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➡ David Nino Rodriguez is talking about his dog Axel who is not well, but still hanging on. He also discusses a recent interview with Putin that he found insightful and recommends watching it multiple times. He mentions a segment on the Bo Pony Super Bowl and encourages support for his work through Venmo. He also talks about a press conference after the Putin interview and speculates that Biden might be removed from office soon. He ends by mentioning upcoming guests on his show and asking for questions for Alex Jones.
➡ The speaker believes that Biden, who is old and forgetful, might not continue his campaign. They think someone more exciting might replace him. They also mention that Biden has been accused of keeping classified documents, but he might not face charges due to his age. The speaker is also dealing with personal issues and is trying to stay sober.
➡ Chinese hackers have been hiding in US systems for five years, ready to attack important areas like communication, energy, and transportation. The Supreme Court is deciding if a former president can be on the 2024 ballot. In Hawaii, the Supreme Court says guns interfere with the “spirit of Aloha,” challenging the right to bear arms. Lastly, the Nevada presidential primary only attracted 16% of voters.
➡ President Biden is thinking about using his power to stop people from illegally crossing the southern border. This is because it’s unlikely that Congress will pass a law about border security. Some people might not like this, but others who have been asking for help with the large number of migrants in their cities will be happy. However, these plans are still being worked on and won’t happen right away.
➡ Joe Buck, a famous sports announcer, is worried about the Super Bowl being held in Las Vegas. He thinks there might be problems because of all the people and events happening there. He also mentioned that he’s not into partying anymore.
➡ Europe is planning to build a huge machine called a super collider under France and Switzerland. This machine would help scientists study a particle called the Higgs boson. However, they need to convince people that it’s worth the money, especially since a similar machine didn’t reveal any new information.
➡ Monique, a famous actress and comedian, talked about her problems with other big names in Hollywood on a podcast. She said that they treated her unfairly and even took roles that were meant for her. She also accused Oprah Winfrey of inviting her estranged family on her talk show, which she felt was a betrayal.
➡ A new city called Bradfield is being built in Sydney, Australia. This city will be green and sustainable, with no cars allowed on the streets. It will be designed so that people can get to all the important places in the city within 30 minutes using public transport. However, the author of the article is worried about what would happen if there was a problem with the city’s electricity supply, and also about not being able to go for a drive in a car.
➡ The speaker thinks things are going to get chaotic, like a circus, with people acting crazy. They even joke about a zombie apocalypse. They won’t be around on Monday, but will return on Wednesday and will be posting on Nino’s corner tv. They call themselves the new champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting, and say goodbye until Wednesday.


What’s up, folks? How’s everyone doing this morning? Friday morning. Finally. It’s Friday. I hope everyone’s doing all right. Axel. Axel. Axel, update, man. He’s still kicking. I don’t have it in me, folks. Thus far. I know the day is coming. I’m waiting on him. But I don’t know if it’s the prayers. Let’s just say it’s the prayers. All of you that have been praying for my dog soul, thank you so much.

I can’t do it. I can’t do it yet. So keep the prayers coming. Something’s working. Something’s happening here. I still don’t expect him to go much longer, but he still loves his treats and he hasn’t given me that look yet. Like, what the fuck, boss? So that being said, how many of you watched the Putin interview? It was a great interview. He dropped a lot of truth bombs.

You had to pay attention. In fact, you might have to go watch it once. Twice. What am I saying here? Two or three times. You might have to watch it two or three times. I’m going to go watch it again, pick up some stuff I didn’t miss. I talked to Juanito afterwards on text, so I’m going to talk to Juan about it. He said there was a lot of truth nuggets in there if you were paying attention.

So that’s awesome, folks. The Bo Pony Super bowl segment was entertainment. I’m getting emails like, wow, I don’t know, folks, it was entertainment. I’m not saying something’s going to happen. I don’t know. We’re just having fun. It’s a fun little segment. It was a fun little segment. Listen, folks, you can venmo me. D hyphenrod 1977. D Hyphen Rod 1977. If you appreciate me, I absolutely appreciate you. I appreciate you anyway, even if you want to just send me a prayer.

Send Axel prayer. This is hard work, though, putting shows together, doing interviews. So I do appreciate any kind of token of appreciation. When the lights go out on Amazon, when the lights go out on Amazon, just leave an honest review. You know how the game works. Leave an honest review. My mama’s book, my sweet mama, the mexican mix on Amazon. Got to tell you, folks, emergency. Emergency press conference right after the Putin interview, told you something would be coming.

They didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know what to do. They had no plan for this one. I’m telling you that right now. Really? They had no plan to steal the narrative. They didn’t see this coming. It came really fast. So what they do. Holy shit. Let’s get rid of Biden. We got to get him out of here. So they put, you know, like a deer in headlights up on the podium talking, mumbling.

Let’s just say he was mumbling, folks. They’re getting ready to remove him. Okay, who talked about this first? We did. On Ninoscorner tv, baby. Folks, get your noble gold. Global storms might be raging, but thousands of investments in precious metals with no thousands invest in precious metals with noble gold are smiling. They know that whatever happens, their investments will be safe from turmoil. Protect your savings from market volatility.

