Sasha Latypovas Shocking EYE WITNESS Account Of The Remdesivir Kill Protocol In US Hospitals

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Sasha Latypovas Shocking EYE WITNESS Account Of The Remdesivir Kill Protocol In US Hospitals


➡ The Shannon Joy Show welcomes Sasha Lotipova, a researcher, whistleblower, and freedom fighter for medical freedom, and a former pharmaceutical industry executive. Sasha discusses issues surrounding the COVID-19 protocols in hospitals, suspecting that Department of Defense agents may be enforcing harmful protocols leading to the systematic killing of patients, particularly focusing on a recent incident with her elderly relative in a Rochester, New York hospital. Lotipova stresses the importance of families staying involved in the care of their loved ones and resisting harmful treatments like remdesivir.
➡ The text provides a critical view on hospital systems, often thought to prioritize financial incentives over patient health, particularly in Covid-19 cases. It points to problematic practices such as isolating the patient, medical gaslighting, systematically denying basic care, withholding prescribed medication, and enforcing anonymity among staff. The narrative highlights a misguided focus towards Covid-19 only, while ignoring other critical patient health issues.
➡ The text discusses the hypothesis that the COVID-19 response protocols were orchestrated by the Department of Defense and not health authorities and underscores concerns over potential repeat measures in response to new virus variants. Implications suggest these measures may have overstep legal and ethical boundaries, with suspicions that hospital procedures were manipulated under a military contract, circumventing standard regulations and granting immunity from lawsuits. Concerns are also raised about the possible establishment of quarantine camps and a permanent state of emergency due to the potential of future viral threats.
➡ The speaker criticizes current political actions, likening them to the normalizing of systemic killing in hospitals seen pre-Holocaust. There is a call to resist the unjust actions of government and medical institutions, such as the proposed restrictions, legislations, and guidelines related to COVID-19. The speaker emphasizes the importance of local level intervention and resistance, denouncing the two-party system as a distraction from critical issues. They also reveal ongoing human experimentation within the University of Rochester healthcare system.
➡ The text discusses suspicions of “gain of function research” occurring parallel to the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, potentially contributing towards the spread of Simian Virus 40 (SV 40). This is combined with an advertisement for Augusta Precious Metals and a discussion on the impacts of government-leveled financial manipulations. Lastly, the conversation revolves around the condition of healthcare systems – those closely aligned with government funding and those allegedly engaging in harmful protocols – and the potential presence of SV 40 in COVID-19 vaccines.
➡ The text discusses SV 40, an undeclared component found in Pfizer vaccines that indicates crude “gain of function” research was used in its development. This refers to a process of enhancing a virus in a lab to understand its potential effects. It suggests this SV 40 is being used to deliver cargo to the nucleus of cells, aligning with the definition of a biological weapon and the concept of gene therapy. The source suspects that billions have been unknowingly subjected to a form of human experimentation. This also includes a critique of the methods employed in creating the original polio vaccine and the censorship encountered when discussing it online.
➡ The speaker discusses the potential utilization of humans as subjects for vaccine-related experiments, as suggested by various international health regulation amendments and recent events. They encourage critical thinking and resistance from the public while highlighting a need for awareness about the politics and implications surrounding vaccination efforts.


Welcome to The Shannon Joy Show. World and welcome to The Shannon Joy Show. We’re broadcasting from the Joy Virtual Studio right here in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. It is so good to be with all of you tonight in the Joy Virtual Studio. We welcome once again good friend of the Shannon Joy Show, Sasha Lotipova. She is an amazing researcher, whistleblower, and freedom fighter in this battle for medical freedom in the 21st century.

You can find her on Twitter. Her handle is at sasha latipova latypova, and she features most of her work and her updates on her substac, which is due diligence and art. And you can see some of her beautiful artwork right behind her in the studio. Sasha, welcome to the program. So glad you’re here. Hi, Shannon, and so great to be here. Thank you for inviting me. Absolutely. Can you tell us a little bit about the artwork behind? Just I can’t stop looking at it.

It’s beautiful. And I know that your substac is so interesting. You are an artist, also a whistleblower in these dystopian times, probably in retirement. You came back out of retirement in order to fight for liberty for future generations. But that is just beautiful. Can you tell me about it a little bit? Yeah. Well, so this is what I was doing before 2020. I retired from pharmaceutical industry. I sold my companies, and I wanted to do art all my life, and I never had quite some time, so I actually took time and studied and went to Italy to study a little bit.

And this piece is called The Kingdom of God, and it’s quote from the Bible. And I really love it. I love it, having it behind me. It’s sold. Unfortunately, we’ll be leaving shortly. Oh, my. It’s just beautiful. And a lot of your artwork does have a faith theme of Judeo Christianity. And I just think that’s really amazing in these dark times, for sure. It’s important because the realist art and the type of kind of artists that I want to follow is the Renaissance and post Renaissance, dutch realist school and Russian realist school.

It’s because it’s about the truth. The truth needs to be exposed, and the truth needs to be expressed in every art form that exists and the visual art as well as written and spoken video. So this is what it’s all about. Yeah. Well, it’s very beautiful. We recently came back together. You’ve been on the show a couple of times. We were in contact last week. Many people don’t realize that Sasha did live right in the Rochester, New York area for many years.

I’m in Fairport, New York. You lived in a neighboring town of Pittsburgh. Do you still have relatives in New York State? And we were connected by a harrowing ordeal that Sasha went through with a relative in one of the area hospitals right here in Rochester, New York. And if you think that the COVID killing protocols are over and they’re not happening in Rochester, think again. Sasha and her family, they were eyewitness to this in Highland Hospital, which is a hospital under the umbrella of URMC.

Before we get to your story, we’re going to hit a host of other issues as well. Just to remind you guys, Sasha was a former research and development executive in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked closely in late 2021 with Catherine Austin Fitz to locate and analyze government contracts implicating the Department of Defense and Pentagon as the entities in charge of COVID lockdowns and the protocols as countermeasures. She has been a recent eyewitness, amazingly, to some of the things that you have spoken about and written about in terms of the hospital kill protocols.

