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This week’s streetwise local perspective on buying and selling monetary metals reveals considerable activity and interest in precious metals, particularly gold and silver with the Silver Savior.

The news regarding gold hitting new all-time highs, with spot gold reaching $2,156.93 per ounce and futures settling at $2,165.2, indicates robust investor interest and demand for safe-haven assets. The local premiums on physical gold and silver are expected to rise as more investors seek to diversify away from paper money amidst growing concerns about inflation and monetary easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Inflation remains on the radar after the U.S. PCE release and the fixing-swaps market’s expectation of a return towards 2% CPI. This inflation outlook can add to investors’ concerns, leading them to consider gold and silver as a hedge against ongoing inflationary pressures. As such, local coin stores and jewelry shops will likely see increased foot traffic from seasoned stackers and new entrants seeking to hedge their wealth.

The heightened demand for gold is not only limited to investors but is also driven by central bank acquisitions, indicating a broader institutional push towards gold. This is further evidenced by the People’s Bank of China’s significant gold purchases and India’s substantial investment in gold bars and coins. Pawnshops and local coin dealers may find it challenging to maintain their inventory levels in light of such high global demand.

With rising geopolitical tensions and ongoing regional conflicts, such as the Israel-Hamas war, the demand for gold as a safe-haven asset is only expected to increase. Local markets will need to ensure a stable supply to meet this demand, which may involve reassessing their sourcing strategies to secure additional gold and silver.

This increasing focus on physical monetary assets over paper money is also reflected in the flurry of activities related to the mining and extraction of these metals. The U.S.’s funding to boost domestic nuclear fuel production is one notable example of domestic interest in raw material security.

Even though the palladium market has slipped slightly, it should not be overlooked. The metal, primarily used in catalytic converters, will continue to attract interest from industrial buyers, but this may not substantially impact local shops that specialize in gold and silver.

The chip stocks rally, indicating strong performance in the technology sector, could indirectly affect silver demand due to its industrial uses in electronics. However, this may be more relevant for commercial buyers than local retail investors.

Finally, Central Bank Actions, along with fiscal developments and strategic maneuvers in oil and commodities markets, can influence the macroeconomic outlook and thus drive investment behaviors toward or away from precious metals. This includes how regional banks and the Fed’s monetary policies may impact interest rates and, ultimately, the appeal of gold and silver investments.

In summary, the local market for gold and silver remains robust and may continue experiencing increased demand. Investors are turning to these precious metals to safeguard their portfolios amidst the economic uncertainty, inflation concerns, and geopolitical risks.

Local dealers will need to stay informed on these dynamics and ensure they are prepared to accommodate the growing interest in the monetary metals market.

Diversity in the case of financial assets really is a strength.

Be not deceived – be prepared ~ Silver Savior

* Note We are not giving advice, only our opinion, We are not a financial advisor. This article represents our thoughts about the economy only.



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