing shift by banks towards alternative currencies like Bitcoin as a response to declining fiat currency, and speculates this change could be crucial for people to protect their wealth.


Now, the Deep State, the corrupt politicians, the private Western Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, their entire agenda right now is in a death spiral, and it’s getting worse and worse as every day that passes. Why? Because Trump knew exactly what the Deep state was going to do, the Central Bank was going to do, and the World Economic Forum was going to do. He knew they were going to try to bring us into the great reset, the Green New Deal.

He knew that once they started this entire push, that people were going to start to realize this whole thing’s not going to work. The electric vehicles not going to work the way they’re saying it’s going to work. The entire push for windmills and solar panels and having the entire world electric where they can turn things on, turn things off, pushing us into the Central Bank digital currency where they control our purchases.

If they don’t like what you’re saying, they can stop your purchase. If your carbon credit doesn’t meet what they need it to meet, then they can stop your purchases. Trump and the Patriots, they knew that once the people saw this, once the people recognize what they’re trying to do, the people would push back. And that is exactly what is happening.

Remember the deep state, the Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they never wanted to push this in front of people that are awake. They never wanted the people to actually see what they’re trying to do. What they really wanted to do is they wanted to have some type of COVID story. They thought the Pandemic was going to work. This is why they made their announcement in March of 2020 saying this is the perfect time for the great reset, the great New Deal.

They never thought that people would be out and about paying attention and listening to what they were saying. They thought people would be scared and in their homes and they’d be able to do whatever they wanted. The other way they were trying to do it was with war. Now, since the Pandemic is not working, even though they’re trying to push another one, they’re going to actually try to bring us into war.

Remember, with war, you have death, you have destruction. Nobody cares what the people are doing when they’re trying to build a new economy. You know why? Because they’re too worried about their family, their friends, everything that they’ve lost. So the deep State, the Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they thought they’d be able to use that. Now, I do believe they’re going to try to do this. Once again, they’re going to try to bring us into war. But again, it’s not going to work because why trump and the Patriots, they know the entire plan. They know the playbook. They know exactly what they’re going to try to do.

Now, if you really think about it, since the deep state, the Central bank, and the World Economic Forum are completely out in the open and the people are seeing exactly what they’re going to do. This is going to make it a lot easier for the Patriots to actually give solutions and tell people, listen, if you want this, just take a look around you. This is the Green new deal. This is the beginning of it. It’s going to get a lot worse. If you like this, yes, you can go with the World Economic Forum, you can go with the Central Bank, and you can be completely and utterly controlled. If you don’t like it, then we have better solutions, which works for the people. And that’s what Trump is continually doing. He’s continually giving the people solutions, showing the people it doesn’t have to be this way. And he’s given even more solutions.

But you can see that the World Economic Forum, the central bank, their Green new deal push is completely breaking down. I do believe it is in a death spiral right now. And as the people start to learn a lot more, the people are going to turn away from it and it’s going to be dead in the water.

Now what’s very interesting is that the EU right now, they are purchasing Russian LNG gas, their natural gas, and it’s up 40% compared to pre war levels. So they’re continually buying the gas from Russia, even though they’re at war with Russia. I mean, just think about this for a second.

But you can see the entire wind industry, the EV industry, the solar panel industry, it’s not working. Remember, the only way these industries can survive is with the government subsidizing it. Without it, these companies completely implode. I mean, we saw it during the Obama administration where they were investing in many different Green New Deal companies. Wind, solar, you name it. Those completely imploded on themselves. Even with the government subsidizing a lot of these companies, they’re not making it.

Actually, when you look at a Danish offshore wind company with major projects in the US, they have taken huge losses and they need more money from the government because otherwise they cannot operate. And it looks like the situation is severe right now and it looks like the wind situation solution, I should say, is not going to work because the company is completely imploding on itself and they’re asking for more subsidies and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get any from the Biden administration. The whole thing is dead in the water.