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Noblegoldinvestments. com. And it’s down there below. Noblegoldinvestments. com. You got to get your gold. Spotify, Nino’s corner. Telegram, Nino’s corner getter, Nino’s corner. Rumble, Nino’s corner. Stick with me. I know you don’t like to hear me go through these ads, but folks, it’s an important segment today because they’re about to start playing Democrat musical chairs. It’s going to happen just like we said it would. Just like we said would.

Everything really. We’ve been over the target on all this, on all of this. Admit it. I admit it. All right, folks, Rumble, Nino’s corner. True social. David Rodriguez Boxer. Instagram. David Nino Rodriguez Boxer. Twitter. Nino boxer. Patriotwear. com. Bing. Right there. Get yourself a hat. Shirts. I think we have shorts. I know we have socks. Better. We have socks. Better. We have socks. We do not have any sapatos.

There’s some cool stuff on there. We have tumblers, coffee mugs, stuff like that. It’s really cool stuff. I’m really proud of my team. Who puts those shit together? That’s nice. It’s very nice. Ninoscorner tv is fire, folks. Ninoscorner TV. Okay, so we got a wano saving marathon up there right now. SGN on is up right now. Just put that up last night. It’s fire. We’re war gaming. What’s going to happen? And listen, we were right.

We said, okay, distraction. Incoming. Boom. No hesitation. Biden calls an emergency press conference. Basically, if you’re reading through the lines, you can see what he’s about to do. Right? You guys get it right? You guys see what’s happening here? And they made it very obvious. His slippery. He was being like a deer con in headlights. He was mumbling, he was stumbling. He didn’t know what he was saying.

The news anchors were making fun of him. Folks, this is all part of the theater. Do you not see what’s happening here? Do you not see what’s happening here? Who are they going to put in, though? Big Mike, Newsom, Kamala, to watch this shuffle that’s about to happen? That I think is going to about to happen fairly soon? They’re just going to say, well, he’s just too old.

He’s an elderly man. And I know about elderly people. I take care of two of them. But I’m telling you right now, folks, bye bye, Biden. Just like we said. Now it’s about to get interesting. Now it’s about to get interesting. I have Mike Keaton coming back on. I have Angela Stanton King coming on. She’s part of the RFK campaign. I’m going to be asking her some questions, like why is he in the right? Okay, I’ll be nice.

I’ll be nice. I may have Alex Jones coming on. So that’s going to be good. That’s going to be good. I haven’t talked to him in about what, months? It’s been a while since Alex has been, what about maybe over six months? So give me your questions for Alex Jones. What do you want to know about? What questions would you have for Alex Jones? All right, folks. I also have Kathy O’Brien.

Kathy O’Brien coming on with the ghost. The ghost February general’s tent. You guys want to be part of the general’s tent? All right, folks. You might want to turn it down or turn it up maybe. Oh, yeah. Here we go. I think this is why my ears are. I can’t hear out of my ears because when I hit these octaves, something happens to my eardrum, I think. I don’t know.

I’m trying to figure this out. Help me out here. Yes. I’m weird. I’m so weird. You guys like my captain America shirt? It’s nice. All right, folks. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Coming at you for the apocalypse, folks. Oh, yeah. Let’s go. Nothing like a good victory cigar in the morning with my coffee. How many of you know that got that little lightheaded feeling? It feels good.

I burnt my eyebrows off trying to impress a girl. One time I was lighting my cigar and she’s like, oh, my God, your eyebrows are on fire. I have thick eyebrows. They’re like caterpillars on my face. Uhoh. All right, let’s get into this one. And, folks, I’m not saying something’s going to happen on the Super Bowl. I don’t know. Know, don’t I? I’m just saying there’s a lot of symbology there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something did.

Just saying, if something did, would it surprise you all? No. Especially now. They really need a distraction, don’t they? They really need one right now. So panic, panic, panic, folks. They don’t know what to do right now. They’re like, okay, time to get rid of old Biden. Bye bye, Biden. So he holds an urgent press conference at the time the Putin interview is released. Like, same time, hoping to steal whatever they can away from that interview.

So it was a desperate attempt for them, and I’m telling you, it was a desperate attempt for them to be like, oh, shit, we got to put a lid on this. But we don’t have anything. We don’t have anything. What do we do? Put them out there and documents, classified documents, Iran, whatever. We’re getting rid of them. Just come on, put them out there. We’re getting rid of them.

But was I right? A distraction was achieved. A distraction was achieved. And that was a distraction, as pathetic as it was. But it’s a good move because now here it comes. Who’s it going to be, folks? Am I saying anything that isn’t obvious to you? Honestly, am I saying anything that’s not obvious to you? I’m just bringing to surface what we all see. Give me a thumbs up if you agree with me, because this is still, I have to phrase it as an opinion.