In an incident with your relative, sasha now suspects that Department of Defense agents and operatives may actually be deployed in hospitals across the country to execute, maintain, and study the practice of demo side, which is systematic government killing of its own people within the hospital settings. Sasha, this is something that we have discussed the COVID-19 kill protocol that many have written about, but you recently had the opportunity of witnessing it firsthand and witnessing exactly what they do to COVID-19 patients on those floors through this absolutely harrowing ordeal that you went through recently with a family member right here in Rochester, New York.

Can you walk the audience through what happened and what you and your family members witnessed? Yes. Well, one correction. Catherine Watt. Catherine Austin Fitzai is my friend also, but on a different topic. And Catherine Watt also writes on substac, and her substac is news, very, very good, thorough research. What happened is one of my elderly relatives lives in Rochester, New York, and was admitted to Highland Hospital. And we’re not even sure because before that she was sick.

She tested negative for COVID and she was admitted and put into COVID ward. She’s elderly, older, yeah, in her 80s. But as a family, we were prepared. We are aware obviously, what’s going on because of my work, what I would like people to realize that these protocols are ongoing and this is what you need to do to make sure that your loved ones don’t get harmed by this.

So we were prepared. We had executed health proxy power of attorney for one of the family members when admitting to the Highland Hospital, even though they put her in the COVID ward. We specifically requested, and she requested, and also we as relatives requested that there will be no remdesivir given to her and put that in the chart. So had a discussion with several people there. They tried to push for remdesivir.

We said no, absolutely no, and put it in the chart, admitted her, and then we started witnessing what’s going on. Again, we were going in visiting her every day, and not many people do that because they’re afraid of COVID And I tell you there’s nothing to be afraid they try to first thing they try to do is by driving this fear, they try to isolate your loved one in the hospital and tell you it’s a terrible, terrible virus and you can’t go in because you’re going to get sick also.

So we were going in every day, multiple times a day. So witnessing what’s going on, isolation. Then another thing they tried to do, and they did they refused to hydrate her. And as you know, hydration is number one. Like, you have your personal training, fitness coach, this is basic sports or any activities, especially the elderly. Hydration is number one with any sort of flu, respiratory, viral illness. Another thing you need to do all the time is, like, drink fluids.

Make sure you’re hydrating yourself. Make sure you’re expelling all the toxins that are in you. They refuse to hydrate her. Can you explain to me how they refused to hydrate her? In what ways? They denied her basic water at High. They even denied her apple juice. They said that they were out of apple juice. The relative who was visiting her had to go to Wegmans and buy apple juice for her.

The hospital was out of apple juice. We were told then they send a family relationship representative to talk to them to explain that the hospital is not treating dehydration. The hospital is not treating her other conditions that she has as an elderly person or the immune condition that she has, blood pressure problems. They were coming in and saying, no, we don’t treat those things. We don’t treat dehydration in this hospital.

We only focus on COVID. That was the exact narrative that we were told. That is unbelievable. Yeah. Obviously, they have a protocol. They know that the family is going to be concerned that their loved one is being dehydrated, and they have this whole narrative to come in and tell you to gaslight you into, oh, we’re so caring about COVID that all these other things we don’t worry about.

How does this make those are the other things that will kill you on the COVID war. Because you need food, you need water, you need sustenance, you need vitamins, you need minerals, and these are all denied an exclusion of a very specific rote COVID protocol. Before we continue with your story, are the COVID protocols, to your knowledge, still bringing in cash for hospitals? I know that during COVID-19, if you admitted a COVID patient, if they were diagnosed with COVID if they went on a ventilator, if they were given remdesivir, then the hospital would receive money from either the state or the federal government through one of the various acts.

Maybe it was Cares Act or Subsequent Act, the emergency orders that were put through. Do you know if that’s still happening today? If these hospitals are still financially benefiting from these protocols? So I was specifically checking on that. That’s correct. So there are huge monitor incentives were put in since 2020 especially. So the ventilator would be something like to put somebody on ventilator would be something like $40,000.

If the hospital used remdesivir, all of the bill, which could have been over $100,000, and in California, up to $500,000, depending on how long that person stayed in the hospital. If they use remdesivir, there would be a 20% bonus on all of the billing, including personal bonuses to the staff. So, of course, it’s a huge financial incentive. And I talked specifically to my friends and attorneys who were prosecuting, who were working on hospital murder cases right now, and they said that it’s expiring in September.

This 20% kicker is expiring in September, but this was happening in August. If you were to be very cynical, you could see how a hospital staff or an executive board would really want to get as many bonuses and incentives in place before this expires in September. And so that could explain that’s just sickening. It’s sickening. And you watched it play out. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean I wanted to just establish that quickly as we’re going through, because tonight, everyone, sasha is explaining exactly how these kill protocols are rolled out in hospitals.

This happened at Highland Hospital under the umbrella of URMC, right in my own backyard of Rochester, New York, which is astounding that it worked out this way. So first they isolate the patient from their family, and they typically use fear. Right. You don’t want to get COVID. You could die from COVID There’s an uptick. Right. And so the family members don’t come in and check up on the patient because they’re afraid in the early days of 2020 and 21, they wouldn’t let family members in.

But now they just have to scare them out. Then they refuse to hydrate. Then they bring in what you called a family relationship counselor that comes in and explains to you in a very gaslighting kind of way why they can’t give your loved one food or water or nutrients or basic health or even treat the conditions that they had in the first place. They need to deal exclusively with COVID-19, which is, as you know, run, death is near.

And then the ventilator, which typically and that’s what they call remdesivir cynically in the hospitals because so many people die from it. So they send in the family relationship counselor, which is where we left off with you, to gaslight the family into allowing them to deny basic care. Correct? Correct. Yeah. And they would also not fill her other medications. So she obviously is an elderly everybody has some kind of a condition.