When you start to look at the electric vehicles, you see that the electric vehicles aren’t doing what they thought they were going to do. Now there is a place for electric vehicles. I’m not saying there isn’t a place. Yes, if you like to take it around town, if you want to use electric, that’s fine. But if we go all electric and that’s all we use for trucking, for air travel, for excavation and anything like that, it’s going to be a complete and utter disaster. So there’s always a place for these things. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but once again, we can’t have the entire world electrified where the deep state, the central bank of the world economic forum, are controlling everything that we do, because that’s not a free society.

And we know that the batteries are toxic. We know there’s slave labor in Africa, and we would be completely dependent on who? China, other countries. And we can see that with the electric cars. Yes, they’re volatile. Disclosed TV put this out on X and said, blast wave of electric car explosion in Germany caused significant damage to residential area. Several adjoining garages were destroyed and residential buildings were damaged. And yes, lithium batteries, they explode. This is why when you’re shipping them or doing anything like that, you have to be very, very careful. Yes, I know gas explodes too, but think about it. They just don’t explode on their own. Yes, maybe if you’re in an accident, it’s very, very rare, but it does happen. But when you look at batteries, you could see that they are volatile.

But the other thing that’s very interesting is with the automobile manufacturers right now, electric vehicle supply and demand is showing up at car dealerships as unsold EVs stack up. Dealership tell Business Insider that EV supply from automakers has been turned away as demand cools. So a recent report from Cox Automotive shows automakers such as General Motors, ford, Hyundai, and Toyota have more than 90 days worth of unsold EVs at the dealership in July. That’s about 92,000 EVs sitting at lots, more than three times the number compared with a year ago. New vehicle inventories are up 74% from a year ago.

It’s not just that these vehicles are expensive, which they are. We’re talking about a much, much more nuanced lifestyle change. People, they have to get used to a new way of traveling. Oh, I need 20 to 30 minutes or an hour to charge up. I can’t go that far. I have travel anxiety. And people are not going out and purchasing the electric vehicles like they thought they were going to do. And it’s destroying the automobile industry. We could see there are major, major losses with the automobile manufacturers. And if there’s going to be losses, guess what’s going to happen? The auto workers, they’re going to lose their job.

Actually, if we went all electric, where do you think these vehicles were going to be produced? You really think they’re going to be produced here in the United States? No, they were going to take the automobile manufacturing, probably move it to another country, maybe like China, Vietnam, or any other country, because where’s the raw material? Where’s the material for the batteries? It’s not here. We’re not mining it here. It’s in China. In Africa? So most likely they probably move manufacturing outside the United States.

And Trump, he sent a message to all the auto workers saying, listen, they’re destroying your industry. If you keep this up, you’re going to have no job because they’re going to take what we have today here in the United States and move it outside the country. Now, we’ve seen this since 1971 when we came off the gold standard. They slowly but surely move manufacturing outside the United States. Why? BecauseIt would become too expensive here in the United States to produce something. Think about it. The value of the currency continually declines, which means it takes a lot more of the paper dollars to actually build something and manufacture it. And it wouldn’t work here, and people would notice it and their lifestyle would change. So the only way to keep the illusion alive was to ship everything out of this country and have the manufacturing done where they get pennies on the dollar. And that’s why they moved him to Vietnam, Taiwan, China and all those other countries. Because remember, the central bank system doesn’t work to your benefit.

Now, Trump, he put out a message to all the auto workers explaining what is going to happen if we continue down this path. Take a listen to what he said to our auto workers is an absolute disgrace and an outrage beyond belief. Auto workers are getting totally ripped off by Crooked Joe Biden and also their horrendous leadership because these people are allowing our country to do these electric vehicles that very few people want. And it’s a mandate. So you’ll ultimately be forced to drive in a car that goes for an hour and then you have to have it recharged. I hope you don’t want to go very far away.