It’s still my opinion. Let me know. You don’t agree with me. You think he’s going to stick the whole way through the campaign? Okay, most people agree with me. Yeah. Look, could he stick all the way through the election? Okay. Be a real terrible move on their part, wouldn’t it? They’re going to have to bring in some kind of star power. Somebody that’s just going to like that, everyone’s going to get excited about, especially Taylor Swift.

So Biden willfully withheld classified documents. Not, but, but he’s old. He’s just too old. He’s elderly, he’s forgetful. And he gets a hall pass because of that. Also because he’s Democrat, folks. I think they’re setting up the narrative for a Democrat musical chairs to begin. Is this the event right here? Is this the event that kicks off Democrat musical? Is. I think it is. I think they’re at the drawing board right now saying, all right, who’s the batter up? Let’s get him up there.

Let’s get the public excited. We got Taylor Swift. We got Taylor Swift. Don’t worry about that. What about Newsop? Nobody really likes him. Well, hold on. If we get rid of Biden and we get rid of Trump, then we can have Haley versus Newsom. We can have two horses in the race. They still believe they’re going to get rid of Trump. They still believe the charges are going to stick and he’s going to be ousted.

Okay. This is still part of their plane to break the news to you, but nothing’s going to happen to them. So the next best thing is try to keep him off as many ballots as possible, maybe, hopefully get him to step down so Haley can make her move. This is being worked on right now. Putin just destroyed multiple narratives, folks. Multiple narratives. To the point, and I’m going to say this again, to the point that he had to hold an emergency fucking press conference.

That should tell you everything. That should tell you everything, folks. I’m not going to be here Monday. I’ll be back Wednesday. I need a breather. I’ve been going through a lot of tough times with my dog, my parents. So I’m going to take a little time off to just try to decompress. I have some big interviews. I’ll be putting interviews up on Nino’s corner tv these next few days.

But I need some time to just recalibrate my brain and my soul, man. I’ve been taking it in the nuts lately. I’ve been taking it, man. Life has been really hard these last few months. Everybody’s getting old around me, folks. You know what that does to a man’s soul? Watching your parents get old, watching your dog get ready to die. It kicks your ass. Kicks your ass. You start wondering why you’re even here.

It’s tough. Really tough. But you guys keep me going, and I can tell you what, I keep thinking about going to the bar. I have dreams. I had another dream last night. I had a dream last night. All of them rolled into one dream. So my dream last night was, no, it wasn’t like that. I haven’t had one of those in a while. But I was drinking. I was making a comeback in boxing and everyone was telling me, man, don’t do it.

Don’t make a comeback. You can’t do it anymore. This and that. And I was like, I’m going to prove everyone wrong. It was like, a really gosh. And then I was drinking a lot. Like, I was training and drinking. It was crazy, man. It’s not easy getting sober. It’s never easy getting sober, I’ll tell you that. Some days are easy. Some days are like, I got this. And some days are like, man, oh, man, could I use a whiskey? A nice whiskey on the rock.

Could I use a shot of tequila? Fuck, yes. Okay. So a lot of you say, well, he beat it. He’s just a strong guy. I’m just as strong as any of you guys. I’m just doing it. That’s the difference. It’s not easy. It’s not easy. And a lot of friends will tell me, well, you don’t want to hang out anymore. Like, dude, it’s not that I don’t want to hang out.

It’s just I’m not strong enough sometimes to say no. Biden willfully kept classified info would come off as an elderly man with poor memory at that scathing report says. So here they are, building this new narrative, breaking Biden unlawfully retained documents concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Wasn’t that what they were trying to get for anyway? Classified and secret. Orcon, Norfolk level. According to inventory of classified records recovered by FBI agents from unsecured locations where Biden stashed them without authorization, President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials special counsel Robert Hur found in a bombshell report released Thursday, though her recommended against criminal charges.

He recommended against criminal charges. But if this was Mr. T, they’d go after him with pitchforks. But since it’s not Mr. T, no charges. No charges. In part because a jury might view Biden as an elderly man. Well, you could say the same thing about Mr. T, then, can’t you? Oh, no. It’s because Mr. T has his faculties. An elderly man with poor memory. Biden, 81, flouted legal restrictions on keeping sensitive documents throughout his 36 years in the Senate and after his eight years of vice presidency.

Stashing him in a cardboard box. In a fucking cardboard box. Nuclear secrets in a fucking shoebox. What the fuck? Holy shit. And you have hackers and people looking for this shit. All you got to do is go to his fucking garage or his basement. I mean, seriously, if you fucking knew that our country was in that deepest shit, that this guy, this milkworm is keeping fucking nuclear secrets in his fucking garage.

What the fuck? I’m sorry, but come on, man. Come on. This is comical. This is comical shit. I can’t even read this with a straight face. And the way they’re going to spin it is like, oh, he’s just too old. Yeah, he’s just too old. He’s losing his. See, but that’s okay. That’s okay. But if it was Mr. T, burn him to hell. Throw him in jail. Investigators even uncovered a recording of Biden confining in his ghost writer Mark Zwanzer.