She has an autoimmune condition, which has very low blood pressure, so she needs a medication that increases blood pressure. Even though it was ordered in the hospital, they would not fill it for several days, and they don’t allow you to bring your outside meds. That’s, again, like, if she doesn’t have that medication. She can pass out. She can pass out. Break a hip, fall down. Obviously, that’s what they were trying to do.

They were trying to make her worse. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. When we come back, we have to go to break really quick. We’re talking to Sasha Latipova. She is eyewitness, her family is eyewitness to these disastrous, devastating, horrific, murderous COVID-19 kill protocols that are rolled out across hospitals across the United States of America and handsomely incentivized with federal funding. It is a tragic story. Luckily, Sasha, your relative, your loved one, has pulled through.

You were able to get her out and she is on the mend at home. But there’s more to the story when we come back. We’re going to continue this so that you guys understand exactly what you could potentially be in for, especially as we have the new variants released. We have the government talking about lockdowns and masking and it’s almost as if it’s COVID-19 2. 0. But we’re going to continue this discussion with Sasha in a moment on The Shannon Joy Show.

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We are about halfway through your story. Loved one locked on the COVID-19 floor in Highland Hospital in Rochester, New York, and isolated and denied basic, basic health care in favor of the COVID protocol, which brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, into these hospital systems. So we left off where your loved one was not given medication for a previous existing autoimmune disorder, along with other things.

What happened then to your family? Well, yes, the issue of not filling her other medications is important. They also were gaslighting and saying, well, our guideline is that the blood pressure must be at this level. And we were like, this is the person who has been treated for this condition. This is what her doctor prescribed. And you were telling me, no, this is our guidelines and her care is only up to our guidelines.

Then they were saying that, oh no, the Epic system, which is the system that they use to put all the electronic medical records in the Epic system, is not allowing us to fill this medication, which is nonsense. Again, she’s been in this system for a long time. She had these medications. These are the medications were prescribed by her physician. Again, and any prescribing physician can override Epic system.

They have that capacity anyway. So that’s another gaslighting tactic they were telling her. And then the most important thing why I think this is a separate and I know legally it is a separate part of health care. It’s not actually health care, it’s countermeasure. Whole COVID exercise is a countermeasure. And it’s very evil and sinister how they’ve done it. So I know that this particular ward, and I know this is practiced all over the country in these key hospitals, key hospital systems that designate these COVID wards.

These COVID wards are managed separately, funded separately, and the staffing is specific to that COVID ward. And what was very sinister is nobody would give their names, their full names. They refused, even though we were trying to get their full names. The personnel, the nurses would refuse to give their names. And on their badges, there were only first names, not last names, and oftentimes they wore them or they would put stickers on them such that you can’t even read.

And Sasha, isn’t it law? Isn’t it state or federal? I’m not sure what it is, but don’t most laws in most states require that anyone providing medical care or anyone in that official capacity of nurse or medical doctor or in the hospital that they provide their credentials? That they are credentialed and people can know who they are so that if, God forbid, they get bad care, they can report it or they can take care of it? Isn’t that just standard protocol? Absolutely, it’s absolutely the law.

As far as I know, that anybody who has provided care and billed your insurance for that is supposed to provide their full name and their credentials and their license number. And in any case, even if they so I started looking up, there’s various articles now online saying, oh, nurses requested to not put their full names on badges because for their safety. And it’s like, okay, well, it’s interesting.

However, maybe that’s the case on their badges. But if you appoint blank refusal, if you ask them, I need the name of the provider, and they refuse I find it extremely strange. So they refuse to give the names. I think these people are separately assigned, federally funded for this particular exercise because all of this is going under BARDA and DoD funded COVID countermeasures. Can we remind the audience of what you found? So this is really building on the body of research that you began to compile a little over a year ago, really blowing the whistle on this idea.

It wasn’t Fauci or HHS or President Trump enforcing and rolling out these COVID-19 lockdown protocols, whether it’s the lockdown, the masking, the distancing, the treatment protocols coming from the CDC, you were able to identify and isolate government documentation, essentially establishing that all the responses to COVID-19 were coming out of the Department of Defense in the Pentagon. This is a military operation. It isn’t a COVID-19 treatment protocol. It is a COVID-19 countermeasure, meaning we are at war.

And they are battling it’s essentially in the scope of a war being waged. And so anything that they do, this is why they could get away with having a completely separate wing that is staffed potentially by government officials, not the nurses that you think are there. It’s a whole different operation. Is that what you’re trying to explain to the audience there? Yeah. And even if those nurses have previously worked or currently employed by Highland or URMC as real nurses with real credentials, people need to understand that this is a so that’s the main lie that they do.

There is a hospital and hospital staffing, hospital procedures regulated by health laws in the state, regulated by federal. So all of that is regular. Then the same people can be taken out and under military contract, they become military contractors. So even if it’s the same person going between the two floors when they are on this floor, it’s funded by the military contract, and none of these regular rules apply.

Unbelievable. They have immunity, right? Yeah. There’s a whole legal preparedness that has been done by FDA and HHS. And I have all these letters that HHS sended to healthcare providers of how to stay within the guidelines of the Prep Act, how to do everything so that you are completely absolved. Even if you’re killing people, as long as you’re reporting those kills within seven days, you’re absolved. Oh, my word.

Yeah. Now, you don’t know this for sure. This is a strong suspicion at this point, correct? Well, I know for sure these activities are funded. I have contracts that describe how these activities are funded, and legal mammals how these activities are funded. I’m not saying that Nurse Susie that was hiding her name on the floor is actually a military nurse. No, she’s probably a regular nurse found from a staffing agency and self selected into this because she has no moral compass.

But Nurse Suzy is funded by the Department of Defense, therefore she’s department of Defense staff. And the way the HHS legal preparedness letters are written is if you follow all these protocols and you’re funded under this structure, it’s basically like you’re now a soldier, like a part time soldier. Even if you’re working in this other place and if you follow all these orders like soldiers are supposed to, no matter who you kill or injure, you are absolved of any responsibility that is utterly astounding.