Biden has imposed the outlandish requirement that 67% of all new vehicles must be electric in less than ten years. That means Michigan and places that make cars. You can forget about it. You better get your union working because you can forget about it. Those cars are all going to be made in China. According to the UAW president himself, one auto company CEO used the word brutality over 40 times in a single conversation to describe Joe Biden. I call him Crooked Joe because he’s the most corrupt president in history. He’s also the most incompetent. But Joe Biden’s cruel and foolish electric vehicle mandate, that’s how bad this policy is. Your union heads know it, but the union bosses don’t want to do anything about it because they’re not leaders. But you know who’s voting for me? The people in the union. Yeah, the union heads and the Crooked Joe. Keep using the phrase fair transition. There’s no fair transition. First of all, people don’t want the electric car, and the ones that want it should get it. But we want to have all forms of transportation and all forms of motorization to describe this unnecessary forced transition to electric vehicles.

But there’s no such thing as fair transition that destroys over 100,000 auto manufacturing jobs. It’ll be much more than that. Wastes tens of billions of dollars that should be going to the workers and makes new cars entirely unaffordable for the middle class. That’s a transition to hell. You’re going to hell. And your bosses are leading you right down the tubes. You shouldn’t pay your fees. They get these big fees from all of their workers, and it doesn’t matter how bad they are. They’ll endorse a Democrat, even though the Democrats selling you down the tubes. Both the UAW bosses and the big three auto executives should be screaming at the top of their lungs. They should be ashamed of themselves demanding that Joe Biden cancel his brutal electric vehicle mandate before it destroys the entire US auto sector. If the union bosses and the CEOs refuse to fight back against crooked Joe Biden by forcing him to repeal this disastrous electric car scheme, then you will know they’re not pro worker. They’re not on your side. They’ve got some deals going for themselves. And I’m telling you, you shouldn’t pay those dues. You should not pay your dues because they’re selling you to hell. You’re going to be going to hell. You’re not going to have any jobs. All those cars are going to be made in China, every one of them. You can forget it. Michigan, you can forget it. South Carolina, you can forget it. Everybody. All of those cars are going to be made in China.

We sit on liquid gold and we’re getting rid of combustion engines, and they sit on all of the other materials that you need for the batteries. They’re going to make all those cars. We’re not going to make any of them. So to every auto worker, I stand in total solidarity with you in your fight against Joe Biden’s job killing, green, New Deal. Insanity. It’s insanity.

When I am your president, I will deliver higher wages for auto workers. I will protect your jobs. I will end Joe Biden’s catastrophic electric vehicle mandate. And by the way, if you want an electric car, you’re going to get it. But you’re going to be able to get all other types of cars, types of vehicles that you want. And on day one, you’re going to be back in business with me, and those factories are going to start opening up again. Remember when I got elected, I told you all about this in the campaign. And when I got elected, hardly a car company built outside of this country. I stopped it. They didn’t go to Mexico anymore. I said, if you go to Mexico, I’m putting a big tariff. You’ll make a car, you can have a 25% tariff if you send that car back into the United States. I stopped it. Well, right now they’re doing it again, worse than ever before. We lost 32% of our industry to Mexico prior to my getting there, and we lost almost nothing. Nothing. In fact, we were taking back our industry. But now it’s going again, I’ll straighten it out, but you have to vote for Trump. You have to vote for Trump. You can’t listen to these union guys that get paid a lot of money and they get whined and dined in Washington. They know that electric cars are no good in terms of our workers. So vote for Republicans, but vote for Trump. Because if we don’t win this election, our country, not only in terms of auto workers, our country will go to hell.

Thank you very much, and he’s absolutely right. If we continue down this path, the country is going to go to hell. The automobile manufacturing is going to go to hell, and people are going to have no jobs whatsoever. And I think the people are starting to realize this.

And actually, you know what else people are starting to realize that this economy is breaking down a lot faster than anyone could ever imagine. And people are having a very, very difficult time making ends meet. When you look at homeowners right now, they’re actually not paying their homeowners insurance. I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but homeowners insurance has skyrocketed and people are saying, listen, I can’t afford to pay my mortgage with this homeowner’s insurance. It’s getting way, way too expensive. So I’m just going to do without the homeowner’s insurance. I’m not paying for it and I’m just going to drop it. Now, I know a lot of mortgage companies don’t allow you to do this, but I think people are trying to do this no matter what because otherwise they can’t survive.