Whatever. In April 2017, three months after leaving the vice presidency, that he still had official records. Because I don’t want to turn them in. He didn’t want to turn them in. Thank you very much, by the way, for the super chat. Anyone giving on super chat, it means a lot to me. Thank you. Sounding similar to former president Mr. T, who faces 40. 40 criminal charges and up to 450 years in prison for resisting handing over documents after leaving the White House in 2021.

So gaslighting much? What’s interesting to me, folks, is that you got to understand they’re pushed up against a corner now. And this is what’s interesting to me, that after the Putin interview, they had no distractions to play except put this guy up on the podium like a deer in headlights, and let’s just say he’s old, okay? Let him act like he doesn’t know what he’s talking. I sometimes wonder if it’s an act.

What do you guys think? I’m not saying he’s not losing it, but I think a lot of it is an act. I’m sorry. I do. A dozen official documents were determined to possess information that still qualifies as top secret. As top secret, as was Matilda, from other ten handwritten notebooks and two note cards kept by Biden. Scores of additional documents contain secret or confidential information. Authorities also found information in the notebooks remains classified up to top secret level and includes sensitive compartmentalized information, including from compartments used to protect information concerning human intelligence sources.

Perhaps most damaging for the president, her. A former Maryland U. S. Attorney suggested that jurors would not hold Biden liable for his actions on account of his perceived mental decline, even though he is seeking a second four year term in November. So you know now, that press conference yesterday, striker, somewhere around the house, I don’t know where he’s at, but the press conference yesterday was him. And I’m telling you, folks, market here was him getting ready to bow out of the race.

Thank you. Very much. He’s getting ready to bow out, and they’re setting up the narrative. So they’re going to say how this is going to play out. I don’t know. They’re thinking about it right now, believe me. But let’s not forget about China. Chinese hackers can take down the US. This was all over Google yesterday, and I saw it, and I’m like, all right, what are they getting ready for? So, according to us federal sources, chinese hackers have hidden within America’s infrastructure for years as a means of being ready to tear much of it down in the event of conflict with China.

So what would be conflict with China? I’ll give you a hint. Who’s in the White House? Who’s controlling things? Yes. So if we don’t like Biden, that could be conflict with China. Just saying, so think like that. So we’re kind of in the midst of this right now, aren’t we? So chinese hackers are in the US, and they still come over. The hackers have targeted key infrastructure, primarily in communications, energy, transportation systems, and waste and wastewater systems.

Watch the water. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t drink tap water, by the way. I haven’t drinking tap water in a very long time. By the way, Stryker, my cat, I’m learning about cats. I love cats now. I really love this cat. He’s always, like, hunting in the house. He’s always really sneaky. He’s like, I’ll look at him, he’ll be like. I’m like, what are you doing? What are you doing? You know, I’m just going to pick you up and pet you, and then he’ll follow me into my room and then he’ll stop.

It’s funny. They’re funny. Cats are funny. So I think he thinks he’s hunting all day long or something. I don’t know. But hopefully. I don’t know. It’s kind of funny. It’s funny. It’s like he’s always playing hide and seek. Chinese hackers have spent five years waiting in us infrastructure, ready to attack. Agencies say the report is one of the first public indications that chinese hackers have had years of access to Us infrastructure.

We actually talk about this with SGN on Ninoscorner tv. We talk about this, which in turn we talk about space Force and the whole thing. So do we have a remedy for this? We believe so. But does it mean that they’re not going to hit some areas? We also talk about the 13 to 15 cities that may be in jeopardy. There’s a lot on Nino, folks. If you’re not on ninoscorner tv, you’re missing out.

I swear I’m bragging about it because have we been wrong? Everything that’s happening right now, we’ve been over the target months ago, if not years ago. I’m serious. I’m proud of. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. Do you like my Scooby Doo Cup? I don’t think I could do Scooby. I don’t know. I’ll work on it. I’ll work on it and get back to you guys.

All right, so, Supreme Court to weigh in. What can be kicked off Colorado ballot? Oh, boy. The US Supreme Court on Thursday is set to hear oral arguments. That was yesterday over Colorado’s decision to bar former president Mr. T on the 2024 ballot. Why it matters. The nation’s highest court could dramatically alter the 2024 presidential race as it weighs whether the GOP frontrunner can be disqualified from appearing on ballots under a clause in the 14th amendment.

Then Supreme Court expresses skepticism that dropped the ballot. The Supreme Court sounds broadly skeptical of efforts to kick former president Mr. T off the 2024 presidential election ballot in arguments ticking past 90 minutes on Thursday. So it took over 90 minutes on Thursday. Thank you, Terrence O’Tara, Clarence Clarance. Sometimes my eyesight is bad in the mornings, folks. Sorry. The arguments ticking past 90 minutes Thursday. Both conservative and liberal justices raise questions of whether Mr.

T can be disqualified because of his efforts to undo his loss of the 2022 election, ending with 21. Attack. Ah, shit is about to get interesting. I need to call Juanito. I need to call Juanito. Juanito. Juanito, can you hear me? El Juanito? I also want to talk to Scott Bennett about what Putin said about Iran. Bidenly pushes back on special counsel that talks about his memory loss.