And one of the things that stood out to you in this experience was the callous, cold and calculating nature of the staff on the COVID-19 floor in Highland Hospital under the umbrella of URMC. That it didn’t feel like a typical hospital care situation. It felt different to you guys, absolutely different because family members have gone to various hospitals. I live on the west coast, even California hospitals where I think it’s like the last place I would you know, some Er visits happened, ski injury and so forth.

None of this was normal care. It was how you would expect and sometimes busy times and overloaded but everybody was like you would expect the healthcare environment to be. They cared about you. They were reasonably responsive. Nobody tried to do anything untoward. This was a totally different universe. Totally different universe. This was like a Twilight Zone Kafka esque experience when they would come in and gaslight you and say we so care about your COVID that we’re going to just do all this other really evil stuff.

This is very concerning because we are moving now into another, they hope, lockdown 2. 0 scenario as new variants emerge. We know that here in New York state, the quarantine camps, governor Hoekle and New York state legislators are fighting like hell to keep those quarantine camps on the you know this know me, you Sasha. I had Ed Dowd on the program yesterday. He is ringing the alarm bells.

This is not over. This is not over, not by a long shot. We are right at the beginning of this. And if they’re able to establish those I mean, essentially what I’m seeing here and we’re going to talk about this more in the next segment, but this looks to me as if they really want to keep this established government kill protocol going and they want to continue to study it and deploy it even though we’re technically out of our cages.

We’re not an emergency situation. But they want to make sure that the American people are acclimated to systemic killing in the hospital. This is very reminiscent of the years prior to the erection of the concentration camps and the Holocaust that occurred in Germany in World War II. I’m going to ask you about those similarities when we come back within the T Four action, because we know that they were systemically killing the elderly, the disabled, gypsies, homosexuals minorities in German hospitals years before they ever began the practice of genocide on the Jewish population.

And this is why we need to be very concerned. We’ll be back in a moment with Sasha Latapova on the Shannon Joy show. Welcome back, everyone, to the Shannon Joy show. Very, very important discussion with Sasha Latipova. She has uncovered a firsthand account that she experienced with a relative of the actual kill protocols within the hospitals. Using her experience and her expertise in unpacking the true nature of the COVID-19 lockdowns, which indeed were military operation in the fog of war, she is now able to explain to people exactly how they are doing this.

And it is chilling. It is terrifying. Please follow Sasha Latipova on Twitter. Her handle is at sasha underscore latipova. And make sure to follow her and support her on her substac, due diligence and art and maybe even buy some of her artwork because I know that you saw the artwork on your stack as well, Sasha. This is very concerning. This is very concerning. Most people think that these kill protocols have ended.

Yeah, I forgot to mention one thing that they did try to sneak in rendezvir oh, my word. When nobody was watching. And that’s another thing to be prepared for, because had our relative was maybe a little bit not there or incoherent or just like they did this to a number of disabled people, even though, as I said, we had power of attorney, we put on the chart explicitly no remdesivir.

We talked to them about Normdezever. Then in the evening, another nurse shows up and says, oh, we’re here to start your remdesivir treatment. At which point my relative was no very forceful saying no, but they did try to do that again because that would kick in all these a that’s an extremely concerning thing. And another thing is you’re absolutely right about Governor Hochel trying to get these quarantine camps going because the emergency is not over.

The public health emergency is not over. It’s not illegally not over. Biden made that announcement that was national emergency that he ended. The public health emergency, the HHS one is still on. And they have rewritten it in such a way to say that not just a scary, scary virus, but a potential for scary, scary virus. So now they changed the language saying that we have now permanent state of emergency because there’s a potential for scary, scary virus.

Well, you know what? There’s potential for asteroid hitting the Earth and for purpose. We need to be in a permanent state of emergency and give our government all these enormous powers, suspend the constitution forever and have them do whatever they please they want to do with these hospital kill protocols that is absolutely terrifying and chilling. And we know they’re trying it again. I mean, we are moving into all of the calls for the masking and the lockdowns and at universities and businesses.

Luckily, there’s been a lot of pushback, Sasha, a lot more pushback than there was in 2020. But this is by no means over. And on a side note, I want to invite all of you and make sure that you have it in your calendars next Wednesday on the 13th. So that is September 13. Bobby Ann Cox is going to be in Rochester, New York. Isn’t it weird how this all happens in Rochester, New York? I marvel at this.

She is defending her win in front of an appeals panel at 50 East Avenue Avenue in the city of Rochester, New York, as Kathy Holkel and her goons seek to make permanent the regulations establishing concentration camps in New York State. They’re fighting like hell. This is why you all need to be there. Take the day off of work. Cancel school for your kids. It’s a civic lesson. They need to learn this.

We need to turn out hundreds upon hundreds of people to show the state and that appeals court and Kathy Hochel and any of these lawmakers that we’re not going to stand for this, that these concentration camps will not stand in New York State. And as we know from our good friend Mary Holland over at the Children’s Health Defense, if they take the coasts, they take the country. That’s why they are doing this in California.

It’s why they are doing this in New York and they’re not letting go of it. And Sasha, you are ringing the alarm bell on this. What are your thoughts in terms I mean, the acclamation of a society to systemic killing inside of hospitals, tragically, is not new. We saw this we saw this in Germany in the years preceding the Holocaust, in World War II. They were killing people systemically, legally, in hospitals with the T Four action, and they were doing it for many years.

Correct? Yes. People forget that the actual concentration camps did not start for nine years after the Nazis were in power. Right. So for nine years, they were moving people toward normalizing, this idea that the hospital can do whatever they want with you. They were practicing with these protocols. So that’s the reason why they keep this sort of warm operational base going of these practices, because that’s how you scale anything.