And the inflation continually moves up and up and up. It hasn’t slowed down and people in this country are noticing it. For example, this is coming from Wall Street, silver on X. There’s a woman who says, listen, I can’t afford to live and I needed to apply for food stamps. Take a listen to what she said. I recently applied for food stamps because I get paid weekly and sometimes I don’t even make a paycheck to paycheck. My rent is 1895. Then you got my utilities and you’ve got my car note. You’ve got my daycare. I spend one $600 a month on daycare when I add up my rent, my water, my electric, my phone bill, my car note, and my daycare. I spent over $4,200 a month just on those items. Notice how I didn’t mention groceries or gas to get to work. Notice how I didn’t mention school supplies or I recently applied for food stamps.

And what we’ve come to find out, people who are making 60, 70, 80,000, 90,000, 100,000, they’re having a tough time making ends meet, which tells you the country is in trouble and the people are starting to notice it’s hitting the middle class and it’s getting worse and worse every single day. And how do you know it’s getting worse? Well, just look what Walmart is planning to do walmart is asking some of its 16,000 pharmacists across the US. To voluntarily take pay cuts by reducing their working hours in a bid to lower costs. So let’s put this into perspective. They want people to cut their hours because Walmart can’t continually pay them. Now these are the older pharmacists who are making a lot more money. But think about it. Can you imagine your employer coming up to you and saying, listen, I know you work 40 hours a week, but we’re going to have to have you work 30 hours a week? Is that okay with you? Most of the people go, no, I can’t do that. I mean, I’m making a certain amount of money. I know what my bills are and I have to pay them. If you cut back my hours, I willParagraph 1: “I will not be able to live in the house or my apartment. I will not be able to pay my car. I will not be able to pay my insurance. This just won’t work. And this is how bad the economy is getting. They really think about it.”

Paragraph 2: “Why do you think the Biden administration is trying to cancel the loans for the students? Why do you think they’re trying to figure out a way to say, hey, you don’t have to pay this? Because they realize all the kids that went to school, especially for majors that don’t even make sense, there’s no jobs out there for them. And especially when the economy is completely and utterly imploding on itself, they know that these people, they won’t be able to find jobs.”

Paragraph 3: “Why do you think they’re letting all these people steal and take whatever they want from stores? Because this keeps them happy. And they’re saying, listen, I can take whatever I want. I don’t care about the economy right now. I’m going to go take whatever I want from the food stores, from the clothing stores, and any of these different areas. I can just support myself in this way. I can sell it off on the streets and I don’t have to worry about the job. I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Paragraph 4: “And those people that aren’t stealing and robbing, well, those people, they realize, wait, I have to pay back my student loan. Well, I can’t do that. I don’t have a job. Or the job I have is not paying me that much. So what does the Biden administration have to do? They have to keep these people happy. But once again, in the end, this is all going to fail because the people are going to start to realize as the economy gets worse and worse and worse, all these little tricks, they didn’t work. And the people are going to get angry and they’re going to point the finger.”

Paragraph 5: “And we can see that the people right now of this country, they’re having a very, very difficult time. Actually, when you look at Biden economics, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. A staggering 44% of Americans earning 100,000 plus per year are living paycheck to paycheck. And this is according to CNBC, 45% of American adults have an emergency fund. However, of those with an emergency fund, 26% say they have less than 5000 saved for a rainy day. And how far does $5,000 get you?

Paragraph 6: “I mean, really, think about it. If you have a family of four, a family of three, and you have to purchase food, you have to pay for your rent, you have to pay for your car, it’s not going to go that far. And the entire system, as it breaks down, what is it going to do? It’s going to bring the people together. The people, they’re going to say, hey, this administration right now is destroying our lives. Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, doesn’t matter what race you are. They’re all going to start to realize it. And this is going to bring the country together, especially when we approach the elections.”