Okay, whatever. I’m telling you folks, it’s coming. Hawai court, a hawaiian court. And I talked to BJ. I sent this to BJ Penn. I was like, what’s going on, budy? I need to have BJ Penn on here again, man. He’s doing a lot of good stuff in Hawaii. BJ, if you can hear me, you’re doing awesome, buddy. BJ Penn, I think he might be running for office again, man.

He’s really staying active in this political realm. He’s a fighter, folks. I’m telling you, you want a fighter, you’re going to want a fighter to run for office, because that’s what it’s going to take. Now that’s really what it’s going to take now. So everyone give a thumbs up for BJ Penn. BJ Penn. That’s really holding it down for Hawaii. Sherry Warner. Thank you, Kelly. Christine, thank you very much.

So Hawaiian Supreme Court issued a decision on Wednesday formally. This is crazy, formally infringing on island residents’right to keep and bear arms because justices claimed guns interfered with the spirit of Aloha. The spirit of Aloha. That was their reasoning. Let me say this again. Their reasoning was because it interfered with the spirit of Aloha. They had the balls to use that. They didn’t need anything else. They just needed.

Well, it kind of interferes with the spirit of Aloha. That’s it. Okay. That’s all they got. The ruling seeks to nullify not only the authority of the Constitution, but also the Supreme Court long standing interpretation of America’s second amendment protections. The US Supreme Court held in its 2022 New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. Versus brewer decision that citizens constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self defense requires no demonstration of a special need like new York required for its unrestricted concealed carry licenses.

Before that, the highest court in the land found in its 2008 District of Columbia versus Helen decision that DC could not ban handgun possession in the home. Because under the Second Amendment, american civilians, not just military personnel, have the right to own firearms and use them for lawful self defense. Like, if someone comes in your house and you’re there with your wife and kids and they got something and you don’t, what do you do? You’re not allowed to protect yourself.

Because I’m going to tell you what, criminals always find a way to get a gun. They don’t give a fuck. Justices in the hawaiian court rejected both examples of the top court’s jurisprudence, prudence. Sorry if I can’t read too well. Okay, sorry. When they upheld a conviction for the island resident Christopher Wilson, who was charged in 2017 after carrying a loaded gun without a concealed weapons permit, the state court claimed Wilson cannot use Bruin to argue his constitutional right to protect himself because he is not a well regulated militia.

What? And he did not apply for concealed carry weapons permit. Oh, man. The justices claim that under the 1968 political interpretation of Hawaii’s 1950 constitution, the historical background of the Second Amendment indicates that the central concern in the right to bear arms was the right of the states to maintain a militia. Looks like they’re trying everything. First. On what? New York and Hawaii. California. Oh, thank you very much.

They’re trying to turn us into China. But if we do not turn into China, they will have their hackers take down our infrastructure. Nevada’s first presidential primary attracts 16% of voters. That’s it. Okay. Las Vegas, Tuesday’s Nevada presidential preference primaries served as a test both for the state and how to release results more quickly and handle its first presidential primaries and for what happens when political kepes choose to ignore the purple silver state.

The purple silver state? I’ve never heard that one before, but I guess there’s a purple silver state. President Joe Biden easily secured his win of Nevada’s Democrats. And while the GOP’s primary results did not matter, as a party prepares for its Thursday’s caucuses and all but guaranteed win for the Mr. President, Mr. T, 13% of registered Republicans also participated, with the majority selecting none of the above. None of the above.

It makes you think. It makes you wonder how many of these people maybe were paid. I don’t know. How many of them were illegal immigrants? None of the above. How many of you like how many of you are going to watch a Super bowl? Are you guys going to watch the Super Bowl? I might watch just to see if something happens. I don’t give a shit about either of the teams.

I don’t care about the Kansas City Swifts. I don’t care about San Francisco. I don’t care about football. I don’t really watch football, to be honest. I have a friend, though, one of my good don’t. He probably doesn’t want me to give him a shout out, but I’m going to do it anyway. But he just got head coach for offensive line. I think of the offensive coordinator for a very big NFL team, so I’m not going to say anything else on that.

But man, awesome. Want to give you a congratulations. This guy really deserved it, man. He’s one of my best friends. One of my best friends. And he just got head offensive coordinator for a big NFL team, folks, so hopefully I get to go to some of these games. Rudy Giuliani claims Mr. T’s campaign owes him $2 million Rudy Giuliani told the federal Bakers report in Manhattan that Mr.

T’s presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee owe him roughly 2 million for a spurious legal battle to overturn election results in the aftermath of the 2020. You know what? The former president’s one time attorney testified for the first time about his strained financial state on Wednesday, nearly two months after he filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy in the wake of a 148,000,000 defamation judgment for his election lies.

