Steve Lepkowski Shares The Truth About 5G, EMFs, Energy Wellness & How We Can Protect Ourselves & Be Prepared!


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In this exclusive interview I did with Steve Lepkowski, you’ll hear how Steve and his technology actually creates the Tesla inspired longitudinal scalar waves.

Steve also explains what 5G really is, the purpose of man made EMFs and how dangerous it is to the body.

You’ll also hear why 2/3 of the world is healthier than most Americans.

We talk about a lot in this video, so click play to watch and enjoy!

5G Danger

About Steve Lepkowski – Founder of Body Align

Steve is the founder & CEO of Body Align, a company that specializes in 5G – EMF Radiation Protection and Energy Wellness.

Steve graduated from Clarkson College of Technology in 1984 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and received his MBA from Duke University in 2002.

Steve was a head engineer at Texas Instruments for over 20 years and led a team of 140 engineers that developed their patents for 2G and 3G. Some of these patents are still used today in 4G.

In 2006 Steve and his partner were the first people in the World to add good frequencies to a Holographic disc that had a positive biological effect on the human body.

The core of this technology has multiple University Studies that have shown significant improvement in the subject’s overall wellness.

You can read about the Studies on their website below…

Since 2006, Steve and his partners have been working on an energy wellness solution that helps eliminate the harmful effect of EMF Radiation.

Body Align has sold millions of Holographic discs around the world and give a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of its Energy Wellness products.

Be sure to use coupon code MPN during checkout for a special discount!

5G Danger

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  1. Love the products Steve has….
    bought the pain patch for broken ribs. bought he sleep patch (sore ribs keep me restless).
    bought the cell phone disc for the iPhone.
    bought the strips for my iPad and family room tv.
    Yes, It takes a while to get a wellness band but be patient. He and his team are inundated with requests. When Steve gets them in they are scooped up in a matter of minutes-literally.
    I found contacting the “support” at Body Align via an EMAIL the best route to take. Got tired of going to the website to find the bands were still “sold out”. I don’t know how his team deals with sooo many requests. They honestly do the best they can. Be patient. Your turn is coming. Mine turn was this week. AND even though I was asked how many bands do I want to purchase, I told them just one. Give others a chance before I purchase more as give to family and friends. His products are so affordable for the benefit you receive. Hang in there

  2. I’m definitely interested and grateful for all the insight into energy wellness in this video, however I STRONGLY disagree with his take on how “helpful” pharmaceuticals are… they are NOT helpful, in fact they harm, more than help, they deteriorate our wellbeing and cause us to die sooner than if we never took them (the opposite of what this man said in the video)… I’ve personally seen how pharmaceuticals have destroyed 3 of my family members and other people I’ve known, as well… especially the 3 he mentioned that he’s so “grateful” for – statins, high blood pressure medication and insulin (our bodies were created to heal themselves (of ANY disease) and to self regulate, so there’s no need for pharmaceuticals, especially statins, high blood pressure medication and insulin – what we NEED to do instead, is live holistically, detox when needed, strengthen our immune system… visit holistic doctors (like Dr. John Bergman and others) and natural healers from time to time for more insight. This man might have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to EMF, but what he’s saying about pharmaceuticals is plain rubbish and makes me want to question the validity of the other things he’s saying, since he’s stressing so strongly how much he appreciates pharmaceuticals. This belief flies in the face of everything holistic, so I hesitate to recommend this particular video to anyone seeking truth on the subject of wellness and health.

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