Paragraph 7: “Because when the economic system breaks down during the elections, when the people who are telling you that the economy is great, everything’s fine, there is no inflation, the fuel costs are good to go. I mean, this is a nice price for them. And we’re not forecasting any type of recession. See, when the recession hits and the market comes down and the economy implodes and people see layoffs, they’re going to be looking at these people going, holy crap. This entire time I believed in you, I voted Democrat, I voted for you and you lied to me this entire time. Now I have no job, I can’t pay my bills. What do you think is going to happen at this point? The people are not going to go along with that party. Actually, this is what happened in 2008 with McCain, Obama, I think Trump of the Patriots, they’re using this against the deep state players. And this is how I do believe Trump is going to get a lot of the people to his side. And a lot of people, they’re going to come together over this. Not just this event, but many, many other events.”

Paragraph 8: “But we can see there are moves out there where you can see different banks. They are now shifting and moving away from the fiat currency. And we have the Swiss bank, Seba gets approval to launch Bitcoin and crypto services in Hong Kong. So we’re starting to see more and more of this, which is going to make it a lot easier for people to transition their fiat currency into an alternative currency outside of the central bank system. And I do believe this is very important. I do believe that people should be outside of the central bank system because why would you want to hold fiat currency, which is continually declining every single day? That’s inflation. That’s what you see. That’s why people, and actually, especially central banks, why do you think they hold gold because they understand that the paper is worth nothing. At the end of the day, the paper is worth nothing. All you got to do is look at Weimar Germany. They had their paper currency. It inflated hyperinflation. It was worth nothing. But the people that had gold, they were okay.”

Paragraph 9: “Look at Argentina. Same thing. All you have to do is look at history and go back in time. And you can see this in every single country, the paper that they were holding becomes worthless. They were using it to heat their homes. They were using it to wipe up things. But if they had gold, they didn’t touch that because that maintained its value back then. They didn’t have cryptocurrency. So we really can’t talk about that back then. But you can see that this is how it works.”

Paragraph 10: “And throughout history, you see the same thing happening over and over and over, especially when you have a private western central bank, because their system doesn’t last that long. It implodes on itself and they have to restart it. That’s where we’re at right now. The system, it has reached its end. Its life cycle has come to an end. And they need to restart the entire thing from scratch. And they like to start with a population that’s very small this time around. They want to have complete and out control of the population. They want us to go complete digital, and they want us in little 15 minutes cities. So they have something planned that the people are not going to go along with. And they never expected the people to be awake, the people paying attention.”

Paragraph 11: “But as we approach this great reset, what’s going to happen as the system breaks down? The government, as always throughout history, they want to collect more and more from the people. And this is why the Biden administration went ahead and pushed the Inflation Reduction Act, which is not really reducing inflation, because this will give IRS billions into what the Wall Street has called going back in time to 2022. When this was passed, the IRS will go into beast mode. And what does that mean? It means as the Inflation Reduction Act raises taxes, they’re going to need the IRS agents to collect.”

Paragraph 12: “I mean, think about it. Go back in time. Go back in history. Every time a system is completely falling apart and the government or the king and the queens, they need more money, they go out to the people and they say, give us whatever you have. Most of the time, people don’t have anything. So they send the enforcers in. In today’s world, it’s called the IRS. Why do you think they’re actually equipping them with weapons? Because they are now the enforcers with weapons. We will take what we want because you owe us. This is where we’re at today. But I think the people, they’re going to rise up. The people are going to push back. And the deep state, the central bank, the World Economic Forum, it’s not going to work because they never expected it to happen this way. And that is going to be their major, major problem. And we could see with everything that they’ve been trying to push, especially with COVID it did not work. This is not going to work because the people are already awake and the people, they see what’s happening and it really hits home.”

Paragraph 13: “Because when you lose your job, when you lose your wealth, well, you don’t just sit there and say, oh, I’m scared, you get pissed off. Why is this happening? Who’s responsible? Who do we hold accountable for this? Because it didn’t have to be this way. When Trump was in the White House, we didn’t have this, we didn’t have anything like this. And he keeps telling us that we can go back to that, so why don’t we? And the people, they’re going to turn on the central bank, they’re going to turn on the World Economic Forum, they’re going to turn on the deep state, because they’re walking.”

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