His lies. Border news in border News it’s time to get tough. Mr. Biden’s going to get tough, if he can remember. So the Biden administration is considering executive action to detour deter illegal immigration at the southern border. The Biden administration is considering taking executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border, according to two U. S. Officials, as passing legislation on border security at Congress appears unlikely because why all the stuff they had in there for other things which I won’t bring up on here, but I think Putin kind of made it clear what it would be.

As passing legislation of border security in Congress appears unlikely. The plans under consideration signal that the White House wants to take action before numbers at the border, which have dropped in the past month, rise again, as expected. So the plans have been under consideration for months, the official said in December. So he’s only doing, he’s, whatever he’s going to try to enact with an executive order or whatever is only to save his ass for the upcoming November.

You know what? That’s the only reason. Then it’ll all go back to the way it was. So the plans have been under consideration for months, the official said in December, as Congress prepared to leave town for the holidays with no border solution, illegal crossings of the south of the border hit record highs at more than 10,000 per day. 10,000 per day? Wow. The unilateral measures under consideration might upset some progressives in Congress, the officials said.

But they noted that Democrat mayors who have asked him for more help from the federal government to handle the influx of migrants in their cities would be pleased. The measures are still being drafted and are not expected to take place anytime soon. I think he has some serious issues on his plate, especially after this interview, which is why he called the emergency press conference. Folks, just saying this is about to get real.

It’s already interesting. I’m having a good time with this because I see them losing so bad. That’s why I’m having a victory. So we got to enjoy our victories together. Smoke cigars. I love cigars. It’s the only vice I have. I used to have nothing but vices. I used to just have vices. I used to be a slave to my impulses. If I wasn’t banging a new chick every night I was drinking, I was fighting.

I just constantly needed stimulation and I always had to do something that really scared me. It had to scare me. My life now is very dull. It’s not like that anymore. Once I quit alcohol, everything else is just weird. Everything else got to tell you folks, it’s not easy being sober. It really isn’t. But you guys keep me going. Believe it or not, you guys keep me going.

So let’s talk about the party pooper. Joe Buck predicts Super Bowl 2024 a mess with ESPN legend fearing something is going to happen in Las Vegas. Does this guy know something? Joe Buck. ESPN star Joe Buck isn’t thrilled with the Super bowl taking place in Las Vegas this year. The 50 year old why do they always have to say their age? What if he doesn’t want people to know that? The 54 year old broadcasting icon doesn’t have any optimism about the festivities in Las Vegas ahead of the big game between the Kansas City Swifts and the San Francisco 49 ers on Sunday, February 11.

Las Vegas features plenty of attractions leading up to the Super bowl. Radio row is among many festivities as players on the chiefs of 49 ers can be interviewed by media members. CBS will broadcast Super bowl. What Super bowl is this? Fuck. What is this fucking 80? I don’t even know. I do not have any desire to be in Vegas, he said during a Monday appearance in the opening drive.

What is it, 59? It’s 59 on 101. So it’s a lot of logistics and a lot of congestion. Buck revealed that he’s not a party goer, saying that I’m not looking for the maximum party and not going out all night. It’s just not my thing anymore. Maybe it’s because you’re 54 years old, Buck. Things happen. We get older. Unless you’re Hugh Hefner. If you’re Hugh Hefner, then it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter. I think that’s why he lived to be 91, or whatever he was. I think that’s why he lived so long. Yes. You know that I saw Hugh Hefner a couple of times. I was at the Playboy mansion, saw him there, talked with him briefly, and then I hung out with him at a. God, was it club play or Playhouse Dollhouse? I don’t remember. Anyway, he was there, and I sat at the booth with him.

He always wore a robe. He didn’t give a shit. He looked high, like he was on something. But I just thought it’s because he was old, like Biden. All right. Large Hadron Collider 17 billion successor moves forward so you think Cern was big? This is going to be much bigger than CERN. A feasible study of CERN’s future circular collider identifies where and how the machine could be built, but its construction is far from assured.

Europe is pushing forward with plans to build a 90 1 km long, 15 billion swiss franc super collider underneath a french and swiss swift Mike Tyson Swift Swift countryside. The machine would allow researchers to study Higgs boson in detail, but scientists are under pressure to convince funders that such an enormous investment is worth it following the lack of new physics revealed by the Large Hadron Collider. So you know what I think about this? I think this is being used for, in my opinion, sinister reasons.

That’s really what I believe. I really believe that. I think it’s ripping through the fabric of our known space and time. I think it’s creating portals. I don’t know, but I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it. I think it’s being used for luciferian type practices. Just my opinion. Monique trashes gatekeepers Oprah Winfrey Tyler Perry Kevin Hart Durie Club Shay Shay interview I’m starting to like this guy’s podcast.

Shannon Sharp posted his highly anticipated interview with Monique on YouTube Wednesday, and it was worth the wait. The pressure star revealed last week on Instagram that she’d stopped by Sharp’s club Shay Shay podcast we know Monique did not hold back. So, man, she threw everyone under the she basically, it’s like a tag team effort with Kat Williams, I guess. The Oscar winning actress and outspoken comedian rehashed her feud with precious producers Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey and the film’s director, Lee Daniels, which started when Monique refused to participate in some award season events promoting the 2009 film unless she received additional compensation.