You have to have a base where you’ve ironed out all the kinks and then you go big scale, because that’s now you can transfer this knowledge on a large scale and that’s what they’re ironing out over these past few years. And then also normalizing the idea and giving everybody a moral sort of out to stand back and say, oh, well, no, that’s public health. We are all in it together.

Stop the spread. Stay home for two weeks. All these BS slogans that they’re telling you to give up your rights, to look the other way, sing louder in churches, forget what we’re doing here on the COVID ward. It’s all locked up and we’re going to tell you anyway and just be silent and quiet because it’s for your safety and save Grandma. Well, you know what? They just tried to kill Grandma.

That’s what people need to understand. It’s not over. You cannot comply your way into freedom, okay? It’s not going to happen. All you’re doing is you’re building yourself a prison and your children a prison. So that’s why we have to be more vocal and stop and resist and absolutely go to that hearing and show them that you are not going to put up with this BS. Yeah. 09:00 A.

m. , 50 East Avenue next Wednesday, September 13, we’re hosting a fundraiser for Bobby and Cox on Tuesday, the day before at Pontevino on the river. I want to invite you guys to that as well. Five to 07:00 P. m. , where we will gear up. But this is of utmost importance, especially Sasha. Oh, and by the way, killing Hospitals of the Third Reich. If you want to watch an excellent documentary, I think it was BBC potentially, or another documentary company that detailed the killing hospitals of the Third Reich and how they normalized and even lionized the systemic killing of these individuals, saying that it was good for humanity.

It was to achieve the cleaner race, it was to rid Germans of these pesky genetic disorders, what they thought were genetic disorders. Very chilling justification. But remember, it was primarily medical doctors that were prosecuted at Nuremberg. Wasn’t military officials or there were fewer of those. It was primarily in the hospitals. It’s anesthesized way of killing that is truly chilling, Sasha. Absolutely chilling. And we have to understand that we are nowhere near out of this.

What are you thinking? I mean, we are moving into a political season where we have the two front running candidates, joe Biden and Donald Trump, the authors of our demise, the authors of The Lockdown and the deployment of Operation Warp Speed and the COVID-19 Killer vaccines. How important is it, in your estimation, that people get involved in this political process and make sure that these candidates are forced to talk about these issues? Or do you think that’s not even possible? I don’t think either of these two will talk about these issues.

I mean, that’s very clear. Well, Biden? Of course not. If people had any last shred of hope that Trump would admit that this was a problem, forget it. After the Tucker Carlson interview, which was complete softballing, I mean, like, seriously, that was such a propaganda piece. Shame on Tucker Carlson. And same with Glenn Beck. Shame on Glenn Beck. Like anyone you thought had a shred of journalistic integrity, forget it.

And Trump, obviously is absolutely lying. And him and Biden did exactly the same thing, exactly the same agenda. One started, one finished. And now they’re trying to create this whole hoopla of presidential election over here to distract everyone from what Cassie Hoschel is about to do. So that’s to focus on those things, the local, the state, what they’re trying to do, what they’re trying to push through. Now another thing that’s ongoing is people need to be aware is all these who IHR amendments, so they’re trying to sign away.

So whatever they have done, they already broke every law and constitution on this issue. Now they’re just trying to legitimize it and put it into actual law. All of this was right now, past three years, it was only guidelines, nobody forced you now they’re saying, oh, nobody forced you to vaccinate. Right, it was only guidelines. Well, now they want to make it a law. And so they’re working on the HR amendments to sign away our freedoms.

Biden is going to sign them. And in the state legislatures, I know several, I’ve been participant of the preparation meetings, they’re trying to organize these listening sessions. Let’s get together and discuss what was done well during the pandemic measurements and what wasn’t so well, and how can we make more pandemic preparedness, more biodefense, more resilience. So see what they’re doing. They’re telling everyone what was done was totally great.

It was legitimate, it had complete legitimacy. We had to suspend your rights and throw everything into the trash. But now I’m just going to tweak it a little bit. So that’s what they’re trying to do, to orchestrate this whole, like, oh, there is a democratic process, but then they’re going to turn around and sign whatever they were going to sign anyway. So that’s what people need to focus on.

Your local legislator, even county commissioner, your sheriff, these quarantine, lord, that’s what we need to focus on right now, that presidential election stuff. Both of those candidates are going to do exactly the same thing, I guarantee you. Yes, I tend to agree with you there. That local. I always say the way to battle globalism or the globalist encroachment is to defeat them at the point of implementation. So they can have all the nasty plans in the world.

They can come up with the worst laws and the worst plans. But if they hit a brick wall at the local level, where the sheriffs, the county health commissioners, the local legislators, refuse to enact them or refuse know abide by those regulations or illegal unconstitutional laws, that’s where it can all fall apart. And that’s where every American can get involved. I think the danger, Sasha, is that we take our eye off of that local organization and the sharing of information across counties from California to Florida to New York State about local resistance.

And we become distracted by the clown show, the bread and the circuses that are provided by the two party political system. And tragically, the majority of what I call con inc, which is conservative inc, which is the media apparatus, and MAGA inc. It’s all about the grips and selling of the merch and the buttons and the shot glasses. And it’s just this money grubbing machine they have no intention of.

Whether it’s because they’re stupid or corrupt or a little bit of both, I don’t know. But we’ve got to get ourselves out of that. Exactly. Local action. Well, when we come back this is chilling, but it’s also a wake up call. Sasha Lapova. This is why we love you. This is why we send everyone to your substac. Due diligence and art is Sasha Latipova’s substack. You can find her on Twitter.

Her handle is at sasha underscore latipova. When we come back, we’re going to talk about University of Rochester healthcare system. Highland Hospital is where Sasha uncovered the very real COVID-19 kill protocol. She saw it in action. But this isn’t the first time that URMC has been involved in human experimentation. And they are, to this day, continuing to be involved in some really terrible stuff. A lab right here in Rochester, New York, studying the SV 40, right? The SV 40, yes, which is utterly insane.

