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➡ Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch has been investigating the border conditions near Del Rio, Texas. He found that there are large gaps in the border fencing, making it easy for people to cross into the United States. There is little to no law enforcement present, and those who are caught crossing are simply processed and released into the country. This shows that the border isn’t as secure as some may think.


Hey, everybody. Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch. I’m here on the border of what used to be the border of the United States of Mexico. I’m just west of Del Rio, Texas. We spent the last few days going up and down the border, seeing what the conditions are. This is kind of an interesting spot because it’s really where the border comes apart at the seams. Let me point a couple of things out to you.

Number one, I’m right at the edge of the fencing that exists, and it’s really a gap. It’s a whole fencing. You’ll see over here the Texas fencing, which is concertina wire atop a wire fence. Then there’s this kind of open area that obstinately. And my left, your right is the end of, or the break in the Trump arrow wall. And between that and the portion that I’m standing in is really a wide open break or gap in the border.

And then directly to my front, you’ll see a ridge line in the distance. That’s high terrain in Mexico overlooking the Rio Grande river. So just beyond those trees, that fence is the Rio Grande river. And the reason I point this out is there is no border. There is no barrier. We’ve been out here now for some time. There is no border patrol, no Texas DP’s. It is essentially just a wide open area, and anybody seeking to get across can and will.

And there’s really nothing from here inwards to the interior of the United States. That’s any kind of real enforcement. And then should folks be picked up, if there were somebody to try to cross in this area and they were apprehended by law enforcement in the current situation, they would simply be processed. And that means really nothing. It’s a paper drill and released into the country. So that’s the state of affairs just west of Del Rio, Texas.

This is a split. This is a seam or a break in the wall that you think exists. That doesn’t. And there’s really no law enforcement. And those are the border conditions outside of Del Rio. Hey, everybody. Chris Farrell from tradition watch. Just wanted to follow up. The last video I shot showed an enormous gap in the wall or in the fence between the Trump wall and the Abbott fence.

But let me give you another idea of perspective, of distance. So from that area right behind me, over my shoulder, is the Rio Grande. And so that’s not terribly wide, nor is it deep in this area. It’s easily fordable or at the best kind of quick swim across up this hill and then over to the fence. That fence probably 100 yards down the road, just over the top of those yellow containers there.

That’s where it ends. So there’s your perspective. There’s your idea of the distance, of how tough it is to get across the river, up the bank, past the fence, and into the United States. .

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