President Trump & Patriots Expose RINO Ron DeSantis & Club For “No” Growth

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President Trump is turning up the heat on the RINOs as he gets started on his 2024 campaign.


Here’s one of Trump’s posts from yesterday…



And another one from this morning…



Here’s a video with a few details about some of the Club For Growth RINOS


YouTube player


Here’s a compilation of some of the Club For Growth folks from the Breb Room on Telegram




I’d encourage you to do some more research on that channel and on Exposing Flynn Networks to get more insights into what and who to research further.


And in case you missed our post from August of last year, check this out…


Is Ron DeSantis In A Secret Society? This Might Shock You 


You might want to WATCH OUT for anyone pushing for DeSantis over Trump in 2024! 



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  • Really! Smear campaigns were against Trump! Ron is taking dirty deep state money and that means he’s a puppet!!! He needs to stay as governor as he just ran for that office. Makes me wonder how much he really cares about Floridians!!!

  • Well, that was not a Masonic hand shake, but so what if it had been? The Masonic fraternity is not part of the NWO or Illuminati. Having said that, are there Masons who could be involved in some of this? Most likely, but you don’t condemn a credible organization because it may have some bad people in it, just like the church has some bad people in it who do not represent the truth. Get over this “woo woo, Masonic is bad” myth and focus on the real demonic powers that are trying to destroy us; the communists known as Democrats and RINOs.

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