Essentially, gain of function research. I’m going to let you explain it because I’ll angle it and you’re much better with this stuff than I am. But you found out about in your research of URMC trying to save your loved one and figure out what was going on. There a lab run by a man named Dr. Dean openly admitting that they are researching and using SV 40, which is the simian virus 40, to hack human cells, which is essentially and I’m going to let you explain it when we come back.

But essentially gain of function research happening using human beings unwittingly the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the injection of SB 40 into as many Americans as possible is now contributing to this very wicked gain of function research that you think might be going on. It’s crazy. We come back. I know I’ve mangled it. You can explain it better when we come back. Right here on the Shannon Joy show.

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Sasha Latipova, really extraordinary revelations today on the program. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing in your research of U of R as you were trying to save your loved one, which thankfully let’s give the audience a quick update. This all just happened in the past two weeks, but how is your relative doing now? She’s doing much better. She’s at home and even started exercising, so it’s good.

We’re very grateful and very happy that we had a happy ending. Yeah. You were worried that you weren’t going to be able to get her out. Yes, I was concerned about that because that was the case before, at the beginning in 2020, people, they would be just kidnapped. And I know several attorneys could not get their clients out, and they’re tragic attorney Tod Callender, I talked to, he had a client who the hospital attorneys told him point blank, you’re not going to get your client out.

Your client is going to die here. And that’s what happened. And when the body was released, he was starved to death. It was a grown man and he was something like 80 pounds. The body was so it’s extremely tragic what was happening. And knowing these stories, I was terrified and I was trying to get her out and we were successful, but that’s why I want people to be aware of and be prepared for.

And that’s why I’m telling the story. You need to know. Yeah, know your rights, and again, take care of your bodies. Make sure that you’re taking your supplements, that you’re getting your vitamin D every day and your C. You guys know I’m an evangelist for all of this. Anything you can possibly do, lose the weight, get off the alcohol, get off whatever it is you need to get off, keep your body healthy, because you do not want to go into these systems right now, even though there are still good people in them.

So much of these systems has been corrupted. And so we need to go in with eyes wide open and looking at these hospital systems. You mentioned, Sasha, that it’s not every hospital system. There are certain systems that are very closely aligned and tethered to government funding, federal funding, NIH funding. And a lot of these healthcare systems, URMC, you suspect, is one of those. But how many, do you think, across the country are not only engaging in these kill protocols and these military operations, but also we’re going to talk about this gain of function research and this Dr.

Dean and his lab using SV 40, which is found in the COVID-19 vaccines right. To investigate attacking human cells. How many do you think are in existence in the US? So there are many. I can’t tell you exact number, but definitely hundreds. Exactly. So hospitals range it’s very curious. COVID illness is a very curious illness because you die in the hospital depending on which hospital you’re in. And closely they follow this hospital COVID protocol.

The death rate from COVID in hospital ranges from less than 10% to 70%. Wow. So you’re saying that hospitals that are not tethered to the government funding or doing the COVID-19 protocol have a death rate of around 10%, but the ones yeah. Wow. So that depends on how hard they are on this particular COVID killing protocol and how much funding they’re getting from the government and how tied they are to the federal government and NIH funding and defense funding in the first place.

And clearly there are some academic centers, such as URMC, that have received huge amounts of funding, federal funding, and DoD funding for decades. And so the most recent example is what I found in relation to COVID vaccines is the Dr. Dean’s lab. I’m not saying he’s working on COVID vaccines, and also I’m not saying he’s working on people. He appears to be working on cell lines. However, it’s a key piece of scientific research of why SV 40 promoter is found in COVID vaccines.

And I just want to kind of step back. So this finding comes from Kevin Mccurnan, who is one of the PhD scientists, and he’s a genetics expert. He was involved in human genome decoding at MIT and now runs a separate DNA sequencing lab. So he obtained, or he was sent some vials of pfizer and moderna monovalent and bivelant vaccines. He has sequenced them in a DNA lab and found that they were contaminated, especially pfizer was highly contaminated with what’s called plasmid DNA material, other DNA material.

And then he sequenced the DNA and he found that in addition to other problematic things, it also had this piece of simian virus, 40, only piece of it. It’s called SV. 40 promoter. Now, that interesting finding was that that SV 40 promoter was not included into any regulatory disclosures that the pharmaceutical company is supposed to make. They’re supposed to show, this is what we code for. And this whole map is supposed to include everything that’s there.

And there is a map that they submitted to the regulators, but it omits the fact that it has set 340 promoter on it. That’s a huge scandal. And the DNA contamination was not supposed to be there at all. There are very strict limits as to how much DNA material can be in the final product. The DNA is a raw material for the RNA, okay? And during the process, it’s supposed to be completely any remnants of it are supposed to be completely removed.

Okay? And obviously they were not removed. They’re still there in large quantities. There’s many, many problems with it. And they contain this piece of cement 40 virus. Can you talk about SV 40 very quickly, where it came from? This dates way back to the polio vaccine contamination, the SV 40 cancer causing agent. This has been around, it’s well known as a cancer promoting agent. But can you tell people about this SB 40? Yeah, so Simon Virus 40, it’s a virus that was derived from monkey cells, experiments, experiments on monkeys.

And then they collected samples, and they inject the next set of monkeys, and then they collect the samples and they did it 40 times, and they derived that virus. It was contaminated. The polio vaccine was can I stop you right there for just a second? I don’t mean to interrupt you. I know that the SV 40 was essentially a gain of function product that came out of the experimentation using these monkeys.

And so they would grow the cancer cells. They’d get the most virulent cancer cells, cut them up, chop them, discuss. I ask you this because I’m just researching right now a mini documentary on gain of function research that happened in New Orleans three months prior to the assassination of JFK by none other than Lee Harvey Oswald. And this is the testimony of his mistress. I interviewed her as part of this mini doc in New Orleans.

