There’s A Reason You Haven’t Heard Of This…. – May 7, 2021 Update


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There’s a reason you haven’t heard of her... May 7, 2021 Update

Great day Patriot,  

This is a very special update today, so thank you for reading these words and watching what you’re about to see.

Yesterday, I did an interview with a woman named Dr. Pam Popper. 

If you haven’t heard of her or aren’t familiar with her work, there’s a reason…

You’ll hear why in the video below. 


“Freedom Is A State of Mind”

I hope you get inspired by what you see in that interview and realize that Pam is doing something unique and special.

That’s why I highly encourage you to look into and support and contribute to their mission. 

It’s simple and it’s effective. 

We will be sharing more about it soon as well.

And be sure to watch for our email tomorrow for another edition of Small Business Saturday! 

We will be featuring a few businesses that haven’t bowed to tyranny and have been staying in business without restrictions. 

God Bless

Todays Tip

Tip of the day: Once you find what you’re passionate about, focus on it! If you’re passionate about election integrity, focus on that. If you’re passionate about ending child sex trafficking, focus on that. If you’re passionate about ensuring people have medical freedom, then focus on that.

Everybody had their own unique purpose and skill sets. Find what excites you the most and continue to do things in that direction. More will be revealed to you from that.

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