What we didn’t know was the links that Monique alleges the Hollywood heavyweights went to to allegedly sideline her career. I mean, we all know this, right? While she noted that Daniels publicly apologized in 2022, she said Winfrey had continued to be unjust and unfair. When I speak about Oprah Winfrey, I speak about that woman because she has spoken about me. And when you begin to speak about me privately, I’m going to speak about you publicly, Monique said.

You’ve been unfair. You’ve been unjust and you watched a black woman be thrown under the bus and you said nothing, Monique said when Oprah Winfrey members or Winfrey invited members of the comedian’s estranged family on her talk show in 2010, even though she knew Monique no longer had a relationship with her relatives. You betrayed me, sister. Sister. You betrayed me, Monique said. Family is sacred and we don’t cross those lines.

Motherfucker. Not, just kidding. She didn’t say that. According to Monique, the betrayal didn’t stop there. She accused Winfrey of using her power to influence to steal roles initially offered to Monique. Lots of gossip on club. Shay. Shay. Man, I kind of like that guy’s podcast. I kind of like it. I kind of like it. Do you know how hard it is to do what I’m doing here? A morning show.

A one man show. Can I get a thumbs up for this? Because you don’t see people doing this, okay? Not many people do a one man show. I’m just saying, this is a rare activity that I’m doing because do you guys not understand? Fuck. Do you guys see what I’m doing here? I’m doing this by myself. By myself. I don’t have a sidekick. I don’t have a co host.

I’m doing this solo, baby, solo. Okay? I got to bring out the bells and whistles, but I’m solo, baby of the flesh. And I just go off the cuff. I don’t know really what I’m going to talk about. I have my articles that I pick out that I’m like, all right, this needs to be discussed in a public forum. But really, I like seeing the different thumbs up.

I got yellow, I got white, I got mexican, I got black. And I make fun of everybody. Do you guys like that? Do you like that? I make fun of everybody. I make fun of black people. Black people. I make fun of all you motherfuckers. I make fun of chinese, I make fun of Mexicans. We’re coming over the border whether you like it or not. I make fun of everybody because that’s how I was raised in El Paso.

We make fun of everybody. And that’s the best thing, that’s what bonded me and all my friends together was how much we can make fun of each other’s mothers. Okay? So really, you’re going to get your feelings hurt if you’re listening to my show. You just are. But I can take it, too. A lot of you say stuff about me. I get strung up like a pinata quite often.

Hell, yeah, motherfucker. That’s like the 1970s, early 80s. Blacks. Yeah, mother. Fire. Blood. What’s going on? Blood. Yeah, motherfucker. Yeah. Central Sydney to get a brand new 30 minutes city with car free streets. Here’s what it’ll look like. So they’re building a 30 minutes city in Sydney. I’ve been to Sydney. I had fun. Fun. I flew to Sydney and then Darwin and then Kananara to go live with the Aboriginals where I hunted a kangaroo and crocodile.

I put up the kangaroo picture on my x account. X. So Bradfield City built a new airport, sustainable and green with car free streets. Australia’s newest city has set high expectations, promising to be greener and more sustainable while promoting car free streets and quick access to facilities. Bradfield City. So what happens? So this city is obviously connected electrically, right? It’s all connected into one transformer? I don’t know how this works, but I would imagine that if something happens, everybody’s going to be shit out of luck.

Some guy knocked on my door the other day, I’m here to install your smart meter. I’m like, no, you’re not. I’m not getting a smart meter. He looked confused. He’s like, well, it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free. I’ll just set it up right now. I said, no, you’re not. You’re not installing a smart meter on my property. I’m like, I have the right to say no. Get out of here.

I don’t want a smart meter. By planning documents state the entire erotropolis will sit on more than 11,000 will be centered around pedestrian only thoroughfares. Bradfield City will be only 30 minutes. City, meaning residents, will be able to jump on a public transport and access all CBD amenities from their home within half an hour. What if you want to go on a drive? Like, for me, I like my freedoms sometimes I like to go on a drive sometimes.

I’m not feeling too good sometimes. And I don’t need a fucking reason or an excuse. I just want to take a drive sometimes I like to get in my car or my truck and take a drive, a long drive to think about shit in my mind and work it out as I listen to music. So that’s nonexistent here. You can’t go on a drive if you want to.

Like some of you, maybe these people just take a walk, they’ll put in their headphones and go for a walk. But sometimes I like to go fast and I like to drive and I like to look at the scenery because I like to take a drive. Sometimes I just want to. I don’t need permission. I don’t need anyone’s permission. I just take a drive because I like to.

I like it. It’s therapy for me. Sometimes I want to take a two hour drive and not go anywhere, not even know where I’m going. Can I get an amen? Can I get an amen? Hallelujah. Can I get that? Do you guys like to do that too sometimes? Do you guys just like to take a drive sometimes. You just got so much shit. It’s like a tangled web of garbage in there.