And that’s what they did that with mice. So prior to weaponizing cancer using mice, and it was a very crude and disgusting process where they would grow these nasty tumors and slice them up, grind them up, put them on some type of petri dish, submit them, then blast them with something to make them worse, and then they would inject the mice. A whole new round of mice with I mean, it’s horrible, but so you’re saying that the SV 40 came from that similar kind of gain of function research crude gain of function research in the 1950s that it was reused to weaponize cancer? That’s what they were doing as part of a secret government operation to take out Fidel Castro.

That’s what they were told. As part of a CIA operation. You can’t make this stuff up. You really cannot. Okay, and so now you’re saying, okay, so that’s the SV 40. So that is essentially it’s a crude, crude early gain of function. It’s early gain of function. I mean, they always cover up gain of function. Remember every paper that’s published, they say, oh, it’s for cancer and it’s for drug delivery.

Those are two cover stories, cancer and drug delivery. Now, okay, regardless of so, yes, I’m pretty sure it came from a crude gain of function research. But whatever, 40 experiments later, they have this SV 40 virus recycled and found in original polio vaccine, and it’s associated with cancer now. It’s complete history. And by the way, original polio vaccine was done even more disgusting way that you were describing with mice.

I have published there is a paper from who. I’ll send it to you, and I posted it on Twitter or X, the recipe of how to make the original polio vaccine, which is disgusting. It’s like absolutely just a witch brew process. And I’m not exaggerating. You can read it. I will. That’s factual. It’s published by who? I posted it. Twitter immediately censored that tweet saying that it’s violence, hate, and racism.

Okay, what? Yes, this is recently. This was two days ago. Violence, hate, and racism in just publishing who documentation on how the original polio vaccine was created. Yes, this is strange. Sasha. Okay, so SV 40 now has contaminated that was the full let’s call full virus SV 40. Now, this current version that Kevin found in Pfizer vials was SV 40 promoter. Just piece of it, small piece of it.

And his question was, why is it there? It’s not declared. And what’s its role? We found what’s its role on URMC web page of Dr. Dean’s lab? Because that whole lab is dedicated to researching SV 40 promoter and another promoter gene for the purpose of delivering whatever cargo it is attached, whatever nucleic acid sequence it’s attached to into the nucleus of the cells. So not just through the cells.

Through the cells we have lipid nanoparticle. Once it gets into the cell, the next obstacle is the nucleus. And what happens is lipid nanoparticle truck drives into the cell, unloads the cargo, SV 40 promoter unlocks the door into the nucleus. That’s what is goal. So they need the SV 40 promoter that is a cancer causing agent, but they need that to get into the nucleus of the human cell.

Yes. Okay. And that’s very well described on his page. And I published it on my substac, actually, meryl NASS also wrote a couple of articles about it and published on her substac the same information. You can see it’s very well described. That’s its exact purpose. Now, of course, Dr. Dean claims that this is for the purposes of gene therapy so that they can edit the genetic deficiencies of people that they’re going to treat with gene therapies.

Okay, fine. Dr. Dean, you can do that. But first of all, this is now we’re talking in the context of gene therapy. Second of all, gene therapy is identified as one of the six categories of biological weapons by the US government air Force, NIH, DoD since 97, by the way. And specific way of weaponization of gene therapy is adding stealth genes. Stealth meaning stealth meaning undeclared. What Kevin found is an undeclared SV 40 piece in the genetic sequence that then ends up in the final product.

So it fits 100% the definition of a biological weapon of weaponization of gene therapies and that’s why which they’ve injected into hundreds of millions of human bodies. Oh, billions. Yes, billions. Which means that essentially they could be conducting I mean, we’ve seen gain of function research on monkeys, we’ve seen gain of function research on mice, we’ve seen other disgusting versions of gain of function research. Does this mean that they could be conducting gain of function research on humans? That we are in this process right now of weaponizing something, making it worse and worse and worse by studying what they’ve already created in the body? Yes, that’s exactly how they do it.

So people misunderstand or there is a lot of mythology about gain of function and that’s on purpose also part of a propaganda and cover stories. So they pretend like these scientists can design some kind of sequence on the computer and then synthesize it and it just walks by itself and leaks from the lab and infects 100 million on people that’s the trashy novel type of lay audience thinks that way because they have been predictably programmed to think that way.

Now, in reality, what happens this approach does not work. Nothing can be synthetically made in the lab that can just spread around by itself and infect the whole world. What they do do in the lab is typically like with mice or monkeys. They will inject them with some poison, the body starts breaking down in novel ways or growing new tumors and they select the worst ones and then they inject the next group of monkeys with that tumor material.

That’s the gain of function. So they need to inject. And so that’s what they did. They injected billions of people and now they’re collecting samples. So in the time you come to the hospital, your doctor, you get blood analysis and especially this is in military environment. In VA, for example, they have a group of people captured in their family members and their children. So that’s what’s going on.

So they will inject, collect the samples, collect the materials, see how DNA is breaking down, see what DNA is expressed in tumors, see what’s expressed in viral shedding and then document it, patent it. That’s very key aspect of it. Patent those things and design new sequences to inject. So that’s the real gain of function potentially on human beings. On human beings, yes. Right now, as we speak, because everybody’s been injected with this.

This is mind blowing. And to your point, that’s exactly what they were doing in exactly, like, in very specific detail. My word. We’re talking to Sasha Lalatapova. You can find all of her information, all of her research and her study and including the, I would assume, the disgusting polio recipe on your substac. Hopefully substack hasn’t censored you, but Twitter, sure. What is it about the polio recipe that Elon Musk and the folks over at Twitter don’t like? What is it about finding the SV 40 in the COVID-19 vaccines, which could essentially lead to and likely is leading to a gain of function research now being used on humans? Right.