You know what? I’m going to take a fucking drive. I’m going to take a drive and I’m going to think about shit because my life fucking sucks right now. And I got to think about what’s making it suck. So we have a double header today of what the fuck news. So in what the fuck news, in what the fuck news, this could be the dubbest criminal I’ve ever heard of in my life.

And honestly, this guy needs his own segment. Like I would watch a reality show with this guy. So dealer handed out business cards publicly with cocaine samples attached to it. No joke. In an apparent bid to drum up customers for his drug business, a canadian man handed out business cards with a small sample of cocaine attached, police allege. According to cops, sayed, amir reserve, 30, distributed the cards outside a casino in Calgary where he lives.

By the way, investigators learned of the cards in late December and launched a probe. What do you even need to launch a probe into? Launched a probe that resulted in a February 3 arrest of Razadi on narcotics possession and trafficking charges. A police search of Ravazari’s auto auto insurance yielded 50 baggies of cocaine, a digital scale with drug residue, and $1,280 in cash. Cops also see the box of business cards with the name Alex Lee.

So he thought by putting his name Alex, by changing his name. Jesus. Razavi allegedly handed out the cards, which listed Lee as a driver and contained contact information with a small ziploc bag containing staple to it, as seen from the evidence photos. So maybe we shouldn’t charge this guy because he’s so. Well, we shouldn’t charge Biden because he’s not cognitively there. Don’t you know that’s true? That’s very true.

He’s not there. He’s old. Let him slide. He held nuclear secrets. Just let him go. It’s okay. We got to be nice, the elderly. But this guy, I got to throw him in jail, even though maybe we should let him slide on the fact he’s. Your honor, my argument here is my client, okay? He’s just dumb. He doesn’t even know he’s here. Don’t throw him in jail. He’s just dumb.

Will he do it again? Probably. But he’s stupid. He’s just stupid, so just let him go. You know what? You got a point. You’re right. You’re out. But I got a double header. I got a double header, and I don’t know if I could talk about this one on fluff, too, but I’m going to go for it. Woman loses bid to sue X for throwing out her surgically removed so a transgender Michigan woman who sued her ex boyfriend for discarding her surgically removed testicles had her case tossed out by the judge, who also rejected the ex’s counterclaim for being humiliated by the case.

Brianna Kingsley, 40, last year filed a small claims petition alleging her ex, William Worzigalski, 37, retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles preserved in a mason jar kept in the fridge next to the eggs, so his wabbles are next to the quabbles. The Pontiac residents demanded the immediate return of her human remain specimen in her handwritten affidavit, in addition to 6500 in damages. We’re talking about my nuts here, your honor.

I wanted them in the fridge, not his, Kingsley told the court hearing. In hearing, the damages were the loss of these nuts. This is real. This is not fake. I’m not making this up. Wojagowski, meanwhile, said he already tossed out the testicles and filed a counterclaim for the same amount, claiming he’d been humiliated by coverage of the nutty case by worldwide news outlets, the Detroit News reported. But District Judge Jeremy Bowie denied both their claims, calling the whole matter a wash during continuous hearing Wednesday, adding that his decision can’t be appealed, according to the outlet.

You can’t reattach. I mean, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Why is he keeping them in a mason jar next to the eggs? All right. The judge noted how hard it was to calculate potential damages in the bizarre case. I could put a dollar amount on, say, if you were missing work at $60 an hour, he said. But as to testicles, I can’t really put a number on it.

The judge said. Kingsley had the chance to retrieve her testicles when an Oakland county sheriff’s deputy accompanied her to her former boys home in January 2023. At the time, Kingsley had just gotten out of jail, where she spent three days and was fined. So did she go to a woman’s jail? Kingsley had just gotten out of jail, where she spent three days and was fined $100 for violating a personal protection order he had filed against her, in, the Detroit News reported.

We allow a one time visit with the sheriff’s officer in situations like that for people to go back to get their belongings, and her belongings were her testicles. Miss Kingsley failed to retrieve her testicles for the refrigerator at that time. If they were so important to her. She had the opportunity to grab them, but she didn’t. Oh, my God. Oh, boy. Wisconsin told the judge he tossed out the testicles in July.

Oh, boy. The world has gone mad. And it’s just going to get more entertaining. More and more entertaining. Do you ever wonder, where are we going to be in five years, ten years? I mean, if it’s. If it’s this batshit crazy now, where are we going to be in five years, ten years? Will we still be here? Will the human species survive? Or is it just going to be an absolute fucking circus? I think it’s going to be a circus.

I think it’s going to be anything and everything goes. People will be walking around like rabied dogs biting people. I don’t know. Maybe we really are heading into a zombie apocalypse. It sure seems like it sure seems like it to me, folks. And with that being said, I won’t be here Monday, but I will be back Wednesday, and I will be uploading on Nino’s corner tv. So get your butts over there.

And the new heavyweight champion of podcasting. Yeah. And the black sheep of broadcasting, baby. See you Wednesday, folks. Later. .

See more of David Nino Rodriguez on their Public Channel and the MPN David Nino Rodriguez channel.



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