What is it about that that needs to be suppressed? She’s on it. Due diligence and art is the subsect that’s due diligence in art. You can follow Sasha on her now shadow banned Twitter account. Her handle is at Sasha underscore Latipova. And when we come back, we’re going to finish this out in The Shannon Joy Show. Welcome back, everyone, to the Shannon Joy show. Please make sure you support our sponsors, the folks over at the wellness company go to Getwellithshannonjoy.

com. That is getwellwithshannonjoy. com. Also the folks over at Augusta Precious Metals. Again, guys, without our sponsors, we could not bring you this show on a daily basis. They are very generous, and they have invested in The Shannon Joy Show, which we are so thankful for. Please check out Augusta precious metals@augustapreciousmetals. com. If you are thinking about investing in gold or silver in using an IRA, make sure you try them out.

Go to text J-O-Y to 68592. That’s J-O-Y to 68592. Sasha Latipova. Okay, so I feel like we have scratched the surface. I’m so not sciency, but you have a brilliant way of kind of explaining what is going on using your expertise as a pharmaceutical executive, research and development. We need to have you into the virtual studio again in the next couple of weeks to really dive into this gain of function research stuff, because that’s mind blowing to me to think that they’ve kind of moved on.

They wanted to use the monkeys. They wanted to use the mice. They want to use all the animal research, and all the PETA people got after them for using animal research. And so finally, eventually, they’re just like, you know what? Hell, why don’t we just let’s trick the humans into becoming their own experiment? And it’s so interesting because I said without any knowledge of this whatsoever. Sasha, I just had a hunch.

In 2020, I told everyone that vaccines are the single most important issue, the defining issue of the 21st century, because they essentially are the underpinning of the 21st century economy, where we’re the commodity. Like, we’re the experiment, we’re the consumer, and we’re the product. We’re all of it. And in this discussion, you’re really moving us into this new space where, yeah, we might be the human experiment. Is that what we should take from this potentially yes exactly and it’s even more sinister in the context of who plans that I have discussed and I also advise people to read Dr.

Meryl NASS’s substac she wrote an amazing paper about this particular issue. So they’re using humans as guinea pigs and monkeys that they were using before the same way inject collect inject collect inject patent in the process but also these new international health regulation amendments that they’re going to sign up to in who they in fact incentivize this they incentivize gain on function research. They obligate every country signing up to this, including East African countries that don’t even have urine analysis labs.

Now, they all have supposed to have genetic analysis labs to do this, to collect the samples in their population, to study their genomes, to identify the most pathogenic agents or viruses, whichever you want to call them this way. And then share them with who? So that they can be propagated everywhere. That’s how it is know people call us crazy conspiracies but this is written in the who document go to Meryl’s substack read it.

She wrote an amazing paper. She published it on Brownstone as well. It’s all there with I’m doing I’m going to be at the Brownstone retreat this weekend and I think I might have seen Meryl on the docket for presentation which know I’m really looking forward to collaborating with so many amazing colleagues there you’re reading the documentary. This is not conspiracy. This is not out is this has become the hallmark of your work Sasha is that you really just read the documentation, you read the contracts, you read the laws, you read the international laws and you report to the people.

This is absolutely sinister and I think piggybacking on what Ed Dowd and I discussed yesterday. This is not over. All hands on deck. Do not go to sleep. Do not get distracted by the political circus that they’re trying to shove down your throat because they’re ramping up. They’re ramping up and we need to have our medical freedom community together organized and ready to reject all of this in any capacity possible.

Is that what I’m hearing from the again and then I’m bringing this back to local and state and your community down to your neighbors. You have to realize that until people become vocal and say no this is nonsense. I’m not signing up to this. You biden can go sign whatever piece of paper you want anywhere you want when you come home. This doesn’t apply to me. There we go.

I’m not your monkey in the lab. You’re not going to inject me or my children with any nonsense. People have to realize that it’s not going to stop until you say no. Yeah well and there are ways you and I off the record when we were discussing and preparing for this interview that in a lot of. Ways God has protected so many of our bodies. You marvel at how difficult it was for them to roll out these vaccines and keep them at the proper room temperature.

And there were so many idiots that were deploying these and injecting 20 year old at CVS injecting people with COVID-19 vaccines that unwittingly. A lot of people were spared because these vaccines were not kept at right temperature. And this is why. What an amazing miracle that in addition to the 25% of Americans who rejected it whole cloth, there’s a whole other percentage of Americans who were probably injected with something that was not even potent.

Right. It was the equivalent of a saline injection because it wasn’t kept at proper temperature. It’s not over. It’s not like this is over and we’re moving into this dystopian nightmare. We still have time to fix this and to write this ship. Correct? Right. So, first of all, their plan didn’t work. I discussed it on many other places that the shots were distributed in such a way that only about 5% of the doses were lethal and highly toxic.

And the rest had kind of like huge variability spread because they wanted people to be injected, not have any side effects, and then become recruiters and promoters of these vaccinations and to create this like, oh, you guys are conspiracy. Fine. Yeah, fine. But they bought ten doses for each American, and obviously they did not get ten doses in today. If you followed to the t all of their recommendations, you would have gotten seven.

So which one? Who got seven? Did CDC head get seven? Did Fauci get? Seven. Oh, biden? I don’t think so. Oh, Jill has COVID again. So just those of you who played Russian roulette a couple of times and now realize that maybe that’s not a good idea, stay that way. Stay with us. You see the nonsense once you see it, you can’t unsee it anymore. And so the momentum is on our side.

The momentum is on the resistance. And if they don’t have the monkeys and they don’t have the mice, they can’t do the research. They can’t do anything. Let’s not be monkeys and mice. Let’s be human. Let’s use our brains. How about that, everyone? It’s novel. Sasha Lapova, I love you. I just love having you on. I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit better, too, through know, crazy, kind of highland Hospital, Rochester, New York angle.

I hope you come here, Will. I will. And we’ll meet each other. But really fabulous work. You guys go to Sasha Latipova’s, substac due diligence and art and make sure to follow her on Twitter. And yeah. Thank you so much for all your work. Keep it up. Okay. Thank you, Shannon. Thank you for for speaking with me today. Oh, of course. This is a mind blower. All right, guys, thanks for being with us.

Keep it tuned right here on the shannon Joy Show. We’ll be back tomorrow to do it all again. .



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